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The Urbanophile » Blog Archive » Why Cities Matter
Reflections & book review on neo-urbanism, the critical role of diversity & religion's role Thx @jhagel #fb
city  culture  economy  analysis  review  Urbanism  blog  religion  insight  diversity  USA  Church  society  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Real-Time Marketing and Facebook Drama Has Given Me Social Media Fatigue | LPT
Enterprise executive's frustration with Facebook algorithm changes & the pace of social media
facebook  adoption  fatigue  q1  2013  marketing  dell  backlash  feature  twitter  csrblogcomment  social  media 
april 2013
The death of the PC: Invented by Apple, accelerated by Microsoft
Nightmare case study: Post-PC goosed by Microsoft (or how MSFT pushed ICU patient [PC ecosystem] down the stairs)
adoption  q2  2013  PC  tablet  ipad  iphone  smartphone  history  dell  hp  apple  ios  macosx  Operating_systems  BYOD  enterprise  employee  metro  windows  8  stevejobs  organization  microsoft  RIM  Nokia  ecosystem  analysis  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria?
FASCINATING post analyzes scam criminal mind [why Nigeria] #fb
scam  exposé  nigeria  Psychology  malware  2013  analysis  crime  exceptional  phishing 
april 2013
How a Single Android Phone Can Hack an Entire Plane
TAKEtheTRAIN: Pilot-turned-hacker show how to exploit airplane systems w Android apps "PlaneSploit" #fb
smartphone  airplane  hack  flight  android  system  computer  control  2csrollyson  2013 
april 2013
New Documents Suggest the IRS Reads Your Emails Without a Warrant
IMPORTANTreading: IRS snoops on taxpayer emails w/o consistent warrants, clear policy: "4th Amendment doesn't apply to email" #fb
tax  irs  usa  email  digital  2013  q2  ACLU  legal  law  FOIA  Fourth  Amendment  Warrant  Warshak  2csrollyson  government 
april 2013
Amy Cuddy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pioneer in neuroscience, group dynamics and social psychology
social  Psychology  evolution  pioneer  group  tool  TED  neuroscience  brain  hormone  behavior  NLP 
april 2013
Does Online Social Networking Friendship Really Work - Aha!NOW
Popular and simplistic analysis of online and offline friendships
online  offline  friend  analysis  popular  personal  teen  geny  genz  social  network  culture  2013 
april 2013
Why 'Emotion' is the New Killer App - Datamation
"Wherefore art thou, Privacy?" - Hightech gadgets move to detect/broadcast your emotional state #fb
emotion  hightech  privacy  face  recognition  voice  smartphone  tv  laptop  computer  customer  service  google  facebook  apple  crowd  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Center for the Edge
Deloitte thinktank led by John Hagel & John Seely Brown
deloitte  transformation  disruption  innovation  thought  leadership  thinktank 
april 2013
Which Social Network Makes Your Customers Buy? - Dan Schleifer - Harvard Business Review
EXCELLENT case study on using outreach to domain-specific social networks to collaborate with stakeholders
casestudy  startup  equity  stock  software  trading  outreach  forum  q2  2013  social  business  media  comparison  discussion  stakeholder  collaboration  network  2blog 
april 2013's April 2013 Trend Briefing covering the consumer trend "CLEAN SLATE BRANDS"
Report: traditional brands' growing disadvantage: they stand for low #trust while new social brands are "born clean" #fb
brand  disruption  2013  q2  report  example  green  social  business  environment  policy  geny  genz  trust  open  innovation  Financialservices  hightech  cpg  automotive  2blog  2csrollyson  car 
april 2013
Syria in Ruins - In Focus - The Atlantic
Sad gripping photos of the ravages of war in Syria Thx @guykawasaki
syria  war  photo  gallery  q2  q1  2013  homs  damascus  aleppo  rebel  assad  2ghcj  exceptional 
april 2013
How to regulate cloud computing? | Media Network | Guardian Professional
Commented on growing regulatory issues with #Cloud: how to mitigate growing legal, privacy and regulatory complexity
cloud  regulation  data  protection  privacy  europe  usa  legal  law  csrblogcomment 
april 2013
What's Next in the Techonomy?
MUSTread: point of view on global institutions' misalignment worsening [I shared my advice in comments] Thx @c4edge @jhagel
organization  transformation  2013  institution  pointofview  innovation  global  performance  valueprop  csrblogcomment  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
april 2013
The New Bird Flu, and How to Read the News About It | Wired Science |
USEFUL advice on interpreting #media #blogs #twitter on #flu epidemics #fb Thx @peterkim
flu  epidemic  media  science  guide  reference  advice  q2  2013  history  SARS  China  Bird  Pig  Swine  River  analysis  disease  psychology  H7N9  HongKong  H5N1  exceptional 
april 2013
How Social Media Propelled Fallon's Tonight Show Takeover - Forbes
Fallon's success, how "Reality show" meets "Late NIght" TV - another example of winning by engaging #empowerment
social  media  business  empowerment  audience  reality  show  entertainment  participation  twitter  real  time  meme  comedy  tv  2013  q2  casestudy  example 
april 2013
Using LinkedIn Mentions To Start Career Conversations - Social-Hire
LinkedIn Imminent new feature: "mentions" using LinkedIn usernames as you can in Twitter, Facebook and Google+Thx @jimworth
linkedin  q2  2013  feature  software  mention  social  network 
april 2013
Fantastic abstract & sexy art and thoughts
malikafavre  gallery  blog  2012  art  sexuality  abstract 
april 2013
Malika Favre
Outstanding design... playful, subtle, vivid
art  design  français  London 
april 2013
Gartner May Be Too Scared To Say It, But the PC Is Dead – ReadWrite
Analyst Gartner interpreted on tightrope: between the lines: PC hardware platform srsly sunsetting
analyst  hightech  q2  2013  PC  market  tablet  smartphone  analysis  pointofview  model  platform  disruption  2ghcj  hardware 
april 2013
The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World
33 hauntingly beautiful abandoned places around the world [photo gallery] Thx @pierresc #fb
photo  gallery  abandoned  building  island  factory  amusement  park  china  italy  usa  Chicago  detroit  france  uk  ireland  czechoslovakia  poland  india  exceptional 
april 2013
American Association of Colleges of Nursing | The Impact of Education on Nursing Practice
Not unbiased information but cites numerous studies distinguishing abilities of nurses with various levels of education & training
nurse  r.n.  b.s.n.  career  education  analysis  research 
april 2013
BBC News - German economic output 'at near stagnation'
No shocker given Germany Eurozone dependency; Europe has work to do, has barely started Thx @rudolphlohmeyer
eurozone  economy  results  q2  2013  germany  italy  cyprus  recession  2ghcj  Statistics 
april 2013
Coming today: A Facebook phone? -
[Speculation] Facebook tries the #smartphone middle road: partnering w HTC & customizing Android Thx @donald_brady #fb
facebook  mobile  news  speculation  q2  2013  smartphone  HTC  alliance  Android  2csrollyson 
april 2013
Christopher Rollyson - Google+ - +John Hagel: "Executives too often limit their framework…
Responding to post that suggests enterprises must transform how they think about, and treat, "employees"
cio  human  capital  pointofview  deloitte  career  employee  professional  services  csrblogcomment  2sbs 
april 2013
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