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Interesting: another Apple-Is-Doomed post. But if TimCook runs Apple to a market leader rev model (unlike SteveJobs profit focus) Ap more vulnerable. @sochanapp readers know how to use #experiential to win foreign markets
apple  china  samsung  native  competition  2sochap  ecosystem  culture  community  Q3  2015  analysis  analyst  smartphone  accessory  iot  appliance  iphone  revenue  timcook  stevejobs  strategy 
august 2015 by csrollyson
MUSTsee=>#Cycling design genius: this seat has an integrated lock, secures seat & bike in seconds
cycling  lock  security  innovation  q3  2014  kickstarter  product  accessory  urban 
september 2014 by csrollyson
Stick it to the Mac! Best decals for your MacBook - InfoWorld
Fun design decals for MacBook do fun things w the Apple: I have a pristine 13in Air & would never use a sticker, but sm of these are tempting! ;^) #fb
apple  macbook  art  Accessory  fun  humor  list  ecommerce  2csrollyson  design 
march 2013 by csrollyson
products MATT & NAT
Leather-free computer bags and handbags made from vegan materials; awesome designs
apple  vegan  accessory  computer  macbook  green  canada  ecommerce  design 
march 2012 by csrollyson
iFusion Smartphone for your Home
Could be interesting 4 sm use cases, but overall looks expensive way to return to history (unnecessary & costly)
iphone  accessory  desk  telephone  dock  office  legacy  tool 
october 2011 by csrollyson
15 Creative USB Drives for Storing Your Data in Style
Some really creative USB drives double as fashion: some blah, others intriguing! #fb
Gadget  Design  Humor  2csrollyson  USB  Storage  Accessory 
october 2010 by csrollyson
Etsy Labs Archive: Long Overdue Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial
How to turn plastic shopping bags into useful things Thx melanie_adcock
Craft  plastic  bag  accessory  hobby  green  2csrollyson 
september 2010 by csrollyson
Artisans in Miniature
Sells handcrafted objets d'art to doll collectors; beautiful pieces
13col  13hob  doll  house  accessory  global  13trjx  Bullsi  ecommerce  artisan  jx  88srsp 
august 2010 by csrollyson
Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone - Apple Store (U.S.)
Looks awesome for sm use-cases: uses acoustics, not power, to amplify sound from iPhone speaker; real speakerphone
iPhone  Accessory  Speaker  Tool 
july 2010 by csrollyson

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