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Gut instincts: The secrets of your second brain
Exploring the "2nd brain" of the gut; neurotransmitters, biology
neuroscience  brain  head  gut  chemistry  disease  evolution  research  biology  mammal 
november 2013
▶ Jim Wilson | God's Chorus of Crickets | crickets audio recording slowed way down by acornavi
Don't know whether hoax but fascinating idea at least: recording of crickets, slowed way down, sounds like human chorus
cricket  nature  recording  chorus  discussion  music 
november 2013
Are Green Beans and Snow Peas Paleo?
Short post on phytic acid and lectins; some useful links
paleo  nutrition  legume  bean  chemistry  food 
november 2013
What’s Wrong with Beans and Legumes? | Paleo Diet Lifestyle
Long, clear description of the chemistry of legumes and their effect on nutrition
paleo  ancestral  diet  nutrition  food  legume  reference  peanut  soy  bean  chemistry 
november 2013
New Wave artists aging gracefully. An 80′s world gone by… | djrioblog
How many do you know? 80s music artists: how they look now (photo gallery) Thx @jeanneleez
pop  rock  newwave  music  group  artist  history  culture  Photo_galleries  usa  uk  europe  2csrollyson 
november 2013
Why coolness kills creativity | The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui
RARE insight: Brilliant thinking on creativity, conformity, logic, education. So, so true Thx @jhagel #fb
creativity  education  logic  brain  learning  social  conformity  exceptional  limit  crime  politics  activism  power  construction  destruction  analysis  interview  newzealand  2ghcj 
november 2013
Jellyvision's Beating Benefits Bewilderment: Volume 1 - YouTube
MUSTsee: charming & informative employee benefits video1: "Employees speak English, you speak legalese"
employer  employee  benefits  video  humor  organization  language 
november 2013
▶ Jellyvision's Beating Benefits Bewilderment: Volume 3 - YouTube
A funny employee benefits video? Yes, #3 is "You communicate w employees as if they're the same but they're different"!
employer  employee  benefits  video  humor  organization  communication  user  usecase 
november 2013
Jellyvision's Beating Benefits Bewilderment: Volume 2 - YouTube
MUSTsee: funny & useful employee benefits video2: "You think employees want insurance education"
employer  employee  benefits  video  humor  organization  education  medical  health  insurance  healthcare 
november 2013
You Don’t Have To Be an Affordable Care Act Expert – Just Hire One
Looming gap: employees expect employers to explain ACA impact on health benefits but employers have no plans
affordable  care  act  obamacare  employer  employee  q2  2013  analysis  disruption  human  resources  benefits  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
november 2013
ALEX Does Health Care Reform
BRILLIANT: video explains the Affordable Care Act to employees [demo]
affordable  care  act  obamacare  employee  howto  q2  2013  humor  video  exceptional  benefits 
november 2013
3 Critical & Consistent Elements in a Customer Journey Framework | ClickZ
YES=>Emphasizing that marketers must give #customers empathy & utility to support their journeys #fb
customer  journey  device  mobile  laptop  computer  tablet  pointofview  Experience  empathy  q4  2013  pwc  marketing  2cdo  2csra  digital 
november 2013
Starbucks' Power Over Us Is Bigger Than Coffee: It's Personal. - Forbes
[comment] Questioning #Starbucks' retail store designs: does SB intend to be less comfy & has it dropped #3rdplace? Gr8 discussion in comments #fb
starbucks  customer  experience  Q2  2012  employee  usecase  community  analysis  discussion  exceptional  personal  retail  csrblogcomment  2csra  2cdo 
november 2013
Starbucks VIA |
Q4 2012 review of Starbucks' global ambitions; review of business segments
starbucks  business  strategy  global  americas  europe  africa  asia  china  korea  japan  cpg  retail  digital  Q4  2012  analysis  statistics 
november 2013
Is Starbucks Watering Down Its Coffee Brand? - Business 2 Community
Questions whether Starbucks' product proliferation dilutes the meaning of customer experience
starbucks  customer  experience  product  service  expansion  store  Q4  2012  pointofview  reflection  home  coffee  business  strategy  cross  channel 
november 2013
Drinking Starbucks digital brew | diginomica
How Starbucks is using Rewards to drive grocery and in-store sales + digital & mobile customer adoption numbers
starbucks  retail  loyalty  usa  uk  china  digital  mobile  card  application  statistics  adoption  ceo  CDO  grocery  cross  channel  customer  experience  Q2  2013 
november 2013
A Desperate Man Road-Tests Trunk Club | Chicago magazine
Personal account of husband and father buying clothes at retail—then at Trunk Club (why men hate shopping) #kudos #fb
retail  apparel  trunkclub  personal  customer  experience  wife  shopping  humor  ecommerce  2csra  2csrollyson  transformation  disruption 
november 2013
[no title]
PMS vendor support forum thread
accounting  13hip  FAQ  vendor  support 
november 2013
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