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The LIBOR affair: Banksters | The Economist
Explains 2 facets of bank deception & need 4 reform; billions in lawsuits imminent; possible regulator complicity
barclays  bank  scandal  LIBOR  cartel  UK  USA  Japan  Switzerland  Europe  Q3  2012  legal  executive  regulator  Financialservices  2csra 
july 2012
X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis Has His Eyes on the Future | Wired Science |
Mind-expanding, inspiring Peter Diamandis interview: gr8 vision for Knowledge Economy, tech & space
innovation  prize  space  science  future  siliconvalley  nasa  interview  tourism  private  travel  vision 
july 2012
INFOGRAPHIC: Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop on the Web's Hottest Measure of Social Influence
Why I unplugged Klout: epitomizes shallow pop culture #socialmedia "metrics" Thx @charleshgreen #fb
klout  measurement  social  media  consumer  b2c  linkedin  facebook  twitter  foursquare  influence  brand  2csra  geosocial 
july 2012
Sleazy money - The Daily
Double std: major corp. wrongdoing begets wristslap fines, no real punishment #pluscachange Thx @charleshgreen
trust  integrity  legal  pharma  healthcare  fine  penalty  executive  2csra  Financialservices 
july 2012
Obama knocks China trade policy, Romney on campaign tour | Article | Top News |
Hoping that Romney lives by his criticism of Obama's "convenient stops in swing states": it'd be so refreshing to see politics not as usual
obama  romney  politics  ohio  automotive  bailout  china  trade  2ghcj 
july 2012
Monday’s MusingAvoiding Social Media Fatigue Through Engagement : Enterprise Irregulars
Short riff on social business adoption; how early adopters are fatigued ("socialed out" ;^) - doesn't address solutions [snr]
social  media  business  network  adoption  disillusionment  cycle  pointofview  2csra  2012  q2  2blog 
july 2012
Reputation Recovery | Trusted Advisor
Trust can't be "created," it's earned by action: "Spin is not the solution; spin is the problem" cc/@charleshgreen [sbs]
reputation  publicrelations  trust  transparency  truth  2csra  pointofview 
july 2012
ScienceDaily: Social Psychology News
News mashup of social/evoluationary psychology research
social  evolution  Psychology  news  mashup 
july 2012
The Sales Professional’s Independence Day & Bill of Rights | This Day in Sales
Salesman's reflections on "independence" and dignity; how it helped him sell more and be happier
sales  b2b  psychology  employee  client  story  career  reflection  independence  insurance  advertising  humor  philosophy 
july 2012
Trio of top central banks leap into action in sign of alarm | Article | Top News |
Instead of throwing good $€£ after bad, reset expectations w voters; markets largely get that there'll be no improvements for a while; now voters
central  bank  ecb  boj  q3  2012  recession  boe  2blog 
july 2012
Twitter Unlinks From LinkedIn - Forbes
LinkedIn-Twitter break off their tweets'-updates' compatibility; Twitter struggling to lock on in business model
linkedin  twitter  news  q3  2012  competition  integration  2csra 
july 2012
LinkedIn: Twitter won’t share, so use LinkedIn to tweet instead | VentureBeat
Twitter-LinkedIn rivalry & thirst for eyeballs led to their decision to break integration
linkedin  twitter  integration  siliconvalley  advertising  Business_model  competition  q3  2012  news 
july 2012
Finns, Dutch cast first doubt on euro zone deal | Article | Top News |
there's no bottom in this market until pols & ppl give up fantasizing and restructure their economies to make them good investments
2blog  eurozone  accountability 
july 2012
With $1.2 Billion Yammer Buy, Microsoft’s Social Enterprise Strategy Takes Shape - TechCrunch
solid coverage and links: poses the right question: how can msft monetize yammer & Skype when they've both been nominally successful?
yammer  microsoft  acquisition  q2  2012  enterprise  collaboration  news  skype  strategy  software  oracle  ibm  2blog 
july 2012
The psychology of discounting: Something doesn’t add up | The Economist
How poor math skills lead people to pay more; how retailers capitalize w complex pricing models
promotion  discount  analysis  mathematics  customer  consumer  retail  ecommerce  complexity  household  budget  pricing  fractions 
july 2012
Illinois majority wants pension reform, new Ipsos survey finds - In Other News - Crain's Chicago Business
Crain's poll finds support for tweaking Illinois pensions, which are HUGELY underfunded ($83B, ~40%); note healthcare "option"
usa  illinois  state  pension  healthcare  fund  bankruptcy  poll  employee 
july 2012
html - CSS Cell Margin - Stack Overflow
Applying margin on any side of a table cell independently via inline css
wordpress  css  table  padding  margin  tool 
july 2012
Merkel seen as big loser in euro zone showdown | Article | Top News |
Slippery slope: weaker economies have license to bankrupt Germany; note lack of coop. spirit, doesn't bode well
germany  merkel  france  hollande  italy  summit  spain  2ghcj  eurozone  politics  competition 
july 2012
5 years later: 8 iPhone-bashing pundits repent - InfoWorld
Amusing & revealing post contrasting pundits' 2007 iPhone fail predictions and how they respond today #fb
iphone  pundit  prediction  2007  2012  anniversary  mobile  carrier  telecom  microsoft  reputation  trust  analyst  humor  history  apple  ipod 
june 2012
Stockton, California, to file for bankruptcy | Article | Top News |
Sad microcosm of G7; entitlements out of control, poor health & inefficient healthcare killing economy, people
healthcare  2blog  city  bankruptcy  california  pension  economy  union  budget 
june 2012
TidBITS Issue #1130
Post recaps possibilities for pdf handling in various mac osx browsers; caution, Adobe Reader 10.1.3 breaks Safari's native pdf handling ability
safari  5.1.6  pdf  adobe  chrome  firefox  browser 
june 2012
ColorSchemer - Online Color Scheme Generator
Very useful for quick color tweaking; conversions; easy & fast to use
web  design  tool  color  dashboard  console  conversion  html 
june 2012
The End of Solution Sales - Harvard Business Review
Extensive citations of Conference Board research on B2B sales environment
b2b  sales  management  research  2blog  strategy  2sbs  cycle  client  procurement  analysis 
june 2012
Who wins, who loses with the new shared data plans | Mobile Technology - InfoWorld
USEFUL guide explains imminent mobile carrier plan price changes, suggests ways to not lose your shirt #li #fb
mobile  carrier  plan  talk  text  sms  data  analysis  comparison  exceptional  tool  statistics  q2  2012  usecase  family  usa 
june 2012
Apple to Feature Yelp Check-Ins Within IPhone Maps App - Bloomberg
Sweet deal! Yelp integrated into iphone maps Q3/4 2012! [+The ever-dynamic Valley competition in action]
yelp  apple  iphone  ios  integration  partner  review  geosocial  lbs  local  q2  2012  google  facebook  app  value  chain  siliconvalley 
june 2012
'Breastaurants' Experiencing A Mini-Boom
Agree w NOW: breastaurants fine for adults but do you want your daughters dressing sexy at 10? You're telling them it's ok by taking them there
entertainment  women  restaurant  sexuality  marketing  family  entrepreneur  usa  culture  theme 
june 2012
Have you embraced Pinterest for your brand?
MUSTread explanation & value prop for pinterest & infographics; graphics as story elements Thx @chrisabraham #li
pinterest  infographic  analysis  valueprop  syndication  story  brand  exceptional  Platform 
june 2012
Germany and the euro: Reform, or else | The Economist
nice historical insight & German polls/attitudes, how they're evolving
germany  greece  economy  policy  history  poll  nationalism  debt  crisis  relationship  2ghcj 
june 2012
Explore Your Activity Log - Facebook Help Center
First look at Profiles' new Activity Log and how to use it
facebook  activitylog  feature  howto  guide  help  Profile  data 
june 2012
Are CSS Tables Better Than HTML Tables? | Van SEO Design
Useful examples & comparison of using html or inline css for tables
css  html  code  analysis  comparison  tagging  tool  wordpress 
june 2012
Magazine - Why Women Still Can’t Have It All - The Atlantic
RARE Detailed debunk of "women can have it all" ideal; excellent analysis of family work balance Thx @melanie_adcock #fb
society  culture  women  family  career  government  professor  teen  feminism  1960  1970  debunk  ideal  marriage  exceptional  education  higher 
june 2012
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