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The Human Body Is Built for Distance - The New York Times
Interesting research points to long distance running was key to human evolution
running  physiology  human  hunting  animal  evolution  biology  psychology  heat  sweat  company  chimpanzee  ape  foot  body 
october 2019 by csrollyson
5 Easy Hacks to Save Energy (and $$$) in Your Apartment The Apartment List Blog
How many do you know? Easy tips for cutting your energy bill in your apartment
2rbctw  apartment  energy  heat  air  conditioning  economy  tips  14rbc 
july 2014 by csrollyson
Paris metro body heat to help warm building
Creative & practical green in Paris: metro riders to warm apt bldg Thx @gc&cie #fb
environment  green  Paris  metro  transit  innovation  body  heat  2010  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
september 2010 by csrollyson

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