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Hey, Alexa, What Can You Hear? And What Will You Do With It? - The New York Times
#GoogleNow @Amazon #Alexa patent applications reveal surveillance-quality hardware & software capabilities; They already record more than they say
privacy  surveillance  google  amazon  facebook  alexa  echo  advertising  Q1  2018  patent  application  smart  speaker  murder  trial  evidence 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Allstate wants to spy on its auto insurance clients, patent reveals
The slow boil to big brother: Allstate to snoop on drivers, passengers, other cars and pedestrians #IoT #automotive #surveillance
insurance  IoT  surveillance  cost  patent  q3  2015  Automobile  firm  customer  experience  risk  camera  smartphone  discussion  2ghcj 
september 2015 by csrollyson
Trolling Effects site aims to fight patent trolls with crowdsourcing | Intellectual property - InfoWorld
New repository for patents trolls' demand letters enables crowdsourcing and collaboration to expose trolls
patent  intellectual  property  crowdsourcing  q3  2013  troll  reform  advocacy  tool  collaboration  hightech 
august 2013 by csrollyson
Apple's War on Android - Businessweek
Making sense of legal stuggle: detailed analysis of iOS/Android competition & their value chains #apple #google
google  apple  android  ios  competition  legal  analysis  iphone  samsung  california  lawsuit  motorola  microsoft  mobile  ipad  tablet  HTC  patent  innovation  design  engineering 
march 2012 by csrollyson
Exclusive: Apple vs. Samsung ruling divulges secret details
Analysis of court mistake/leak of patent information during Apple/Samsung lawsuit
apple  Samsung  lawsuit  Q4  2011  leak  court  california  patent  ipad  iphone  tablet  smartphone  legal  Competition  market 
december 2011 by csrollyson
Analysis: China
As predicted, China joining innovation game: game-changer
china  innovation  patent  legal  global  telecoms  2ghcj  2csrollyson  q3  2011 
august 2011 by csrollyson
Apple outlines unified iOS social sharing in a patent application | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
TANTALIZING Apple iOS5 sockets for social networks suggest scalable native info sharing support Thx @benphoster #fb
ios5  lion  macosx  patent  news  social  network  apple  analysis  2snr 
july 2011 by csrollyson
Bob Brill patent IP lawyer
Excellent straight-ahead patent information from Chicago attorney Bob Brill
Patent  law  Guide  Firm 
april 2008 by csrollyson

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