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Le Piano | Listening room & small bites
New listening room on Glenwood features piano jazz & cuisine française
restaurant  french  Rogerspark  2019  q1  website  music  jazz  wine  live 
january 2019 by csrollyson
Why are wines served at different temperatures? | Questions | Naked Scientists
Interesting chemistry references that explain the rationale of serving temperatures of various white and red wines
wine  chemistry  temperature  reference  white  red  howto  server 
january 2019 by csrollyson
Why we shouldn't like coffee, but we do: Weirdly, people with a higher sensitivity to bitter caffeine taste drink more coffee -- ScienceDaily
Hypothesizing as to why people sensitive to bitter taste should not like caffeine but oft do: they learn to associate caffeine’s bitter taste with energy
research  coffee  tea  wine  caffeine  taste  genetics  uk  behavior  modification  reinforcement  food  drink 
november 2018 by csrollyson
Is Gluten Sensitivity All in Your Head? | Mark's Daily Apple
Interpreting new #gluten r#esearch, applying to neo #paleo lifestyle #kudos
gluten  diet  study  primal  paleo  health  Q3  2016  analysis  research  workout  exercise  wine  beer  2csrollyson  2execguide 
august 2016 by csrollyson
How to Master the 4 Big Social-Media Platforms |
Excellent short examples for using #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram & #Pinterest in distinctive ways + examples Kudos @garyvee
howto  example  pinterest  twitter  facebook  instagram  comparison  wine  image  copy  Platform 
march 2015 by csrollyson
The Chemistry of Champagne | Compound Interest
Great chemical facts about Champagne + links to more! Thx @illinoisscience
champagne  science  chemistry  2014  food  cuisine  wine  reference 
january 2015 by csrollyson
Think You Drink a Lot? Not Compared to the Top 10 Percent
The Power Law in action: Surprising facts abt USA alcohol consumption #kudos
beer  wine  alcohol  study  usa  Statistics  q4  2014  analysis  longtail  culture  customer  market 
november 2014 by csrollyson
The Lockwood Restaurant - Chicago, IL | Yelp
Great account of restaurant turing around customer experience
review  deal  tasting  wine  pairing  fine  dining  romance  cnoc  bullsi  restaurant  cdlc 
april 2014 by csrollyson
Wine Nutrition Facts | Wine Folly
Layman's guide to wine; numerous links to "health benefits" & other metrics #fb
wine  health  infographic  guide  howto  reference  2csrollyson 
march 2013 by csrollyson
SVB on Wine
One of the most unique combos: SVB Wine - but also most popular
Financialservices  wine  blog  california  siliconvalley 
november 2012 by csrollyson
Wine and Food Pairing Chart | Wine Folly
noto or mobile friendly; will check out later
wine  food  tool  howto 
september 2012 by csrollyson
Les vraies cartes de la France -
PRICELESS satire of "France seen by [tourists, various nationalities] & French regions" Thx @alison.freebairn #fb
france  culture  tourist  humor  satire  français  francophone  exceptional  map  uk  usa  germany  china  japan  province  wine  fashion 
january 2012 by csrollyson
Pinboard - Save a Bookmark
Fort un peu "paysan," merveilleux avec agneau, bœuf un peu sauvage, sanglier, etc. on a eu le 2006 (Noël 2001)
wine  Provence  orange  2006 
december 2011 by csrollyson
Amazing Wine Labels: 30 Creative and Unique Wine Label Designs
Fusion/design/art: wine labels & packaging that will blow your mind Thx @frankgruber! #fb
design  wine  packaging  art  exceptional  fusion  label  bottle 
august 2011 by csrollyson

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