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This British man's email exchange with a scammer escalated hilariously
British comedian spends 2 years interacting with scammers, 30-some threads published in his book
improv  scam  book  q3  2015  comedian  uk  bank  death 
september 2015
Why Should B2C Companies Have All the Fun?
Creates a compelling argument for B2B firms to pursue #CX transformation, discusses valueprop, offers stats
cco  b2b  customer  client  Experience  comparison  value  proposal  strategy  model  analysis  2chcuo 
september 2015
How to Be a Great Chief Customer Officer
Great summary of CCO doyenne Bliss in which she outlines 5 ways to create value from CX transformation
cco  pointofview  howto  pioneer  organization  transformation  customer  Experience  strategy  2chcuo 
september 2015
Digital Experience Strategy Case Study: Esri | Connective DX
Vendor CCO case study shows nice detail; CX evolution of global geodata provider
cco  strategy  customer  Experience  casestudy  vendor  software  roadmap  cms  content  2chcuo 
september 2015
Was I wrong about Chief Digital Officers? | Econsultancy
Reflecting on transformer v. ambassador models for CDOs - muddles w CCO
cdo  cco  uk  comparison  reflection  q3  2015  model  organization  transformation  career 
september 2015
About Us | CustomerThink
Digital marketing & CX blog w roots in CRM
customer  experience  blog  syndication  marketing  crm  cco 
september 2015
Customer experience: Who’s in charge here? | CustomerThink
72% CEOs claim to be in charge of leading CX transformation: only 27% of colleagues agree
cco  organization  customer  experience  research  survey  2015  q3  report  summary  culture  team  executive 
september 2015
Allstate wants to spy on its auto insurance clients, patent reveals
The slow boil to big brother: Allstate to snoop on drivers, passengers, other cars and pedestrians #IoT #automotive #surveillance
insurance  IoT  surveillance  cost  patent  q3  2015  Automobile  firm  customer  experience  risk  camera  smartphone  discussion  2ghcj 
september 2015
Shaping the T-team: Leading customer-centric transformation - TM Forum Inform
POV on CCO, CDO & other exec roles in #customer #experience #transformation
cco  cdo  strategy  ceo  executive  team  cio  cmo  customer  experience  transformation  q2  2105 
september 2015
50 Customer Experience Blogs You Should Be Reading | NGData
Annotated CX blog list + their 3 fav posts | some additions in comments
customer  experience  blog  list  directory  cco  reference 
september 2015
FINALLY. Starbucks Ingredients List. - Veggywood
Awesome ingredient list; as suspected, most of those syrups and frappuccini have artificial additives
starbucks  addin  ingredient  list  additive  vegan  sugar  frappuccino  vanilla 
september 2015
Customer Experience | Forrester Blogs
Forrester CX blog featuring numerous analysts
customer  experience  cco  blog 
september 2015
Goodbye, CIO. Say Hello to the Chief Customer Officer | WIRED
Tech take on CCO careers: The need for the CIO dissipating while need for CCO grows
cco  career  path  cio  organization  history  enterprise  corporate  development  2013  Q2  pointofview  IT  cloud  management  executive 
september 2015
Customer Experience Career List - Customer Experience Professionals Association
Job openings for #customer experience professionals (all levels); also people who've recently landed
cco  customer  experience  career  list  opening  directory 
september 2015
The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer - Salesforce Blog
POV on organizations' responses to #customer #empowerment & growth of CCO roles
pointofview  cco  customer  experience  organization  empowerment  cmo  marketing  transformation 
september 2015
Customer Experience Optimization Blog
Excellent CCO blog steeped in operational experience
customer  experience  cco  blog 
september 2015
3 Types of Customer Experience Action Essential to ROI
Useful POV on change vectors in the #CCO customer experience transformation journey | links customer service w culture change
cco  howto  culture  organization  brand  operations  change  transformation  service  experience  customer  pointofview  reference  2csra 
september 2015
Chief Customer Officer as Change Agent
Interview: How energy CCO is leading change; connecting employees with steady stream of customer voice
cco  career  casestudy  example  interview  energy  customer  experience  employee  transformation  podcast 
september 2015
For discerning hackers, malware is so last year | InfoWorld
Grim & predictable: Hackers #social #engineer into corp systems using legit creds, leave few tracks
security  Enterprise  malware  Q3  2015  social  engineering  intrusion  breach  hack  theft  phish  2ghcj  2csra  2cdo 
september 2015
Manage DNS Records with HostGator/eNom « Support Portal
When & how to use "managed hosting" w eNOM; how to set up your records
DNS  domain  name  server  hosting  howto  tool  email  web 
september 2015
Social Business Engagement Summit Keynote—Stan Rapp, Engauge
Timeless #CCO post: coverage of StanRapp whose rubric: "doing to" "doing with" & doing for" #customers is simple, strong
cco  customer  experience  pointofview  empowerment  trust  relationship  success  exceptional 
september 2015
Fast Company Magazine Issue 197 July/August 2015 | Business + Innovation
Up close w @johnlegere & how he's using personality to drive #Tmobile growth; customer & employee response | BTW "légère" ="light" ;^)
ceo  personal  telecom  usa  customer  experience  employee  market  position  strategy  brand  innovation  publicrelations  2cdo  2csra 
september 2015
How Shake Shack Leads The Better Burger Revolution | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
How Shake Shack leads w #customer #experience; helping customers to feel good; breaking the "customer-provider" barrier
restaurant  luxury  fast  casual  concept  Newyorkcity  usa  innovation  local  sustainable  beef  supply  chain  cco  customer  experience  disruption  2cdo  2csra  2snroadmap  casestudy 
september 2015
The Inside Story of Starbucks's Race Together Campaign, No Foam | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Portrayal of CEOs with a conscience & the subtleties of action; compares SB Race Together & Benioff et al v. anti-gay
starbucks  ceo  2015  Q3  race  usa  social  cause  comparison  politics  2ghcj  stereotype  discrimination  enterprise  community  employee  culture 
september 2015
Inside Hulu's Bold Plan To Lure New Viewers | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Another champion of indie films/TV series; interacting with the ecosystem
tv  cable  entertainment  2015  Q3  model  indie  film  broadcast 
september 2015
Inside Obama's Stealth Startup | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
How Obama learned from the fiasco: reforming govt systems fr the inside
government  hightech  transformation  healthcare  fiasco  2015  Q3  obama  agile  2ghcj  2cdo  2csra  casestudy 
september 2015
Have You Downloaded "The 2015 Customer Experience Outlook"? - Customer Bliss
#Customer #experience within the context of the new "Experience Economy" (Knowledge Economy) #CCO #kudos
strategy  vision  design  customer  experience  cco  success  q1  2015  economy  2cdo  2csra  reference 
september 2015
Six Critical Checkpoints for a CCO - Customer Bliss
Excellent concise discussion of when your organization needs a CCO #management #customer #experience #kudos
customer  success  cco  chief  officer  indicator  management  insight  metrics  roadmap  organization  silo  plan  cuture  Q1  2015  2csra  2cdo 
september 2015
Social Media Experience Management Software Platform | Spredfast
Social media dashboard/management/metrics platform vendor emphasizing promotion
social  media  content  marketing  vendor  platform  tool  analytics  dashboard  management  monitoring 
september 2015
People of the Chicago Design Museum
Highlights design-led innovation and sells unique products by local designers
chicago  design  museum  organization  culture 
september 2015
Disruption by Trusted Advisors
[commented] Riffing on disruptive business model, a holistic "trusted advisor" + disruption to retail, brand
business  strategy  trust  service  product  vision  infomediary  q2  2015  consultant  advocate  2sbs  model  big  data  IoT  customer  experience  client  retail  cco  csrblogcomment 
august 2015
Example of how tech can empower people: Information for tenants (+ landlords); guidance for solving conflicts #realestate
chicago  apartment  rent  tenant  landlord  government  website  empowerment  tool  reference  realestate  cco 
august 2015
Kerry Bodine's blog | Forrester Blogs
Excellent thinking about service design and #customer #experience
service  design  analysis  model  customer  experience 
august 2015
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