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What's the Temperature of Outer Space?
It all depends on whether you're near a heat source; "background" temp -455'F
space  sun  star  temperature  planet  astronomy 
january 2017 by csrollyson
How to make a living on Vine - Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Interview w #Vine superstar Juan Pablo Zurita + film of his vines which have zany view into the everyday #kudos
vine  example  star  mexico  reference  interview  q4  2014  twitter  facebook  Platform 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Chronicles of chronology: The power of seven | The Economist
Brief history of the "7 days of the week" & how "the week" progressed thru civilizations #fb
history  culture  religion  calendar  time  week  day  year  star  god  2csrollyson 
december 2012 by csrollyson

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