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Icebound: The climate-change secrets of 19th century ship’s logs
Superb story of volunteers transcribing old ship logs for weather data and observations offering new data on climate change
arctic  ocean  history  ship  journal  log  volunteer  climate  change  data  record  exceptional 
10 weeks ago by csrollyson
Chicago's cold blast spells concern for the city's homeless - Reuters
did you know? Arctic cold is a bother for many, but critical for others: “16,000 people sleep each night on the #Chicago streets and shelters” #homeless
chicago  Statistics  homeless  arctic  weather  culture  mental  illness 
november 2019 by csrollyson
All Can Be Lost: The Risk of Putting Our Knowledge in the Hands of Machines - Nicholas Carr - The Atlantic
MUSTread: How advanced software automation in flying, surgery & driving makes humans dependent and inept; learning atrophy #fb Thx @jhagel
man  machine  computer  automation  q4  2013  reflection  pointofview  exceptional  brain  learning  example  airline  hunter  arctic  driving  medicine  surgery  software  history  2csra 
november 2013 by csrollyson
Arctic Business Travel: And You Thought Your Workplace Was Rough | Slow Travel
Personal account of time in the Arctic, working with natural gas installation; salty comments
arctic  survival  gas  story  death  bear  global  warming 
august 2010 by csrollyson

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