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Deloitte's role cited in Standard Chartered Iran deceit | Article | Top News |
Serious accusations, will be interesting to watch; however these do represent a small portion of their portfolio
deloitte  bigfour  bank  money  laundering  iran  q3  2012  federal  investigation  audit  consulting  advisory 
august 2012
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Unfiltered & Organic Greek Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oils & Greek Olives
I just talked w a guy from Kalamata: he has a friend that imports this: "He best of the best!" #fb
greece  oliveoil  review  2csrollyson  food 
august 2012
Monti Blasts Democracy - Business Insider
Agree: Europeans will have to lose sovereignty or the Eurozone
eurozone  democracy  pointofview  federalism  parliament  legislature  reform  breakup  2ghcj 
august 2012
Rates all kinds of "professions"
rating  professional  services  gamification 
august 2012
EPA Reverses Itself on Fluoride | Fox News
US government has 2nd thoughts about fluoride's health benefits
usa  health  teeth  fluoride  government  opinion  2012  reversal 
august 2012
5 Reasons Why I Ditched My iPad for a Google Nexus 7
Valuable, insightful review compares Nexus7 with iPad & iPhone: specific comments reference use cases
google  android  tablet  review  comparison  ipad  nexus7  q3  2012  iphone  ios  usecase 
august 2012
The wiki of famous (and obscure) quotes
reference  quote  quotation  history 
august 2012
What Was Revealed When the Lights Went Out in India : The New Yorker
Claims that the biggest victims of India's power outage are pride and hope
India  culture  analysis  power  outage  q3  2012  politics  government  middle  class  economy 
august 2012
Small Businesses Open Storefronts on Facebook -
Notice the mention of community; people and interaction make it happen—and being 200% excited about what you're doing
Fcommerce  Facebook  smb  ecommerce  social  business  entrepreneur  community  example 
august 2012
about ele | elephant journal
Excellent tonic for MSM/manufactured media content; explores practical & alternative approaches to living
fashion  green  environment  newage  yoga  health  wellness  magazine  blog  food  organic  diet  sustainability  consumer  empowerment  ecofashion  education  parent  family 
august 2012
This is what one sip of soda does to your body. | elephant journal
Yikes! Useful infographic/statistics describe health impact of drinking soft drinks #fb
health  statistics  softdrink  cola  diabetes  heart  liver  kidney  obesity  usa  2csrollyson  info 
august 2012
Products | water filters
**Search amazon for special coupon code before buying** Love the undersink "Aquaversa"
water  filter  vendor  ecommerce  specifications  Household  Health_natural 
august 2012
Chicago Donate Furniture
Basic tips on how to donate furniture to Chicago (and national) charities; useful links, too
charity  donation  chicago  howto  list  guide  Household  Management 
august 2012
Major Facebook Ad Changes Released - AllFacebook
Valuable summary of Facebook design changes re: advertising and display #fb
Facebook  platform  technology  advertising  feature  UGC  q3  2012  redesign  2csra 
august 2012
Straight Dope Chicago: Is Rogers Park as bad as they say?
Superb analysis of crime in Rogers Park; analyzing Chicago Police statistics
crime  apartment  rogerspark  analysis  chicago  reference  Statistics  neigh 
august 2012
Americans increasingly embracing iPhone over Android | Mobile technology - InfoWorld
Report & adoption stats: "iOS winning significant market share"; also cites developer prefs for ios
iphone  htc  samsung  ios  android  developer  ustomer  usa  adoption  telecom  carrier  report  Statistics  competition  q3  2012  2csra 
august 2012
City-Data Forum - Search Results
Great insights into life around "Jarvis" in Rogers Park in Chicago
rogerspark  chicago  jarvis  discussion  neighborhood  crime  restaurant  bar  people  transit 
august 2012
Chicago Police Department CLEARMAP - Crime Incidents
Awesome service; search any area of the city by crime type, radius, etc.
chicago  police  map  crime  statistics  neighborhood  tool  application  software 
august 2012
Levin Properties
Katz Realty sale of 215 E Chestnut in 2004
realestate  chicago  history  biography  company  building  2004  sale  portfolio  family 
july 2012
Wirtz Realty | Search Properties
Wirtz is an excellent, high-quality management co. for rental buildings
apartment  search  tool  chicago  management  ecommerce 
july 2012
Big Think | Blogs
Aims to digest current issues w "independent" thinkers; worth a look
blog  culture  politics  economy  science 
july 2012
Is Algebra Necessary? -
Questions whether high school math (basic algebra) is necessary; the cause of many failures in high school
education  usa  mathematics  highschool  college  university  algebra 
july 2012
Christoph Niemann: Insecurity Is Essential to Great Design | Brain Pickings
DELIGHTFUL short vid & post about insecurity, creativity & design; "Sleep Agony & Bliss Charts" are hilarious Thx @jhagel
humor  family  sleep  insecurity  creativity  image  exceptional  communication  video 
july 2012
Facebook's Mobile Strategy is Flawed, Eye-Tracking Study Indicates
Facebook ads & content: Valuable analysis of iPad, iPhone, laptop eye tracking. I postulate that it's not a Facebook problem, ads are broken on mobile
facebook  mobile  advertising  marketing  csrblogcomment  ipad  laptop  iphone  comparison  analysis  screen  eye  tracking 
july 2012
CHART OF THE DAY: Stocks After Tech IPOs - Business Insider
Simple line chart compares stock prices of social tech firms post-IPO
linkedin  2blog  stock  price  2012  2011  facebook  groupon  zynga  yelp  pandora  comparison  chart  social  business  startup  2csra 
july 2012
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