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Distribution Transparency: Four Filmmakers Reveal Their Distribution Numbers, Part One | Filmmaker Magazine
Very useful! 2 #documentary #filmmaker #casestudy featuring #DIY #distribution w the revenue numbers/channel - both feature developing audience w #socialmedia ^cr
independent  documentary  film  DIY  distribution  casestudy  example  Statistics  revenue  channel  beauty  actor  museum  social  media  email  audience  development  VOD  TV  SVOD  merchandise  blog  community  DVD  edition  women  theater  booker  screening  alternative  exceptional  bullsi  19eyz 
april 2019 by csrollyson
Dove sorry for racially insensitive Facebook ad
Suggests a pattern of bias against women of color @dove
race  color  snafu  trust  attitude  women  Q4  2017  beauty  cosmetics  soap  advertising 
october 2017 by csrollyson
This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Switch Or Stop Using Cosmetic Products | Collective-Evolution
Surprise! #cosmetics & #personal #care products are loaded w #chemicals, can harm w body functions #teen #girls
cosmetic  beauty  chemical  health  study  highschool  student  perfume  hormone  soap  sunscreen  shampoo  hair  skin  girl  women  2csrollyson  2ghcj 
april 2016 by csrollyson
There’s Plastic on Your Face… and it’s Washing Down the Drain | Whole Foods Market
How plastic #microbeads in facial cleansers end up in rivers & oceans where they absorb chemicals and poison fish and food supply
beauty  pollution  water  river  ocean  pesticide  2014  facial  cleanser  product  environment  green 
july 2014 by csrollyson
The Beautiful City : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
INTERESTING riff on cities as vibrant places of paradox [the more paradoxes, the more vibrant] Thx @jhagel #fb
city  insight  reflection  history  philosophy  pattern  chaos  design  beauty  architecture  community  mall  urbanism  paradox  retail  socialism  plan  social  network  bond  housing  project  2csrollyson 
july 2013 by csrollyson
Why Shampoos Are a Waste of Money | How Life Works
The first half of the post is right on but conclusion misses the true revolution: no product at all!
hair  shampoo  beauty  product  debunk  sales  primal  paleo  cpg 
april 2013 by csrollyson
Aroma Workshop
Example of mass customization/services supplanting mass production
mass  customization  knowledge  economy  example  beauty  cosmetics  empowerment  social  channel  2csra 
march 2013 by csrollyson
Stunning Black and White Photos (With A Touch Of Color) | Bit Rebels
Fantastic in 2 ways: beautiful photo art (spot color) AND note Susan created a post w others' art ht @guykawasaki
Photo_galleries  Artistic  Exceptional  Beauty  casestudy 
january 2010 by csrollyson

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