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Own the experience, own the future
EXCELLENT analysis of the battle to win your attention: Apple Google Microsoft vie 4 attn, Facebook muscles in #fb thx @peterkim
ecosystem  Competition  q2  2013  device  user  data  software  Experience  apple  google  microsoft  facebook  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Body Language Breakthrough | SMART Leadership - Chicago Executive Coaching Blog
MUSTsee: research proves direct feedback between physical poses, confidence, leadership & results Thx @tom
social  primate  video  research  story  university  career  power  confidence  group  psychology  evolution  brain  neuroscience  workout  TED  leadership 
april 2013
Nike Takes Digital Data and Social Media Marketing Seriously - Intelligent Head Quarters
Analysis of Nike's shift away from legacy marketing & adverts to social media, direct marketing & paid (internet) search
nike  social  media  adoption  advertising  marketing  big  data  mobile  device  transformation  q2  2013  brand  cpg 
april 2013
3D-Printed Face Made This Man's Life Whole Again
WOW Click thru to photos, 3D print gives man his face back after cancer surgery; this is coming to more areas of medicine than we can imagine #fb
3D  printing  cosmetic  surgery  uk  cancer  face  photo  2013  healthcare  medicine  hightech  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Why outsourcing your B2B Social Media can work | The CBC blog
Useful POV for using an agency to "professionalize" social business; good example of social media as marketing
b2b  social  media  pointofview  2012  agency  sourcing  competency  marketing  cost 
april 2013
When Social Media at Work Don't Create Productivity-Killing Distractions - Businessweek
Bus.School team studies social technologies' impact on telecom firm's sales & service productivity for 2 years Thx @rhinotale
social  media  business  technology  study  telecom  UK  research  productivity  sales  development  customer  service  sap  twitter  facebook  skype  linkedin  employee  policy  innovation  2csrollyson 
april 2013
The iPhone Killed My Creativity – ReadWrite
Reflecting on the connection between boredom and creativity: how digital devices could crowd out creativity #fb
brain  boredom  creativity  pointofview  research  smartphone  mobile  computer  time  entertainment  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Ultra High Mileage Car : Elio Motors
New "people's car" to deliver beginning 2014
usa  automotive  disruption  innovation  2013  2014  car 
april 2013
Visualisation Archives - Sociagility
Reflecting on 2012 social media adoption study: in-house skills fall short & results uncertain
social  media  business  competency  uk  study  statistics  adoption  b2b  b2c  measurement  pointofview  team  sourcing  marketing  2012 
april 2013
Hotelier’s 2011 Top Ten Internet Marketing Resolutions « HeBS Internet Marketing Blog
Hospitality blog detailed "resolutions" to improve results suggests multichannel [marketing] approach
hospitality  hotel  blog  marketing  social  business  multichannel  pointofview  2011  strategy  management  travel 
april 2013
Should Social Media be Done In-House or by an Agency? -
Digital agency gives advice on whether to "take social media in house" but misses the main points
agency  pointofview  brand  team  competency  sourcing  risk  social  media  business 
april 2013
Nike takes social media in-house | News | Marketing Week
New Nike social media chief trims agency activity, builds internal team
social  media  nike  brand  agency  adoption  competency  marketing  2013  Q1  strategy  management  team  business  engagement  fan 
april 2013
Suzy Lee Weiss: To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me -
Just in from Department of Irony: Scathing open letter to Ivy League colleges that rejected her [but she will likely be better off out of IvyLeague] #fb
culture  higher  education  highschool  college  debunk  irony  ivy  league  Competition  2013  2csrollyson 
april 2013
A Rant: In praise of The Unremarkable
Comment on Mark's rant on the marketing of unrealistic career/life expectations
pointofview  work  philosophy  entitlement  sacrifice  culture  entertainment  social  channel  csrblogcomment  facebook  career  job  father  family  history  Pittsburgh 
april 2013
Frighteningly Beautiful Shots of Australian Peacock Spider | Bored Panda
STUPENDOUS photos of Australian peacock spider; the wonder of #nature! Thx @jhagel #fb
exceptional  photo  australia  peacock  spider  nature 
april 2013
Gideon Rosenblatt - Google+ - Mixing bricks with clicks The Economist looks at an…
Riff on the future of retail [offline v. online, how they work together] Compares USA UK Germany etail adoption
retail  ecommerce  2013  vision  example  csrblogcomment  usa  uk  germany  comparison  etail  adoption  offline  online 
april 2013
Gartner: Social Business Software Efforts Largely Unsuccessful, for Now -
Gartner finds enterprise #SocialBusiness efforts disappoint bc leaders manage them like I.T. Yup, #SOCIALbusiness #fb
social  business  research  gartner  results  ROI  Analysis  report  q2  2013  adoption  Enterprise  2blog  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Twitter Blog: Annncng: Twttr
[Good4grins] Clever yet predictable April Fool post: vowels cost money on Twitter!
twitter  humor  april  fool  joke  q2  2013  2csrollyson 
april 2013
BUY PINTEREST NOW, GOOGLE: The Real Reason It Will Have To Do A Deal - Business Insider
INTERESTING analysis of legal liability of image sites Pinterest & Tumblr—and potential impact on Google's business
google  pinterest  tumblr  speculation  lawsuit  photo  image  copyright  youtube  viacom  DMCA  legal  hightech  2013  q1  Platform 
april 2013
The Relationship Economy
Tune into Jay on economic disruption: products are no longer the focus, experiences are #SocialBusiness #fb
knowledge  economy  experience  social  channel  business  relationship  trust  creativity  2013  pointofview  learning  leadership  2csrollyson 
march 2013
Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class | McKinsey & Company
McKinsey report on the concentration of economic, social and political power globally
analysis  city  urban  influence  knowledge  economy  social  creative  class  global  china  india  brazil  africa  nigeria  power  policy  2ghcj  research 
march 2013
Metro Diplomacy - By Robert D. Hormats | Foreign Policy
In the #Knowledge #Economy, cities gain in economic and political power; governments try to adjust Thx @jhagel
city  urban  influence  knowledge  economy  social  creative  class  global  china  india  brazil  africa  nigeria  government  power  policy  2ghcj 
march 2013
Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed
INSIGHT: Reflection of consumptive lifestyle, culture & influences, how people get trapped in mechanical lives
culture  economy  consumption  Experience  pointofview  Analysis  exceptional  travel  employment  marketing  manipulation  time  philosophy  2ghcj  reflection  insight 
march 2013
Win, But Not At Any Price — S. Anthony Iannarino
Ethics in sales: "Selling is personal" so don't do things to clients for short-term gain, trust & reputation are your brand
sales  selling  Ethics  integrity  client  customer  2013  pointofview  b2b  business  development  trust  relationship  2csra 
march 2013
Global coordination for Cyprus-style depositor-funded bank bailouts in G7 (mattresses never looked so good)
bank  bailout  cyprus  usa  uk  global  basel  depositor  stockholder  insurance  crisis  2ghcj 
march 2013
New Orleans is the first city for cabs with built-in vending machines | Digital Trends
New point of consumption: New Orleans taxis install vending machines in cabs #shareofwallet
city  urban  culture  economy  taxi  fastfood  experience  food  2013  innovation  NewOrleans  Chicago  Newyorkcity  obesity  usa  2ghcj 
march 2013
Case Study: Using LinkedIn, Twitter to Cultivate Local Relationships | Street Fight
Local Chicago bakery shuns storefront in favor of #SocialBusiness, networks on #Twitter #LinkedIn & #blogs
linkedin  twitter  blog  casestudy  chicago  retail  hyper  local  social  business  bakery  b2b  Blogs 
march 2013
Zooniverse: The Answer to Big (Crisis) Data? | iRevolution
Breakthrough transformation: crowdsourcing & microtasking transform capability to manage natural disasters & other intractible problems
disaster  natural  big  data  application  software  innovation  2013  transformation  crowdsourcing  micro  task  process  design  challenge  mission  2ghcj 
march 2013
Resilient Communities
Advises people on creating sustainable communities that can withstand shocks/disruptions
economy  disruption  usa  risk  mitigation  community  local  food  sustain  sustainability  environment  power  security 
march 2013
Max Kalehoff - Eleven Big Trends that Will Reshape Advertising in 2020 and Beyond
Predictions: by 2020 digital & social media marketing will disappear - also trust & service will trump all else
advertising  marketing  prediction  2020  2012  social  crm  trust  business  media  digital  big  data  facebook  service  privacy  vision  2blog 
march 2013
Luxury in Chicago – Where to Stay, Shop and Eat
Nice North #michiganavenue #guide to Chicago 4 #luxury #tourism: restaurants hotels shopping #fb
chicago  tourism  luxury  review  restaurant  entertainment  retail  designer  chef  guide  howto  hotel  food  photo  culture  2csrollyson 
march 2013
Desperation driving ad creativity
New TV ad design tries to thwart skipping, fast forwarding [wrong approach]
advertising  tv  design  technology  viewer  customer 
march 2013
BBC News - Twitter celebrates its seventh birthday
WELLdone post combines Twitter retrospective, use cases and quick guide #fb
twitter  milestone  2013  retrospective  usecase  valueprop  guide  example  telecom  customer  service  politics  cause  author  2csrollyson 
march 2013
(2) Marco Ciobo - Google+ -…
Useful reference on Cloud with substance but avoids jargon; incl adoption stages & cloud's key parts & lessons learnt
cloud  whitepaper  atkearney  saas  paas  business  model  CIO  adoption  enterprise  process  csrblogcomment  infrastructure  lessons  management  consulting  firm 
march 2013
(2) Oliver Siodmak - Google+ - A really good article by my teammates: Robert Ballantine &…
Riffing on the connection between "customer service" excellence & social business; authors present a useful maturity model
customer  maturity  model  experience  infosys  csrblogcomment  service  transformation  enterprise  retail  travel  2sbs 
march 2013
Atk social media_whitepaper
Social business point of view, basic delivery framework & bank example
atkearney  social  media  business  whitepaper  framework  casestudy  bank  pointofview  management  consulting  firm  strategy  csrblogcomment 
march 2013
WLRN | Miami, Ft Lauderdale, South FL: WLRN Miami Herald News, Events, Radio.
Like Chicago, Miami evolving into the #Knowledge #Economy #SocialChannel
social  channel  adoption  Miami  knowledge  economy  2013 
march 2013
(1) Carol Robertson
Exceptional dog training video
dog  training  video 
march 2013
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