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Customer service in the digital age - Customer Service Leaders Forum | Deloitte UK
Vision piece on digital transformation but light on T & no mention of CDO; superficial treatment of mobile, social & analytics
customer  service  digital  uk  mobile  commerce  omni  channel  analytics  data  social  business  experience  2013  report  deloitte  2sbs 
may 2013
Deloitte | Tech Trends 2013 | The Elements of Postdigital
Vision piece on social business, Data & Mobile; CIO focused, light on transformation, no mention of CDO
omni  multi  channel  social  business  network  thought  leadership  cio  digital  2013  deloitte  history  i.t. 
may 2013
Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City | Mail Online
New York City Dept of Records releases 2.2 million historical photos; visual & historical feast! Here's a sampling..
Newyorkcity  history  photo  bridge  construction  crime  archive  exceptional  USA 
may 2013
Obama's Prom Photos |
Great example of USA culture as equalizer: Obama prom pic + yearbook note to friend Thx @guyKawasaki #fb #hawaii
culture  usa  obama  prom  1979  photo  friend  hawaii  highschool  exceptional 
may 2013
IBM Winning over the empowered consumer
RARE on-the-money insight in "retail" from global customer survey + digital social community analysis #kudos
retail  ecommerce  omni  multi  channel  report  2011  foundation  cdo  digital  empowerment  social  business  IBM  trust  relationship  model  research 
may 2013
Leading Retailers Embrace New Solutions To Drive Omnichannel Success
Useful fashion and automotive aftermarket examples of how omnichannel is being adopted in retail
cdo  digital  omni  ecommerce  multi  casestudy  retail  automotive  aftermarket  fashion  geny  genz  tablet  smartphone  usa  statistics  adoption  foundation  customer  experience  csrblogcomment 
may 2013
Collaboration Between the CMO and CIO: A Love Story | Business 2 Community
Historical context of CIO-CMO relationship, pre-#SocialBusiness; omission of #ChiefDigitalOfficer interesting
cmo  cio  cdo  collaboration  agile  history  business  social 
may 2013
Omni-channel Retailing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brief summary of omni-channel & how it differs from multi-channel; some good links
ecommerce  cdo  digital  omni  multi  channel  marketing  customer  experience  reference 
may 2013
Lists for Friends | Facebook Help Center
Some useful friend list how-tos; FB forces users onto its lists and user-created lists have no multiple-mgmt functions
facebook  howto  2013  friend  list  management  category 
may 2013
Jim Yu: The Sudden Rise of the Digital CMO
Analyzes enterprise adoption of #ChiefDigitalOfficer roles in light of earned media; nice 3M example
cdo  digital  adoption  pointofview  example  social  business  media  earned  disruption  analysis  marketing  gartner  quora  pinterest  3M  repuration  enterprise  Platform 
may 2013
The Big-Data Interview: Making Sense of the New World Order | Wired Enterprise |
Interview w co-authors of "Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work & Think"
big  data  book  interview  vision  business  society  transformation  Q1  2013  decision  making  adoption  definition  cdo  digital  philosophy  value  chain 
may 2013
PlanIt Purple: Home
This week seminars at Northwestern University (downtown, public)
healthcare  medical  chicago  university  events  northwestern  stgr  loop 
may 2013
UChicago Events
This week seminars at University of Chicago
university  seminar  chicago  healthcare  stgr  search  event 
may 2013
Mobile's Ultimate Business Context: Ubiquitous Computing Primer « Christopher S. Rollyson and Associates
Ubiquitous computing primer sets the context for transformational customer experiences with mobile
digital  cdo  mobile  foundation  ubiquitous  computing  smart  device  guide 
may 2013
A New Era in Personalized Computing
2012 report on the adoption of smart devices and seeds of ubiquitous computing
ubiquitous  computing  smart  device  adoption  analysis  report  global  smartphone  tablet  sensor 
may 2013
Entitlement and Compliance Management: Smart Device, Smarter Services
Smart treadmill creates workouts in virtualized environments based on Google Maps data of physical environments
smart  device  ubiquitous  computing  workout  android  cloud  web  3.0  virtual  google  maps  example 
may 2013
The Scientific 7-Minute Workout -
Talks about short workouts, refers to better post on high-intensity circuit training)
workout  body  weight  science  physiology  howto 
may 2013
Google's next act: Diversify and conquer | Technology business - InfoWorld
USEFUL wrap of Google Developer Conf: analysis of major & experimental product life cycles, draws conclusions #kudos
google  developer  conference  analysis  Q2  2013  chrome  android  search  advertising  Business  model  mobile  vision  social  plus  glass  vehicle  product  development  transformation  culture  digital  enterprise  Platform  google+ 
may 2013
An Interview with John Seely Brown
Useful perspective: 1999 interview on ubiquitous computing w John Seely Brown when he was at Xerox PARC
ubiquitous  computing  1999  history  interview  zerox  parc  vision 
may 2013
Mobility disruption: A CIO perspective | McKinsey & Company
Useful summary of enterprise mobile adoption: brief treatment of 4 opportunities + 3 challenges
i.t.  mobile  enterprise  adoption  valueprop  strategy  howto  CIO  security  governance  cost  Q3  2012  mckinsey  foundation  cdo  digital 
may 2013
HP Global Citizenship: Transforming the lives of the next billion through technology
HP vision piece shows how HP is empowering people in BRIC countries; some good references
ubiquitous  computing  adoption  vision  global  bric  hp  pointofview  market  demand  computer  smartphone  tablet  green  power  print 
may 2013
J's Blog
Vision and adoption of enterprise mobile technology & work processes
mobile  enterprise  analysis  device  adoption  howto  employer  employee  telecom  smartphone  tablet  software  management  mdm  hightech  vision 
may 2013
Won’t Get Fooled Again – confused of calcutta
[Commented] MUSTread profound muse on disruption/revolution sparked by a song by The Who #fb
revolution  history  music  TheWho  artist  politics  muse  humility  disruption  hope  exceptional  csrblogcomment 
may 2013
Free exchange: The debt to pleasure | The Economist
INTRIGUING: mashes up economics, sociology & psychology to decode decision-making; people aren't "rational" as economists want to believe ;^)
economics  sociology  Psychology  social  network  media  research  brain  decision  tradeoff  behavior  nudge  influence  human  2ghcj 
may 2013
The Cartography of Bullshit – Africa is a Country
Substantial debunk of "foreign policy blog" pseudo-science reporting on racial intolerance
debunk  politics  global  race  tolerance  social  science  research  statistics  analysis  q2  2013  blogger  foreign  policy  2ghcj 
may 2013
IDG Connect – Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5
Highly technical yet understandable shootout: iPhone 5 v. Samsung S4 #fb
review  smartphone  shootout  iphone  samsung  s4  q2  2013  test  html5  2csrollyson 
may 2013
MENGonline: MENG Blend: The CMO's Guide to the Chief Digital Officer
How-to guide for CMOs: how to take advantage of digital transformation
mengpost  cdo  digital  transformation  cmo  q2  2013  howto  ceo  board  enterprise  brand  social  business  big  data  mobile  ecommerce 
may 2013
Chief Digital Officers and Transformation « Christopher S. Rollyson and Associates
Digital transformation guide for CEOs CDOs BODs: analyzes & extends Gartner's Chief Digital Officer model
social  business  foundation  transformation  cdo  digital  adoption  framework  analysis 
may 2013
These Smart, Social Apps Bring Big Data Down to Size - Forbes
Point of view & how-to outlines incremental big data approach (small/lean data); includes vendors, links
small  lean  big  data  pointofview  Q4  2012  market  statistics  adoption  comparison  business  intelligence  google  vendor  howto  cdo  digital 
may 2013
Small Data Goes Big Time | Digital Clarity Group Blog - Just Clarity
Useful snapshot of small data movement ("Lean") and some of its players
big  data  small  lean  news  adoption  pointofview  Q2  2013  vendor  cdo  digital  marketing  device  Google 
may 2013
Ubiquitous Computing: Beyond Mobility: Everywhere and Every Thing | TCS Perspectives
Excellent paper on mobile ubiquitous computing stack: high-level tech details, useful industry examples #kudos
mobile  ubiquitous  computing  IoT  device  architecture  technology  example  security  sensor  digital  transformation  guide  TCS  management  consulting  firm  tool  I.T.  foundation  adoption  cdo 
may 2013
Digital Transformation Framework | Infosys
I.T. management consulting approach to digital transformation
digital  transformation  roadmap  framework  methodology  infosys  management  consulting  firm  tool  i.t. 
may 2013
Insight Paper | Digital Clarity Group Blog - Just Clarity
Identifies mobile's core disruption—ubiquitous computing—offers guidance to think beyond distractions #kudos
mobile  cdo  digital  foundation  strategy  vision  comparison  web  tablet  smartphone  device  q4  2012  thought  leadership  transformation  enterprise  reference 
may 2013
Why It’s Important to Cook Your Own Meals | Mark's Daily Apple
INSIGHT into the deep connection between #primal/#paleo & cooking your own food
primal  paleo  cooking  nutrition  history  culture  health  exceptional  meal  entertain 
may 2013
How ‘Big Data’ Is Different | MIT Sloan Management Review
[Commented] USEFUL summary of how #bigdata differs from "traditional" #analytics
big  data  analytics  legacy  valueprop  reference  csrblogcomment  social  business  cdo  digital  enterprise  adoption  foundation 
may 2013
11 Weirdly Spelled Words—And How They Got That Way | Mental Floss
Delightful & useful: short history/causes of weirdly spelled English words #fb
language  english  history  culture  2013  adoption  publishing  roman  greek  french  humor  exceptional  spell 
may 2013
Post-Digital Partners: The CIO and the CDO (chief digital officer)
Excellent post & example of how #CIO & #CDO collaboration works Thx @chiefdigofficer
cio  cdo  digital  collaboration  i.t.  howto  architect  conflict  Enterprise  ERP  portal  website  mobile  software  development  casestudy  cpg  asia  usa  csrblogcomment 
may 2013
Chicago Tribune - Less than half of state road fund money went for construction
Illinois auditor report (reportedly) claims most IDOT funding went for admin & non-construction costs
illinois  construction  fund  report  2011  2010  pension  healthcare  road  infratstructure 
may 2013
This Is The Most Epic Brand Meltdown On Facebook Ever
Restaurant owners lose control in Facebook flame war; Gordon Ramsey angle
facebook  social  media  restaurant  arizona  flame  review  reddit  war  server  fiasco  scandal  2013  Q2 
may 2013
New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart - Forbes
DISRUPTION anyone? New mobile app scans barcodes, discloses products' corp parents & their transgressions (named Buycott ;^) #fb Thx @pmeyers
consumer  client  empowerment  politics  cause  boycott  mobile  application  iphone  android  corporation  enterprise  ownership  food  grocery  product  q2  2013  disruption  barcode  2csrollyson 
may 2013
Rules for week 1 | What about Wilma
Amsterdam woman vows to live paleo for 100 days, here are her rules
paleo  challenge  q2  2013  amsterdam  city  rules  game  food  personal  care  power  social  media  ancestral 
may 2013
Cloud-based platform delivers sales support material across multiple devices & platforms
b2b  sales  business  development  cloud  application  presentation  conference  call  webcast  email  startup  software  tool  powerpoint  keynote  pdf  video 
may 2013
Big Data Digital Spotlight [Infoworld]
Tech how-to delves into some of the technology: hadoop & alts to SQL + Internet of Things and basic overview
big  data  report  technology  software  hardware  cio  q2  2013  adoption  hadoop  sql  Internet  Things  digital  cdo 
may 2013
Display Your WordPress Recent Posts on a Static Page
How to code wordpress to republish recent posts to a page
wordpress  rss  howto  software  php  Page  tutorial 
may 2013
Display Wordpress Posts on another WordPress Blog | WorldOWeb
How to code wordpress to republish wordpress posts on one blog—to another wordpress blog
wordpress  rss  howto  software  php 
may 2013
Powell Brew House
Great craft brews; met at delivinnov
chicago  beer  bar  pub  brewery  craft 
may 2013
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