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How Social Media Can Influence High-Stakes Business Decisions | CIO
SUPERB experiential #SocialMedia auto bank airline fastfood cases: SOCIAL #behavior for research, lobbying govt, prod design
social  media  experiential  q3  2014  analysis  example  airline  pizza  restaurant  chain  fastfood  delivery  bank  Financialservices  automotive  intelligence  business  digital  anthropology  product  development  public  opinion  casestudy  ROI  command  center  followthesun  philippines 
october 2014
kitchen cabinet layout design
Shows how discussions are everywhere: kitchen remodel thread
14schk  lighting  design  discussion  forum  kitchen  remodel 
september 2014
How much was your kitchen reno? [Archive] - ConstantChatter Forum
People share their kitchen remodel costs: off-market but long thread on user experience
14schk  kitchen  remodel  diy  discussion  forum  sink  cabinet  user  client  experience  budget  cost 
september 2014
DIY: Home Fix-it
General, shows variety, some good threads
14schk  forum  home  improvement  losangeles  discussion 
september 2014
Bogleheads • View topic - Kitchen remodeling
Great discussion of clients, helping someone plan a kitchen remodel; approaches to using contractors, trades, designers
14schk  kitchen  remodel  contractor  advice  discussion  forum  design  trade  ikea  cabinet  user  client  experience  bullsi 
september 2014
kitchen remodel advice
off-market but good client/user discussion; shows variety of venues
14schk  discussion  forum  kitchen  remodel  client  user  experience 
september 2014
Kitchen Remodel-flooring ? [Archive] - Chronicle Forums
Discussion about kitchen remodel to flip house; very off-market but good background
14schk  discussion  forum  kitchen  remodel  realestate  flip  business 
september 2014 Customer Discussions: Granite Sink vs. Cast Iron
Great user experience discussion for sinks: stainless, granite/composite, porcelain
14schk  client  kitchen  sink  remodel  forum  discussion 
september 2014
Remodeling home…consult architect or interior designer first? | Forum Archive
Great discussion: experienced clients share how to hire trades to remodel a kitchen
14schk  architect  design  discussion  forum  trade  client  advice  bullsi  kitchen  remodel 
september 2014
5 Key Themes Emerging From the 'New Science of Cities' - CityLab
More rlevant than ever>Jane Jacobs saw cities as complex adaptive systems, not top-down "planned"--in the 1960s
urbanism  city  metropolis  human  evolution  space  architecture  design  complex  system  network  history  research  model  productivity  loose  tight  q3  2014 
september 2014
Tiffany Carlson-Richison | LinkedIn
How granite used to market residential real estate
14schk  granite  realestate  marketing  broker 
september 2014
Joi Ito: Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist" | Talk Video |
Joi Ito & collaborators hack seismic data about Japan earthquakes b/c govt was opaque
management  big  data  japan  earthquake  seismology  collaboration  social  government  2011  video 
september 2014
Has Capitalism Reached A Turning Point?
Great & necessary thoughts but "references" mostly from journos, weakens thesis
capitalism  business  executive  management  stock  market  practice  criticism  revolution  transformation  q3  2014  pointofview  history  2ghcj 
september 2014
How to see into the future -
Forecasting old style, incrementally improved by teamwork; BigData & sense/respond produce better results AEE
Statistics  probability  research  history  pointofview  q3  2014  economy  stock  market  crash  keynes  forecast  prediction  marketing  analysis  experiment  collaboration  politics  2ghcj 
september 2014
Dismantling Empires Through Devolution - Atlantic Mobile
MUSTread "devolution" as necessary pressure value to enable people to win self-determination in a global politically inflexible world
geography  politics  policy  globalization  q3  2014  pointofview  scotland  basque  venezia  venice  barcelona  ukraine  sardinia  catalonia  spain  history  iraq  korea  unbundling  nation  state  local  government  2ghcj 
september 2014
Joi Ito: Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist" | Talk Video |
He's really talking agile development & sense/respond; agree that "prediction" is of a different era (& never worked well ;^)
future  innovation  pointofview  video  prediction  agile  development  sense  respond  real  time  management 
september 2014
Five Ways To Get Closer To Your Most Valuable Fans (Consumers)
Some good how-to but doesn't open the black boxes of all the recommendations
consumer  customer  research  howto  model  tool  technique  social  q3  2014  example  sport  healthcare 
september 2014
How to true a wheel while its on your bike - YouTube
Great hacker version to wheel truing when you need a quick job or are on the road; view this after more detailed vids showing how to use a truing stand
cycling  howto  wheel  repair  maintenance  hack  video 
september 2014
Wheel Truing - YouTube
Superb clear explanation; detail w/o unneeded frills
cycling  howto  wheel  video 
september 2014
City of Chicago :: Restaurant Start-Up Program
How-to site for restaurant entrepreneurs spans the process of site selection, licensing, inspections #kudos
government  restaurant  regulation  howto  reference  chicago  license  process 
september 2014
What the Elizabethans Teach us About Cyber-Security - The Analogies Project
Fascinating example of secret messaging and espionage + parallels to cyber security & hacking #Kudos #fb
history  security  england  example  elizabeth  mary  scotland  france  spain  espionage  spy  agent  message  plot  treason  cyber  diligence  training  tudor  government  exceptional 
september 2014
The Conservative Case for a Guaranteed Basic Income - The Atlantic
Innovative idea to "end" poverty; models cited don't mention externalities of cutting welfare food housing assistance #kudos
usa  government  policy  poverty  guarantee  income  welfare  program  wage  q3  2014 
september 2014
Brief suggestions add even more value with the taxonomy of colds #kudos
homeopathy  cold  virus  taxonomy  1999  howto  health  DIY 
september 2014
iOS 8's iCloud Drive reveals the dark side of empowered users | InfoWorld
Nasty #apple #icloud upgrade story: Why I never put myself in 1st #upgrade wave #ipad #fb
ios  macosx  upgrade  glitch  story  mobile  laptop  cloud  design  customer  experience  i.t.  Q3  2014  2csrollyson 
september 2014
Proximate and ultimate causation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Short simple intro to logical analytical tools for use in business, biology and sociology.. widely applicable
logic  analysis  model  science  biology  business  sociology  reference  causality 
september 2014
MUSTsee=>#Cycling design genius: this seat has an integrated lock, secures seat & bike in seconds
cycling  lock  security  innovation  q3  2014  kickstarter  product  accessory  urban 
september 2014
The 5 Best Content Marketing Tips You'll Ever Read
On-point: simple guide to using your blog, email & SEO together to get results
blog  howto  content  marketing  b2b  customer  email  integrated  q3  2014  google  search  SEO 
september 2014
Proven Tips to Build Blog Followers, Starting with Your Own Employees
Some practical tips on building blog presence by leveraging employees and business partners #kudos
blog  q3  2014  howto  engagement  marketing  ROI  employee  collaboration  partner 
september 2014
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