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The 10 Best Chocolatiers in the World – Intelligent Travel
Wish they published their algo; altho I know/love many on the list I note it trends to gourmet brands, overlooks earthier artisan chocos like Dagoba
chocolate  top10  list  2012  chocolatier 
august 2013
Illinois Rules of the Road 2013
Page 6 has the required document types; guide to getting Illinois driver license and ID card
illinois  driver  license  identification  card  requirements  guide  howto 
august 2013
Peggy Noonan: What We Lose if We Give Up Privacy
MUSTread, simply captures key ramifications of the Suveillance-security-privacy debate, why it needs our utmost attn #fb
surveillance  privacy  government  debate  politics  q3  2013  security  exceptional 
august 2013
IDG Connect – A Fridge, Car Windows and iChastity Belts
Digital chastity belt, seems like tech has evolved further than attitudes ;~{ #fb
mobile  computing  ubiquitous  sexuality  chastity  belt  digital  2csrollyson  social 
august 2013
You Should Date An Illiterate Girl by Charles Warnke - Third Culture | Third Culture
Artistic reflection & contrast between life with an educated or non-educated woman
love  relationship  live  cycle  essay  intellect  dream 
august 2013
We need CEOs to get to work - 1 - - MSN Money
Gentle polemic against lack of corporate risk taking, Q3 2013 edition
usa  G7  leadership  executive  ceo  risk  uncertainty  q3  2013  pointofview  Enterprise  2ghcj 
august 2013
Social Media Intelligence: Measuring Brand Sentiment from Online Conversations by David A. Schweidel, Wendy W. Moe, Chris Boudreaux :: SSRN
Marketing research paper evaluates social media datasets and proposes and tests a model to correct social data for some of its vagaries
social  media  monitoring  marketing  research  model  thought  leadership  platform  2011  q4  comparison 
august 2013
Kerry visit to Brazil overshadowed by NSA spying controversy | Article | Top News |
Posturing: Brazil pols press Kerry for explanations; don't like it, but electronic surveillance the new nukes, not going anywhere
q3  2013  brazil  usa  security  nsa  snowden  kerry  roussef  spy  diplomacy  surveillance  2ghcj 
august 2013
Anonymous is not anonymous | Security - InfoWorld
Why privacy is a figment of imagination- has always been so, imagine hunter-gather bands, are you kidding? #fb
privacy  internet  government  hack  example  2csrollyson 
august 2013
The Great Fructose Debate | Psychology Today
Several articles on fructose & its impact on health Thx @guykawasaki #fb
food  product  science  pointofview  sugar  cancer  diet  fructose  2csrollyson 
august 2013
Global Powers of Retailing 2013 Retail Beyond
Global retail analysis & report focuses on core retail strategy and operations issues rather than channels
retail  global  statistics  report  analysis  survey  2013  strategy 
august 2013
Mobile Commerce Technology - M-commerce sales via smartphones hit $8 billion in 2012 - Internet Retailer
Forrester: mcommerce constrained by complex clickthrus & checkout processes [a long way to omni-channel]
mobile  mcommerce  adoption  forrester  report  usa  Q1  2013  checkout  omni  channel  cdo  digital  multi 
august 2013
Analytics: The real-world use of big data
2012 Report of big data global adoption survey - plus recommendations for getting big data right
big  data  report  analysis  cdo  digital  foundation  reference  2012  analytics 
august 2013
The Mobile Scanning Duel at Retail By Chuck Martin
GREAT example of the death of pricing/retail as we know it.. AND funny #kudos #fb
mobile  application  retail  associate  customer  service  coffee  macys  sale  promotion  match  humor  price  competition  cdo  digital  exceptional  Technology 
august 2013
MediaPost Publications On the Magical 20% in Mobile Commerce 08/07/2013
Q3 mcommerce & ecommerce statistics show mobile approaching 20% digital sales
mobile  digital  ecommerce  cdo  adoption  statistics  Q3  2013 
august 2013
E-Commerce Is the Next Frontier in Global Expansion - Paper - A.T. Kearney
Mature market retails look to ecommerce to drive global retail expansion; the role of omni-channel
ecommerce  retail  global  transformation  BRIC  china  india  russia  brazil  statistics  report  2012  cdo  digital  foundation  omni  channel  multi 
august 2013
Global Retail Development Index - A.T. Kearney
Useful research on global retail: mature market retailers seek expansion to drive growth
retail  research  global  BRIC  Latin  America  Asia  India  China  Brazil  Chile  Uruguay  ATKearney  store  market  statistics 
august 2013
E-commerce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Short overview of ecommerce solutions; good links + "business applications" section shows related applications
ecommerce  reference  summary  software  website 
august 2013
In depth benchmark of 12 ecommerce solutions [PDF]
Excellent analysis and comparison of global ecommerce platforms | enterprise & SMB
ecommerce  software  solution  vendor  comparison  analysis  benchmark  cdo  digital  reference  Foundation  enterprise  brand  smb 
august 2013
Global B2C E-Commerce Market Report 2013 -- NEW YORK, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --
Summarizes some details of ecommerce market size (online buying, not vendors), growth stats, Americas EMEA Asia Pacific
ecommerce  digital  cdo  market  growth  report  statistics  Q1  2013  americas  emea  asia  pacific 
august 2013
Getting A Head Start On Five Factors Reshaping E-Commerce - Forbes
Useful point of view & links on Gartner, Constellation Research & Hofstede research on global ecommerce market
omni  channel  pointofview  gartner  research  constellation  mobile  social  business  globalization  cloud  legacy  erp  CRM  enterprise  culture  customer  experience  q1  2013  ecommerce  digital  ceo 
august 2013
IDC Big Data/Analytics
IDC stats on #bigdata services market size and growth
big  data  statistics  market  size  2016  2013  IDC  professional  services  i.t.  growth 
august 2013
Enterprise Mobility Management | Mobile Device Management | MDM
Solid thought leadership & analysis by #BigData mobile management software vendor Thx @jimworth
mobile  blog  thought  leadership  technology  smartphone  tablet  analysis  device  vendor  enterprise  2csra 
august 2013
A pivotal moment for China's economic reforms: Bo Xilai's trial | Article | Top News |
Identifies important threads of Chinese political corruption trial, shifts of economic reform are the backdrop
china  prc  leader  party  court  trial  politics  economy  reform  power  struggle  faction  q3  2013  analysis  2ghcj 
august 2013
Facebook's News Feed Change Will Punish You For Being Boring - Business Insider
#Facebook tweaks algos that create Newsfeed: posts w social actions at the top b/c they're more interesting #fb
facebook  news  q3  2013  feed  algorithm  edgerank  brand  page  advertising  interaction  2csrollyson  2csra 
august 2013
Inventables Blog
Blog posts detail how to use digital manufacturing machines as well as maker events, hackerspace news
maker  hackerspace  laser  3D  print  machine  CADCAM  Chicago  blog  digital  disruption  manufacturing  Supply 
august 2013
How Apple could make a truly cheap iPhone 5C | Mobile Technology - InfoWorld
iPhone 4/5/5c component cost comparison & analysis shows component costs several models
apple  iphone  analysis  manufacturer  cost  component  nokia  android  BRIC  market  Speculation  smartphone 
august 2013
Jeff Bezos on Post purchase - The Washington Post
Short letter from #jeffbezos on #washingtonpost acquisition Thx @leebryant
media  newspaper  journalism  acquisition  washington.dc  usa  amazon  jeffbezos  q3  2013  2ghcj 
august 2013
This Jerk Stole My iPhone On Tumblr - Business Insider
The hazards of beach debauches & smartphone thievery [humor]: iPhone thief famous on Tumblr #fb
humor  hightech  iphone  smartphone  theft  dropbox  spain  dubai  beach  security  facebook  tumblr  2csrollyson 
august 2013
The Haagen-Dazs Debacle | Built In Chicago
Lessons & laughs: Tongue in cheek "review" of Haagen-Dazs AP app #fail [augmented reality] #kudos #fb
humor  hightech  fail  augmented  reality  q3  2013  application  smartphone  icecream  brand  exceptional 
august 2013
Why Facebook Would Never Have Started in Paris
Les difficultés des startups en France, mais ça s'améliore | hard to start up in France but getting better #fb
france  entrepreneur  pointofview  startup  education  VCs.angels  fundraising  q3  2013  2csrollyson 
august 2013
Top 10 Unfriendable Mistakes
Basic pointers on social media sharing, Q3 2013 edition #fb
facebook  twitter  social  media  etiquette  language  share  guide  howto  gotcha  2013  q3  2csrollyson 
august 2013
Starbucks Talks About its Future: More Food, More Digital
#Starbucks CEO & #CDO quoted on food's ' digital's growing importance in SB experience, revenue #fb
starbucks  digital  cdo  mobile  coffee  food  customer  service  strategy  q3  2013  results  executive  2csra 
august 2013
Apple's bad week: A sign of decline or just a blip? | Smartphones - InfoWorld
Doubting Apple's staying power; brief analysis of product strategy, comparisons w Android, Samsung #fb
apple  ios  android  samsung  q3  2013  product  strategy  market  share  leadership  analysis  2csrollyson  adoption  smartphone  tablet  mobile  digital 
august 2013
Trolling Effects site aims to fight patent trolls with crowdsourcing | Intellectual property - InfoWorld
New repository for patents trolls' demand letters enables crowdsourcing and collaboration to expose trolls
patent  intellectual  property  crowdsourcing  q3  2013  troll  reform  advocacy  tool  collaboration  hightech 
august 2013
Back Room finds new home nearby on Rush Street - News - Crain's Chicago Business
Musical chairs: openings, closings on Rush Street Chicago club scene: Backroom, Jilly's, Privet, Le Passage
chicago  realestate  rush  club  convention  commercial  development  q3  2012  talent  music  competition  recession  design 
august 2013
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