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Europe's imperial court is a threat to all our democracies - Telegraph
MUSTread landmark case on legal struggle b/t Eur.Court.Justice & #sovereignty of Europe nation states #Germany
europe  eu  integration  conflict  q1  2015  legal  court  germany  sovereignty  national  global  government  2ghcj 
january 2015 by csrollyson
Moscow accuses U.S. of fomenting Ukraine coup; recordings leaked | Article | Top News |
UGLY USA-Russia rivalry over Ukraine: Russia YouTubes embarrassing US official bugged phone convo
ukraine  russia  usa  bug  telephone  ambassador  crisis  putin  eu  europe  Q1  2014  youtube  tape  2ghcj  Platform 
february 2014 by csrollyson
EU threatens action against France over Roma| Reuters
As EU government grows stronger, it will have more conflicts with member states
France  EU  Government  Politics  Conflict  Roma  Deportation  2010  Q3  Legal  2ghcj 
september 2010 by csrollyson
EU bid to upgrade U.N. status hits road-block| Reuters
Interesting politics at UN: EU tries to upgrade its UN status afforded by Lisbon Treaty - temporarily blocked
eu  United.Nations  2010  relationship  2ghcj 
september 2010 by csrollyson

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