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Hope For The Community CIC
We are an award winning social enterprise providing organisations with affordable, face-to-face and digital products and services to empower people to manage their wellbeing and to flourish in their working and personal lives. The Hope Programme is a health and wellbeing intervention for organisations that work with people living with a long-term condition, and for employers to support staff wellbeing and resilience. The course is based on positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy.
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3 days ago by cyberchucktx
Orbit: Building Communities
Construction company in Coventry UK developing age-friendly housing and retrofitting.
sumi  housing  uk  construction  aging  coventry 
3 days ago by cyberchucktx
cocoon: portable safe space for epileptic seizures by Uma Smith
Cocoon is a portable safe space for epileptic seizures. For epileptics, seizures are 'normal', but there are necessary steps to ensure safety. Cocoon addresses all epileptic seizure first-aid requirements - anywhere, anytime.
medical  health  epileptic  sumi  device 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx
Creative Spaces for Clinicians and Patients: Placemaking for radical collaboration - Robert Pugilese - YouTube
Dr. Robert Pugliese, a clinical pharmacist, a type 1 diabetic, and co-director of the first design thinking program within a medical school describes how he built the Health Design Lab at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Pugliese converted an old vault located in the basement of a historic Federal Reserve Bank into a space that evokes creative potential. Dr. Pugliese will describe the process of building a creative space with within a health care system that helps to foster collaborations between clinicians and those whose participation is most essential, patients.
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8 days ago by cyberchucktx
MedCity News - Healthcare technology news, life science current events
MedCity News is the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare. We offer insight into what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups, and established industry leaders, personalities, policies and the most important deals.
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9 days ago by cyberchucktx
Tablo: simple, versatile approach to reducing the cost and complexity of dialysis.
At Outset, curiosity, ingenuity and conviction power technology that can transform the lives of dialysis patients and providers.
medical  health  sumi  dialysis  portable 
9 days ago by cyberchucktx
PineTime - Pine64 open source watch
The PINE64 SmartWatch, dubbed "PineTime", is a product of a community effort for an open source smartwatch in collaboration with wearable RTOS and Linux app developers/communities.
wearable  pinetime  arduino  opensource  linux  sumi  fitness 
11 days ago by cyberchucktx
3D printing in medicine
In a field where breakthroughs save lives, Ultimaker 3D printers are helping doctors, researchers, and medical equipment manufacturers to visualize procedures, test ideas quickly and personalize healthcare like never before.
3dprinting  medicine  sumi  design  ultimaker  visualization 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Doctors Who Create: encouraging medical culture to embrace creativity
The community of Doctors Who Create, with this website as its hub, aims to challenge that status quo. We want to change the culture of medicine to encourage and reward creativity. We’re starting by highlighting creative things that are already happening, cultivating physician and student networks, and providing inspiration for future physicians. In the future, we hope to arrange conferences, contests, and scholarships for creative people in medicine.
sumi  medical  healthcare  doctors  creativity 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
JeffSolves — Health Design Lab: Co-inventing tomorrow's medical devices
JeffSolves MedTech, an initiative led by Thomas Jefferson University, aims to bring faculty members and students from across the Jefferson community together to generate innovative solutions for urgent healthcare problems.
sumi  makerspace  health  medical  devices 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
The Vault — Health Design Lab: A purpose built creative space unlike any other.
Home to the Second Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia from 1918 to 1976, the building at 925 Chestnut Street houses one of the worlds largest bank vault doors in its basement. That vault is now home to the Health Design Lab, a creative space unlike any other that exists to bridge the worlds of design and healthcare.
sumi  healthdesign  design  medical  health  makerspace 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
MedEdu: design thinking in medical school
Integrating design education into medical school. We established the first co-curricular design thinking program at a US medical school. Now a curricular track within the JeffMD Scholarly Inquiry program at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, our students learn how to think like designers and gain experience working in transdiciplinary teams.
medical  makerspaces  design  healthdesign  sumi 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Thomas Jefferson University has a design program *inside* an old bank vault - Philly
Opened late last year inside in the Second Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, The Health Design Lab @ JeffInnovation (housed inside an actual bank vault) is Thomas Jefferson University’s attempt to bring the makerspace ethos into the healthcare space.

Inside its reinforced steel walls is an adaptable space for prototyping and collaborative work around healthcare. The JeffDESIGN program, a design certificate program mixing creative problem-solving and traditional medicinal curriculum, also operates out of the space.
article  medical  makerspace  sumi  health 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Health Design Lab (Philadelphia)
The Jefferson Health Design Lab exists to bring people from different backgrounds together and promote inclusive design in healthcare. From patients to providers, everyone has the potential to accelerate change and improve lives.
makerspace  design  philadelphia  medical  sumi 
14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Makers Mentoring Makers and Organizations Supporting Makers
We are makers and offer services to mentor makers and organizations supporting makers. We have expertise in a broad range of technologies and have owned our own makerspace for five years. We have the ability to pick-up new technologies and quickly assess environments to move a project forward. We would love to help you in your journey of making!
makerspace  consulting  colorado  sumi  education 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Tinker IT Makerspace Designers and Consultants
Tinker IT Maker Space Design provides consulting and design work for K-12, Secondary, and Post-Grad educational maker spaces and STEM classroom facilities along with not-for-profit community workshops and Maker’s spaces.

TinkerIT provides consulting for existing maker spaces with a focus on education, marketing, outreach, and community engagement.
makerspace  consulting  sumi  education  design 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Center for Medical Innovation | University of Utah
Fueled by a collaborative effort between University of Utah Health, The David Eccles School of Business, The College of Engineering, and The Technology Venture Development Program, the Center for Medical Innovation combines formal education programs, faculty and student project development, and support and facilitation of device development and commercialization. The center creates a one-stop-shop environment that assists both the novice and experienced innovator through ideation, concept generation, intellectual property, market analysis, prototyping and testing, business plan development, and commercialization.
medical  makerspace  utah  health  sumi 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Makerspace: Center of Medical Innovation | EngineeringClicks
The ability to bring together an array of people with differing skills and experience, but one common goal, has already created businesses and employment opportunities which would not otherwise exist today. One of the most inspiring and public examples of such a concept and its potential is the Center of Medical Innovation of Utah.
sumi  makerspace  medical  utah 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
EngineeringClicks | The No.1 Mechanical Design Engineering Portal
EngineeringClicks started off life as the “Mechanical Design Forum”, which was set up in July 2009. It was inspired by the lack of a simple and efficient online forum where mechanical design engineers could find advice and share knowledge.The forum has gradually been maturing into a friendly and knowledgeable community and resource. It offers other mechanical design engineers completely free advice and support, and the opportunity to make good connections throughout the industry.
engineering  reference  blog  mechanical  news  design  sumi 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
50 Best Maker Spaces: These Cutting Edge College Collaborative Spaces Truly ROCK!
Colleges in the USA are getting constructive like never before. And one of the key components of this creativity is the maker space. Many colleges now have dedicated environments where their students can gather, use technology and work on amazing ideas and products. But not all college maker spaces are created equal. This article is going to highlight the best across the country.
education  makerspaces  sumi  highered 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Biohealth Learning Lab and Makerspace for the Community | Science Education Partnership Award
Biology has become a powerful and revolutionary technology, uniquely poised to transform and propel innovation. The skills, tools, and implications of using biological systems to design solutions to global challenges, however, are still largely foreign and inaccessible to the general public. In response to this need, The Tech created the Biotinkering Lab as an experimental museum bio-makerspace and learning lab.
sumi  nih  makerspace  biology  health  medical 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Harvard Medical School (HMS) Makerspace Prototyping Lab
A prototyping lab located in the heart of the Longwood campus, complete with 3D printers, arduino boards, a Microsoft HoloLens, and other hardware.
medical  sumi  harvard  makespace  health 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Makerspaces in Higher Education: An overview
The creation of designated makerspaces aims to facilitate a more integrative method of learning that favors active student discovery, rather than a didactic, teacher-led approach. A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.

Unlike a traditional classroom environment, where the educator leads through formal instruction, makerspaces lend themselves to experiential modes of learning, with the teacher assuming a far less dominant role. The aim of the makerspace is to naturally encourage critical, lateral thinking from learners by affording them an environment in which they can design, assess and evaluate projects, and refine their techniques accordingly.
article  makerspaces  medical  education  sumi 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
Virtual Medicine: web are innovating the education of future doctors
We have created a platform which represents a unique approach to learning human anatomy. Thanks to virtual reality, education becomes a more effective and engaging experience. High-detailed 3D models with more than 5000 structures and precise english/latin labels allow students to visualise the human body in a more complex form.
virtualreality  medical  sumi  oculus  unity3d  education 
23 days ago by cyberchucktx
Tilt FiveTabletop AR
By focusing on tabletop AR, Tilt Five is able to achieve a high quality experiences that's perfect for consumers. Our glasses let you get a close look or watch from a few meters away, which is perfect for tabletop experiences.

Skip the tiresome set up and get into your games faster. Interactive guides replace confusing, and sometimes lengthy, rulebooks. When tabletop games are digital, the group can play, pause, and resume at any time. It doesn't matter if you pick the session back up the next day or the next month, because the game will be exactly as everyone left it.

The gameboard is a window into the holographic worlds where imagination and creativity know no bounds. You'll be able to enter dynamic worlds, as your favorite games go digital and spring to life. Explore, battle, and solve puzzles with friends as the stories unfold in a shared holographic space.
ar  augmentedreality  sumi  display  gaming  hologram 
23 days ago by cyberchucktx
CTRL-kit : nnon-invasive neurla interface platform
CTRL-kit is a non-invasive neural interface platform that lets developers reimagine the relationship between humans and machines with new, intuitive control schemes .
emg  hardware  motion  neural  ui  sumi 
24 days ago by cyberchucktx
Fitness Tracker Hacked Into Optical Density Meter | Hackaday
What do fitness trackers have to do with bacterial cultures in the lab? Absolutely nothing, unless and until someone turns a fitness band into a general-purpose optical densitometer for the lab.
[Chinna Devarapu] learned that as a result of playing around with cheap fitness bands, specifically an ID107HR. A community has built up around hacking these bands; we featured a similar band that was turned into an EEG. With some help, [Chinna] was able to reflash the microcontroller and program it in the Arduino IDE, and began looking for a mission for the sensor-laden platform.

He settled on building a continuous optical densitometer for his biology colleagues.
hackaday  fitness  biology  sensor  sumi 
28 days ago by cyberchucktx
Unfolding Space: Sensory Substitution Device for the blind
The “Unfolding Space” project deals with sensory substitution: A phenomenon by which the function of one missing or dysfunctional sensory modality is replaced (substituted) by stimulating another one. The outcome is a prototype that projects a 3D picture, generated by a special camera, as vibration patterns on the back of the hand.

The blind can therefore use their tactile modality of the hand to actually see.
blind  accessibility  embedded  glove  wearable  touch  haptics  sumi 
28 days ago by cyberchucktx
Unfolding Space Allows the Blind to See with Their Hands
Interaction designer Jakob Kilian has developed a device that allows the blind to see with their hand using a tool that he calls Unfolding Space. As he explains, “The ‘Unfolding Space’ project deals with sensory substitution: A phenomenon by which the function of one missing or dysfunctional sensory modality is replaced (substituted) by stimulating another one. The outcome is a prototype that projects a 3D picture, generated by a special camera, as vibration patterns on the back of the hand.”
blind  accessibility  glove  diy  wearables  haptics  sumi 
28 days ago by cyberchucktx
ZMorph VX Full Set - Multitool 3D Printer | MatterHackers
his machine can do it all! The ZMorph VX Full Set is an all-in-one desktop solution that can be a single extrusion 3D printer, a dual extrusion 3D printer, a CNC mill, a laser engraver, or a thick paste extruder by simply swapping between the different toolheads and work surfaces. Since the ZMorph VX Full Set can function as 5 different machines in one, you can save space and money for your workshop, classroom, or business because this single unit can handle all your educational, crafting, or small-scale manufacturing needs.
matterhackers  tool  multitool  3dprinting  sumi 
29 days ago by cyberchucktx
Ultraleap: Get ready to redefine interaction -
Hand tracking and virtual touch are a powerful combination. Truly immersive 3D interaction transforms user experience across sectors.

Leap Motion is the most advanced 3D hand tracking on Earth.

Programmable tactile sensations projected directly onto your hands using ultrasound. No wearables. No controllers. Just natural interaction.
haptics  touch  motion  tracking  gestures  sumi  ultraleap  leapmotion 
29 days ago by cyberchucktx
iF°EVE Thermometer |
iFIVE is the worlds first intelligent fever thermometer that can classify if you caught a cold or have a life-threatening flu by measuring your body temperature and asking you a couple of simple questions, using Naive Bayes classifiers, which are commonly used in automatic medical diagnosis, beside of other mathematical technics.
sumi  medical  diy  thermometer  diagnostic  hackaday  flu 
4 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
TRILL: Touch Sensing for Makers by Bela — Kickstarter
From computer interfaces to textiles, musical instruments to interactive artworks, we experience the world by touching it. Getting touch right in the design of objects and products is essential – this is where the Trill sensors come in.
kickstarter  trill  sensor  touch  sumi 
4 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Hip-only Soft Exosuit for both Walking and Running on Vimeo
This video demonstrates the use of the hip-assisting exosuit in different natural environments, and shows how the robotic device senses changes in the gait-specific vertical movements of the center of mass during walking and running to rapidly adjust its actuation.
exosuit  medical  prosthetic  harvard  hip  video  sumi 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Flexible Embedded Liquid Sensors
Researchers at the Wyss Institute developed a soft sensing suit to monitor hip, knee, and ankle sagittal plane joint angles of the wearer. The hyper-elastic strain sensors have microchannels of liquid metal embedded within elastomer, and have a refined design with the use of discretized stiffness gradients to improve mechanical durability. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University.
wyss  harvard  medical  soft  sensors  sumi 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
INSPECTR™: Direct-to-Consumer Molecular Diagnostic
A synthetic biology-based molecular diagnostics platform to empower patients and consumers with low-cost, self-diagnostic tests
wyss  harvard  medical  diagnostic  sensor  sumi 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor
The SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor is an I2C based biometric sensor, utilizing two chips from Maxim Integrated: the MAX32664 Biometric Sensor Hub and the MAX30101 Pulse Oximetry and Heart Rate Module. While the latter does all the sensing, the former is an incredibly small and fast Cortex M4 processor that handles all of the algorithmic calculations, digital filtering, pressure/position compensation, advanced R-wave detection, and automatic gain control.
sparkfun  medical  health  sensor  sumi 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
3D printed prosthesis with CV, BCI and EMG |
This is a transhumeral prosthesis I have built to help a congenital limb deficiency patient in my country. The prosthesis is equipped with computer vision (object recognition and object tracking) to support wrist movement and choosing best grip patterns for object handling. The prosthesis is also equipped with a simple brain-computer interface and myoelectric sensor so that user could control the prosthesis at will, or give consent to the actions chosen by the prosthesis.
prosthetic  medical  sumi  hackaday 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
uECG - a very small wearable ECG | Indiegogo
Everyone who's been to a hospital is familiar with ECG machines, with their many leads and electrodes. However, what we found is that ECG should not necessarily come in a large package to be useful - and neither it has to be expensive and difficult to use.

No wires, no leads - uECG comes with two button connectors that you can use with ordinary wet electrodes. Stick it to your chest, flip the switch, tap your phone and see your ECG, real time. Just like this:
indiegogo  diy  ecg  wearable  sumi  hackaday 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Norovirus Smartphone: Using Megapixels And Microfluidics To Fight The Other Kind Of Virus Infection | Hackaday
Most of the 685 million norovirus infections each year resolve after a few miserable days, but some require hospitalization and 200,000 of them result in death, mainly from dehydration and mainly children. An easy to use, cheap, and accurate means of detecting the virus in the field would be quite a boon to public health. And soon, smartphones may be able to do just that. To solve the problem of rapidly identifying norovirus in real-world conditions, a team at the University of Arizona has developed a unique microfluidics virus detection method. The idea is similar to the “sandwich” immunoassay used in the lab, but with a few twists.
hackaday  medical  sumi  diy  diagnostics  virus 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
SparkFun Energy Harvester Breakout
This breakout board uses the LTC3588 Piezoelectric Energy Harvester from Linear Technologies. This board can be used not only for harvesting piezoelectric energy, but solar energy as well. There is a bridge rectified input for piezo elements (PZ1 and PZ2) and a direct input (VIN) for DC sources. Both are clamped to 20V. In addition, the board can simply be used as a standalone nanopower buck regulator.
sparkfun  energy  energyharvesting  sumi 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Energy Harvesting | Hackaday
Growing Hackaday section on energy harvesting for embedded projects.
hackaday  sumi  energy  energyharvesting  blog  collection 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Slim Band: Appetite Suppression Wristband |
Obesity today is a huge problem with very few practical solutions. 40% of the world is considered overweight and 650 million are obese. This project is to produce a low cost, effective wearable to change peoples eating habits and help stop overeating. The wearable is a simple wristband with a settable countdown timer and an appetite suppression supplement. The user simply starts the timer at the start of a meal and when the timer beeps you stop eating and take an appetite suppression mint.
wearable  hackaday  tutorial  watch  obesity  eating  sumi 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Battery-Free Approach to Ocean Internet of Things - Hackster Blog
Batteries can serve as a potential pollutant if they get damaged underwater. A group of MIT researchers is attempting to understand our oceans better without relying on batteries with their innovative battery-free underwater sensors. What this team of MIT researchers has developed is a radio system that communicates underwater to battery-free sensors using sound waves. A transmitter sends sound waves to submerged sensors equipped with a specialized material called piezoelectrics. The vibrations of the sound wave can be transformed into electrical charge by the piezoelectrics, causing the sensor to power up. Then, these underwater sensors can send binary information to receivers by reflecting existing sound waves. The researchers call this system Piezo-Acoustic Backscatter (PAB).  battery  energy  piezo  piezoelectrics  lowpower  sumi 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Hexoskin Smart Shirts - Cardiac, Respiratory, Sleep & Activity Metrics
Hexoskin is the industry leader that offers since 2012 a line of cutting-edge smart clothings that include body sensors into comfortable garments for precise health monitoring as well as the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform.
The Hexoskin Smart Garments offer the best activity and sleep tracker to monitor the evolution of your health condition over time. The Hexoskin Smart Shirts are clinically validated to continuously track cardiac, respiratory, sleep, and activity data. Order Now!
medical  sumi  sensors  health 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Wearable Health Systems | MC10
BioStamp nPoint is an FDA 510(k) cleared medical device designed to collect medical grade, clinical quality bio-metric, physiological and eCOA data in a clinical trial setting.

The system collects and processes raw data into recognizable clinical metrics including vital signs, activity/actigraphy and posture classification, sEMG, and sleep metrics. The sensors are multi-modal, multi-location, rechargeable and reusable. All collected data are processed and stored in a secure cloud that can be synchronized with third party EDC and CTM systems.
wearable  medical  sensor  sumi 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Digital Tattoos Make Healthcare More Invisible - The Medical Futurist
eamless, thin and unrecognizable sensors made of flexible materials appear first interwoven with our clothes, then on our skin as digital tattoos, in our bellies as digestibles or in our blood vessels as nanobots.
article  futurism  sumi  wearable  tattoo  medical 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Social Media Without the Internet -
What'd it be to interact with people using 'social media features' in real life? There's a wearable that explores exactly that!!!

“Social Media without the Internet” is an interactive performance art project, created as an examination of how the human sense of touch is applied with the new digital sense of human in the society. Social Media without the Internet consists of two mediums: art object and performance. The art object is a tech wearable. Its functions are designed to be operated by hand gestures when people are socializing, i.e. handshaking, high-fiving, shoulder-tapping, and handholding.
hackster  socialmedia  sumi  wearable  retirementproject 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
SparkFun Artemis Module - Low Power Machine Learning BLE Cortex-M4F
The Artemis Module from SparkFun is a Cortex-M4F with BLE 5.0 running up to 96MHz and with as low power as 6uA per MHz (less than 5mW). This is the world's first module to bridge the market between hobbyists and consumer products. We've packaged all the power of a modern microcontroller into a module that is both extremely easy to use but is mass-market ready. Can be powered with a coin cell battery.
sparkfun  arduino  bluetooth  lowpower  embedded  sumi 
7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Sumi Helal / home website
Pioneer researcher and Academic leader in pervasive computing, mobile computing and the Internet of Things, with special focus on digital health including: smart homes and smart spaces as assistive environments; Internet of Things for active and healthy living; and assistive technology in support of managing long term health conditions, aging, disabilities, and independence.
sumi  home  web 
7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Glia Is Making Open Medical Devices, And You Can Help
The Glia project aims to create a suite of free and open-source medical equipment that can be assembled cheaply and easily when and where it’s needed. Even essential tools like stethoscopes and tourniquets can be difficult to acquire in certain parts of the world, especially during times of war or civil unrest. But armed with a 3D printer and the team’s open-source designs, an ad-hoc factory can start producing these lifesaving tools anywhere on the planet.
medical  opensource  tools  sumi  health 
7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
OTA Flash Tool Makes Fitness Tracker Hacking More Accessible | Hackaday
Over the last several months, [Aaron Christophel] has been working on creating a custom firmware for cheap fitness trackers. His current target is the “D6 Tracker” from a company called MPOW, which can be had for as little as $7 USD. The ultimate goal is to make it so anyone will be able to write their own custom firmware for this gadget using the Arduino IDE, and with the release of his new Android application that allows wirelessly flashing the device’s firmware, it seems like he’s very close to realizing that dream.
bluetooth  wireless  fitness  hackaday  health  wearable  sumi 
8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Digital Health | Lancaster University
The Digital Health group leads interdisciplinary research in the use of digital technology to transform health and care delivery and to empower individuals to lead a healthy life. The group’s vision is to transform the current reactive primary care system (a point-of-care paradigm) into a proactive Health Navigator – a continuum-of-care paradigm capable of providing personalized and timely guidance and interventions, while availing real-time, individual- and population-level health information to individuals, the National Health Services (NHS) and its associated integrated care systems (ICS), and policymakers.
university  education  digital  health  medicine  sumi  lancaster  uk 
8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
LOOMIA Soft Circuit Systems | E-textiles
E-TEXTILES FOR MEDICAL WEARABLES, AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS & OUTDOOR GEAR. We specialize in producing a patented soft circuit system called the LOOMIA Electronic Layer, or LEL for short. The LEL is an e-textile that is designed to integrate into textile products. These circuits can light, sense and heat.
loomia  etextiles  wearables  wearable  fashioningtech  medical  sumi 
9 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Arduino measures heart beat rate from fingertip - Embedded Lab
The PIC16F628A based heart rate meter is one of the most popular projects published on Embedded Lab. In this article, I am going to show how to replicate the same project using a simpler platform like Arduino. The Arduino heart rate meter will use Arduino Uno, Easy Pulse Plugin, and 4-digit SPI seven segment LED display module. It computes the heart beat rate by processing the analog pulse signal output from the Easy Pulse Plugin sensor and displays it on the seven segment display module. The heart beat rate is refreshed every ~3 sec.
ekg  arduino  tutorial  embedded  sumi  medical  heart 
9 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Low Cost Oxygen Sensor for Bioreactors -
First example of a low-cost dissolved oxygen sensor that will allow the implementation of fed-batch DIY bioreactors. Bacterial cultures, especially in bulk quantities must be closely monitored to grow in optimal conditions. These conditions include temperature, pH and oxygenation.

In this project, we propose to build a low-cost oxygen sensor for bacterial cultures. The device we aim to build uses a gold wire as a cathode and records current from the oxidation process as the analog input of the sensor. A potentiostat will also be built to control the polarization of the electrode.

The overall aim is to have a cheap, open source and sterilizable device able to record the dissolved oxygen level during bacterial growth in a bioreactor.  medical  laboratory  sumi 
10 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
WASP launches open tool for 3D printing orthopedics
Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP has launched a free add-on for open source 3D modelling software Blender that allows users to model orthopedic devices with 3D scans. Designed for use by medical professionals, the add-on runs on Blender 2.8 and contains step-by-step commands to model a shape on a 3D scan, with the final design intended for 3D printing.

The tool was developed by WASP MED, WASP’s division focusing specifically on 3D printing in healthcare. After a year of research and intensive work, the WASP MED Blender Add-on was created in order to prepare professionals in using 3D technology and tools. WASP also collaborated with Alessandro Zomparelli, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, to develop the tool. In a press release, the company states that the intention of the add-on is to fill the gap between expensive and rigid professional software, and the powerful open-source software available that isn’t optimized for medical use.
3dprinting  medical  sumi  blender  tool  design  3dmodelling  orthopedics 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Cloud Platform for Medical Devices and Digital Health | Galen Data
Galen Data’s cloud platform provides a cost-effective and compliant solution for medical device connectivity, visualization, analytics and much more.

Compliant medical device connectivity infrastructure can be very costly and time consuming to build, operate, and maintain. Galen Data provides a turn-key, compliant software platform for device-to-cloud connectivity and data analysis that is compliant to FDA, HIPAA, CE Mark standards. Using our 40+ years of collective experience in the medical device industry and deep compliant, software expertise, we want to support innovation in the Connected Health space by making connectivity easy.
cloud  medical  devices  paas  sumi  iot  internetofthings 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Homebrew Pancreas Gets 30 Minutes Of Fame | Hackaday
It is pretty unusual to be reading Bloomberg Businessweek and see an article with the main picture featuring a purple PCB (the picture above, in fact). But that’s just what we saw this morning. The story is about an open source modification to an insulin pump known as the RileyLink. This takes advantage of older Medtronic brand insulin pumps and allows you to control the BLE device from a smartphone remotely and use more sophisticated software to control blood sugar levels.

Of course, the FDA isn’t involved. If they were, the electronics would cost $7,000 instead of $250 — although, in fairness, that $250 doesn’t cover the cost of the used pump. Why it has to be a used pump is a rather interesting story. The only reason the RileyLink is possible is due to a security flaw and an active hacker community.
hackaday  insulin  pump  hardware  diy  sumi 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
CPAP Monitor Alerts Wearer To Malfunctions | Hackaday
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines are a common treatment tool for sleep apnea and other respiratory issues. A common problem with their use is that the mask becomes dislodged during sleep, and thus fails to provide airway pressure to the patient. [Bin Sun] decided to take a stab at solving this problem.

The project consists of an Arduino fitted with a MPXV7002DP pressure sensor.
hackaday  medical  diagnostic  cpap  diy  arduino  sumi 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Open & Affordable 3D Bioprinting -
Starting with an open source RepRap Ender 5 3D printer, we convert it to a bioprinter, and design some simple bioinks to print with.

We were inspired to take an inexpensive RepRap 3D printer (an open source 3D printer capable of printing a kit of itself) and convert it for bioprinting applications. Current commercial bioprinters are in the region of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we wanted to see if we could make a great one for a fraction of the cost.

For our project we'll start with an open source Creality Ender 5 3D printer, and convert it into a bioprinter, capable of printing bioinks. We document the process of converting the printer, and creating some example bioinks here.  3dprinting  bioprinting  medical  sumi 
12 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Health Maker Lab - Carle Illinois College of Medicine
The Health Maker Lab at Illinois is a maker lab network where the only limit to harnessing technology to improve human health is your imagination. Students and citizen scientists alike can collaborate, ideate and create unique solutions to global health challenges by prototyping anything at any scale—from molecules to cells to tissues to systems.
healthcare  makerspace  medicine  sumi 
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The Health Design Lab @JeffInnovation — Health Design Lab
Imagine a space where Doctors and Designers alike can come together and solve some of the toughest challenges in healthcare in one of the most evocative spaces in Philadelphia. The Health Design Lab @JeffInnovation exists to bring people together, including patients, who in the past may never have interacted with the goal of accelerating change and translating technological innovation to real innovations at the bedside. Fueled by traditional and modern prototyping technology and a foundation of person-centered design principles, the Health Design Lab is more than just a maker space, but a space that will change the way we all think about the future of healthcare.
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Medical Futures Lab @ Rice University
The Medical Futures Lab (MFL) is a multidisciplinary collaboration dedicated to studying and understanding medicine at its evolving intersection with technology. Our goal is to develop critical and creative approaches to the future of medicine as a means of preparing the next generation of physicians, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders for the challenges that lie ahead.
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Tl;dr – I wrote a book about artificial pancreas systems / hybrid and fully closed loop systems / automated insulin delivery systems! It’s out today – you can buy a print copy on Amazon; a Kindle copy on Amazon; check out all the content on the web or your phone here; or download a PDF if you prefer.
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Energy Harvesting @ Smart Material
Energy harvesting from environmental vibrations has seen an increase in interest during the past years as part of the generally growing awareness for alternative energy sources. Next to the typical electro mechanical methods, ferro electric devices have proven to be very effective in harvesting energy for low power devices as often found in portable electronics, sensor-controlled and condition monitoring systems due to the wide usable frequency range, and adaptability.

Unused power exists in various forms, such as machine vibration, flowing water, wind, human motion, and shock waves. In recent years, industrial and academic research units have focused their attention on harvesting energy from vibrations using piezoelectric transducers.

The development of piezoelectric composite EH triangle MFC material, like the MFC, helped overcome some of the limitations of the monolithic piezo ceramic components, especially brittleness, lack of reliability, and conformability.

Recent advances in ultra-low power electronic components have made a new type of electronic device possible
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3D Printed Prosthesis Tracks Objects, Moves Smoothly | Hackaday
Hobbyist electronics and robotics are getting cheaper and easier to build as time moves on, and one advantage of that is the possibility of affordable prosthetics. A great example is this transhumeral prosthesis from [Duy], his entry for this year’s Hackaday Prize.

Side views of the 3D printed prosthesis arm.With ten degrees of freedom, including individual fingers, two axes for the thumb and enough wrist movement for the hand to wave with, this is already a pretty impressive robotics build in and of itself. The features don’t stop there however. The entire prosthesis is modular and can be used in different configurations, and it’s all 3D printed for ease of customization and manufacturing. Along with the myoelectric sensor which is how these prostheses are usually controlled, [Duy] also designed the hand to be controlled with computer vision and brain-controlled interfaces.
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Tomography Through An Infinite Grid Of Resistors | Hackaday
One of the vast untapped potentials of medicine is the access to imaging equipment. A billion people have difficulty getting access to an x-ray, and that says nothing about access to MRIs or CAT scans. Over the past few years, [Jean Rintoul] has been working on a low-cost way to image the inside of a human body using nothing more than a few electrodes. It can be done cheaply and easily, and it’s one of the most innovative ways of bringing medical imaging to the masses. Now, this is a crowdfunding project, aiming to provide safe, accessible medical imaging to everyone.

It’s called Spectra, and uses electrical impedance tomography to image the inside of a chest cavity, the dielectric spectrum of a bone, or the interior of a strawberry. Spectra does this by wrapping an electrode around a part of the body and sending out small AC currents. These small currents are reconstructed using tomographic techniques, imaging a cross-section of a body.
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OPENBIONICS: Robotic and Bionic Hands
OpenBionics is an open-source initiative that focuses on the development of affordable, light-weight, modular, adaptive robot hands and prosthetic devices, which can be easily reproduced using off-the-shelf materials and rapid prototyping techniques. The OpenBionics initiative was initially inspired by the Yale Open Hand Project and supported by the European Commission through the Integrated Project no. 248587, "THE Hand Embodied" (2010-2014), within the FP7-ICT-2009-4-2-1 program Cognitive Systems and Robotics. OpenBionics was founded in the Control Systems Lab of the National Technical University of Athens under the supervision of Prof. Kostas Kyriakopoulos.
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TMSI: Measure Anything, Anywhere
TMSi is specialized in developing of high-quality measurement systems for electrophysiological parameters such as EEG and High Density EMG. Our systems are highly versatile and have the best data quality possible. This makes TMSi the best partner for your (clinical) research!

TMSi is ISO 13485:2016 certified and all our products are certified as Medical Device. This means that our products can be used in clinical applications as well.
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OpenViBE | Software for Brain Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neurosciences
OpenViBE is a software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using brain-computer interfaces.

OpenViBE is a software for real-time neurosciences (that is, for real-time processing of brain signals). It can be used to acquire, filter, process, classify and visualize brain signals in real time. Since v2.2.0, OpenViBE also includes a tool for offline or batch analysis of large datasets.

OpenViBE is free and open source software. It works on Windows and Linux operating systems.
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Research – Ritu Raman @ MIT
I am fascinated by biological materials and their ability to sense and adapt to their surroundings. My research focuses on understanding the dynamic interactions between biological and synthetic materials, and harnessing the power of bio-hybrid systems to tackle global grand challenges. As a graduate research fellow in the lab of Prof. Rashid Bashir at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I developed novel 3D bio-printers, used them to build muscle-powered robots (bio-bots), and helped create a community of makers that build beyond biology.
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Tympan : open source hearing systems
Teensy 3.6 processor with CODEC, Bluetooth and two onboard MEMS mics as well as additional pins out for I2S bus, SPI bus and UART. Plus it's Arduino IDE friendly. We at Tympan are committed to open source software and hardware development. We believe that in making our research and development accessible, we can contribute to accelerating widespread use of audio technologies.
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Vital Scout : wearable wireless ECG monitoring system
Vital Scout is a wearable patch that continuously measures stress and recovery levels 24 hours-a-day even while sleeping.
Based on high quality ECG sensors and heart rate variability (HRV), Vital Scout offers detailed views
of how daily activities impact your well-being.
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StethoMe® - Home Stethoscope
StethoMe® is the first medical diagnostic device of its kind – one that monitors the respiratory system in a precise but user-friendly way.

Project title: “Worldwide unique technology of identification and classification of sounds from auscultation carried out in home conditions, employing intelligent algorithms and supporting remote diagnostics and monitoring of respiratory system diseases.”

The aim of the project is to create a system enabling performance of auscultation by people without medical education.
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Piezoresistive sensor matrix |
The motivation for this project comes from a student in one of my classes, Chris, who has an amputation below the knee and wears a prosthetic. Chris's prosthetic often becomes painful, requiring visits to a specialist to adjust the fit. Often these adjustments do not resolve the issue, requiring more visits. As a result, Chris had developed a one channel pressure sensor application on a breadboard that provided quantitative information about the amount of pressure. When Chris showed me this device, I told him that, while it was awesome, I thought that we could do better.
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The First 3D Bioprinter That Can Print Body Parts for Large Scale Human Implantation
After 10 years of development, the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine has finally unveiled a 3D printer that can craft simple tissues, such as cartilage, into complex shapes suitable for implantation.

The printer uses cartridges filled with biodegradable plastic and human cells bound in gel form, and it can grow muscle, cartilage, and even bone. When implanted into animals, these crafted tissues have been shown to survive and even thrive for an indefinite amount of time.
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Wearable Assistive Grasping System Built on Soft Inflatables
Provide a way for sufferers to maintain their quality of life by improving their ability to grasp common objects. Bubble is a wearable assistive grasping augmentation that’s designed to do that with soft inflatables.
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