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Rebecca Kaden on Twitter: "What excites us about whats happening in healthcare: 1) tech + humans: data powered humans=better decisions than either data or humans alone 2) broaden access by increasing value & decreasing cost of care 3) outcome orientation:
What excites us about whats happening in healthcare:
1) tech + humans: data powered humans=better decisions than either data or humans alone
2) broaden access by increasing value & decreasing cost of care
3) outcome orientation: not just care, better delivered, but better care
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2 hours ago
Analysis: 2021 – Sports OTT tipping point |
According to the findings of Where the Money is Going: The Future of Sports Entertainment, a global analysis of the economics of OTT sport from sports media technology services specialist Delatre, sports operators worldwide are now spending 15 per cent of their total budgets on OTT, meaning that by 2021, more than $6.8 billion (€6.1bn) will be invested in the OTT tech stack in North America alone.

Where the Money is Going focuses on the factors underlying that investment, including consumer viewing trends, subscription patterns, and insights from decision-makers. It was compiled through research of US and UK sports fans, analysis of 1.2 billion minutes of live streamed sports content, and exclusive executive interviews from top sports executives worldwide.
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2 hours ago
India: TikTok app blocked |
TikTok has more than 120 million users in India, mostly teenagers, but has faced criticism for hosting inappropriate content. The app allows users to post short videos of themselves performing activities such as lip-syncing and dancing to their favourite songs.  The app is already banned in Bangladesh and has been fined in the US for illegally collecting information on children.
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2 hours ago
GoT return pirated nearly 55m times |
Data from digital piracy data analysis specialist MUSO reveals that Winterfell – the first episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones, which aired on April 14th – was pirated 54,261,910 times globally within the first 24 hours of its premiere on HBO. With HBO totalling the ‘official’ viewing figures to 17.4 million, MUSO’s data demonstrates how piracy can dramatically eclipse legal viewings.
piracy  tv  stats 
2 hours ago
Forecast: 270m US SVoD subs in 2024 |
The number of SVoD subscriptions in North America will climb by 110 million from 160 million in 2018 to 270 million in 2024. These figures are gross – many homes take more than one SVoD platform.
Digital TV Research forecasts that 77.8 per cent of TV households (94 million) will subscribe to at least one SVoD platform by 2024 (for movies, linear channels and TV episodes – excluding other platforms such as sports services).
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2 hours ago
The promise and potential of 5G
Excitement is building as the first wave of commercial 5G deployments start to take hold. But it's also a confusing landscape, with varied and sometimes conflicting interpretations of what 5G is and what to expect from it. This confusion is impacting not just consumers but also complicating the industry's ability to measure itself against a standard set of 5G expectations and requirements. To optimize short-term and long-term 5G adoption, it's imperative that clarity regarding 5G rollouts and benefits is established for both consumers and the ecosystem. Our whitepaper provides an overview of what 5G is, what challenges remain, and why there's so much excitement about the future of 5G networks.
5g  connectivity 
2 hours ago
Notes on AI Bias — Benedict Evans
What does that mean in practice? My favorite example is the tendency of image recognition systems to look at a photo of a grassy hill and say ‘sheep’. Most of the pictures that are examples of ‘sheep’ were taken on grassy hills, because that’s where sheep tend to live, and the grass is a lot more prominent in the images than the little white fluffy things, so that’s where the systems place the most weight.

A more serious example came up recently with a project to look for skin cancer in photographs. It turns out that dermatologists often put rulers in photos of skin cancer, for scale, but that the example photos of healthy skin do not contain rulers. To the system, the rulers (or rather, the pixels that we see as a ruler) were just differences between the example sets, and sometimes more prominent than the small blotches on the skin. So, the system that was built to detect skin cancer was, sometimes, detecting rulers instead.
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2 hours ago
Breweries and Bands Collaborate to Connect with Fans
Stone Brewing says working with Metallica, a band that’s had a rabid fanbase for nearly four decades, drove a ton of positive interest in the beer collaboration, even from people who wouldn’t normally buy craft beer.
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2 hours ago
Can chatbots charm consumers? | Retail Dive
The combined takeaway: Consumers don’t appear to be all that comfortable with chatbots, even years after the first ones appeared. In some cases, as the Sitel Group study hinted, consumers may not feel that an automated software program can adequately understand, respond to and act on their requests. The Pegasystems report reached a similar conclusion, stating that chatbots are still "too dumb to get the job done." If consumers are that uncertain, it seems unlikely they would shop regularly through chatbots, or trust them with more complex tasks.
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2 hours ago
Shutterstock brings AR shopping to life in updated iOS app | Mobile Marketer
Stock photo and audio company Shutterstock added an augmented reality (AR) feature to its iOS app to let customers view computer-generated images from its library against the wall of a room. The feature targets retailers and restaurant owners who use Shutterstock's images for interior decorating, per a company announcement.
IPhone or iPad users can tap a "view in room" button in the app to see Shutterstock's 250 million photos in AR, the technology that overlays digital images on the real world through a smartphone camera. The feature lets users position the image on a wall to see how it looks and fits before licensing it in physical artwork.​
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2 hours ago
Jack Daniel's turns bottles into pop-up books with AR app | Mobile Marketer
Jack Daniel's, the Tennessee Whiskey brand owned by wine and spirits maker Brown-Forman, this week released an augmented reality (AR) app that brings its whiskey bottles to life. The Jack Daniel's AR Experience app lets mobile users scan any of its bottles to unlock a series of pop-up book style dioramas that tell the history of the brand.
The first AR experience transforms the front label into a miniature version of the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The second experience shows how the whiskey is distilled and aged, and the third features stories about the original Jack Daniel, who was born in 1850.
The spirits brand worked with Tactic, a San Francisco-based company specializing in the production of immersive experiences, to develop the app. The mobile tool is available for free from Apple's App Store and Google Play.
alcohol  augmented-reality 
2 hours ago
Puma's latest sneakers come to life in AR app | Mobile Marketer
Wearers can download the app from Apple's App Store or Google Play to access the features, which include photo and video filters, games and special effects that mobile users can share on social media.​ The "fire filter" lets users virtually light their sneakers on fire, and is the first of several filters Puma will roll out in the coming months.
The mobile AR game, "LQDASH," challenges a user's agility for the chance to win a pair of the limited-edition shoes. Separate from the app experience, an AI-powered lookbook of sneaker and street fashion was created by INPHANTRY based on images that were generated as the AI learned to recognize the sneaker in different backgrounds.
sportswear  augmented-reality  mobile  GAMES 
2 hours ago
Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur guilty of appealing to children
Online retailer Firebox has been strongly advised to modify the labelling of its Unicorn Tears gin liqueurs range after its packaging was condemned for appealing to under-18s.
The Portman Group’s Independent Complaint Panel upheld complaints about three Firebox products – Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur and Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur Miniature.

Regarding Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, a member of the public argued that the illustration of the unicorn on the bottle would appeal to children.
alcohol  kids  fail 
2 hours ago
5G technology is coming to rural America | New Food Economy
Pai also announced a Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, headed by FCC, that will award over $2 billion in subsidies every year for the next 10 years to build out that 5G network; the goal is to reach 4 million residences and businesses. Ars Technica reports the fund will subsidize companies that build out the infrastructure, like a fiber-optic backbone, needed to support wireless broadband. (Wireless needs wires.) The fund will succeed the Connect America Fund, a federal rural broadband initiative that primarily subsidized technologies like cable and DSL.
2 hours ago
Amazon To Shutter China Marketplace |
Amazon is set to shut down its domestic marketplace in China by mid-July. Citing people familiar with the matter, Reuters reported that the eCommerce giant has decided to focus on selling overseas goods and cloud services in the country.
While Amazon shoppers in China won’t be able to buy goods from local third-party merchants, they can still order from the U.S., Britain, Denmark and Japan through the company’s global store. Amazon is planning to shutter fulfillment centers and support for domestic-selling merchants in China in the next 90 days.
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2 hours ago
UK Bank NatWest Introduces Biometric Payments |
U.K. bank NatWest has announced a biometric payment technology for its commercial and business customers.
The new development will allow for customers to make payments through an app using Apple’s FaceID or TouchID, CNBC reported.
Once a device is registered, a customer can set up the biometric authentication, which will require a six-digit code. The new technology will be introduced to iOS users first, and then on Android and other systems in the latter part of the year.
finance  payment  recognition  ai 
2 hours ago
Facebook Is Developing A Voice Assistant |
Social media giant Facebook is developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice assistant in the vein of Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, according to reports.
The company has apparently been working on the assistant since the beginning of 2018, and it’s being developed by Facebook’s augmented and virtual reality division, which works on the company’s hardware, like the VR Oculus peripherals.
The assistant is being created by a team out of Redmond, Washington, and spearheaded by Facebook’s director of AR/VR, Ira Snyder. It’s also being reported that Facebook has been contacting smart speaker vendors.
facebook  hardware  voice  echo  ai 
2 hours ago
How 5G Could Be Rocket Fuel To Retail |
South Korea’s SK Telecom and retail conglomerate Shinsegae Group have joined forces on 5G retail, for instance. They plan develop new business models and services centered around 5G technology. The recent deal calls for the companies to develop what a report called “5G-based business models that can be applied to Shinsegae’s department stores and discount store chain E-Mart as well as various shopping malls.”

That effort will apparently involve virtual reality (VR) along with augmented reality (AR). The plan is to use VR technology to enable consumers to shop via digital platforms instead of inside brick-and-mortar locations, though no further details were immediately available.

That’s not to count out the U.S. when it comes to the potential and reality of 5G technology for commerce. The wireless industry association CTIA released a report that said the U.S., in terms of readiness, deployments and spectrum allocation, is leading the transition to the new telecommunications standard. However, it does struggle in two areas: mid-band spectrum and national strategy. Even so by the latter part of 2019, the U.S. should have 92 commercial 5G deployments, versus south Korea’s 48, 16 in the U.K. and none in China.
5g  retail  apac  future  vr  augmented-reality 
2 hours ago
French Gov't Sees Blockchain As A 'Priority' |
Blockchain projects, both private and public, are gaining ground, and have recently been getting vocal support from some of the highest-ranking lawmakers. In one example, as reported by Cointelegraph, in France, the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire said blockchain is a “priority” for the government.

The minister made his statement in an interview with a French magazine, Capital, and added that as much as the equivalent of $5 billion USD will be invested in tech innovations, which includes blockchain — even as the country competes with Chinese and American technological efforts.
blockchain  government 
2 hours ago
Facebook Said To Use User Data To Fight Rivals |
Leaked documents show how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the company’s user data to bolster his site’s power, as well as fight off competitors.
NBC News obtained about 4,000 pages of leaked company documents mostly spanning 2011 to 2015 and including emails, webchats, presentations, spreadsheets and meeting summaries.
The documents show how Facebook found ways to use the social media giant’s user data as leverage over its partners, including rewarding some companies with access to the data while denying the same privilege to rival companies and apps.
For example, Facebook gave Amazon extended access to user data after the eCommerce giant advertised on the social network. In contrast, Facebook considered stopping access to user data for a growing messaging app that had become a competitor.
facebook  fail 
2 hours ago
Walmart Teams With KIDBOX To Style Children |
Retailing giant Walmart announced Tuesday (April 16) a partnership with KIDBOX to offer customers an exclusive, curated stylebox for kids.
In a press release, Walmart said customers also have the option to receive curated clothing each season without having to pay a styling fee. Customers of the new service — dubbed Walmart KIDBOX stylebox — will get access to personalized styles from more than 120 premium kids brands including BCBG, Butter Super Soft, C&C California and Puma. The stylebox will include four to five fashion items for $48. Walmart said that is about 50 percent off the suggested retail price for the group of bundled items. Starting Tuesday, customers can go to and complete a short style quiz for their child. The stylists at KIDBOX use the answers from the quiz to tailor the box based on the preferences of the child and the season where the child lives.
retail  membership  partnerships  clothing  kids 
2 hours ago
Spotify Shares Sink On Amazon Music News |
According to Reuters, the eCommerce giant would offer the free music service through its Echo speakers, and it could launch as early as this week. Amazon already offers its Prime Music service as part of its Prime subscription service at $119 per year, as well as Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions for $9.99 a month, or $7.99 per month for Prime members.
amazon  music  free  spotify  advertising 
2 hours ago
The 'What' Of Rewards, The 'How' Of Delivery |
A reward that a customer struggles to figure out, or has to work hard to actually redeem, isn’t actually that rewarding – and therefore isn’t all that sticky, either. That’s why when Mastercard was designing the suite of World Card and World Card Elite offerings it is announcing today, Ajmal said, they spent as much time thinking about the “how” of the rewards as the “what,” to ensure they were actually offering real incentives that consumers can use.
payment  loyalty  how-to 
2 hours ago
Rent The Runway Hopes To Become Prime Of Rental |
Children’s apparel is a big and growing market. As of 2018, according to Euromonitor research, the global children’s apparel industry is worth $203 billion — and growing quickly at 5 percent a year. Children’s clothes are in fact the fastest growing apparel category. Some of that growth is organic — literally. Children grow quickly, which means they outgrow clothes quickly: by the age of 2, children have been through an average of seven clothing sizes.

But some of that growth is socially induced — while parents were always fated to spend over $10,000 outfitting their offspring between birth and age 18, affluent modern parents are spending not just to keep their children in clothes, but also on trend. Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Supreme — the list of designer lines with kid labels has gone from zero to 60 over the last three or four years. And the Euromonitor numbers reflect that growth — as of 2018 designer children’s wear was a $6 billion industry.

Which is why Rent the Runway is pushing into the kids clothes market, with subscriptions built to offer label-conscious parents a slightly more affordable mechanism to keep their kids on trend.
clothing  rental  kids  trends  niche 
2 hours ago
Amazon To Launch Free Ad-Supported Music Service |
Amazon, the eCommerce giant, could launch a music service that is free and ad-supported in the coming days, reported Billboard.
According to Billboard, citing sources familiar with the plan, Amazon is mulling marketing the service through its Echo speakers and Alexa, its voice-activated digital assistant. The service would start with a limited catalog of music and could launch next week, reported Billboard.
According to the report, Amazon has been in talks with record labels to obtain licenses for the free music, offering to pay some record labels per stream in the beginning irrespective of how many ads Amazon sells on the service. The move comes as Amazon looks to take on Spotify in the music streaming market and underscores just how formidable a competitor it can be.  Unlike Spotify, Amazon’s size and capital enables it to lose money on the music service if it drives more business to its eCommerce sites. Spotify can’t do the same and is under pressure by investors to become profitable.
amazon  music  spotify  echo  advertising 
2 hours ago
Moving From Financial Planning To Taking Action |
While Honeyfi notes many different types of couples use its services, the firm did over two years see a recurring pattern in the customers it was attracting. Many of those who were coming to the platform were there in response to a specific economic shock or change — a partner who had lost a job, a new baby on the way or an anticipated first-home buy. Many of the couples came to the service because they knew they needed to start saving an emergency fund, but were unsure of how to get started.
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2 hours ago
Amazon's Bezos Shareholders' Letter Bites Back |
The Bezos letter also touched on Amazon’s effort to build out its brick-and-mortar retail capacity via its Amazon Go stores, which have cashierless checkout technology. “For many years, we considered how we might serve customers in physical stores, but felt we needed first to invent something that would really delight customers in that environment,” Bezos wrote. “With Amazon Go, we had a clear vision. Get rid of the worst thing about physical retail: checkout lines. No one likes to wait in line. Instead, we imagined a store where you could walk in, pick up what you wanted and leave.”

Indeed, Amazon is testing the Amazon Go concept in a larger store format, signaling another potential threat to rival retailers. That said, while the Amazon Go technology has worked well in a smaller store format, it’s reportedly tougher to pull off in larger spaces that carry more products and have higher ceilings.
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2 hours ago
The North Face to close 113 stores for Earth Day | Retail Dive
The North Face is taking advantage of Earth Day to launch a global campaign focused on making April 22 a national holiday, with a petition signed by the retailer and 15 other organizations, according to a company press release. In observance of that movement, 113 of the outdoors retailer's stores in the U.S. and Canada, along with its global headquarters, will not operate on Earth Day.

The retailer's efforts are tied to a series of events it's putting under the title of "Explore Mode," which will take place in major cities across the world, including New York City, Munich, Paris, London and Manchester, England. It includes partnerships with musicians, artists and culinary influencers, all focused on encouraging people "to disconnect digitally and engage with their surroundings."
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2 hours ago
Is Google Building an "Internet of Places?" | Street Fight
The analogy for visual search is that the camera is the search box. Physical items are search terms, and informational overlays are results. So that raises the question, what’s the search index? Just as Google indexes the web with a relevance algorithm, what’s the physical-world equivalent?

The answer is the “Internet of Places,” another term for the AR Cloud. Google will get started with existing assets like its vast image database for AR object recognition. Street View Imagery will power storefront identity in Google Lens, while its Maps API will arm AR apps with real-world geometry.

Similarly, Google’s gravitational pull allows it to get its hands on valuable data sets, such as 3D maps of building interiors like Lowes Hardware. And its Waymo autonomous vehicle (AV) division will generate even denser point clouds for AR, given intensive 3D mapping needs of AVs.
google  maps  augmented-reality  trends  future  location  local 
2 hours ago
Salesforce is buying MapAnything, a startup that raised over $84 million | TechCrunch
Salesforce announced today it’s buying another company built on its platform. This time it’s MapAnything, which, as the name implies, helps companies build location-based workflows, something that could come in handy for sales or service calls.

The companies did not reveal the selling price, and Salesforce didn’t have anything to add beyond a brief press release announcing the deal.

“The addition of MapAnything to Salesforce will help the world’s leading brands accurately plan: how many people they need, where to put them, how to make them as productive as possible, how to track what’s being done in real time and what they can learn to improve going forward,” Salesforce wrote in the statement announcing the deal.
maps  deals 
2 hours ago
Dropbox challenger pCloud just became profitable | TechCrunch
Between Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud Drive, consumer cloud storage is a crowded space. And yet, a small company called pCloud has managed to attract more than 9 million users over the past five years. The company recently reached profitability with a team of 32 people.

If you’re familiar with Dropbox, pCloud won’t surprise you. The service lets you back up and sync files across your devices. You get 10GB for free and you can pay for more storage and features.

Unlike Dropbox or OneDrive, pCloud acts more like an external hard drive. When you install the app on your computer, everything stays in the cloud by default. On macOS, the company uses Fuse to create a new virtual hard drive in the Finder.
storage  new-companies 
2 hours ago
Journalist Carole Cadwalladr says ‘the gods of Silicon Valley’ have broken democracy | TechCrunch
On the same day that she became a Pulitzer Prize finalist for her work bringing to light the Cambridge Analytica scandal, journalist Carole Cadwalladr took the stage at TED to “address you directly, the gods of Silicon Valley.”

Cadwalladr began her talk by recounting a trip she took after the Brexit referendum, back to her hometown in South Wales.

She recalled feeling “a weird sense of unreality” walking around a town filled with new infrastructure funded by the European Union, while being told by residents that the EU had done nothing for them. Similarly, she said they told her about the dangers of immigration, even though they lived in a town with “one of the lowest rates of immigration in the country.”
facebook  brexit  fakenews  fail  social-networks 
2 hours ago
Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents | TechCrunch
A hacker group has breached several FBI-affiliated websites and uploaded their contents to the web, including dozens of files containing the personal information of thousands of federal agents and law enforcement officers, TechCrunch has learned.

The hackers breached three sites associated with the FBI National Academy Association, a coalition of different chapters across the U.S. promoting federal and law enforcement leadership and training located at the FBI training academy in Quantico, VA. The hackers exploited flaws on at least three of the organization’s chapter websites — which we’re not naming — and downloaded the contents of each web server.
2 hours ago
BBC Drops First Trailer For Interactive Doctor Who VR Animation - VRScout
Today, BBC has delivered our first look at the 13-minute interactive journey with an action-packed trailer full of holograms, explosions, and plenty of cataclysmic predictions from a fast-talking Timelord. You know, just your typical Doctor Who shenanigans.
content  tv  vr  augmented-reality 
3 hours ago
Three launches first 8-bit video game on Instagram
Three, the mobile network, is launching the first-ever interactive 8-bit video game on Instagram as part of a new marketing campaign.
The game, created and developed by Gravity Road, celebrates phone culture and features a character whose aim is to make it through three levels of obstacles without looking up from her phone. 
gaming  GAMES  instagram  advertising 
3 hours ago
Instagram now demotes vaguely ‘inappropriate’ content | TechCrunch
Instagram is home to plenty of scantily clad models and edgy memes that may start to get fewer views starting today. Now Instagram says, “We have begun reducing the spread of posts that are inappropriate but do not go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.” That means if a post is sexually suggestive, but doesn’t depict a sex act or nudity, it could still get demoted. Similarly, if a meme doesn’t constitute hate speech or harassment, but is considered in bad taste, lewd, violent or hurtful, it could get fewer views.
instagram  pics  trends  fakenews 
3 hours ago
Colonel Harland Sanders (@kfc) • Instagram photos and videos
Yo! Two influential people. Guess that’s why they call us influencers. Lol. Super cool to chop it up with @jessewelle. He got big by doing pranks. I got big by making great fried chicken, then turning myself into a virtual person. We all follow different paths and have different journeys. Following your own path is part of the
food  funny  creative  celebrity  instagram 
3 hours ago
The New KFC Colonel Is a Computer-Generated Instagram Influencer - Eater
While using a computer-generated dope as a temporary spokesperson might seem like a bizarre move for a big food brand, this cheeky stunt is completely in line with the irreverent and always-unpredictable nature of KFC’s ongoing Colonel ad campaign. Over the last few years, the Colonel has been played by Jim Gaffigan, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe, Billy Zane, Ray Liotta, Norm Macdonald and RoboCop. Many of the best KFC stunts have also included some sort of timely hook related to an internet trend — whether that’s ASMR videos or novelty space launches. This latest stunt lands just a few weeks after a popular New York-based lifestyle Instagram account was exposed for being completely computer generated. And the virtual, narcissistic Colonel arrives just in time for the annual influencer-heavy desert spectacle known as Coachella.
food  creative  instagram  ai  funny 
3 hours ago
Benedict the Chimpanze, Crochet Kit from Toft Edward's Menagerie | Clothkits
Benedict the Chimpanze, Crochet Kit from Toft Edward's Menagerie
4 hours ago
IKEA to test furniture rental in 30 countries - Reuters
The world’s biggest furniture group, known for its low-cost disposable items, first said it was looking into leasing its desks, beds and sofas in February. It fleshed out its plans on Wednesday at an event held at its first ‘sustainable’ store in Kaarst, western Germany, opened in 2017.

The rental pilot was driven by a recognition that many consumers change homes more frequently but can’t afford new furniture every time they move, Jesper Brodin, chief executive of Ingka Group, which owns most IKEA stores, told Reuters.
rental  retail  property  trends  future 
10 reasons why Superbrands 2018 is a worthless list
Last year, Rolex was the third most super brand in the UK. This year it drops out of the top 10 and comes in at 12th behind Cadbury (clearly a much more super brand) and Andrex (also more super). This is a particularly inexplicable shift because, and there is no polite way to put this, Rolex is the most boringly lovely brand ever invented.

Its watches don’t change. Its endorsers don’t change. Its sponsorships don’t change. It’s the epitome of Swiss sophisticated stability. It just sits there being superior and making enormous amounts of cash. If Superbrands ranks Rolex as third, it has to stay third. That is just the way it goes. It’s Rolex. It doesn’t go down, or up. It just is.
funny  measurement  fail 
2 days ago
Here's How To Find Out Who Has Your Data On Facebook
Welcome to the most bewildering — and most interesting — page in your Facebook settings: the list of brands that either have your data or have paid someone who has your data. This page is meant to offer Facebook users a glimpse at whose radar they may be on — which is good! But the reality is that this list is so confusing — why the heck does a Maserati dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona have my email or phone number? If they were any good at targeting ads, they could take one look at my location, occupation, or literally anything about me, and conclude there’s no way I’m buying a Maserati anytime soon.
facebook  privacy  measurement  fail 
3 days ago
US lawmakers to probe algorithm bias - BBC News
Computer algorithms must show they are free of race, gender and other biases before they are deployed, US politicians have proposed.
Lawmakers have drafted a bill that would require tech firms to test prototype algorithms for bias.
Many organisations rely on coded instructions or algorithms for tasks such as showing users relevant ads, analysing behaviour or sorting data.
Critics said the bill could limit the benefits of machine intelligence
ai  diversity 
5 days ago
Blockchain Working Group - IAB Tech Lab
Lots of names of people who are interested in Blockchain...
blockchain  new-companies 
6 days ago
YouTube to stream NBA 2K eSports |
The NBA 2K League, a professional eSports league for players of the basketball video game, has announced that YouTube will stream live broadcasts of all its games this season.
The coverage includes the league’s 230+ regular-season, playoff and finals games. Games take place at the league’s studio in the New York City borough of Queens.
youtube  sportsrights  esports  gaming 
6 days ago
YouTube TV raises price; adds Discovery |
Google is raising the price of a YouTube TV subscription by $10 (€8.8) to $49.99 a month. The increased fee is effective immediately for all new subscribers. Existing customers will see the price hike after May 13th. Subscribers billed through Apple will have to pay $54.99.

A blog post said increased pricing was necessary in order to provide “the best service possible”.
google  youtube  tv  paid 
6 days ago
Finding the point of human leverage — Benedict Evans
This is just another form of leveraging people: you need people to do the labelling (and to write the rules for how the people do the labelling). But we move the point of leverage, and change, perhaps radically, how many people we need, and so we change some of the ‘winner takes all’ effects. After all, these giant social platforms are vast collections of manually labeled data, so is the glass half empty or half full? Glass half full: they have the world's largest collection of manually label data (in their chosen domain). Glass half empty: it’s manually labeled.
ai  future  casestudies 
6 days ago
Kind exposes sugar content in its competitors' products | Food Dive
Kind Snacks hasn't given up on its crusade against added sugars in the snack industry.
The snack bar maker debuted on Wednesday an augmented reality installation pop-up called Sweetners Uncovered in New York City and an online database to showcase the different sweeteners and sugar sources hidden in top-selling snacks — including many of Kind's competitors like Kellogg and General Mills. 
Kind CEO Daniel Lubetzky told Food Dive that about six months ago the company was working with public health experts to file a petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to update how the agency regulates nutrient content claims on food products. He was "blown away" by the amount of sugars and sweeteners they found. This prompted Kind to launch the website and pop-up to highlight this widely-used ingredient. 
food  augmented-reality 
6 days ago
Study: Just 3.8% of businesses offer correct info in voice searches | Mobile Marketer
While more than 50 million U.S. consumers own voice-powered smart speakers that can respond to questions, few businesses provide correct answers to basic searches for information like opening hours, according to a study that location marketing firm Uberall shared with Mobile Marketer. The firm found that just 3.8% of businesses had correct information for voice searches and observed nearly 1 million errors about opening hours across listings — nearly half of locations analyzed in the study.
voice  search  echo  ai  fail 
6 days ago
Animated film 'Missing Link' connects with Alexa adventure game | Mobile Marketer
United Artists Releasing created a voice-powered Alexa adventure game to accompany the April 12 premiere of stop-motion animated movie "Missing Link." The "Missing Link Adventures" skill lets users participate in six treasure hunts that include exercises, riddles and dialogue by the film's main characters, Variety reported.
The skill, as Alexa apps are called, has 1.5 hours of interactive audio content from "Missing Link" characters voiced by Zach Galifianakis, Hugh Jackman and Zoe Saldana. The three characters ask users to find household objects that can be "transformed" into creatures.
People can access the skill from an Amazon Echo speaker, Echo Show display, Fire TV and other devices with Alexa support. United Artists, a joint venture between Annapurna Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and MGM's Orion Pictures, worked with digital agency Isobar to create the Alexa skill for "Missing Link."
echo  voice  films  GAMES  content 
6 days ago
Walmart To Revamp 500 Stores In eCommerce Age |
In an effort to keep physical retail relevant in the online commerce age, Walmart plans to revamp 500 of its U.S. brick-and-mortar locations. The refits are said to include wider aisles, self-checkouts and brighter lighting, Financial Times reported.
Individual plans encompass a $173 million investment for Florida, $265 million for Texas and $145 million for California. According to the report, the company spent roughly $2.2 billion on 500 remodels in 2018. That represented “more than a fifth” of the retailer’s total capital expenditure of $10.3 billion.
This year, Walmart reportedly plans to employ $11 billion in capital expenditures. They are not the only retailer to boost investments in revamping stores: Target made investments valued at $2.7 billion for its stores in 2018, compared to $1.63 billion in the year prior.
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6 days ago
Whole Foods' 500th Store Features Eateries |
To create a food hall-like experience for customers, Whole Foods Market’s 70,000-square-foot store in Atlanta showcases four eateries. The space, which is created to sell more than only supermarket items, also features a rooftop experience, Chain Store Age reported, and is the chain’s 500th store.

Whole Foods Market South Region President Bobby Turner said, according to the outlet, “Whole Foods Market Midtown will be a true gathering space for the community.” Turner continued, “We worked hard to create a place that offers our neighbors a destination to get together, enjoy great food and connect with members of the local community through a variety of culinary, wellness and cultural events.”
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6 days ago
Macy's debuts 'Story' in 36 stores nationwide | Retail Dive
Macy's has incorporated its Story retail concept into 36 stores nationwide in 15 states: five each in California and New York; four in New Jersey; three each in Florida, Ohio and Texas; two each in Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Washington; and one in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada and Washington D.C., according to a company press release.

The concept features a rotating set of merchandise based on a theme, which for the national debut is "Color." Brands this go-round include more than 70 small businesses and more than 400 products. They include an online kidswear brand Primary (making its brick-and-mortar debut), Los Angeles-based chocolatier Compartes, MAC Cosmetics, Crayola and Levi's Kids, among others.
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6 days ago
Snapchat’s new in-app gaming platform will sound familiar to WeChat users in China | South China Morning Post
It looks like Snapchat is the latest Western app to take a leaf out of WeChat’s playbook.
Los Angeles-based Snap Inc. on Thursday rolled out its Snap Games platform that lets users play real-time, multiplayer games inside the company’s flagship messaging app. Without downloads or installations, players can access these games through Snapchat’s chat feature and invite their friends to join.
Snap Games will be competing against similar in-app gaming platforms like Facebook’s Instant Games and Apple’s iMessage Games. It also follows forays into video games by Google and Apple, both of which recently announced their subscription-based gaming services.
snapchat  wechat  tencent  gaming  apac  mobile 
6 days ago
AKQA says it used AI to invent a new sport called Speedgate | TechCrunch
To do that, AKQA says it used an existing recurrent neural network architecture, feeding it data about 400 sports, which were then used to generate sports concepts and rules.
Many of those ideas, Jenkins said, were simply not feasible. The AI was good at coming up with descriptions for sports like “underwater parkour,” an exploding frisbee game and one where players pass a ball back-and-forth while in hot air balloons and on a tightrope. But it took a back-and-forth process with the human team at AKQA to narrow the list down to then final three for playtesting, and then to refine the rules into something people might actually want to play.
ai  agencies  funny 
6 days ago
Amazon acquires autonomous warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology | TechCrunch
Amazon has acquired Boulder, Colo.-based warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology, TechCrunch has learned. The deal makes a lot of sense from the outside, adding another important piece to Amazon Robotics’ growing portfolio of fulfillment center machines.

Amazon confirmed the acquisition with TechCrunch. “We are inspired by Canvas Technology’s innovations, and share a common vision for a future where people work alongside robotics to further improve safety and the workplace experience,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Canvas Technology’s fantastic team to keep inventing for customers.”
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6 days ago
Spend your crypto instantly with Coinbase Card – The Coinbase Blog
We’re excited to announce the launch of Coinbase Card, a Visa debit card that lets customers in the UK spend crypto as effortlessly as the money in their bank.
Coinbase Card is powered by customers’ Coinbase account crypto balances, giving them the ability to pay in-store and online using bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and more. Customers can use their card in millions of locations around the world, making payments through contactless, Chip and PIN, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs. When customers use their Coinbase Card, we instantly convert crypto to fiat currency, such as GBP, which is used to complete the purchase.
finance  payment  bitcoin  partnerships 
6 days ago
VR Film Places Entire Audience Into A Shared Immersive Experience - VRScout
This new immersive approach was made possible through the collaborative efforts between researchers at NYU’s Future Reality Lab and a start-up called Parallux, which incidentally was born out of the Future Reality Lab.

Parallux uses something called Mass Audience Synchronization Solution (MASS) to enable large-scale AR/VR experiences that allow up to 30 participants to share a single VR or AR environment. While there, audiences members are able to see and hear the digital content as if they were at a live theater or concert event.

Some would say that this sounds a lot like Oculus Venues, an app that allows you to watch concerts, sports, and other events with friends in VR. Using Parallux’s new shared experience technology, CAVE takes the concept even further.
vr  films  events 
6 days ago
Why is Carlsberg promoting tweets branding its beer the 'rancid piss of Satan'? | The Drum
The conspiracy theorists in The Drum have noted a connection between the three live tweets – which referenced ‘naan’, ‘stale breadsticks’ and ‘nan’ – a bread-thread bringing them together. The theory, however, falls flat when incorporating the 'piss' content.

Carlsberg sources have confirmed to The Drum that it does indeed have marketing shenanigans in the works and that the promoted tweets will soon pay off. It comes at a time when the brewer is looking to build the profile of its "unfiltered" brand, a Danish-style Pilsner beer brewed using naturally-occurring yeast.

As it stands, there is enough evidence out there to suggest it is 'Probably' launching a 'new brew'. It recently relaunched its Pilsner product in the UK.
alcohol  twitter  fail  funny  social-networks 
6 days ago
The only known portal to the Otherworld is in London, where an unassuming railway arch in Haggerston hosts fourteen immersion rooms.
For the comfort of travellers to the Otherworld, and in celebration of the island, we bring you a pan-Pacific kitchen from Lords of Poké and an adventurous bar selection: craft beers, small batch spirits and a cocktail menu which will challenge your preconceptions and excite your senses.
vr  events  weekend 
6 days ago
Amazon’s Antitrust Antagonist Has a Breakthrough Idea - The New York Times
Ms. Khan disagreed. Over 93 heavily footnoted pages, she presented the case that the company should not get a pass on anticompetitive behavior just because it makes customers happy. Once-robust monopoly laws have been marginalized, Ms. Khan wrote, and consequently Amazon is amassing structural power that lets it exert increasing control over many parts of the economy.

Amazon has so much data on so many customers, it is so willing to forgo profits, it is so aggressive and has so many advantages from its shipping and warehouse infrastructure that it exerts an influence much broader than its market share. It resembles the all-powerful railroads of the Progressive Era, Ms. Khan wrote: “The thousands of retailers and independent businesses that must ride Amazon’s rails to reach market are increasingly dependent on their biggest competitor.”
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7 days ago
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7 days ago
Lush quits social media in UK - BBC News
Announcing the news on Twitter, it said it was "tired of fighting with algorithms" and did not want to "pay to appear" in newsfeeds.
The firm, which sells fragrant handmade soaps, bath bombs and other body products, asked customers to contact it by email, phone, or via its website.
LushUK has 202,000 Twitter followers and 569,000 on Instagram.
More than 423,000 have liked the page on Facebook.
That account name will close on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with Lush Kitchen, Lush Times, Lush Life, Soapbox and Gorilla.
social-networks  fail  stunts  instagram  detox 
7 days ago
Dentsu Data Labs Launches 'DDLCoin' Blockchain Engine for Client Transactions
In what it says is an industry-first move, the Data Sciences Division of Dentsu India has announced the launch of its own ‘DDLCoin’ with an aim to power transactions on its flagship product, DAN Data Labs, saying that the ad tech ecosystem “promotes and fortifies new technologies while offering its clients with holistic innovative solutions.”

Powering DDLCoin will be a team of data scientists, ethical hackers, and martech experts, at Dentsu’s Data Sciences Division.

“Trust and transparency has become almost a necessity in the way we enter into contracts with our clients,” Vivek Bhargava, CEO DAN Performance Group.

“The recent wave of distrust in the advertising ecosystem has provided many in the industry with sleepless nights. With the use of trust-building technologies like distributed ledgers – known as the blockchain, the ad tech industry has the unique opportunity to rebuild trust by creating a more transparent ecosystem for all.”

By mining and generating its own system of distributed ledgers on a blockchain, Dentsu says that it will create an immutable store of every single transaction for every single user journey on its platform, DAN Data Labs.
agencies  blockchain  advertising 
7 days ago
2018 Political Digital Advertising Report | Tech for Campaigns
At TFC, experimentation and learning are fundamental. One of the things we love most about digital media and technology is the quick and continual learning and improvement it allows. Although this report's insights have already been incorporated into how TFC runs our work in this arena, we are publishing this widely so a broader audience can benefit from additional transparency and learnings into what is fast becoming one of the most important ways for candidates for office to communicate with voters. As the country readies itself for 2019 and 2020 elections, truly taking the time to examine what went well – and what didn't – is key to producing better outcomes and continuous improvement. We hope that other organizations and companies continue to make data and analyses more readily available - we'll all be better for it.
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7 days ago
Get Your Message On Mobile – AVC
I finally got around to reading the Political Advertising Report from Tech For Campaigns. My conclusion is we are going to see our phones light up with political messages over the next year and a half. Here is why:
politics  advertising 
7 days ago
A Regulatory Framework for the Internet – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
There are, in Internet parlance, three types of “free”:
“Free as in speech” means the freedom or right to do something
“Free as in beer” means that you get something for free without any additional responsibility
“Free as in puppy” means that you get something for free, but the longterm costs are substantial
Most in the West agree, at least in theory, with the idea that the Internet should preserve “free as in speech”; China in particular represents a cautionary tale as to how technology can be leveraged in the opposite direction. The question that should be asked, though, is if preserving “free as in speech” should also mean preserving “free as in beer.”
legal  trends  social-networks  content 
7 days ago
By You: Nike's customisable range gets a new name, and a new look | It's Nice That
New York-based creative agency Gretel has reshaped Nike’s consumer-led sub-brand, Nike ID. After 19 years of using the moniker, it’ll now be known across the globe as Nike By You, reflecting the fact that it offers customers a wide array of customisation options.

Launched at the turn of the millennium, Nike ID marked the beginning of a new era in sportswear, giving buyers the chance to pretty much design a pair of trainers from scratch. Because as we all know, there’s nothing worse than turning up to the light, airy, and uber-trendy design studio you work at and clocking that three-quarters of the staff have got the same sneakers on, is there?
7 days ago
Gen Z prefers Instagram when hearing from brands, Piper Jaffray says | Marketing Dive
Ninety percent of teens report using Instagram at least once a month, according to Piper Jaffray's semiannual, "Taking Stock With Teens" survey. Among the teens surveyed, 70% said they prefer brands to contact them about new products through Instagram, with Snapchat following as the preferred method for brand engagement at about 50%. However, Snapchat is the favored social media channel, with 41% of those surveyed naming it as their favorite, compared to 35% for Instagram. Just 6% of teens named Facebook as a favorite, down from more than 22% six months ago.
Amazon tops the list for favorite shopping sites, with 50% of teens saying it is their preferred shopping site (up from 44% last spring), followed by Nike at 5%. While Nike continued its reign as the top clothing and footwear brand among teens, Vans and lululemon each reached new highs in the survey. Ulta replaced Sephora as teens' favorite beauty destinations for the first time.
teens  ecommerce  amazon  facebook  instagram 
7 days ago
Google brings ads to Assistant search results | Mobile Marketer
Google updated its Assistant app for Android with features that include showing search ads, the first time that the search giant has added ads to its virtual assistant experience, the company announced in a blog post. Google Assistant will only show sponsored results for a small number of queries, which may allay concerns that the company's artificial intelligence (AI) platform will become cluttered with ads, TechCrunch reported.
google  ai  advertising 
7 days ago
Gig Economy Moves Toward Critical Mass |
The read across here is that using “what you know” to boost the top line has been increasingly on the upswing, and indeed knowledge is (earnings) power. Consider the fact that the percentage of gig workers earning $100,000 now stands at 40 percent, up a jump from the 30 percent seen in the third quarter as gig work becomes a full-time pursuit. Again, that pursuit is aided by high-tech digital marketplaces, which were used by more than 38 percent of non-seasonal workers, up from 35 percent. At the same time, we saw a boost in education levels amid these higher earners who sourced ad hoc work from digital means. Those with college degrees increased to 41.6 percent from 39.1 percent previously, and those with graduate degrees rose from 25.1 percent to 37.6 percent.
futureofwork  stats 
7 days ago
Amazon Taking More Search Ad Dollars From Google |
Amazon is starting to get more of the digital advertising dollars as marketers shift their focus away from Google.
The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported WPP, the biggest ad buyer in the world, increased its ad spend at Amazon in 2018, spending $300 million for clients on Amazon search ads. Of that budget, The Wall Street Journal reported 75 percent came from money that was allocated for Google search ads. The ad spend on Amazon by WPP is up between $100 million and $150 million from how much it spent on Amazon in 2017. In 2018 WPP did spend around $3 billion on Google search ads, noted the report.

Omnicom Group, another ad agency, spends 20 percent to 30 percent of client budgets on Amazon search ads, with the majority of the money being moved away from Google search ads. All told for 2018, Omnicom spent $1.2 billion on search ads in the U.S. The report noted that the ad spend going Amazon’s way is still tiny compared to Google. Google accounted for 78 percent of the U.S. search ad market last year, raking in $44.2 billion. The Wall Street Journal cited eMarketer, the research firm, for that data.
amazon  google  advertising  stats  search 
7 days ago
More than half of consumers shop online and offline equally | Retail Dive
At least 60% or more of consumers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany said they shop equally offline and online, according to a March Periscope by McKinsey report.
While the respondents said they still prefer to shop offline for items like clothes, home furnishings, groceries and beverages, the report found that more consumers are spending online on travel or other entertainment purchases such as movies, books, music and games. However, the consumers who shop mostly or exclusively online did so because they reside in urban areas where cross-channel shopping opportunities are already abundant, the report also found.
retail  ecommerce  stats 
7 days ago
Our First Look At The US Army's Controversial HoloLens AR Headset - VRScout
According to CNBC, this modified version of the HoloLens 2 will be used on and off the battlefield.
During November of last year, it was reported that Microsoft would be entering a $479M contract with the United States military to supply the Army with 100,000 modified HoloLens headsets. That following February, A group of Microsoft employees released a statement to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, and its president, Brad Smith, condemning the actions of the company and expressing outrage over the potential use of HoloLens technology for combat purposes.
vr  augmented-reality  military  hardware 
7 days ago
Snapchat's 'Landmarkers' Update Brings Famous Structures To Life In AR - VRScout
Morphing your face and adding dog ears through Snapchat’s AR filter is definitely fun party trick and good for a few laughs, but the company sees its technology offering so much more, and by so much more I mean turning surrounding landmarks into rainbow-puking cartoon characters.

Snapchat Landmarkers is a new AR lens that turns famous man-made structures, such as the Eiffel Tower, into goofy animated characters that stretch up into the air and vomit brightly-colored rainbows; transforming NYC’s Flatiron Building into the tallest cheesiest pepperoni pizza structure you’ve ever seen.
snapchat  maps  augmented-reality  location 
7 days ago
Snapchat launches Mario Party-style multiplayer games platform | TechCrunch
Snap is unlocking a new revenue stream while giving you something to do between chats and Stories. Today Snapchat debuts its Snap Games platform that lets you play real-time, multiplayer games while texting and talking with your friends. The platform is based on Snap’s secret late-2017 acquisition of PrettyGreat, an Australian game studio with talent from HalfBrick (which built Fruit Ninja). That team built Bitmoji Party, a Mario Party-style mini-game fest, to show off the platform that includes five games from developers like Zynga and ZeptoLab. The games are rolling out worldwide on iOS and Android starting today.
snapchat  gaming  trends  future 
7 days ago
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