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Myspace Security Flaw Let Anyone Take Over Any Account Just By Knowing Their Birthday | WIRED
How #MySpace #breach enabled easy account
takeovers (check your acct, change pw)
myspace  breach  Q3  2017  hack  security  social  network 
july 2017 by csrollyson
Is Myspace Destined to Fail (Again)? | LA Weekly
Long detailed reflection on #myspace relaunch; execs artists dreams + some business ideas
myspace  reflection  analysis  history  founder  artist  music  story  value  proposition  social  network  service  q2  2014  losangeles  media 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Myspace still not dead, but ads are in the driving seat
#Myspace parent harvests user data to target advertising - writer sees no social network rebirth
myspace  pointofview  data  user  music  harvest  advertising  social  network  offline  retail  q1  2015 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Fashion Brand Leverages MySpace Angle Selfie To Sell Cosmetics
French cosmetics line references #myspace selfie pose in Chinese campaign
myspace  example  campaign  china  cosmetics  q2  2014 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Is MySpace Making a Comeback? | SocialTimes
Speculating on #Myspace promise as #BigData & #advertising firm
myspace  Speculation  q1  2015  big  data  advertising  video  geny  social  network 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Friendster: The Trials and Errors of a Silicon Valley Visionary
Jonathan Abrams, founder of #Friendster, reflects on #social #networks, starting businesses & #siliconvalley
social  network  pioneer  siliconvalley  entrepreneur  failure  q1  2015  VCs.angels  first  mover  facebook  myspace  history  reflection  Platform 
march 2015 by csrollyson
WhatsApp is Different | Om Malik
MUSTread analysis of #mobile platform adoption & why Facebook bought Whatsapp [stats] #kudos
mobile  digital  broadband  adoption  global  user  statistics  analysis  facebook  whatsapp  twitter  yahoo  skype  instagram  snapchat  comparison  qq  google  youtube  linkedin  myspace  ebay  platform  CDO 
march 2014 by csrollyson
LEAKED: MySpace's Master Plan To Raise $50 Million And Relaunch As A Spotify Killer - Business Insider
Rare look into a $50MM pitch deck: for MySpace; check it out! #kudos (although they fail the limit ;^)
myspace  social  network  music  2012  leak  investor  presentation  q4  spotify  pandora  indie  online  advertising  exceptional  comeback  strategy 
november 2012 by csrollyson
Which social networks will be thriving in 2010? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
2007 predictions: general social networks will disappear & others will specialize
social  network  vision  2007  facebook  myspace  prediction  valueprop  adoption  website 
may 2012 by csrollyson
Social sites go political -
Great '07 story: Chris Hughes leaves Facebook to lead Obama social media; my BO case here: #fb
obama  politics  chris  hughes  linkedin  myspace  history  social  media  network  election  2008  pioneer  chicago  facebook  executive  2007 
march 2012 by csrollyson
socialMediaTL_05.png 2000×950 pixels
Decent infographic/timeline for socialtech's major brands; worth a look, esp on a wide screen! #li
social  media  network  infographic  history  timeline  milestone  brand  linkedin  facebook  myspace  twitter  livejournal  orkut  2snr  filetype:png  media:image 
july 2011 by csrollyson
State Of The Internet 2011
#Socialbusiness infographics in motion on social adoption; fun but some useful stats Thx @infosourcer #li
infographic  dashboard  statistics  q3  2011  2snr  twitter  facebook  linkedin  foursquare  myspace  history  adoption  social  business  media  network  Geosocial 
july 2011 by csrollyson
Rotaract Club (Rotaract Maui) on Myspace
Most matches for keywords are organizations with little engagement and few members
myspace  bullsi  12lc1  club  rotary  12gny  Service 
july 2011 by csrollyson
"Job loss under Bush vs. Obama" | Page 13 | Myspace Forums
Too many MySpace forum threads like this; there are exceptions but this is too often representative
myspace  bullsi  12lc1  12fam  forum 
july 2011 by csrollyson
"Where are the Groups? " | Myspace Forums
Users dealing with the confusion of major myspace redesign
myspace  upgrade  group  forum  2010  q4 
july 2011 by csrollyson
The Rich Irony of Myspace, Zynga and Owen Van Natta - Kara Swisher - News - AllThingsD
Gossipy post on MySpace/Zynga exec w exec expc at Facebook; Disagree w buying MySpace; waste of $$ #fb
executive  startup  social  network  platform  brand  2011  myspace  zynga  ipo  siliconvalley  2snr 
july 2011 by csrollyson
Twitter Passes Myspace to Become Third Most Trafficked Social Network
Major milestone: Twitter overtakes MySpace as 3rd most trafficked "social network" while Facebook sits comfortably in the #1 spot. Although Twitter and MySpace executives played down the news, the fact is that Twitter is evolving and being used by more mainstream users, thus winning in the attention game; its recent redesign accommodate people who don't tweet but use it as a real-time news network.
Twitter  MySpace  NotaBene  Milestone  Q3  2010  Comparison  Rank  Competition  2tw 
september 2010 by csrollyson
Computer Dorks | MySpace Groups
Calls itself computer dorks but some good discussions
myspace  group  11hlp  11smb  11hob  11grl  111cruc 
june 2010 by csrollyson
Computer Nerd Central | MySpace Groups
Calls itself the "advanced" tech nerd group
myspace  group  11tec  111cruc  11hob  11smb 
june 2010 by csrollyson
General purpose "computer dork" group but some good discussions
myspace  group  11smb  11hob  11tec  11hlp  discussion 
june 2010 by csrollyson
Discussion about cracking various types of wireless network security
myspace  group  wireless  security  attack  discussion  network  hack  crack  111cruc  11hob 
june 2010 by csrollyson
Why MySpace Can Still Win as a Music Destination
Good analysis of MySpace value proposition for musicians; compare w Facebook #fb
myspace  facebook  2fb  valueprop  comparison  competition  music  Social  Network 
may 2010 by csrollyson
10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics | @NowSourcing.Com
Very creative & useful graphical representation of social network adoption Thx @guykawasaki #fb #li
facebook  twitter  myspace  linkedin  Social  Network  history  statistics  map  graphic  2010  exceptional  Adoption  2fb  2tw  2li  2snr 
may 2010 by csrollyson
YouTubes Next Venture: Movie Rentals - TIME - StumbleUpon
Brief analysis of YouTube's imminent foray into streaming movie rental: big loser could be MySpace h/t @sebasmuriel
YouTube  Business  Model  Strategy  Analysis  MySpace  2snr  q1  2010  Platform 
january 2010 by csrollyson
Fascinating and heartfelt discussion abt old love rivalries
Love  Retaliation  discussion  Culture  Romance  Relationship  MySpace 
december 2009 by csrollyson
Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell
Passionate polemic re: gaming monetization practices: good examples of scams
Gaming  Facebook  Myspace  Virtual  Goods  PointofView  exposé  Social  Network  Casestudy  2snr 
november 2009 by csrollyson
Social Networking Watch: MySpace Helps News Corp Lose $363 Million
Murdock is cluess and desperate, reining over a 20th century empire
2csrollyson  myspace  publishing  2009 
august 2009 by csrollyson
Social media: How Twitter, Facebook, and others are - surprise! - strengthening friendships - The Boston Globe
Stories stating the obvious nicely.. online social networks strengthen face to face h/t @michelletrent
Facebook  MySpace  Twitter  Relationship  Social  Network  Culture 
june 2009 by csrollyson
MySpace: Going Places
MySpace sounds like a media property
MySpace  Strategy  Advertising  2008 
may 2009 by csrollyson
Chinese Social Networks ‘Virtually’ Out-Earn Facebook And MySpace: A Market Analysis
Social networks' growth in China.. and global brands like Facebook have a hard time penetrating
Social  Network  China  2009  Adoption  Facebook  MySpace 
april 2009 by csrollyson
Can MySpace Make a Comeback?
Good outline of some of the issues facing MySpace
MySpace  Facebook  Strategy  Executive  2fb 
april 2009 by csrollyson
MySpace Welcomes Me Back; What Is MySpace?
Valuable point of view and comparison of MySpace and Facebook h/t Mashable!
Facebook  MySpace  Rating  Comparison  Vision  PointofView  Social  Network  B2C  exceptional 
april 2009 by csrollyson
Facebook | Facebook Takes a Dive: Why Social Networks Are Bad Businesses - TIME
Article from a print publication that's becoming less relevant by the day.. disruptive innovation follows a different path.. remember, didn't make money *for years* but it changed retail forever.. disruptive innovations don't behave as "conventional wisdom" thinks they should, which this article epitomizes.
Social  Network  PointofView  Publishing  MySpace  Facebook 
april 2009 by csrollyson
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