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The Green Wall
INCREDIBLE gallery of green walls around the world; check it out! #kudos
environment  green  wall  design  global  exterior  12drt  photo  gallery  exceptional 
november 2012
The New Formula for Branch Productivity
Argues the banking climate has fundamentally changed; proposes new staffing models
Financialservices  bank  branch  analysis  statistics  employee  productivity  model  staff  design  training 
november 2012
Greek government defies protests to approve more austerity | Article | Top News |
Good point & update: political will demonstrated; whether govt processes & bodies can implement another question
greece  q4  2012  austerity  protest  budget  government  eurozone  2ghcj 
november 2012
Just the facts, ma'am: dashboard gives key statistics on any Twitter account
twitter  tool  metrics  analysis  dashboard  analytics  statistics 
november 2012
Brand Watch: Next Door Chi | NBC Chicago
Great example of FSI insurance innovation in community outreach
Financialservices  insurance  cowork  community  chicago  finance  personal  smb  art  event  coffee  wifi  innovation  brand 
november 2012
Future of Banking Study: Bank Branch Growth Has Been Steady—Will It Continue? | FDIC
2004 paper still interesting in 2012: analyzes growth of branch banking in USA + financial/performance analysis
bank  Financialservices  analysis  whitepaper  2004  deregulation  branch  network  consolidation  internet  performance 
november 2012
Why Locals Are Lounging in the Lobby at the Ace and the Public Hotels -
How hotels attract local mobile workers to lobbies to create buzz & boost revenue
cowork  hotel  lobby  local  mobile  worker  revenue  chicago  Newyorkcity  office  wifi  culture 
november 2012
The Vanishing Electoral Battleground -
How the U.S. electoral system means a handful of states choose the President Thx @jhagel #fb
election  usa  president  state  marketing  big  data  analysis  democracy  politics  tactics  2csrollyson 
november 2012
The Shrinking Bank Branch - Bank Technology News Article
Useful post on approaches to cut costs of branch networks; hub/spoke, video, self-service, amped up ATMs
Financialservices  bank  branch  redesign  transformation  online  retail  automation  self-service  video  adoption  cost  reduction  cut  atm  wellsfargo  staff 
november 2012
Bank Branches Role Shrinks as Their Target Market Expands - Bank Think Article - American Banker
Excellent points about branches' evolving roles in customers' lives - by branch redesign firm partner
Financialservices  bank  branch  redesign  transformation  online  retail  service  radius  customer  vendor 
november 2012
WSFS to Give All Branch Staff Tools to Perform Any Task - American Banker Article
Nice specifics about super-regional bank's approach to letting branch management "configure" use of branch space
Financialservices  bank  branch  redesign  transformation  retail  software  technology  crm  local  design  business  intelligence 
november 2012
It s Time to Think Outside the Branch - American Banker Magazine Article
Useful discussion of bank branch strategy & metrics in context of "virtual domiciled" customers (never visit branches); need new marketing to reach them
Financialservices  bank  branch  redesign  transformation  global  tablet  smartphone  online  retail  operations  business  strategy  virtual  domiciled  customer  marketing  merger  acquisition  network  metrics 
november 2012
Branches: Withering away | The Economist
Global view of retail bank transformation: branches on front lines
Financialservices  bank  branch  redesign  transformation  global  tablet  smartphone  online  retail 
november 2012
Bank Branches, Sprouting Like Weeds [Archive] - Wired New York Forum
New Yorker customers musing about the aggressive bank branch expansion in New York City [2004]
Financialservices  bank  branch  Newyorkcity  2004  expansion  retail  discussion  valueprop 
november 2012
SVB on Wine
One of the most unique combos: SVB Wine - but also most popular
Financialservices  wine  blog  california  siliconvalley 
november 2012
Stella Espresso Company
Great posts about culture coffee and Chicago coffee joints
Rogerspark  coffee  cafe  blog  culture  expertise 
november 2012
Global Opinion of Obama Slips, International Policies Faulted | Pew Global Attitudes Project
MUSTread resource for those interested in how non-US citizens regard U.S. policies & Obama leadership #kudos #fb
usa  president  research  global  foreign  policy  opinion  poll  drone  obama  bric  china  europe  asia  2csrollyson  2ghcj  politics 
november 2012
90% of Tim Hortons Canadian locations to have free Wi-Fi by September
"Coffee pub concept": Canadian café operator Tim Horton's rolls out free wifi
mobile  wifi  cafe  canada  valueprop  geny  pub  free  2012  q3  cowork  bbcc 
november 2012
Free Wi-Fi: Should Retailers Offer It to Customers?
Vintage 2008 but good discussion of wifi valueprop for restaurants, airports, hotls, retail
CIO  restaurant  fastfood  fast  casual  cafe  starbucks  panera  mcdonalds  borders  business  model  customer  loyality  valueprop  wifi  hotspot  2008  cowork  mobile  bbcc 
november 2012
New Wi-Fi Pitch: Tracker -
Stores, airports, malls offering wifi start snooping on what people are doing via wifi
retail  wifi  shopping  surveillance  customer  hightech  big  data  mall  airport  smartphone  tablet  laptop  vendor  mobile  bbcc 
november 2012
Young Travelers Drive Changes in Hotel Industry -
Hotels attract creative class Gen Y w hip, wifi-centric lobbies, social events & design
cowork  wifi  geny  hotel  lobby  design  ipad  iphone  tablet  laptop  bar  entertainment  concept  business  model  boomer  culture  travel  airport  urban  creativeclass  millennial  social  network  mobile  bbcc 
november 2012
Should Your Restaurant be a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot?
Basic valuable analysis of whether restaurants should offer free wifi
cowork  restaurant  analysis  howto  free  wifi  cafe  Business  model  social  laptop  mobile  valueprop  bbcc  agency 
november 2012
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