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College Students and Credit Cards — College Parent Central
Useful guide for #parents: Should you give your kid a credit card in #college?
plan  finance  student  parent  guide  howto  credit  card  16ccc  bullsi 
july 2017
What if My Parents and I Disagree about College?
Student guide: How to resolve disagreements w your #parents over #college
parent  student  disagreement  howto  compromise  guide  16ccc  bullsi  plan  apply  reference 
july 2017
College Tours, from the Other Side | Confessions of a Community College Dean
Superb: Admission counselors advise father on how to do #college #visits w his son (see comments)
parent  student  college  visit  16ccc  bullsi  exceptional  admission  advice  blog  discussion 
july 2017
Apply for Financial Aid for College | 13-Step Guide | Student Loan Hero
Useful actionable advice for the #financial side of #college #planning
college  plan  finance  loan  list  advice  guide  16ccc  bullsi 
july 2017
Paying for college: 3 student loan risks parent borrowers should avoid
Useful: 3 gotchas for #parents who take out loans to finance kid's #college #education
college  parent  student  finance  loan  16ccc  plan  bullsi  risk  example 
july 2017
Blog | Essay Hell
Excellent real advice for college essays
apply  16ccc  reference  essay  blog 
july 2017
6 Tips to Help your Teen Get Organized for the Common Application - MomKnowsCollege
Short & sweet: a checklist for #parents to support their kids thru #college #application season
16ccc  plan  bullsi  parent  mother  application  howto 
july 2017
My college list? : ApplyingToCollege
Redditors advise prospect student on making a college list
college  list  plan  16ccc  bullsi  howto  advice  finance  parent  family  example  strategy  extracurricular  forum  reddit 
july 2017
How to deal with college anxiety? : ApplyingToCollege
Short empathic discussion to help prospective student with missing home jitters
college  orientation  visit  bullsi  16ccc  forum  reddit  ws1 
july 2017
Prepping for my first college interview! Any tips/stuff to avoid? : ApplyingToCollege
Insight re: the timing of #interviews in #college #app cycle: In June, colleges impress; In August, students
visit  interview  insight  16ccc  bullsi  forum  reddit 
july 2017
What Parents Should Do During A Campus Visit | HuffPost
#Parents: How many of these tips do you know for #college #visits?
parent  college  visit  16ccc  bullsi  advice  howto  family 
july 2017
Tips To Help Parents And Teens Get Through Senior Year
Nice emotional advice for student–parent collaboration during H.S.–college transition
plan  apply  student  parent  advice  howto  16ccc  bullsi  highschool  college 
july 2017
What are some do's and don'ts for the admissions essay? | Unigo
Very diverse advice for #college #essay writing—From diverse admissions counselors
apply  16ccc  essay  howto  advice  bullsi  admission  consultant  plan 
july 2017
6 Tips to Streamline the Scholarship Application Process
Practical, if obvious, advice for applying for #college #scholarships
16ccc  apply  plan  bullsi  scholarship  college  finance  howto 
july 2017
The Perfect Outfit For Your Most Important College Visit
Jeans? Heels? => How to dress on #college #visits + interviews, shadowing
16ccc  bullsi  visit  college  clothing  apparel  howto  dress  interview  tour  student 
july 2017
9 ways to make bank with college scholarships
Solid advice & links for #college #financial planning & scholarships
college  finance  aid  scholarship  plan  16ccc  bullsi  family  parent  student  highschool 
july 2017
8 Things to Know When You Visit Colleges During the Summer
Excellent advice on the subtleties of #summer #college #visits
visit  16ccc  bullsi  summer  howto  advice  insight 
july 2017
Applying to College Guide: Junior Year – Niche Blog
Useful #college #planning guide for Jr year high school students/parents
plan  college  ws1  highschool  test  roadmap  scholarship  list  visit  bullsi 
july 2017
How To Get The Best College Visit - From Your Home (VIDEO) - College Shortcuts
College visit & exposé service claims to give backroom information [video interviews]
college  visit  16ccc  service  vendor  exposé  video  interviews  ecommerce  ws1  parent  student 
july 2017
College Planning | CollegeWeekLive Blog
The college planning trove of blog posts
college  plan  16ccc  reference  blog  ws1 
july 2017
How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visits | CollegeXpress
Substantial how-to guide for how to succeed on #college #visits
college  visit  16ccc  bullsi  howto  guide  student  ws1 
july 2017
Why College Is Not the Same as It Used to Be
Useful reflection for parents of college students [links]
parent  howto  advice  college  student  study  reference  16ccc  ws1  ws2 
july 2017
The ‘So What?’ Question | ChronicleVitae
Short guidance for making #college #essays compelling: Answer the "so what" question to get out of your own head
apply  bullsi  16ccc  ws1 
july 2017
Myspace Security Flaw Let Anyone Take Over Any Account Just By Knowing Their Birthday | WIRED
How #MySpace #breach enabled easy account
takeovers (check your acct, change pw)
myspace  breach  Q3  2017  hack  security  social  network 
july 2017
Blog | CollegeVine
More in-depth advice for planning college by mentoring service
advice  plan  college  highschool  16ccc  blog  reference  bullsi  ws1 
july 2017
(1) CollegeVine - Facebook
Near-peer mentoring service's Facebook Page
apply  help  mentor  facebook  ws1  highschool  college  advice  service  16ccc 
july 2017
Facebook Follows vs Facebook Likes: Which is Better?
Some nuances of profile–page relationships in #facebook
facebook  howto  profile  page  comparison  2015 
july 2017
Build Your Own College Rankings
Handy interactive #college #list building tool
college  list  tool  score  aid  16ccc  interactive  plan  ws1 
july 2017
Plan Ahead | The Common Application
Vital to add to your toolbox, but remember: you'll find nothing unique here, everyone else uses it, too
plan  bullsi  ws1  apply  tool  16ccc 
july 2017
College Planning Timelines for Students and Parents
Helpful checklists for each year of your school journey
plan  16ccc  bullsi  ws1  highschool  college  deadline 
july 2017
Interview with Campus Tour Guide
An experienced college tour guide shares advice and reflections for students, parents
college  tour  guide  interview  video  16ccc  ws1  parent  student  bullsi 
july 2017
10 Myths About College Admission Essays | JLV College Counseling
Short and fun: Do you know all these #college #essay myths?
apply  16ccc  ws1  howto  bullsi 
july 2017
Understanding the College Application Process when Applying to College
General reference for WS1 the college planning and application process
college  blog  reference  ws1  advice  howto  website  plan  apply  16ccc 
july 2017
Strivers – Strive for College
Free advice for students navigating the college application & funding process
16ccc  mentor  platform  nontrad  ws1  college 
july 2017
How to Choose & Apply to an Acting College Program | Backstage
Comprehensive guide to applying to #college #theatre (from people who know)
howto  visit  ws1  bullsi  theatre 
july 2017
Visit Us - Admissions & Financial Aid - Columbia College Chicago
Columbia's visit page: links to Tour, Open House, Visit, Counselor Appts, Sessions & Offcampus events
16ccc  tour  ws1  reference  visit  undergraduate  graduate 
july 2017
Is there any downside to doing first 2 of 4 years at a community college? : personalfinance
Long thread on student experiences with the community college route to a bachelor's
16ccc  bullsi  transfer  ws2  ws1  forum  discussion  community  college 
july 2017
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