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"Performance Matters" by Emery Berger - YouTube
Memory layout can lead to shifts in performance of up to 40%. This talk describes *Stabilizer*, which measures layout effects using randomization, and *Coz* (Causal Profiler), which determines the sensitivity of overall performance to speedups of specific subsections of a program.
performance  memory  layout  randomizer  coz  stabilizer  causal  profiler 
12 days ago
Microsoft Word - sinex_v202.doc
Solution (Software/technique) INdependent EXchange Format
Version 2.02 (December 01, 2006)
GNSS  GPS  SINEX  file  format  specification 
4 weeks ago
A Compression Format and Tools for GNSS Observation Data
The compact RINEX format version 3.0 has been developed to compress files in
this format by adjusting the existing old compression format for RINEX version 2.xx.
GPS  GNSS  compact  RINEX  Hatanaka  compression  specification 
4 weeks ago
etareduce comments on Rust has a static garbage collector
they have the principal type property which means that given an expression in the language, the most general type can be derived without a single typing annotation
While Rust doesn't have the principal type property (afaik) and we have elected to only have local type inference, we could have allowed substantially more inference if we wanted to (and indeed we have loosened some restrictions on the globality of inference over the years...).
rust  programming  language  type  inference  comment  summary 
9 weeks ago
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