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He Walked by Night - Wikipedia
Superb crime noir about an ingenious murderer and criminal who always seems one step ahead of the LAPD. They later discover he was a radio operator and listened to their communications
noir  1948  losangeles  police  robbery  storm  drain  radio  technology  army  gadget 
november 2019 by csrollyson
Tight Budgets Don't Mean Millennials Won't Pony Up For iPhones And Chipotle - Forbes
Millennials' bifurcated spending, downgrades here, upgrades there; stats on critical USA demographic #fb
geny  millennial  generation  genx  research  q4  2013  spend  apparel  food  hightech  gadget  mobile  status  parents  brand  bifurcation  market  budget  2ghcj  culture  economy  employment  parent  luxury  2csra 
october 2013 by csrollyson
A Most Peculiar Test Drive | Blog | Tesla Motors
What a story! Tesla accuses NYT journalist of fabrication, shows EV logs (The Dangers of (alleged) lying; hightech devices have data) #fb
electric  vehicle  debunk  tesla  journalism  log  data  lie  gadget  hightech  q1  2013  2csrollyson  ev 
february 2013 by csrollyson
Xmas special: The best wacky gadgets of 2012 - InfoWorld
USEFUL FUN: smartphone software & hardware: diagnose yr car's warning lights & play laser tag #fb
gadget  mobile  game  automotive  application  smartphone  software  hardware  tool  2csrollyson  2csra 
december 2012 by csrollyson
Usability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Excellent abstracted reference on usability applies to Web, human-made objects & services
exceptional  usability  reference  web  gadget  product  service 
august 2012 by csrollyson
New Product Feature Idea Wishlist - CNET Samsung Forums
Good engagement; people very engaged around sensory-assisted devices
12dea  12lc1  gadget  hearing  aid  forum  discussion  bullsi 
june 2011 by csrollyson
Hearing Loss Association of America
No forum or blog; but strong advocate for hearing aids, partner
12lc1  12dea  association  advocate  gadget 
june 2011 by csrollyson
All Household Appliances Should Be Made By Apple
Plaintive cry to eradicate obtuse design of consumer electronics; rings so true #fb
Consumer  electronics  Gadget  Design  Apple  Microwave  Gift  Complexity  Humor  2snr 
december 2010 by csrollyson
15 Creative USB Drives for Storing Your Data in Style
Some really creative USB drives double as fashion: some blah, others intriguing! #fb
Gadget  Design  Humor  2csrollyson  USB  Storage  Accessory 
october 2010 by csrollyson
Ashvala's Website
referred by Guy Kawasaki
gadget  India  apple 
may 2008 by csrollyson

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