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OGarden Smart: Grow An Indoor Garden of 90 Fruits & Veggies
The perfect indoor gardening system - grows up to 90 fruits and veggies. Quick and easy, fully automatic and beautifully designed. OGarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and veggies at once, so you can enjoy an abundance of super fresh food. Automatic watering makes using OGarden Smart virtually effortless, and the automatic low energy consumption LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight, offering optimal year round growth.
ogarden  kickstarter  gardening  sustainable  agriculture  urban 
3 hours ago
Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher
Goal: an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools.

With Hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.
photography  opensource  panorama  crossplatform 
5 hours ago
Frontline Education | School Administration Software for K-12
School administration software AND the KOGETO LUCY 3D camera system
education  frontline  themakerbarn  makerbarn 
5 hours ago
In the plains of remote eastern Alaska lies H.A.A.R.P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), an Ionoshphere research facility built in the early 1990s through joint effort from U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), and D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). In 2015, the site for fully handed over to UAF. This video was filmed as part of SKYGLOW (, an ongoing crowdfunded quest to explore the effects and dangers of urban light pollution in contrast with some of the most incredible dark sky areas in North America. This project is being produced in collaboration with International Dark-Sky Association (, a non-profit fighting for the preservation of night skies around the globe.
art  astronomy  skyglowprojection 
6 hours ago
Ocutrx Vision Technology
Ocutrx is a California smart-up start-up which is developing the best-of-the-best AR headset and AR ecosystem. “AR Glasses for the Masses” ™ is one of the Ocutrx mottos. The Oculenz is the platform which will take the AR industry by storm.

A true ecosystem platform, the Oculenz™ ARwear™ Glasses are a connected-network device which pairs with your existing devices, like your smart-phone, tablet or laptop and permits you to migrate your existing Apps to your Oculenz for Cell calls, Streaming Video Content and Gaming. It provides a dynamic developer platform for a truly “open system” which can be adopted in a multitude of settings, such as Cellular-Connect, Medical, Gaming, Industrial, Commercial, Consumer, and Drones. The headset and lenses are very lightweight, less than 200 grams, and the headset boasts a 110-degree FOV with 2.5K resolution, with 2 HD cameras, 5 camera/sensors and includes noise-cancelling microphones and stereo sound options.
ocutrx  augmentedreality  vision  medical  glasses  headset 
Mac OS X System Startup
This page briefly describes the sequence of events that happen when Mac OS X boots. Some details of the boot process from power-on until the kernel is up and running are covered in Booting Mac OS X ( ) and XNU: The Kernel ( ).
macosx  sysadmin  boot 
MAC OSX BOOT sequence ( launchd ) -
Documentation and screenshots of the OSX startup sequence including the launchd daemon.
macosx  boot  sysadmin  launchd 
A collection of OSX and iOS security resources
A GITHUB collection of OSX and iOS security resources : News; Hardening; Malware sample sources; Presentations and Papers; Virus and exploit writeups; and Useful tools and guides
github  macosx  mac  security  ios 
Brixels™ by BREAKFAST: The world’s first customizable kinetic facade.
Brixels are infinitely rotating, variable-size bricks that are controlled by proprietary software and can act as pixels in large-scale and customizable artworks, building facades, and a range of other applications. They can also display a range of digital content, as well as respond to the movements of passers-by. The bricks themselves are customizable in size, shape, material, and color, making each installation unique.
art  bricks  brixels 
What Happens When You Cross A Brick With a Pixel? | Hackaday
However, Breakfast have been working on something that turns architectural features into a display at the same time. Enter Brixels.

The name is a portmanteau of brick and pixel, indicating that each individual brick can be independently addressed as a visual element. A Brixel installation consists of a series of columns, stacked with Brixel elements. Each individual brick on the column contains a stepper motor which can set the rotational position of the brick. The outer appearance of the individual bricks is highly customizable, as the motor hardware is integrated into the column itself.
hackaday  art  brixel  breakfast  mirror  architecture 
A Studio in the Woods: artist retreat in New Orleans
Infused with art, love and a profound respect for nature, A Studio in the Woods has grown with the forest as organically as it grew into a nonprofit artist retreat and learning center, built sustainably with salvaged materials long before green building became fashionable.
art  artist  neworleans  retreat  resort 
MicroWebSrv: python-based http web server for resource-constrained processors
A micro HTTP Web server that supports WebSockets, html/python language templating and routing handlers, for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32)
python  micropython  webserver  embedded  esp32  esp8266  github 
MicroWebSrv : micro HTTP Web server
MicroWebSrv is a micro HTTP Web server that supports WebSockets, html/python language templating and routing handlers, for MicroPython (principally used on ESP32 and Pycom modules)
MicroWebSrv  embedded  rest  esp32  esp8266 
Spark | Monotype: A font engine optimized for resource constrained environments.
Low memory scalable type. Now on the smallest displays. The Monotype Spark™ solution is designed for devices with small memory size, low CPU speed—or devices that just want memory freed up for other exciting features. Lower memory doesn’t have to mean low-quality, bitmap type. Spark helps smart watches, wearables, medical devices and automotive dashboards display a wider range of text without bloating the memory footprint.
font  display  embedded  arduino  fonts 
Moddable Display Examples
This page contains videos showing the Moddable SDK display animations on a variety of different displays. The applications are written in JavaScript using the Piu user interface framework with graphics rendered by Poco. Piu, Poco, and the display drivers work together to deliver high quality, optimized rendering on low-cost microcontrollers.
moddable  displays  examples  embedded  javascript 
Commodetto : UI graphics library for resource-constrained microcontrollers
a graphics library designed to bring modern user interface rendering to devices powered by a resource-constrained microcontroller. For many applications, Commodetto needs only a few kilobytes of RAM, including the assets for rendering the user interface.

This document provides a high-level overview of the parts of Commodetto, information about asset format requirements for assets included in Commodetto applications, and details on the objects that define the Commodetto JavaScript API.
graphics  javascript  display  iot  internetofthings  embedded  arduino  moddable 
Building an Apple Media Service Client with the Moddable SDK - Moddable Tech, Inc.
iOS devices from Apple provide BLE services for accessories to enhance user experience and interactions. The Apple Media Service (AMS) allows accessories to interact with the iOS media player. We thought it would be fun to build an ESP32 color touch screen interactive media player accessory to control the iPhone media player. We built it all in JavaScript using the Moddable SDK. This blog post describes the application architecture and challenges we faced building the BLE accessory on a constrained microcontroller device. You will learn how we used BLE, HTTPS, JSON, JPEG, and our Commodetto graphics library to implement the app.
moddable  javascript  embedded  esp32  esp8266  arduino 
Scripts & Things Recap: 12/5/2018 - Moddable Tech, Inc.
This Wednesday, we wrapped up year one of Scripts & Things, our meetup on JavaScript development for the microcontrollers and embedded systems that make up the Internet of Things. We concluded 2018 with lively discussions before, during, and after a series of demos including Lights API, Lellan SmartTile, mDNS
meetup  scriptsandthings  iot  internetofthings  javascript  moddable 
Moddable: Javascript for IOT
Tools to create open IoT products using standard JavaScript on low cost microcontrollers.
iot  internetofthings  javascript  embedded  moddable  esp8266  expressif  esp32  arduino 
6 of the best places to donate your things
When you are going through the tedious task of cleaning out your closets, it’s always nice to know that you can box up all of the items you no longer use and donate them to charity to help those in need. Ultimately, what matters is that your donated goods are actually used for charity. Here are some of the best places to donate your used items. Just remember to contact them first or research their websites to find out the specifics about what they do and do not accept.
reuse  donation  recycling 
Pi Zero USB Stem - KIT-14526 - SparkFun Electronics
The Pi Zero USB Stem is a PCB kit that turns a Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB dongle. Once the Stem is installed, your Raspberry Pi can be plugged directly into a computer or USB hub without any additional cables or power supplies. The Raspberry Pi then acts as a USB device using its own Linux kernel gadget drivers to get started.
sparkfun  usb  hat 
Wireless Interface Hat (with -
Use this magical chirping hat to send coded audio messages to your devices – with a single touch!
chrip  audio  wireless  data  networking 
Chirp | Send data with sound
Chirp is a wireless communication technology for exchanging data between nearby devices via sound.

It uses any existing speaker or microphone, and is configurable to use audible or inaudible near-ultrasonic frequencies.

Chirp is designed for simplicity, eliminating connectivity headaches and simplifying everyday tasks like connecting to Wi-Fi networks, sharing contact details, and making peer-to-peer payments. It's trusted by companies and developers across the world, from nuclear power stations to children's toys.
audio  sound  communication  wireless  chirp  crossplatform 
2D printing on a 3D printer - Free and easy guide - YouTube
Remco, one of my patrons, shared this great project: using your 3D printer to plot 2D pictures. I liked it enough to make a how to video. This guide will take you through my failures and successes so you can pick up all of the tips you need to 2D print smoothly. The cornerstone of this technique is Inkscape and two extensions/plugins. Inkscape is a free vector based graphics program. Remco’s tremendous guide made it easy for me to get up and running and hopefully for you too.
youtube  video  3dprinter  plotting 
2 days ago
Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer
Etherscan is a Block Explorer, Search, API and Analytics Platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform.
tools  blockchain  ethereum  saas 
2 days ago
Building A Simple Python API for Internet of Things Gadgets | Hackaday
my first option has always been to use IoT frameworks like Thingsboard or Ubidots to receive and display data. They have the advantage of being easy to use, and have rich features. They can even react to data and send instruction back to devices. In the latter case, I usually find myself using an application programming interface (API) – some service open on the Internet that my device can easily request data from, for example the weather, blockchain transactions, or new email notifications.
hackaday  python  iot  internetofthings  cloud 
2 days ago
ThingsBoard - Open-source IoT Platform
ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP and supports both cloud and on-premises deployments. ThingsBoard combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so you will never lose your data.
iot  internetofthings  dashboard  opensource  cloud  crossplatform  platform  paas 
2 days ago
WebCollect: Club membership management and online payment software
WebCollect provides online membership management software for clubs, societies and associations. Upload your spreadsheet list of members. Set up subscriptions for family, group or corporate memberships, junior subscriptions with parental consent forms. You can set up annual subscriptions that all end on the same fixed date each year with pro-rata subscriptions for new members who join during the year.
membership  management  online  payment  saas 
2 days ago
The Guild of Makers
The Guild of Makers is a membership organisation. It exists to encourage Makers to support, encourage and help each other. Definition of a Maker for the purposes of this Guild: “A practical person who takes pride in creating physical items using their imagination and skills.”
makers  guild  organization 
2 days ago
Stemoscope, Listen to the Sound of Life by Shawyueh Lin — Kickstarter
We made Stemoscope, an advanced wireless stethoscope that is small, compact, affordable and easy enough for anyone to use. It has a feature-rich App that lets you feel, share and explore the sounds of life.
kickstarter  stemoscope  medical  mobile 
2 days ago
Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor
Announcing the renaissance of this long standing Houston landmark, our community has undergone a substantial expansion and renovation to become Houston’s Premier senior living community – newly renamed Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor.

Our plan included a 14-story high-rise with magnificent views of the Houston skyline, 84 new apartment residences, 25 spacious assisted living residences, 8 private memory care residences, state-of-the-art wellness and fitness amenities, exciting dining venues and a new 180-seat performance and event center. Our campus has been renovated and refreshed, adding new amenities that provide our residents with an enriching and vibrant retirement lifestyle.
houston  senior  living  assistedliving 
2 days ago
Urban Organics Wants to Fix Food | Outside Online
Inside a repurposed Twin Cities brewery, a massive aquaponics operation is ready to provide a locavore's dream: fresh produce and fish, raised indoors every month of the year
food  agriculture  urban  organics  aquaponics 
2 days ago
Nova high-performance 3D printer hotend from $89 - Geeky Gadgets
3D Passion has created a new high-performance 3D printer hotend specifically created to help speed up your prints offering speeds of up to 300mm/s and is compatible with a wide range of 3D printers currently available on the market.
nova  3dprinting  hardware  hotend  3dprinters 
2 days ago
Use Telegram on your Arduino (ESP8266 or Wifi-101 boards)
This library provides an interface for Telegram Bot API. The full Telegram Bot API documentation can be read here. If there is a feature you would like added to the library please either raise a Github issue or please feel free to raise a Pull Request.
esp8266  arduino  telegram  mqtt  security  encryption  wireless  api  github 
2 days ago
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication | NHTSA
Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication’s ability to wirelessly exchange information about the speed and position of surrounding vehicles shows great promise in helping to avoid crashes, ease traffic congestion, and improve the environment. But the greatest benefits can only be achieved when all vehicles can communicate with each other.
automotive  mobile  wireless  v2v  m2m  networking  standards 
2 days ago
Talking Telegram with the ESP8266 | Hackaday
Thanks to the software library that [Brian] has developed to connect his projects to Telegram, the aptly named “Universal Telegram Bot Library”, anyone can easily follow in his footsteps. Adding his Telegram library to your next ESP8266 project is as easy as selecting it in the Arduino IDE.
hackaday  esp8266  telegram  homeautomation  security  encryption  mqtt 
2 days ago
Litho fiinger-worn controller
an innovative finger-worn device that provides control over various “spatial interactions” and should find applications ranging from AR and VR to the smart home and the control of other IoT devices. The Litho device itself is described as an unobtrusive finger-worn controller that connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone or AR headset. The controller has a capacitive touch surface on the underside, which allows for precise 2D input, scrolling and tapping. But, more significantly, it also has an array of motion sensors and provides haptic feedback.
augmentedreality  touch  haptics  motion  sensor  wearable  medical 
2 days ago
Demos for Generic Sensor API in the Generic Sensor API playground
The Generic Sensor API is a set of interfaces which expose sensor devices to the web platform. The API consists of the base Sensor interface and a set of concrete sensor classes built on top, such as Accelerometer, LinearAccelerationSensor, Gyroscope, AbsoluteOrientationSensor and RelativeOrientationSensor
javascript  webxr  browserbased  sensors  genericsensor  api 
2 days ago
73 Blockchain Social Good Organizations That Are Actually Doing Something
At BREAKERMAG, we waded through numerous nonprofits, for profits, startups, and established institutions to look for organizations that are using blockchain technology with deeply positive intentions. Among the many futuristic promo videos and do-gooder buzzwords, we found startups with smart, practical plans of action that happen to include distributed ledgers and state-independent currencies—not because those terms make bitcoin billionaire investors wiggle their ears, but because the technologies bolster the organizations’ goals.
blockchain  socialsoftware  social  apps 
2 days ago
Repository for the WebXR Device API Specification
The WebXR device API is for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays on the Web. Main specification for JavaScript API for accessing VR and AR devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays.
webxr  virtualreality  augmentedreality  ar  vr  standard  github 
2 days ago
Immersive Web at W3C
GITHUB collection for the Immersive Web Group within the international W3C organization. Standards live here!
w3c  standards  webxr  virtualreality  augmentedreality  ar  vr  github 
2 days ago APIs for centralized private key management ...
APIs for centralized private key management, transaction signing, and multi-factor authentication. Use the ChainFront Cloud Service RESTful API to solve the security, user adoption, and software development issues stemming from on-device crypto wallets. Our API is now live - click on the developers link above to register and get started!
security  wallet  cybercurrency  blockchain  api 
2 days ago
ChainFront API enables support for Ripple (XRP) and Ether (ETH)
Blockchain wallets allow-end users to store private keys and execute transactions. However, if a user loses their on-device wallet (on a mobile device, or browser) via a hack, theft, loss of the device, or an upgrade, and they fail to back up their private keys, their ability to execute transactions and access their cryptocurrency is gone forever. With ChainFront, backing up keys and needing to keep track of an on-device wallet is completely removed from the equation and developers can create secure, simple user experiences. Private keys are created within the secure area and never transmitted elsewhere.
blockchain  api  saas  cybercurrency  security  backup  article 
2 days ago
The JAMstack in 2019: Why (and How) to Get Started - Snipcart
The JAMstack isn’t a specific set of tools, but a new, modern way of building websites & apps.
jamstack  javascript  api  static  webdevelopment  tutorial  markup 
2 days ago
What is JAMstack?
JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup. "A modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup"
jamstack  static  webdevelopment  html  javascript  api  markup 
2 days ago
A Non-Toxic Thermoelectric Generator for Wearable Tech - IEEE Spectrum
A new way to harvest electricity from body heat could inspire new wearable devices that never need to be plugged in. The millivolts of electricity this thermoelectric technology produces mandates slim power usage from any electronics plugged in to its feed. The new, wearable thermoelectric generator is also sourced from non-toxic and non-allergenic substances, making it a viable candidate for wearable technology. In fact, says Trisha Andrew, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the substrate on which the generator is built is plain old cotton fabric.
ieee  harvesting  energy  wearables  energyharvesting  wearable  power 
3 days ago
Getting Started with Thonny MicroPython (Python) IDE for ESP32 and ESP8266
If you want to program your ESP32 and ESP8266 with MicroPython firmware, it’s very handy to use an IDE. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to Thonny IDE. After completing this guide, you’ll have your first LED blinking using MicroPython and Thonny IDE.
esp32  esp8266  thonny  ide  tutorial  randomnerd 
3 days ago
MicroPython: WS2812B Addressable RGB LEDs with ESP32 and ESP8266 | Random Nerd Tutorials
This tutorial shows how to control WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs (neopixels) with the ESP32 and ESP8266 using MicroPython.
python  micropython  esp32  esp8266  arduino  embedded  neopixel  neopixels  led  randomnerd 
3 days ago
Leviton’s Wi-Fi Load Center and Smart Circuit Breakers give your home a brain
Is your home ready for a brain transplant? Adding individual smart plugs is quick, easy, and inexpensive, but the benefits are limited to one plug at a time. Leviton‘s new Load Center and Smart Circuit Breakers go deep in your home’s infrastructure, connecting your entire home to the internet and the cloud. Leviton’s intelligent home electrical service was introduced at the 2019 NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.
levitron  homeautomation  power  energy  monitoring  breaker 
4 days ago
Sideways Dictionary: online technical dictionary with analogies
Sideways dictionary — it's like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions. Use it as a tool for finding and sharing helpful analogies to explain technology. Because if everyone understands technology better, we can make technology work better for everyone.
technology  dictionary  analogy  reference  vocabulary 
4 days ago
Free and Open Source Bootstrap UI Kit based on Google's Material Design
Material Kit is a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's material design. Along with the restyling of the Bootstrap elements, you will find three fully-coded example pages, to help you design your next project.

Material Kit makes use of light, surface and movement. It uses a deliberate color choice, edge-to-edge imagery and large scale typography. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers, so that the depth and order is obvious. The navigation stays mainly on the left and the actions on the right. This new design has elements that have been the result of research regarding ink and paper and the way objects and materials interact in real life.
github  creativetim  bootstrap 
4 days ago
Citizens' Climate Change Lobby (CCL) UU Action Group
Welcome to the Unitarian Universalists' Action Team! We are bringing the power of UUism to advance CCL's goals.
ccl  climate  climatechange  activism 
4 days ago
How To Protect Your Users With The Privacy By Design Framework @ Smashing Magazine
n these politically uncertain times, developers can help to defend their users’ personal privacy by adopting the Privacy by Design (PbD) framework. These common-sense steps will become a requirement under the EU’s imminent data protection overhaul, but the benefits of the framework go far beyond legal compliance.
design  security  privacy  data  personal 
4 days ago
Ultimate Makerspace Guide For Schools and Libraries |
In order to help, we decided to put together a collection of our favorite makerspace resources and websites.

In this post, you will find over 101+ links to makerspace related articles, guides, checklists and more that will help you get started with hands-on maker education
makerspaces  education  resources  reference  makespace  tutorials 
4 days ago
17 Cool and Useful Things to 3D Print Around Your Home
Useful 3D models (usually from Thingiverse) such as a Sixpack carrier, coat hanger, bottle opener, "Plantygon", survival whistle, others.
3dmodels  3dprinting  diy  home 
4 days ago
How to Control Anything with a Wi-Fi Relay Switch Using aRest
By connecting a relay to a Wi-Fi connected microcontroller like an ESP8266, you can build a connected switch that can be controlled from the web browser of any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network — all for just a couple of dollars.
arest  embedded  arduino  webapi  wifi  esp8266  wireless 
4 days ago
Dance Your PhD Contest Winners 2010 - YouTube
Maureen McKeague and all of her colleagues in Maria De Rosa's lab at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada put together this interpretive dance to explain their work. It's all about a technique called Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment (SELEX.)
dance  phd  education 
4 days ago
John Bohannon: Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal | TED Talk
Instead of a boring slide deck at your next presentation, how about bringing in a troupe of dancers? That's science writer John Bohannon's "modest proposal" in this spellbinding choreographed talk. He makes his case by example, in collaboration with dancers from Black Label Movement.
education  choreography  dance  presentation  ted 
4 days ago
NanoDLP - Software for SLA/DLP 3D Printers
NanoDLP is a host and control software for SLA / SLS / DLP 3D printers.
Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available.
software  3dprinting  crossplatform  raspberrypi  sla  sls  dlp 
5 days ago
Mixkit - Extraordinary Free HD videos
Mixkit is a curated gallery of high-quality videos and animation, made by some of the world’s most talented creators, with all content licensed for free.

The site is brought to you by Envato, the company behind some of the world’s leading marketplaces for creative assets and creative people.
design  free  video  collection  envato 
5 days ago
Keycard: Secure, Contactless, Hardwallet & Open Source API
Status Hardwallet has relaunched as Keycard – a new type of hardware wallet built with an open API that enables developers to integrate with wallets or hardware and even build their own smartcards. It enables end users to safely send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies in a seamless, contactless experience.
wallet  cybercurrency  blockchain  hardware  api 
5 days ago
The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win
Five years after this sleeper hit took on the world of IT and flipped it on it's head, the 5th Anniversary Edition of The Phoenix Project continues to guide IT in the DevOps revolution. In this newly updated and expanded edition of the bestselling The Phoenix Project, co-author Gene Kim includes a new afterword and a deeper delve into the Three Ways as described in The DevOps Handbook.
projectmanagement  devops  sysadmin 
5 days ago
Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (Australia)
Monash University is Australia’s leading university in medical engineering.

Our multidisciplinary teams of researchers, together with top clinicians in our partner hospitals, are creating innovative medical technologies for the heart, lung, brain and vision.
medical  university  australia 
7 days ago
Propeller Health | Leading digital therapeutics company
Propeller provides small sensors that easily attach to the inhalers you already have. The sensors track your medication usage so you don't have to.
asthma  medical  device  health  makers 
7 days ago
Software for running the Chemputer in association with the supporting publication in Science
A robot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping chemists to discover new molecules and chemical reactions...

Mixing chemicals together causes reactions and produces new molecules. But with so many different chemicals in existence, the possible combinations are endless, and there are millions of chemical reactions yet to be tried.

Doing these tests, though, is very time consuming, laborious and has a low success rate; it’s also very susceptible to human failings, like bias and fatigue. To surmount this, University of Glasgow chemist Lee Cronin and his team have invented a robot to test chemical combinations for them.

GITHUB source code in PYTHON
github  chemputer  opensource  chemistry  biohacking  python 
10 days ago
Chemputer enables simple sharing of synthesis recipes The Engineer
The system, named by research leader Lee Cronin, Regius professor of chemistry at the University of Glasgow, uses downloadable blueprints to easily and reliably synthesise drug molecules. Described in Science, this represents “a key step in the digitisation of chemistry, and will allow the universal assembly of complex molecules on demand,” Cronin claimed. Cronin has been working on the chemputer concept and the software system which runs the chemical recipes and directs the synthesis process, known as a chempiler, for some years. The Science paper represents a major step in perfecting the idea, he said. A key part of the project was developing a new universal and interoperable standards for writing and sharing chemical recipes, which involved creating a general abstraction for chemistry.
chemistry  dio  biohacking  chemputer  software  opensource 
10 days ago
DREMELFUGE - How To Build Your Own DIY Centrifuge | Popular Science
for any garage-ista ready to tackle molecular biology, the centrifuge is an essential laboratory tool. Its super-rapid spin supplies the right G-forces to neatly separate biological materials—including cells, proteins, and DNA—from a liquid. University-grade centrifuges sell for about $2,000, but synthetic biology enthusiast and inventor Cathal Garvey figured out how to build one with a Dremel tool and a 3-D–printed wheel. The combination can spin samples up to 33,000 rpm, creating forces 50,000 times stronger than Earth's gravitational pull.
centrifuge  diagnostic  dremel  popsci  medical  diy  biology  chemistry 
10 days ago
Paper Toy Can Save Lives (paper centrifuge) @ Hackaday
Although there is a lot of discussion about health care problems in big countries like the United States, we often don’t realize that this is a “first world” problem. In many places, obtaining health care of any kind can be a major problem. In places where water and electricity are scarce, a lot of modern medical technology is virtually unobtainable. A team from Standford recently developed a cheap, easily made centrifuge using little more than paper, scrap material like wood or PVC pipe, and string.
diy  health  medicine  hackaday  centrifuge  diagnostics  biology  chemistry 
10 days ago
Three-Conductor Pivot for E-Textiles is Better Than Wires | Hackaday
Pivots for e-textiles can seem like a trivial problem. After all, wires and fabrics bend and flex just fine. However, things that are worn on a body can have trickier needs. Snap connectors are the usual way to get both an electrical connection and a pivot point, but they provide only a single conductor. When [KOBAKANT] had a need for a pivoting connection with three electrical conductors, they came up with a design that did exactly that by using a flexible circuit board integrated to a single button snap.
hackaday  wearables  medical  snap  button  fabric 
10 days ago
Nowi - Enabling the Internet of Things
Battery lifetime is fundamentally limited due to limitations in their chemistry. For the Internet of Things to fulfill its promise, sensors are required that operate maintenance- free for longer than the application they are used in. Plug & Forget sensors are needed.
energy  energyharvesting  iot  internetofthings 
11 days ago
Tryst Energy by TWTG
In the world of tomorrow everything is connected through the Internet of Things. We're building this world today. And today is finally the day you don’t need batteries anymore. Imagine charging your sensors with only 200 lux Light Energy in 4 hours (which is nothing) and connect them for 24 hours (which is amazing). This is less than the light you'll find beneath your desk.

Tryst Energy is about removing the elephant in the room nobody is talking about, in other words: getting rid of the battery that needs to be charged / replaced / maintained. Hello always-online and zero-maintenance. Energy harvesting, but with the tools that really work - today.
iot  energy  internetofthings  battery  solar  harvesting  energyharvesting  power 
11 days ago
A lightweight boilerplate for self-publishing ebooks with markdown and command line.
A lightweight boilerplate for self-publishing ebooks with markdown and command line. The ebook boilerplate transforms markdown files into PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML files, and provides a zipped version with all four.
ebook  publishing  epublishing  tutorial  github 
11 days ago
Portable Bluetooth-enabled scrolling LED matrix display- Part 1 - Embedded Lab
This project is about making a portable Bluetooth-controlled 8×64 monochromatic LED matrix (total 512 LEDs) for displaying scrolling text message. I made this display to use at home parties or other occasions for displaying greeting messages. The text data to be displayed can be sent from a smartphone using the Bluetooth connection.
led  neopixel  display  embedded  arduino  bluetooth  wireless  mobile 
11 days ago
Gestr: A Smart Glove for Speech Impairments -
Gestr is a sensor-equipped glove which can convert hand gestures and signals to spoken text for people with speech impairments.  disabled  touch  gesture  glove  wearable  medical  health 
11 days ago Houston: links to the various places we're at on the web
Hackster Houston resources on the net including Slak, Meetup, Facebook, Youtube, and Github.  houston  resources  tech 
11 days ago
20 free streaming alternatives to Netflix
Whether you’re chasing that mythical $0 TV bill, or just trying to pad out your paid subscriptions with a few more things to watch, here are 20 free streaming TV services you ought to know about.
streaming  services  online  cordcutting  cable 
11 days ago
Bill Gates, Carbon Capture Storage, and trying to save the world
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a sustainability technology which has been deployed with some successes, but only on a small scale. However, some people are working on a CCS plan larger than anyone has thought possible. The Gates-funded project is hoping to create industrial-style CCS technology capable of directly removing carbon dioxide from the air. Industrial is the correct word; the vision is to scale-up existing technology, which captures about one tonne of CO2 per day, to perform at a much higher rate.
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Blue Planet | Economically Sustainable Carbon Capture
Blue Planet’s technology uses CO2 as a raw material for making carbonate rocks. The carbonate rocks produced are used in place of natural limestone rock mined from quarries, which is the principal component of concrete. The carbonated solutions formed from the captured CO2 are used to form a carbonate mineral coating over a nucleus or substrate. The carbonate minerals form a synthetic limestone coating. This permanently sequesters the captured CO2 as CO3= in the carbonate minerals comprising the limestone coating
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