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Spotify Shares Sink On Amazon Music News |
According to Reuters, the eCommerce giant would offer the free music service through its Echo speakers, and it could launch as early as this week. Amazon already offers its Prime Music service as part of its Prime subscription service at $119 per year, as well as Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions for $9.99 a month, or $7.99 per month for Prime members.
amazon  music  free  spotify  advertising 
3 days ago by dancall
Amazon To Launch Free Ad-Supported Music Service |
Amazon, the eCommerce giant, could launch a music service that is free and ad-supported in the coming days, reported Billboard.
According to Billboard, citing sources familiar with the plan, Amazon is mulling marketing the service through its Echo speakers and Alexa, its voice-activated digital assistant. The service would start with a limited catalog of music and could launch next week, reported Billboard.
According to the report, Amazon has been in talks with record labels to obtain licenses for the free music, offering to pay some record labels per stream in the beginning irrespective of how many ads Amazon sells on the service. The move comes as Amazon looks to take on Spotify in the music streaming market and underscores just how formidable a competitor it can be.  Unlike Spotify, Amazon’s size and capital enables it to lose money on the music service if it drives more business to its eCommerce sites. Spotify can’t do the same and is under pressure by investors to become profitable.
amazon  music  spotify  echo  advertising 
3 days ago by dancall
Three launches first 8-bit video game on Instagram
Three, the mobile network, is launching the first-ever interactive 8-bit video game on Instagram as part of a new marketing campaign.
The game, created and developed by Gravity Road, celebrates phone culture and features a character whose aim is to make it through three levels of obstacles without looking up from her phone. 
gaming  GAMES  instagram  advertising 
3 days ago by dancall
Dentsu Data Labs Launches 'DDLCoin' Blockchain Engine for Client Transactions
In what it says is an industry-first move, the Data Sciences Division of Dentsu India has announced the launch of its own ‘DDLCoin’ with an aim to power transactions on its flagship product, DAN Data Labs, saying that the ad tech ecosystem “promotes and fortifies new technologies while offering its clients with holistic innovative solutions.”

Powering DDLCoin will be a team of data scientists, ethical hackers, and martech experts, at Dentsu’s Data Sciences Division.

“Trust and transparency has become almost a necessity in the way we enter into contracts with our clients,” Vivek Bhargava, CEO DAN Performance Group.

“The recent wave of distrust in the advertising ecosystem has provided many in the industry with sleepless nights. With the use of trust-building technologies like distributed ledgers – known as the blockchain, the ad tech industry has the unique opportunity to rebuild trust by creating a more transparent ecosystem for all.”

By mining and generating its own system of distributed ledgers on a blockchain, Dentsu says that it will create an immutable store of every single transaction for every single user journey on its platform, DAN Data Labs.
agencies  blockchain  advertising 
11 days ago by dancall
2018 Political Digital Advertising Report | Tech for Campaigns
At TFC, experimentation and learning are fundamental. One of the things we love most about digital media and technology is the quick and continual learning and improvement it allows. Although this report's insights have already been incorporated into how TFC runs our work in this arena, we are publishing this widely so a broader audience can benefit from additional transparency and learnings into what is fast becoming one of the most important ways for candidates for office to communicate with voters. As the country readies itself for 2019 and 2020 elections, truly taking the time to examine what went well – and what didn't – is key to producing better outcomes and continuous improvement. We hope that other organizations and companies continue to make data and analyses more readily available - we'll all be better for it.
politics  advertising 
11 days ago by dancall
Get Your Message On Mobile – AVC
I finally got around to reading the Political Advertising Report from Tech For Campaigns. My conclusion is we are going to see our phones light up with political messages over the next year and a half. Here is why:
politics  advertising 
11 days ago by dancall
Google brings ads to Assistant search results | Mobile Marketer
Google updated its Assistant app for Android with features that include showing search ads, the first time that the search giant has added ads to its virtual assistant experience, the company announced in a blog post. Google Assistant will only show sponsored results for a small number of queries, which may allay concerns that the company's artificial intelligence (AI) platform will become cluttered with ads, TechCrunch reported.
google  ai  advertising 
11 days ago by dancall
Amazon Taking More Search Ad Dollars From Google |
Amazon is starting to get more of the digital advertising dollars as marketers shift their focus away from Google.
The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported WPP, the biggest ad buyer in the world, increased its ad spend at Amazon in 2018, spending $300 million for clients on Amazon search ads. Of that budget, The Wall Street Journal reported 75 percent came from money that was allocated for Google search ads. The ad spend on Amazon by WPP is up between $100 million and $150 million from how much it spent on Amazon in 2017. In 2018 WPP did spend around $3 billion on Google search ads, noted the report.

Omnicom Group, another ad agency, spends 20 percent to 30 percent of client budgets on Amazon search ads, with the majority of the money being moved away from Google search ads. All told for 2018, Omnicom spent $1.2 billion on search ads in the U.S. The report noted that the ad spend going Amazon’s way is still tiny compared to Google. Google accounted for 78 percent of the U.S. search ad market last year, raking in $44.2 billion. The Wall Street Journal cited eMarketer, the research firm, for that data.
amazon  google  advertising  stats  search 
11 days ago by dancall
Amazon's Ad-Revenue Growth Comes at the Expense of Google
Several big ad agencies more than doubled their spending on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) last year as the company ramped up its advertising business. The banners atop search results and sponsored listings within search results grew increasingly common. Amazon doesn't break out its ad revenue, but its "other" revenue line item, which consists mostly of advertising, more than doubled in 2018, to $10.1 billion.

Most of Amazon's revenue growth is coming at the expense of another digital advertising giant: Google, the Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) company. The majority of the increase in Amazon ad budgets came from Google search ad budgets at some of the biggest ad agencies, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.
amazon  google  advertising  stats 
12 days ago by dancall
Why Accenture Interactive bought Droga5 in landmark deal
In easily the highest profile deal the ad industry has seen in recent memory, Accenture Interactive announced this morning that it has fully acquired creative advertising agency Droga5, which counts Under Armour, HBO, the New York Times, Amazon, Covergirl, and more major brands as clients.

The deal will see all of Droga5’s 500 employees across offices in New York and London become a major creative cog in Accenture Interactive’s massive $8.5 billion digital customer experience and marketing services machine.

“We have bits and pieces of brand creative here in North America, but we didn’t have the best,” says Accenture Interactive CEO Brian Whipple. “David [Droga] and his team are the best, hands down, and now we’ll be adding that, which will just make our ability to make best-in-class experiences for clients–and communicate them to consumers–an incredible reality.”
agencies  deals  future  advertising 
16 days ago by dancall
Addressable advertising for ITV Hub |
UK commercial PSB ITV has signed an exclusive UK and Ireland licensing agreement with digital advertising technology company Amobee for end-to-end programmatic buying and selling of premium video inventory on ITV’s premium VoD service, the ITV Hub.

This will enable ITV to launch a new, fully-programmatic, premium advanced advertising platform, built using Amobee’s advertising technology which allows advertisers complete control over the purchasing of their campaigns across the ITV Hub.
tv  advertising  future 
17 days ago by dancall
'It was embarrassing': Why Reebok's digital strategy changed | Retail Dive
Sometimes the need for change is gradual and other times it's a smack in the face. For Matt Blonder, Reebok's global head of digital, it was the latter. When he arrived at Reebok in 2017, he was struck by how far the company needed to go in terms of digital.

"I took one look at the website and it was embarrassing," he told Retail Dive in an interview. "We no longer had an experience that the organization could be proud of and that our consumers could love. Before we can start to build a really robust digital strategy, we have to have a digital home that feels as though it's aligned to the current state of our company and its future ambitions — and we just weren't."
sportswear  advertising 
17 days ago by dancall
Facebook Is Bringing More Information and Transparency to Its Ad Library and Pages Themselves – Adweek
Facebook revealed the next steps in its efforts to make advertising on its platform more transparent, including a revamp of its Ad Library feature and making more information available on pages.
facebook  advertising  politics  trust 
17 days ago by dancall
'It was always a problematic child': What went wrong for Sizmek - Digiday
Ad tech has had another casualty. The news of Sizmek’s bankruptcy filing has shaken digital ad executives, who regarded the company’s ad server business as an important contender to Google’s. But the company’s vision of becoming a fully integrated buy-side tech stack was built on a crumbling foundation, according to ad tech sources. What didn’t help is the growing power of big tech in the ad tech space, as well as the likelihood of more brands taking parts of their media buying in-house.
advertising  adserving  cookies  fail  trends 
19 days ago by dancall
'Marketing is commoditized': Candid thoughts of ad buyers at the Digiday Media Buying Forum - Digiday
“The duopoly is gaining more market share despite being in the news more than ever for negative reasons. It’s a weird quirk of the industry: We’re leaning on the things that have driven us to good circumstances, but not allowing ourselves to be stretched away from things we know are fundamentally flawed.”

“YouTube took a real hit a few years ago [after the brand-safety scandal] but where did that money go? To Facebook.”
advertising  trends  agencies 
23 days ago by dancall
The Waze App Knows Exactly When You’re Seeing McDonald’s Billboards - Eater
Last October, Waze tested these new advertising capabilities in Southern California. The Waze app mapped the location of around 300 McDonald’s billboards in the area. When Waze users traveled along a route with one of these, the app pushed a “zero-speed takeover” ad, which appears on the Waze device when the car is stopped. (Safety first, then processed pork products.) Along with a photo of the elusive McRib sandwich, the ad offered drivers the option to reroute to a nearby McDonald’s location.

During the campaign, 8,400 drivers opted to reroute to a McDonald’s. This number only includes drivers who immediately went to a McDonald’s after seeing the ad, but given that the ad made 6 million total impressions, it’s likely other drivers picked up a McRib or made a McDonald’s visit later. Although Waze didn’t track those visits, the company does have that capability: Waze pings its users’ GPS every second and stores that data, sometimes sharing it with local governments, in what many consider a step too far regarding privacy concerns.
waze  maps  location  advertising  casestudies  google  food  widgets 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Sandwich chain Blimpie lifts customer spending 11% with personalized offers | Mobile Marketer
Sandwich chain Blimpie boosted average customer spending by 11% and saw a lift in visit frequency within the first four weeks of testing Mobivity's mobile marketing platform, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
At 70 locations, the test sent personalized offers to customers' mobile phones and printed discounts on paper receipts for future purchases based on a person's individual order history. Offers ranged from free drinks to money off a dessert, or promoted new menu items.
The Arizona-based sandwich chain plans to expand its use of Mobivity's platform, based on the positive early results. "While nearly every brand who implements our Recurrency solution sees an attributable and positive impact on their business, it's rare that we can show such an impact this early in the process," Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker said in the announcement.
mobile  advertising  location  casestudies 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Amazon tests app pop-ups touting private-label goods | Mobile Marketer
Amazon tested a pop-up feature on its mobile app that showed its private-label goods on some of the product pages of rivals, The Wall Street Journal reported. The pop-up windows filled much of a smartphone screen, forcing app users to click through to a lower-cost Amazon product or to close the notice before continuing to browse.
Mobile users who searched for "AAA batteries," for example, in Amazon's app first saw a sponsored listing from Energizer Holdings. Users who tapped on that listing then saw a pop-up window offering less expensive AmazonBasics AAA batteries. Trash bags and nutritional supplements also showed similar pop-windows, the Journal reported.
Amazon said the pop-ups weren't ads, but a test feature intended to help shoppers find less expensive products. Amazon's retail business, not its ad team, developed the test of the pop-up windows. The company declined to talk about the experiment's results, per the Journal.
amazon  fail  advertising  ownlabel 
4 weeks ago by dancall
'I looked like a clown': the truth about shopping on Instagram | Fashion | The Guardian
It started last summer. Clothes adverts flooded my Instagram feed, and it was uncanny. One minute, I’d be envying a friend her Agnès B boiler suit (it has a bumflap, so you don’t have to take it off when you go to the loo: so French); the next, I would be served an ad for a more or less identical boiler suit, except without the flaps, and only £24.95. Had Instagram accessed the microphone on my phone and listened to my chitchat? But I hadn’t even spoken that envy out loud. They had seen inside my head.

I wanted dungarees, because they reminded me of the 80s, when I had a babysitting racket and spent all the money on them. I also wanted a maxi dress, because it seemed to meet my newly acquired aversion to tights. These things, while not profound, were intensely personal, or so they seemed. And yet there they were, telepathically, on my feed.
clothing  advertising  instagram 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Grow your games business with ads
We’re introducing App campaigns for engagement in Google Ads to help players rediscover your game by engaging them with relevant ads across Google’s properties. With App campaigns for engagement, you can reconnect with players in many different ways, such as encouraging lapsed players to complete the tutorial, introducing new features that have been added since a player’s last session, or getting someone to open the game for the first time on Android (which only Google can help with).
google  GAMES  advertising  targeting  widgets  mobile 
5 weeks ago by dancall
In-house advertising: greater control or a creativity compromise?
“Thanks to the surge of accessible software, martech [marketing technology] has been democratised, meaning that in-housing has become more feasible,” she says.
The difficulty for brands, she adds, is finding the talent to understand and manage these technologies, and to deliver stand-out creative. Nevertheless she would encourage more brands to consider in-housing, with the caveat that in her view “big, brilliant above-the-line [mass media] brand campaigns still, and will always, need specialists to bring them to life”.
advertising  future  agencies 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Marketers: here are 5 mistakes you should avoid in 2019
As marketers, what do we really notice? It’s always big ads served on a big scale that create shared cultural moments; never automated or programmatically served text-based banner ads. Let’s be more ambitious. Our goal should be to dazzle, not interrupt; to connect, not interfere; to be considerate of what the person is feeling and hoping to do in that moment.
advertising  how-to 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Challenger Brands to Watch 2019 — The Challenger Project
It’s back! Beware of imitations. Welcome to the annual and original Challenger Brands to Watch list from eatbigfish (the company who literally wrote the book on challengers.) From the world’s ‘smallest’ beer to the Chinese behemoth redefining retail, these are the challengers we’re watching (and probably learning a hell of a lot from) in 2019.
advertising  trends 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Facebook replaces relevance score, changes ad metrics | Marketing Dive
Facebook announced three new updates to its ad metrics, including removing lesser-used metrics, updating how potential reach is calculated and replacing the single relevance score, according to a company blog post. 
The relevance score, a measure of how relevant ads are to the audience reached, will be replaced with three ad relevance diagnostics metrics, including quality ranking, or how an ad's perceived quality compared with competing ads; engagement rate ranking, an ad's expected engagement rate compared with competing ads; and conversion rate ranking, how an expected conversion rate compares to ads with the same optimization goal and competed for the same audience. The previous relevance score metric will be removed starting April 30. 
facebook  advertising  measurement 
5 weeks ago by dancall
EMarketer: Social video ad spending will surge 44% by 2021 | Mobile Marketer
Spending on social video ads will grow 44% from this year to reach $14.9 billion by 2021 as brands aim to reach younger audiences who spend time on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social video will make up 30% of total video spending by 2021, according to a forecast from researcher eMarketer.
Facebook and YouTube are the dominant companies in video ad spending, although eMarketer doesn't include YouTube in its forecast for social video. Twitter's U.S. video ad revenue will exceed $1 billion in 2021, ahead of Snapchat's $727.4 million. The researcher forecast that overall video ad spending will surge 62.1% from 2019 to 2023.
YouTube is the most popular platform for digital video, with 90% of U.S. viewers over the age of 15 saying they watch videos on the Google-owned platform. That's ahead of Facebook (60%), Instagram (35%), Twitter (21%) and Snapchat (18%). It also exceeds traditional outlets such as CNN, Fox News, BBC, MSNBC and The New York Times (8%), per data from AudienceProject.
advertising  video  social-networks  stats 
5 weeks ago by dancall
The case for personalization | Retail Dive
According to an Accenture study, over 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that know their name and purchase history and provide recommendations that are appropriately on-taste.1 And 52% are more inclined to change brands if a company doesn't offer personalized communication.2

Personalization is the key to keeping your customers engaged – and spending money. Retailers that get it right stand to gain a lot. Those who don’t, lose. Consider some of the major retailers that have failed in recent years. Casualties of the "retail apocalypse" in 2018 alone include Toys R Us (881 stores closed), Walgreens (600 stores closed), and Sears/Kmart (462 stores closed).3 One major common denominator among these retail casualties is this: they each failed at some level to adapt to escalating consumer demand for digital experiences and personalization.
technology  advertising  ecommerce  trends 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Tremor Video DSP expanding Connected TV solutions |
Tremor Video DSP, the programmatic video platform, has announced the expansion of its suite of connected TV (CTV) capabilities that features its exclusive data partnerships.
Through its platform, marketers are able to engage CTV audiences with the same granularity as previously only available on desktop or mobile. Tremor Video DSP’s suite of CTV solutions includes seamless activation, holistic audience targeting, custom and advanced creative, as well as audience measurement and attribution.
tv  future  advertising 
6 weeks ago by dancall
Tic Tac taps Instagram Stories, 6-second bumpers for campaign around sharing | Marketing Dive
Ferrero brand Tic Tac Gum will debut two new 15-second spots that will air on TV, digital and social media channels, according to details shared with Marketing Dive. 
The campaign, "Refreshing. Delicious. Fun," focuses on the idea that the act of sharing can inspire unique and fun experiences. One commercial promotes the brand's freshmint flavor, while the other highlights the watermelon flavor. 
The effort includes four six-second bumpers and three Instagram Stories/Facebook feed posts. It is the first created and produced for the brand by Laundry Service, which Tic Tac named its creative agency of record in August 2018. 
fmcg  instagram  creative  advertising 
6 weeks ago by dancall
KFC: The KFC Scroll Thru by Ogilvy | Creative Works | The Drum
KFC Middle East offers an alternative variation of 'live-feed,' by launching a drive-thru that sits within social media threads, where users can order food at a 'cluck' of a button.
When the weather's off or you're feeling particularly lethargic, the thought of venturing outside to answer your KFC cravings can feel like a bit of a challenge.
With this in mind, KFC Middle East has opened up a new kind of drive-thru that allows social media users to order food directly from their social media thread.
As users aimlessly scroll through their social media threads, the drive-thru will appear in the place of an ad. After the window is pulled up, a KFC employee warmly greets the scroller before suggesting various meals that might tickle their taste buds.
They can then swipe through the menu that appears below the window, and select which meal they wish to order instantly.
advertising  ecommerce  social-networks  future  food 
6 weeks ago by dancall
Blockchain marketing tech landscape grows 13x in 18 months | VentureBeat
Like the Internet, social media, and mobile before, blockchain technologies represent a significant opportunity for enterprise marketers to reduce the cost of marketing operations, create more unique customer experiences, build improved customer relationships, and reduce corporate risk.
We’ve been tracking the landscape of companies emerging to disrupt marketing with blockchain technology, and, since our first overview in September 2017, the space has expanded rapidly. At that time, there were 22 companies in the landscape. By earlier 2018, there were 88. And now, as of Q1 2019, there are 290. That’s a growth of 13x in just 18 months.
blockchain  advertising  stats 
6 weeks ago by dancall
Home - Vimma - Social media advertising
[A lot like - they get micro influcencers (typically less than 2K followers) to put ads / filters etc into their posts]
We serve brands, influencer marketing agencies and platforms with our programmatic advertising tools. We also serve really good coffee. Drop us a line, we’d be happy to have a chat!
social-networks  advertising  new-companies 
6 weeks ago by dancall
US Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Traditional in 2019 - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Total digital ad spending in the US will grow 19% to $129.34 billion this year—54.2% of estimated total US ad spending. And mobile will continue its dominance, accounting for more than two-thirds of digital ad spending, at $87.06 billion this year.
Also for the first time, the combined share of the duopoly (Google and Facebook) will drop, even as their revenues grow.
advertising  stats  predictions  google  facebook 
7 weeks ago by dancall
Baskin-Robbins sees 12% lift in store visits from Spotify ads | Mobile Marketer
Baskin-Robbins saw a 12% lift in store visits — 4.3-times industry benchmarks — from an ad campaign on music streaming service Spotify, according to data verified by Placed. The offline attribution firm joined Spotify as a measurement partner in the United States, per an announcement.
Baskin-Robbins attributed 430,000 U.S. store visits to people who heard the "Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like" ad last summer. The campaign also drove 47,000 incremental store visits and a positive return on investment. Each ad urged listeners to "Find A Shop" and directed them to click and see the nearest Baskin-Robbins store, per a Spotify case study.
spotify  location  casestudies  advertising  stats 
8 weeks ago by dancall
WPP teams with Waze on in-car ads | Mobile Marketer
Ad agency holding group WPP partnered with Waze, the Google-owned social navigation app with more than 100 million users, to help retail brands reach consumers while they drive. The partnership aims to boost store traffic and product sales for retailers in Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, per an announcement.

Stephan Pretorius, CTO at WPP, said the partnership will give the agency’s clients better access to Waze’s software. Waze has several ad formats designed to avoid distracting drivers. Those formats include branded pins, zero-speed takeovers, sponsored search, arrows and voice commands, per Adweek.
agencies  advertising  location  waze  maps 
8 weeks ago by dancall
Report: TikTok tests native video ads that point to websites | Mobile Marketer
TikTok is testing sponsored videos that direct users of the video-sharing app to an advertiser's website. A Twitter user observed the native ad in a video clip with a "Sponsored" label from retailer Specialized Bikes and a blue "Lean More" button to tap.
The music that accompanies the clip is labeled "Promoted Music." When tapped, the label triggers an error message that says, "Ad videos currently do not support this feature." The profile page for Specialized Bikes also showed a verified account badge, per TechCrunch.
The glitch indicates the video ad unit is being tested and not publicly available. TikTok parent ByteDance last month started to experiment with advertising in the United States and United Kingdom. TikTok and Specialized declined to comment on the test, per TechCrunch.
tiktok  advertising  video 
8 weeks ago by dancall
Internet in decline beyond Google and Facebook | WARC
New WARC forecasts – based on data from 96 countries – predict a 4.3% rise in global adspend, bringing total investment to over $616 billion. But while internet advertising is still the driving force, the online market is showing signs of weakness beyond the Google and Facebook duopoly.

This is according to WARC’s Global Advertising Trends report, out today. Compared to 2018’s 5.4% rise – the strongest since 2011 – the forecast for this year is slightly softer. Nevertheless, top line growth is healthy, with advertising's share of global GDP holding at 0.7% over the last decade.

But James McDonald, Data Editor, WARC, who authored the research, noted the dramatic changes in the global ad market’s undercurrents.
google  facebook  advertising  stats 
8 weeks ago by dancall
Amazon's marketing spend soars to $8.2bn to rival P&G and Unilever
Amazon hiked its marketing spend by 30% to $8.2bn (£6.3bn) last year, making it a serious challenger to Procter & Gamble and Unilever as the world’s biggest advertiser.
The tech giant said in its annual report that its marketing costs "primarily consist of targeted online advertising, payroll and related expenses for personnel engaged in marketing and selling activities, and television advertising".
Amazon added that its marketing spend also includes promotional costs such as "commissions to third parties when their customer referrals result in sales" and "co-operative advertising arrangements with certain of our vendors and other third parties".
However, the marketing expense does not include costs related to Amazon Prime membership and shipping offers, which are treated separately.
amazon  advertising  stats 
9 weeks ago by dancall
Sony teams with TikTok on 'Escape Room' influencer campaign | Mobile Marketer
Sony Pictures and video-sharing platform TikTok partnered on a campaign to promote the thriller movie "Escape Room" among international audiences, according to an announcement. The companies hosted an event in Madrid that challenged social influencers and creators to record their experiences of teaming up to solve puzzles that unlocked escape rooms like those shown in the movie.
The invitees included 30 influencers from more than 17 countries, and eight TikTok creators from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia and Spain. The groups created more than 75 pieces of social content to share with their followers on TikTok.
The event ended with a scavenger hunt among Madrid's landmarks, with the winning team earning a special fan screening of the film in their local markets. The​ TikTok creators included the magician Magic Singh, comedian Karol Konk and makeup artist and body painter Vicky Banham.
tiktok  advertising  films  creative  competition 
10 weeks ago by dancall
BrewDog appoints first CEO of beer from Red Bull UK
Andy Shaw, who spent 14 years in senior positions at Red Bull, will be responsible for the global sales and marketing of BrewDog’s beer in the newly created role and will provide additional senior strategic leadership as the brewer and operator enters a period of domestic and international growth.

Last year, BrewDog announced a 55% year-on-year increase in its total revenue to £78m​ in its half-year trading results in August, with the brewery’s bar division up by 92%.

The brewer and operator enhanced its pub stable in March 2018 with the £15m purchase of Draft House​, while BrewDog's Punk IPA took the top spot in The Morning Advertiser​’s list of the best-selling craft beers​ in the pub trade.
alcohol  trends  advertising 
10 weeks ago by dancall
What Bud Light's corn syrup attack ads reveal about the troubled state of Big Beer
The unlikely rivalry delighted some viewers, and angered others, but was also deeply revealing. It told us a great deal about the challenges Big Beer is facing, and how unprepared American viewers are to have substantive debates about food and health—during a major sporting event, at least—a limitation marketing agencies are only too happy to exploit.
Here’s what happened, in case you did something else with your Sunday night. The Bud Light commercial is set in a faux-medieval, Games of Thrones-esque universe, one familiar to many viewers from the grating “dilly dilly” ads. A hapless courier delivers a giant barrel of corn syrup to the kingdom of Bud Light, which must be a mistake: Bud Light, the king announces, isn’t brewed with corn syrup, though he conspicuously points out that Miller Lite and Coors Light are. From there, the king and his cohort journey across ocean and mountain to return the massive shipment of corn syrup to its rightful owner.
alcohol  advertising  fail  crm 
10 weeks ago by dancall
What Is 5G? Some Facts and Marketing Implications | Street Fight
On the advertising side, 5G offers the potential of sharper location-based targeting and tracking as well as better experiences, supported by those same upgrades in streaming and data infrastructure that consumers are anticipating. Verizon reports that 33% of advertisers are planning for 5G, according to figures sent to Street Fight.

What’s the catch? Industry watchdogs, many of whom are cited in a Verge column from just this week, are skeptical about the extent to which a leap forward in mobile branding will truly change consumer experiences. Verdicts will roll in soon enough—mobile carriers are promising big changes for streaming in a golden moment for video, and marketers will be the first to complain if their pricey video spots are spurring consumers to seek out faster-flowing media.
5g  advertising 
10 weeks ago by dancall
Hulu Reveals the Strategy Behind Its Partnership With Instagram’s Viral ‘World Record Egg’ – Adweek
After Hulu and the Egg Gang finalized a deal, Tran and his company’s Culture Lab worked to learn more about the latter group’s ultimate goal of bringing more attention to mental health issues.

“The amazing thing is that they weren’t doing it for money,” he said. “From our first conversation, it was really clear this was not a marketing stunt or an ad for Hulu.” Once the parties decided upon Mental Health America as the group to promote with this effort, Tran said Hulu helped develop the football post (above) and the final message that debuted on its own channel, though they “had nothing to do with the actual video.”
stunts  instagram  funny  advertising 
10 weeks ago by dancall
Spotify and the potential for targeted podcast ads - BBC News
That's why Spotify's announcement on Wednesday that it is acquiring two major podcast companies should be considered a big moment in the slow growth of the humble podcast.
Its investment in podcasts will mean Spotify can combine its technologies to a) really help people find more podcasts they will like, and b) insert highly targeted ads on the fly, raising the earning potential for podcasts to the next level.
While growing quickly, ad sales within the US podcasting industry are currently only estimated to be worth around $659m a year by 2020, according to a survey from the Internet Advertising Bureau. For context, the New York Times just announced it alone made $709m from its digital offerings in 2018. Google and Facebook made a combined $50bn in three months.
podcast  advertising  targeting  voice  spotify  deals 
10 weeks ago by dancall
Four men with a ladder: the billboard campaigners battling Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
There are three other men here, dressed in hoodies, lumberjack shirts and beanies, lurking around and admiring the work. Their work – because Richard, Adam and Chris are three of the four key people behind Led By Donkeys, the remainer guerrilla activists highlighting the hypocrisy and lies of politicians by posting their damning quotes on billboards around the country. Less guerrilla now, actually: they’ve gone legit, this hoarding is paid for. Before, they just took them over. The reason it is going up so early is because that’s when Dave operates, mainly for parking reasons. Still, Richard, Adam and Chris are not their real names; they don’t want to be identified.
brexit  politics  outdoor  advertising  stunts 
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Report: TikTok dips its toes into advertising | Mobile Marketer
TikTok's rapid growth and highly engaged user base was bound to lead to a more devoted effort to monetize the platform, which has become a global phenomenon among younger consumers. TikTok stands out as the only top five app ranked by downloads that isn't owned by Facebook (whose portfolio includes WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and its main social networking app), per Sensor Tower. TikTok has surpassed the popularity of rivals like Snapchat and Twitter, positioning it to possibly take on Facebook, Google and Amazon in the digital ad market. 
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MillerCoors tests Foursquare's self-serve location data | Mobile Marketer
MillerCoors is the first alcohol marketer to test out self-service audience segments from location data provider Foursquare. These deeper insights could help the brewer determine how to reach consumers with programmatic ad buys on mobile devices, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
For the first time, Foursquare's Pinpoint audience segments are available for self-service from Trade Desk, the demand-side platform for computerized ad buys. Brands and publishers can now access 450 categories of anonymized audience groups such as "chains/brands," "loyalists" and "lifestyle affinities."
MillerCoors will use Foursquare's audience segments on its "Pre-Shop" campaign to reach consumers in convenience stores and on-premise sales at bars and restaurants. Those businesses don't aggregate data in a way that helps the brewer learn more about its customers, Brad Feinberg, MillerCoors' VP of media and consumer engagement, told AdExchanger.
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Martin Lewis settles lawsuit as Facebook agrees to donate £3m to anti-scam charity and launch new scam ads reporting button
Online scam adverts, which often use fake celebrity endorsements to get people to part with their cash, have become widespread across the internet in recent years, and Facebook admitted in May last year admitted that there were 1,000s of these ads featuring Martin on its site.

Now, instead of pursuing legal action, Martin has agreed to drop his lawsuit, and he and Facebook have instead come together in a legal settlement conditional on it agreeing to announce a major two-pronged action plan to fight against the problem:

Facebook will donate £3m to Citizens Advice to deliver a new UK Scams Action project (CASA) that will launch in May 2019.
Facebook will launch within a few months a new scam ads reporting tool, unique to the UK, and a dedicated team to handle these complaints.
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Bytedance hits lower-end of 2018 revenue target
Bytedance hit the lower-end of its 2018 revenue target after a sharper-than-projected slowdown in China advertising growth, said people familiar with the matter. The company told investors to expect revenue of US$7.4 billion to US$8.1 billion during its most recent fundraising. This is the first time in years that the owner of short-video app TikTok hasn’t beaten its forecast – due to delayed monetization and dampened ad spending.
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Tom Morton on Twitter: "So many hot takes flying around about the new Gillette campaign. Let’s look at the data that might have influenced P&G’s choice to talk about #TheBestMenCanBe / inevitable thread...…"
So many hot takes flying around about the new Gillette campaign. Let’s look at the data that might have influenced P&G’s choice to talk about #TheBestMenCanBe / inevitable thread.
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Tik Tok branded content : socialmedia
Has anyone experience with branded content on Tik Tok?
I've seen that Adidas uses influencers to do "Costume changes" and to promote "Bohemian Rhapsody" a snippet of "we will rock you" can be used to create content (It has 56 million views).
What other brands did good content or cooperations on Tik Tok? Any recommendations?
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The Truly Viral Movie is Here – 500ish Words
Last night, Bloomberg’s Eric Newcomer and I had a debate about whether or not Netflix runs the risk of a “boy who cried ‘wolf!’” situation if they keep doing these tactics with less-than-stellar movies. I agree that this is a risk, but far less of one than with movies in theaters. Because again, time-to-discover has been compressed to zero, thus negating the “Rotten Tomatoes Effect”. Bad reviews, even in aggregate, can’t sink a film if it doesn’t actually open. It’s just there, ready to be watched. This adds subjectivity back into the equation.
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Survey: Amazon will win advertising dollars away from Facebook - Recode
Amazon could double its ad revenue among top US ad buyers in the next two years, giving it 12 percent of total digital ad spending in 2020. Meanwhile, Facebook’s main social network platform is expected to lose 3 percentage points of market share in that time.

That’s according to a new Cowen survey of 50 senior US advertising buyers in late December that showed Amazon is expected to gain more digital ad market share by 2020 than any other platform.
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How AirPlay 2 works on Vizio TVs - The Verge
'Taking the smarts out of smart TVs would make them more expensive'
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Graham Put On Indefinite Leave –
Linked to from ad on gaming site - very strange, fake Graham Norton story
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AT&T, Verizon showcase 5G future at CES | Mobile Marketer
5G will bring enhanced capabilities to the mobile world and represents a new battlefield for mobile providers as the technology rolls out over the next year. The speed and strength with which Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile pushed back on AT&T's claims about its 5G capabilities demonstrates the priority that 5G holds in their plans for 2019 and beyond.

The advertising and marketing applications for 5G will be numerous, especially with the improvement in video download speeds that reduce the possibility that mobile users will get frustrated with slow service. Prolonged download times are a major reason that some mobile users install ad blocking software on their phones or simply give up on trying to browse mobile websites.
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6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019 | Mobile Marketer
While social commerce initially was slow to catch on, social media as a sales channel will soon springboard from a "nice to have" to the "price of admission" for savvy marketers, Columbus Consulting CEO Jon Beck said in comments to Mobile Marketer. About 66% of brands analyzed by researcher Gartner have adopted social commerce strategies within the past year, but according to Elastic Path CMO Darin Archer, brands in 2018 primarily used Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat for acquisition efforts — boosting awareness, generating leads and advertising products. This year, the industry is set to break that tide and focus on engagement, experts said.
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9M Google Play Users Duped By App Adware |
An active adware has been detected on the Google Play store that can display full-screen ads, monitor when a device’s screen is unlocked, and run in the mobile device’s background.
Trend Micro detected the adware — AndroidOS_HidenAd — disguised as 85 game, TV, and remote control simulator apps on the Google Play store. The apps were downloaded 9 million times around the world before Google suspended the fake apps from the store.
The “Easy Universal TV Remote,” which promised to enable a person’s smartphone to control their TV, was the top choice among the fake apps. It was downloaded more than 5 million times.
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Amazon’s IMDb launches a free streaming service, Freedive | TechCrunch
Amazon’s IMDb movie website today announced the launch of a free streaming service, called Freedive. The service offers viewers in the U.S. access to an ad-supported collection of TV shows like  Fringe, Heroes, The Bachelor and Without a Trace, as well as Hollywood movies like Awakenings, Foxcatcher, Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run, The Illusionist, The Last Samurai, True Romance, and others.

The content is free to watch without a subscription, and can be viewed on a phone, laptop or a big screen by way of Amazon Fire TV devices.

IMDb was already the home for some video content, including trailers, celebrity interviews and short-form original series such as The IMDb Show, Casting Calls, and No Small Parts. These are now being bundled into Freedive, says the company, and will remain free to watch.
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Mediatel: Newsline: 2019: the good, the bad, the ugly...and a weird one
Good #1. People are paying for media and associated stuff. I know...remarkable, isn’t it? Obviously we know about the rapid rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime (and Spotify subs too) but there are other bright spots out there, and it may be that the habit spreads.

There’s a catch, though, which is that media owners looking to move from ad-funded to a mixed model have to hold their nerve and experiment.

In this respect, we should acknowledge the efforts of, in wildly contrasting ways, News UK and The Guardian. Last summer, digital subs to the Times and Sunday Times hit the 500,000 mark, and by year-end I understand they were up 20% year on year. As of last June, The Guardian reported a paying base of 570,000. Obituaries are premature.
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The Post-Advertising Future of the Media - The Atlantic
For example, in just the past few decades, The New York Times’ revenue has shifted from more than 60 percent advertising to more than 60 percent reader payments. As its business model has changed, so has its coverage. “Look at The New York Times in 1960 vs. 2010; the reportage is more interpretive,” observed the late James L. Baughman, the communications theorist and University of Wisconsin professor.

Mid-century newspapers were as broad and unobjectionable as department stores, because department-store advertising was their business. News media of the future could be as messy, diverse, and riotously disputatious as their audiences, because directly monetizing them is the new central challenge of the news business.
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UK army recruitment ads target 'snowflake' millennials | UK news | The Guardian
The campaign is targeting 16- to 25-year-olds, also known as Generation Z, the nickname of the generation born approximately between 1995 and 2015. It will include a series of TV and radio adverts, as well as a billboard campaign.

The army based the campaign on the historic Your Country Needs You first world war poster featuring Field Marshal Lord Kitchener.

The TV ads build on the idea that young ambitious people may feel undervalued and want a job with greater purpose. These would-be recruits are first shown at home or at work, with others calling out their stereotypes, before the scene suddenly changes and shows them in army roles, ranging from soldiers assisting on humanitarian missions in war-torn villages to providing support in a hurricane relief effort.
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Aram Zucker-Scharff on Twitter: "The numbers are all fking fake, the metrics are bullshit, the agencies responsible for enforcing good practices are knowing bullshiters enforcing and profiting off all the fake numbers and none of the models make sense at
The numbers are all fking fake, the metrics are bullshit, the agencies responsible for enforcing good practices are knowing bullshiters enforcing and profiting off all the fake numbers and none of the models make sense at scale of actual human users.
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Inside the Pricey War to Influence Your Instagram Feed | WIRED
Many influencers with substantial followings “are not promoting products without being compensated,” said Kevin James Bennett, a cosmetics developer and consultant who works with brands interested in influencer marketing. “That doesn’t make them bad people, it makes them salespersons—and you, the consumer, deserve to know when you’re being ‘sold’ something.”

The Federal Trade Commission agrees. As the practice has become more popular, the agency has adopted rules governing the disclosure of paid endorsements on social media. The text is long and complicated, but can be reduced to two essential concepts: If an influencer has received anything—be it cash, free products, or something else—that could affect how a viewer interprets their mention of a brand or product, they must disclose it; and the disclosure must be displayed prominently, and plainly, in the video, photo, or blog.
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Marketer of the Year: Nike | Mobile Marketer
From leveraging social platforms and diving into fresh mobile ad strategies, to creating powerful in-store experiences through technology, Nike has tied up mobile marketing this year, making it a champion in the space.

While the athletics retailer made waves this year with powerful creative that drove national conversation, its success in using bleeding edge technology shows how integrating mobile is key from the start. That approach — rather than as an add-on tactic — can help brands break through in a crowded market to connect with on-the-go consumers that are increasingly fatigued by traditional advertising.
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RhythmOne Introduces Linear TV Attribution Partnership with Placed | Street Fight
Marketing technology end-to-end platform RhythmOne announced an expansion of its relationship with attribution solution Placed this week, incorporating linear tv measurements into their already existing partnership. The move comes as the holiday season approaches and aims to further improve brick-and-mortar retail client understanding of the links between advertising and in-store visits, said Christine Kunz, RhythmOne’s director of product marketing.

87.7 percent of total retail spending is projected for brick-and-mortar businesses during the holiday season, illustrating the importance of omnichannel attribution to ensure efficient media spend, according to a RhythmOne blog post.
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Amazon orders generated by ads jumped 54% over Thanksgiving weekend, study finds | Marketing Dive
Orders on Amazon generated by ads increased 54% in 2018, jumping from 16.3% in 2017 to 25.1% in 2018, with categories like Home and Kitchen demonstrating a higher "ad dependency" than others, according to a new study from Quartile.
The study revealed that brands looking for top positions on Amazon increasingly must "pay to play" to stand out, or risk falling behind competitors.
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Unilever's Lynx spins Snapchat ad views into charitable donations | Mobile Marketer
Unilever is making charitable donations via a Snapchat ad campaign for its Lynx personal care brand by partnering with Good-Loop, an ad tech platform that rewards ad viewership, The Drum reported. Good-Loop lets viewers who watch online ads unlock a charity donation at the end of the ad experience.
The Lynx ads started appearing this week on Snapchat in the U.K. to coincide with Giving Tuesday on Nov. 27, a movement to urge charitable donations after Cyber Monday. The video spots feature reality TV star Ollie Locke and Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini.
Unilever will donate 10 pence (about 13 cents) to Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organization, every time a Snapchat user swipes up on the Lynx ad to learn more.
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YouTube offering ad-supported movies |
YouTube is now offering advertising-supported movies free of charge to users.
The service was started rolled out with little fanfare by YouTube with movies such as The Terminator and Rocky amongst the first titles on offer.
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Mobile shopping campaigns and dynamic product ads show strong Black Friday growth, study says | Mobile Marketer
Three mobile ad formats — mobile shopping ads, dynamic ads for products on social media and video ads — have shown strong spending growth during this year's holiday shopping season. Shopping campaigns on mobile grew 44% on Thanksgiving and 43% on Black Friday from a year earlier, faster than other devices, according to a study by digital ad platform Kenshoo.
Spending on dynamic ads for products on social media grew more than 60% on Thanksgiving and almost 50% on Black Friday from a year earlier. The ad format, which aims to generate a direct response from a viewer, has resonated with consumers, Kenshoo said.
Video ad spending grew almost 40% on Thanksgiving and nearly 50% on Black Friday. Video ads continue to grow outside of branding campaigns, Kenshoo said.
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