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As Trump attacks U.S. law enforcement, another top official quits
Jumping ship: they’re prolly better off without her, when the going gets tough you need committed people
justice  department  government  quit  executive  trump  Q1  2018  russia  investigation 
february 2018 by csrollyson
Want to quit your job? New app does it for you via text message | Article | Technology |
SAD: These apps quit your job & love relationships via text msg; no way to conduct relationship #fail #fb
job  relationship  quit  mobile  application  search  romance  Q1  2014  2csrollyson  trust  integrity  2sbs  2cdo  2csra 
january 2014 by csrollyson
What to Do When a Staff Member Quits - iPlace Connect Team
USEFUL how-to post on managing employee transitions when people quit #human #resources #recruiting
management  HR  human  resources  employer  employee  quit  howto  culture  work  organization  security  recruiting  2csrollyson  2sbs 
july 2013 by csrollyson

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