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London-based food and drink discovery app nez raises about €2.25 million to accelerate growth | EU-Startups
The app recently announced its incredible early engagement figures, showing that more than 385,000 food and drink offers have been redeemed in the app by its 150,000 users, and nez is expecting to hit 200k users by the end of September. Redemptions have grown tenfold over the last 12 months, including a 40% month-on-month jump in April, following its launch in the City.
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28 days ago by dancall
nez - discover exclusive offers from your favourite local food and drinks spots
nez helps you discover the best food and drink offers in London. Free to download and no credit card required, it’s the easiest way to save money at restaurants, cafés and bars near you.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Study: 65% of shoppers prioritize deals, exclusive offers on retail apps | Mobile Marketer
About two-thirds of shoppers (65%) use mobile e-commerce apps to get deals and offers exclusive to the app, a study by reviews and ratings firm Clutch found. Other top reasons for using e-commerce apps included product and price comparisons (54%), purchasing flexibility (54%), saving time at the store (47%), avoiding stores (44%) and seeing more inventory (41%).
Fewer than half (42%) of e-commerce app users said they most often use a pure online retailer's app. Still, online retailers were more popular than the e-commerce apps from mass-merchant retailers, which were used by 28% of consumers. Less popular e-commerce apps included restaurants, convenience stores and apparel apps.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
The Mobile Wallet Company | Boarding Passes for Brands
A technology led media company working with Brands, Retailers, Events companies and Agencies to deliver an engaged audience that can be communicated to through the mobile digital wallet, taking advantage of scheduled messaging and proximity based notifications.

By utilising the native mobile wallet and smartphone technology it allows us to eliminate the need for costly app development and maintenance.

At The Mobile Wallet Company (TMWC), we work with bricks and mortar brands – Local, National and International. Working with innovative solutions across Mobile (Display and SMS), Press, DOOH and Social Channels we empower our retail clients to pull new and lapsed customers through the store front and to the tills. All fully trackable, accountable and directly attributable in real time.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
Wriggle | EIS Crowdfunding Opportunity | Seedrs
Wriggle is on a mission to help people discover, and spend their money at the best local food & drink establishments.
Our mobile app marketplace creates a tapestry of amazing eat-out food & drink establishments, all inviting customers to try them out. Wriggle's users (or "Wrigglers") search and pay directly through the mobile app, then head to their chosen establishment to enjoy their food and drink.
This is a proven, established model. Wriggle is a market-leading eat-out transactional platform in 3 cities (Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff), with a proven model currently generating over 20,000 transactions per month (March 2019). After keeping things tight and proving our model, Wriggle is ready to scale up and attack our vision of creating a national consumer champion, supporting the best local eat-out establishments across the country.
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10 weeks ago by dancall
Long John Silver's serves up original album, audio coupons for Lent | Mobile Marketer
Quick-service seafood chain Long John Silver's boosted its Twitter engagement with a campaign that features songs that serve as in-store audio coupons. Customers who visit a restaurant and play a song from an original Long John Silver's playlist on streaming music app Soundcloud are eligible for food an drink discounts, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.
Each song in the playlist was recorded by the Coral Benders, a band based in Washington, D.C., that plays "beach-adjacent" dad rock. Long John Silver's is releasing a new song from the playlist every Friday from March 6 to April 19. The first piece, "The Ballad of Long John Silver," saw engagement that was two- to three-times greater than benchmarks.
Long John Silver's campaign is timed for its busiest season: the approximately six-week period of Lent, when many Christians abstain from eating meat in the lead-up to Easter. Agency Baldwin& developed the campaign, which launched on Ash Wednesday — March 6 — with posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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march 2019 by dancall
Jameson joins with Anderson .Paak to support local bars ahead of St. Patrick's Day | Marketing Dive
Pernod Ricard brand Jameson has joined forces with Grammy-winning musician and record producer Anderson .Paak on a "#LoveThyBar"  campaign that encourages people to support local bars, according to a press release.
The effort includes a 30-second spot showing Anderson .Paak performing in a bar in his hometown of Oxnard, California. "Oxnard" is the name of his most recent album. In the video, he puts out a "public service announcement" warning about all of the neighborhood establishments that are shuttering around the country. 
As part of the push, which launches ahead of St. Patrick's Day, Jameson is offering drink rebates to consumers in select states. To claim a rebate, consumers can chat with the brand via Facebook Messenger, visit a local bar, order a Jameson cocktail and send an image of the receipt through the app. Fans can follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #LoveThyBar.
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march 2019 by dancall
29 Rooms - Mastercard ecommerce
- via Katajun Sorusch 'Did you see this awesome case from Mastercard & Fred Segal: a virtual shop which reminds me of Google Street view and where you can go shopping? When you spend more than 200$ and pay with Mastercard you get a 30% discount'
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december 2018 by dancall
Buzzman RP - Bank discount code for Asos
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november 2018 by dancall
Target calls on Google for first voice-activated coupon | Mobile Marketer
Target and Google teamed up for a voice-activated coupon on Google Assistant, a first for the tech giant's digital assistant, according to Adweek.
The promotion, originally slated to run longer, was cut short on April 3 because its goals were reached, a Target spokesperson told Adweek. Consumers could activate the discount by saying or typing "spring into Target" on their Google Assistant app on iOS or Android or other device that has the voice-based feature built in.  
Those who activated the coupon will receive $15 credit toward their next Target order made by April 21 through Google Express, the tech giant's home delivery shopping service, per a Google support page.
google  voice  stunts  coupons  retail 
april 2018 by dancall
Amazon’s Treasure Truck shows up at Whole Foods with a cheaper Instant Pot, grocery coupons | TechCrunch
Amazon Treasure Truck, the retailer’s deals-on-wheels program that is literally a truck driving around with discounted products you can buy online and pickup in person, will now be popping up at Whole Foods. The companies announced today that Treasure Truck will start coming to Whole Foods stores with new offers, starting with today’s deal on the popular kitchen item, Instant Pot.

The Treasure Truck program has always been one of Amazon’s odder initiatives. Seemingly a stopgap solution to address the issue of Amazon not yet having an expansive brick-and-mortar footprint, the program began testing back in 2015 in Seattle. Last summer, it expanded across the U.S., and in December, it hit the U.K.
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february 2018 by dancall
Study: Chatbots deliver 25M coupons this year | Mobile Marketer
Eighty percent of coupons will be redeemed on a mobile device by 2022, according to a forecast by Juniper Research. The estimate is for digital coupon redemption to surge 94% to $91 billion in five years from $47 billion in 2017.

In-app coupon redemptions will be the dominant mobile channel toward the end of 2022, overtaking SMS, a channel that also will show healthy growth, Juniper estimated. Chatbots, QR codes and invisible payments have the most potential to be disruptive technologies in the next five years.
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november 2017 by dancall
Tohcan on the App Store
Show a token of love, a token of appreciation, a token of friendship with the new Tohcan app. Tohcan makes it super easy and super fun to send and receive gifts from your favourite brands.
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may 2017 by dancall
Is Pokemon Go getting a 'Promos' feature? | Mobile Marketer
A Reddit user who goes by Mont713 captured a screenshot of his Pokemon Go app that features a Promos section in the in-game Shop, according to a report in the International Business Times (IBT). Some users never saw the update, while others confirmed its existence but said it was quickly removed. Promos would presumably be entered for discounts on virtual items available for purchase in the Shop. 
The IBT noted that the Promos appearance has spurred more speculation that a major update for the Nintendo/Niantic app is expected in the coming weeks, which might integrate new cooperative play options for users, along with a Legendary Pokemon event.
IBT additionally reported developer Niantic is introducing server-side updates, including converting thousands of McDonald's locations into Lures for the virtual pocket monsters as part of a "Golden Week" event; however, the McDonald's promotion is only happening in Japan.
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may 2017 by dancall
Pizza Hut leverages mobile ordering and Alexa to drive sales - Mobile Commerce Daily - Payments
Pizza Hut is hoping to tap into Amazon’s suite of mobile applications and Alexa devices with a new promotion that gives a discount to consumers who place an order through an Alexa device.
The promotion will give customers 30 percent off their order if they enable the Pizza Hut ordering skill from their mobile app and place an order through Alexa. The move is an attempt on Pizza Hut’s part to get its mobile ordering capabilities to an even broader number of channels.
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february 2017 by dancall
USA Technologies Links With Apple Pay to Offer Rewards on the Go | Street Fight
USA Technologies, which serves cashless and mobile transactions in self-serve retail, announced this morning that it has integrated its rewards program with Apple Pay. Going forward, when consumers use Apple Pay at a self-serve vending machine connected with USAT’s platform, they will be able to instantly enroll in USAT’s MORE loyalty program and be eligible to receive customized rewards, promotions and discounts.

The company collaborated with Urban Airship’s Reach platform on the integration. Given the predominantly cash-based nature of the unattended retail market, the addition of loyalty programs for USAT-connected machines gives the machines’ owners an advantage in their ability to customize offers. According to an Urban Airship study, 69% of consumers are more likely to use a loyalty card on their phone.
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january 2017 by dancall
Pioneering OOH Discover the Colonel's Snapchat secret on high streets - Pioneering OOH
UK Snapchat users will now be able to take a selfie with the almost-mythical founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders, in a campaign blending outdoor, digital and mobile.
The out of home advertising campaign planned and executed by Blue449 and Posterscope, with creative by BBH, sees real world ads feature codes that will unlock a specially-branded KFC filter featuring the colonel.
Representing the first time the snap to unlock feature has been used on OOH sites in the UK, the campaign builds upon KFC’s sponsored Geo-filters.
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november 2016 by dancall
How Businesses Are Using Ridesharing Services to Bring in New Customers | Street Fight
4. Shake Shack: Incentivizing Uber riders to stop by
Back in January, Shake Shack entered into a “digital collaboration” with Uber as part of a cross-promotion with the Visa Commerce Network. Visa Commerce connects transactions between Shake Shack and Uber, giving Uber riders in participating cities discounts at Shake Shack when they use their Visa cards for both transactions. The discounts are credited seamlessly, so customers don’t have to use any coupons or promo codes to participate. The campaign has gone on for long enough now to see actual results, with Shake Shack benefiting from higher customer acquisition rates and higher customer spend levels.
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october 2016 by dancall
Uber partners with Sears-owned Shop Your Way, offering riders rewards credit - Mobile Commerce Daily - Applications
Uber is partnering with the Sears Holdings-owned Shop Your Way program to give retail rewards points to any customer using its service, suggesting that mobile loyalty could be a fruitful avenue of exploration for ride-sharing applications.

The partnership, called the Rider Rewards program, will offer any customer who takes an Uber a small number of points towards his or her Shop Your Way account. Those points can then be redeemed with Shop Your Way’s network of retailers and businesses, which includes Sears, Kmart, Land’s End and others.
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september 2016 by dancall
Krispy Kreme unearths first Snapchat campaign with a swashbuckling twist - Mobile Marketer - Social networks
In celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, which falls on September 19 this year, Krispy Kreme is inviting customers to dress up in their finest pirate gear to receive one dozen free original glazed doughnuts. Qualifying costumes must include three pirate-themed items, such as a bandana or eye patch.

If individuals do not own such gear, they can simply visit a Krispy Kreme store to access the chain’s custom Snapchat geofilter, which can be used to digitally adorn their outfits.

The filter features a pirate hat, parrot and sword.

Consumers must then show their Snapchat selfie with the accompanying filter to any in-store associate to receive a free set of a dozen original doughnuts.
snapchat  coupons  creative  location 
september 2016 by dancall
Capture People’s Attention with the New and Improved Facebook Offers | Facebook for Business
Everybody loves a great offer. Advertisers want to attract people with discounts and other promotions, and people want to be able to easily claim and redeem offers any time, anywhere. That’s why we’ve reimagined and redesigned Facebook Offers for a new, streamlined mobile experience.
Now advertisers can share discounts and promotions where people spend most of their time—on mobile and on Facebook. Advertiser can decide how long their Offers run, who sees them, where they redeem them and more. We’ve also made it easier for people to claim and keep track of their claimed Offers through Facebook, and redeem them across devices or in-store.
facebook  coupons 
september 2016 by dancall
Burger King / Snap King (case) on Vimeo
To create awareness over one our most differentiating brand assets: Our Flamed Grill tradition, we decided to do it found a very visual and bold way. The first thing we did was to meet our target audience in that place where they spends most of their time: Snapchat. We invited other restaurants’ fans to take a picture of their favorite a non-grilled hamburger, draw grilled lines with Snapchat pencil tool, and send it to our account. In exchange we would send them a voucher valid to taste one of our real Flame-grilled hamburger, for free.
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may 2016 by dancall
Personalized Pricing – One-to-one Coupons by Any Other Name | ProgressiveGrocer
Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications company, said at a recent conference that personalized pricing is on its way to brick-and-mortar stores.  While I have the utmost respect for Sir Martin, I’d like to offer a different perspective -- I believe that personalized pricing is actually already here.

Consumers are already using it beyond any retailers’ control. They can instantly compare prices on their phones – they may be at your pharmacy and discover that another store has the same item just cheap enough for them to go across the street or drive across town to get it. (As we are all aware – we’re not always rational. Sometimes we go to great lengths for the best bargain – even if it means a greater investment in time than the financial gain offsets).
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april 2016 by dancall
Alibaba's Daily Deals Site Provides Marketing Muscle - Alizila
Alibaba Group last month attracted media attention when it took a passive, minority stake in U.S.-based Groupon, the online daily deals marketplace. Overlooked in the coverage surrounding the investment was the fact that Alibaba since 2010 has operated a popular Chinese daily deals marketplace called Juhuasuan (literal translation: gather for cheaper deals) that saw traffic of up to 30 million unique daily visitors in the second half of 2015.
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march 2016 by dancall
Welcome to TBSeen - Welcome to TBSeen
It’s money back on the stuff you’re already buying from the brands you already shop
It’s must have vouchers, exclusive discounts and deals
It’s well known friends bringing you exclusive content
It’s style and beauty experts sharing their tricks of the trade
It’s the smart way to shop
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february 2016 by dancall
iButterfly | cherrypicks
Flick your phone to physically hunt virtual butterflies, get your offers or keep them as your personal collection. It’s just that simple and fun.
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january 2016 by dancall
Krispy Kreme bakes up mobile innovation with bar code made of glaze - Mobile Commerce Daily - Multichannel retail support
On Dec. 12 customers can visit Krispy Kreme to redeem their mobile video coupon on the date dubbed as Day of the Dozens.
Mobile users must present the image or video of the glazing machine, creating the digital bar code. The store employee will be able to physically scan the bar code for the customer to receive a discount.
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december 2015 by dancall
LivingSocial Offers a Cautionary Tale to Today’s Unicorns - The New York Times
LivingSocial is now struggling to evolve its business by focusing on “new experiences,” such as a coupon-free program that puts cash back on customers’ credit cards when they dine at certain restaurants. The company is grappling with employee retention. It has also been selling nearly all of the foreign companies it bought and closing offices it opened during its boom days.
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november 2015 by dancall
Heineken socializes sampling in large-scale effort targeting bar-goers - Mobile Marketer - Social networks
In one of the largest social sampling programs to date, Heineken is leveraging Facebook and Twitter to give away free beers to smartphone owners at participating restaurants and bars. 
By pairing social media with social settings such as restaurants and bars, Heineken hopes to reach existing and potential customers in an innovative way. A smartphone is required to participate and once the offer is activated, users must provide a digital Gratafy code when paying their bill to receive their Heineken, Heineken Light or Dos Equis beer.
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september 2015 by dancall
Toys R Us integrates app, print coupons and loyalty for new omnichannel experience - Mobile Commerce Daily - Software and technology
Toys R Us is tapping visual search company Slyce to enable consumers to take a picture of a receipt, catalog or newspaper coupon and generate a mobile-optimized version to store in the retailer’s application, driving cross-screen marketing and retargeting opportunities.
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august 2015 by dancall
Amazon's Surprise! app points to growing role for mobile gifts cards - Mobile Commerce Daily - Software and technology
The Surprise! app offers e-cards for a variety of occasions, including birthdays and December holidays, and allows consumers to quickly attach an Amazon Gift Card to their mobile device and send it along with their customized message. Mobile gift cards are likely to eclipse physical gift cards in the future and are attracting customers with enhanced personalization features and sheer convenience of purchasing on a smartphone.
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december 2014 by dancall
Twitter Introduces Offers: Discounts You Claim in Tweets and Redeem in Stores | Re/code
Twitter will initially make money by charging advertisers to promote the tweets that contain the offers. It could later decide to charge retailers a fee for every offer that is claimed or redeemed. Hubbard said Twitter plans to introduce other ways for its users to claim discount offers, especially in parts of the world where credit and debit cards aren’t commonly used.
twitter  retail  ecommerce  payment  coupons 
november 2014 by dancall
Introducing Twitter Offers | Twitter Blogs
With Twitter Offers, advertisers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, so that they can effectively measure the ROI from their promotions, even when redemption happens offline. Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the consumer purchase process, no employee training and no new hardware or software to install. By leveraging Twitter’s robust targeting capabilities, advertisers can tailor their promotions and campaigns to the right audience, while optimizing for performance.
twitter  ecommerce  coupons 
november 2014 by dancall
Dunkin’ Donuts’ winning mobile triple play: Geofencing, behavioral targeting and coupons - Mobile Commerce Daily - Content
Earlier this year, Dunkin’ Donuts rolled out the program to test the effectiveness of leveraging geofencing around competitors’ locations coupled with behavioral targeting to deliver coupons on mobile devices. The results were promising, with 36 percent of those who clicked on the offer taking some secondary action, 18 percent of these saving the coupon and 3.6 percent of secondary actions resulting in a redeemed coupon.
mobile  casestudies  location  coupons 
august 2014 by dancall
Snapchat your way to free delivery food | Digiday
GrubHub is not new to Snapchat. It has been on the platform since August, sending snaps of “promo codes, doodles, giveaways and candid shots of [its] junk” to its fans.
snapchat  coupons  casestudies 
august 2014 by dancall
Cooking with offers
Every day, easy and quick recipes with offers. In addition to preserving and sharing recipes you can track how much you save.
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july 2014 by dancall
Kozel Pint Finder
App shows you pubs that stock Kozel, gives you a free pint
mobile  widgets  coupons  alcohol 
july 2014 by dancall
Nestle KitKat - Kittu Kitsu Case Study Japan - YouTube
Nestle pulled off a marketing coup in the toughest retail market in the world with Kit Kat's Postal campaign. Kit Kat is known as 'Kittu Katsu' (Surely Win) in Japan. Nestle used that to its advantage and took out special packages for the postal office whereby people can wish each other through Kit Kat.
fmcg  coupons 
july 2014 by dancall
Share a Coke U.S. push enlists QR codes, new ads and social media - Mobile Marketer - Content
“We also will have unique creative, point-of-sale displays and in store merchandising, as well as a Coca-Cola Freestyle activation. Fans who have the Coca-Cola Freestyle app on their mobile phone can scan a QR code on the dispenser’s home screen, follow the prompts and send a friend a coupon for $1 off a 20-ounce Coke.”
mobile  fmcg  qr  coupons 
june 2014 by dancall
Wendy’s taps mobile coupons to win back thrifty consumers from McDonald’s - Mobile Commerce Daily - Multichannel retail support
Wendy’s is attempting to more aggressively advertise its Right Price Right Size (RPRS) menu by delivering food deals via SMS to value-conscious fans who purchase tickets $30 or under from eBay-owned StubHub. The campaign is an example of how Wendy’s is renewing its focus on value-conscious consumers after acknowledging it had lost ground with these consumers by not promoting its value menu items.
mobile  partnerships  targeting  coupons 
june 2014 by dancall
Groupon shares slump on profits warning - Telegraph
Shares in Groupon slumped in after-hours trading after the online discounts giant warned that its recent shopping spree would take a sizable bite out of profits.
The business, which is headquartered in Chicago, said its performance had improved dramatically in the fourth quarter of 2013, as revenues jumped by a fifth to $768.4m (£461.3m) and profits more than doubled to $72m.
coupons  stats 
february 2014 by dancall
Facebook Users Say Discount Offers Are the Most Appealing Brand Posts
Discounts are the top reason Americans join online brand communities, and they’re also the leading reason why Americans use brands’ mobile applications. New survey results from Analytic Partners – conducted by Opinion Research Corporation – indicate that when it comes to the most engaging Facebook content posted by brands, discount offers (such as coupons or promotional codes) are the most appealing. Facebook users responding to the survey claimed to be most likely to click on discount offers (67%), followed by contests or giveaways (41%).
facebook  widgets  stats  coupons 
november 2013 by dancall
Snap up a Laptop with The Co-operative Electrical - #Snaptop
Whether you’re on your way towards A-Levels or heading off to university this autumn, we’re here to help you get ready for the start of the new academic year. We know you're lapping up Snapchat at the moment, so add us to your friends list and we'll offer you £30 off a shiny new laptop!
snapchat  coupons  scarcity 
august 2013 by dancall
Co-operative Electrical Launch Snapchat Campaign | LBBOnline
The Co-operative Electrical has become the first major UK retailer to use Snapchat, the real-time picture chatting app, as a marketing medium. The Co-operative Electrical is targeting students with a new Snapchat campaign, devised by Holler, offering  £30 off their online price on its full range of laptops, which includes free delivery and an allocated 60-minute delivery slot.

Throughout September, as students prepare for the start of term, they can add The Co-operative Electrical as a friend on Snapchat.  The Co-operative then sends them a snap of a laptop and a promotional code offering £30 off any laptop. 
snapchat  creative  coupons  scarcity 
august 2013 by dancall
In Russia, supermarket checkouts will read emotions to offer personalized deals | Springwise
Marketing tech company Synqera wants to bring emotion detection to checkouts to offer timely promotions based on shoppers’ real-time feelings.
retail  coupons  future 
july 2013 by dancall
How iOS 7's AirDrop Could Transform The Way We Share – ReadWrite
AirDrop sharing might include:
A retailer "airdropping" a coupon into your Passbook app.
Multi-player games with strangers on a train.
Sharing meeting notes in an office setting.
Guests sharing their favorite videos of the bride and groom during the ceremony.
App developers might offer in-app freebies to customers who agree to "airdrop" a trial version of the app from their iPhone onto their friend's iPhone. Advertisers may do the same.
apple  mobile  trends  retail  coupons 
july 2013 by dancall
Target Teams Up With Facebook For Deals You Can Share | Digital - Advertising Age
Target is looking to Facebook to drive more foot-traffic in stores. The retailer is launching 700 new offers this week with a social twist: claiming them generates automatic Newsfeed posts on Facebook, unless the user turns them off.
The deals, eventually expected to balloon to about 1,000, are part of the retailer's new digital savings program, built with Facebook and dubbed Cartwheel. The program, with the tagline "A whole new spin on saving," launches in beta mode on Wednesday and gives consumers the opportunity to curate and share deals with friends, as well as redeem deals in store. - via Jason Klinman
retail  coupons  facebook 
may 2013 by dancall
Foursquare Partners with Visa, MasterCard for Discounts | Digital - Advertising Age
The deal is essentially replicating what the company has had in place for going on two years with American Express, a program that enables people to "sync" their credit cards with Foursquare to claim discounts that appear as credits on their statements simply by checking in to a participating location. - via Sid
foursquare  location  coupons 
february 2013 by dancall
Brands Experiment With Photo-Messaging Service Snapchat, Facebook Poke | Digital - Advertising Age
Mr. Britten is the engineer behind 16 Handles' recent Snapchat promotion, which, according to him, makes 16 Handles the first brand to conduct a marketing campaign through the service. The "Snappy New Year" campaign urges the company's Facebook fans to send a Snapchat photo, or "snap," of their frozen-yogurt purchase to the company's Snapchat account. Participants then receive a coupon via Snapchat that can be redeemed at the register.
new-companies  pics  advertising  mobile  coupons 
january 2013 by dancall
Mobile Gift Card App Gyft Arrives On Android | TechCrunch
Good things come in threes. Today, a third TechCrunch Disrupt alumni – in this case, Gyft – is launching on Android. Its debut follows news from earlier this morning which saw two other former participants, the Siri-like Maluuba app and Vocre’s translation app, also arriving on Google’s mobile platform.

For those unfamiliar, Gyft’s application allows you to purchase, store and share plastic gift cards on your smartphone. The company isn’t about re-inventing mobile gifting, the way that startups like Giftly and Wrapp are, to be clear – it’s actually about bringing the current plastic gift card industry to mobile. To do so, it works with hundreds of retailers, including big names like Brookstone, Lowe’s, Toys “R” Us, Sephora, Nike, Gap, Sears, Gamestop, Target, Amazon and more. Around 200 of Gyft’s some 300+ retailers also support deeper integration with their own systems, allowing users to check their gift card balances from Gyft’s app as well. - via Max
payment  coupons  mobile  new-companies 
december 2012 by dancall
Don't Let Growth Fool You: Mobile Advertising Is Still Failing | DigitalNext: A Blog on Emerging Media and Technology - Advertising Age
Native Mobile Ads.
Foursquare got some bad press recently when people found out there are only ten million or so active users on the platform, but ask Walgreens social media manager Zach West and he'll tell you customers redeeming coupons delivered through Foursquare at the register "consistently exceeds our expectations."

Look for other native ad units to find their way into your mobile ad strategy. Those that provide value to consumers will be the ones that prevail—even if that value is just a coupon.
mobile  advertising  foursquare  coupons  casestudies 
december 2012 by dancall
Savvy Shoppers Use Connectivity to Score Deals on the Go | Nielsen Wire
With shopping season in full swing as the holidays approach, smartphone and tablet owners are using mobile apps and daily deal sites to get the most out of their money. According to a recent Nielsen survey of U.S. consumers who report using their mobile phone or tablet in the shopping process, shoppers look to retailer websites for mobile coupons significantly more than other sources. With 54 percent of mobile shoppers who have used a coupon on their device indicating that they have obtained coupons from retailer websites, it’s clearly the preferred source, followed by deal-of-the-day websites, such as Groupon and Living Social, with 31 percent of users looking to such sites for promotions.
coupons  retail  mobile  stats 
december 2012 by dancall
AmEx further blurs the lines between physical and digital worlds with its latest app upgrades | VentureBeat
With the new updates, cardholders can get location-based offers based on their preferences. AmEx already allows cardholders to load offers on to their credit cards in partnership with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Now, they can be alerted when they are within 2 miles of one of those businesses.
payment  location  coupons 
november 2012 by dancall
FMCG News : Kellogg’s and United Biscuits trial Shopitize’s unique mobile couponing service | TheMarketingblog
Kellogg’s and United Biscuits exclusive deals for Shopitize users include some of the nation’s favourite products, specifically McVities Jaffa Cakes, Kellogg’s Special K, Crunchy Nut and Coco Pops breakfast cereals, Pringles and Special K Cereal Bars. By taking advantage of these offers through the Shopitize platform, they’ll save up to 50% from standard retail prices.
mobile  coupons  fmcg  retail 
november 2012 by dancall
'Peel' Away This Billboard to Reveal the Effects of Burt's Bees Products | Creativity Pick of the Day - Advertising Age
Function and form come together beautifully in this innovative billboard for Burt's Bees, to promote its Intense Hydration skin care products.
The billboard, which is made entirely out of discount coupons for Burt's products, shows a woman with dry flaky skin. Passersby can peel off outer layer of the board to reveal the beautiful, mosturized "skin" underneath -- presumably the result of using Burt's products.
outdoor  coupons 
october 2012 by dancall
An Offer You Can’t Refuse? Facebook Adds Barcodes, New Ad-Buy Rider To Its Offers Coupon Product | TechCrunch
Offers, a free couponing service launched by Facebook back in May to beef up its commercial profile with businesses, is getting an update. From today, and gradually rolling out globally, Facebook is adding some new features — one to enhance the product for businesses, with a new e-commerce option; and another to enhance the product for Facebook itself, in the form of more ads.

In the first of these, businesses will start getting the option to include a barcode, or other unique code, into their Offers.

Facebook says that this has been one of the most requested features since the coupon service was launched earlier this year. The idea here is the same as for barcodes (and QR codes and other tracking services) in other mobile apps: businesses — and Facebook itself — can use the codes to track what people redeem and when. And — perhaps more importantly — Facebook notes that “this also makes it possible to run Offers for e-commerce sites online.” That in effect opens the platform to a far wider scope for actual transactions, although for now it looks like the transaction will happen independently of Facebook itself.
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LIKE + vote to save 50%
LIKE your favourite (individual photo) from this selection of beautiful bags and you could save 50%. Get your friends involved too, the most LIKED style will be available to buy for half price from 10am tomorrow!
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Feeling brainy after A-level results? Become a pizza professor with Domino’s | Online Press Release Distribution
If you’ve always fancied yourself as an expert when it comes to pizza, this is the exam for you! Simply answer a series of pizza-related multiple choice and open-ended questions on Maths, Science, English, Art, Philosophy and Geography using the new app at Test your knowledge by working out equations on sharing pizza slices, identify famous scientific discoveries which could have been made with pizza and philosophise about the merits of a round pizza in a square box.
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august 2012 by dancall
Apple WWDC: iOS6 Passbook app prepares iPhone to act as e-wallet - Telegraph
The new app was pitched by Apple executives on Monday as a user-friendly holder for electronic cinema tickets, boarding passes and Starbucks vouchers, all of which use barcodes on-screen. The iPhone will detect if you're at the airport, for instance, and fish out the relevant electronic documents.
“Passbook takes all of these passes and combines them together in one place, and integrates it right into the OS, and they are beautiful,” said Scott Forstall, the man in charge of iOS and tipped as future leader of Apple.
But observers said such examples are merely a prelude to Passbook and the next iPhone acting as a fully-fledged electronic wallet, probably with “wave and pay” technology built in.
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july 2012 by dancall
Infographic: SmartPhones and Coupons Work
From CouponCabin: With countless apps keeping smartphone owners occupied, today’s users have grown quite attached to their devices. And now, in addition to the many things smartphones already do, they can also save us major bucks. That’s right, coupons have gone mobile, and close to half of all smartphone users have already cashed in on savings with their device.
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july 2012 by dancall
Battle Heats Up Over Mobile Payments - Tech Europe - WSJ
The services illustrate the battle that is taking place over who will own the mobile payment space. Card issuers, banks, mobile network operators and even handset makers are increasingly fighting to take a share of the market.
Holders of “Amex” cards can unlock location-based offers from a host of high street brands. Savings are automatically credited by American Express to the account.
“We have direct relationships with card members, merchants and we have a network that connects them,” said Ed Gilligan, vice chairman of American Express. “In effect we own our own ecosystem.”
With the American Express service, a user links their card to their Foursquare account and is then able to redeem special offers. Unlike other schemes, no vouchers or barcodes need to be scanned. Merchants simply complete the transaction in the normal way and American Express handles the redemption at the back end.
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june 2012 by dancall
Keynoir has its moment of fame on the BBC’s Apprentice | London Daily Deals
Now Keynoir is back in the spotlight, but way past its prime as a major daily deal contender in London, having been surpassed by Groupon, KGBDeals, and LivingSocial. So it was surprising to see it being featured on The Apprentice reality TV show on BBC last night! In last night’s “Discount Dealing” Apprentice episode 10, the two teams had to go and pitch businesses to run a daily deal on this “luxury daily deal website” (actually Keynoir).
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may 2012 by dancall
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Film - LivingSocial
If you pine for the golden age of Hollywood when going to the movies was a glamorous affair, join us on this Adventure: an exclusive pre-screening of Fox Searchlight Pictures' The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, with a fabulously exotic party.

Head to the Landmark Theatre, where our team of movie-goers will be waiting to introduce us to our enticing evening. Once we check in, we'll have an elaborate tea tasting awaiting courtesy of Mighty Leaf. We'll sip on six to eight varieties of loose-leaf teas, including earthy, herbal, traditional, spicy, fruity, and sweet varieties that are all steeped to perfection. We'll also be primed for a trip to India, and—while there won't be a plane waiting—we'll delve into the Indian culture with live entertainment and a photo opportunity complete with colorful scarves in front of a themed backdrop.
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april 2012 by dancall
AMEX to Use Twitter Hashtags to Offer Merchant Discounts - Adrants
Last night, American Express launched a program on Twitter that allows cardmembers to "tweet their way to savings" by syncing their AMEX card with Twitter at and tweeting merchant-specific hashtags to load couponless offers directly to their Card. When the cardmember makes a purchase in-store or online, an automatic statement credit is issued within days.
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march 2012 by dancall
Everyday items given deal-a-day twist at US grocery stores | Springwise
Tired with coupons, sifting through pages of newspaper fliers and navigating complicated coupon websites, Aisle50 — a team of six in North Carolina — saw an opportunity to offer shoppers substantial discounts on quality groceries, to be redeemed in a simple way. Aisle50 have partnered with supermarket chain Lowes Foods, utilizing their existing customer loyalty card. Customers are alerted with the deal of the day by email — usually around 50 percent of the normal price — and then purchase the item at that discounted rate online via Aisle50.
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october 2011 by dancall
Think Consumers Are Tired of Deals? Better Think Again | Digital - Advertising Age
Only 13% of experienced and heavy daily-deal users agreed with the statement: "I buy daily deals less often than I used to," according to the study, published in conjunction with Cornell University. Only 8% agreed with the statement: "I have lost interest in daily deals over time."
BAI/Kelsey, a local media and ad research firm, revised its deals projections upward last week: U.S. consumer spending on deals, including daily deals, instant deals and flash sales, will grow to $4.2 billion in 2015 from $873 million in 2010. While the bump in its 2015 projection is only up slightly, the projection for 2011 revenue was revised to $2 billion, up 66% since the March estimate.
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september 2011 by dancall
Grocery store coupons delivered in real-time via shopping cart tablets | Springwise
SK Telecom’s Smart Cart is the world’s first shopping cart service to use smartphones to deliver in-store information using indoor positioning technology, the company says. There have already been RFID-based cart services, of course, but SK Telecom’s Smart Cart goes a step further to provide a wide variety of shopping tips, product information and coupons in real-time based on the consumer’s position in the store. Shoppers begin by downloading the Smart Cart application to their smartphones. Next, they can search for product information and store coupons and draw up a shopping list. Then, once they’re at a participating retail store, the customer’s smartphone is automatically synchronized with a tablet PC installed in the shopping cart. After that, as they move about the store, shoppers receive a variety of product information and coupons relevant to their specific location in the aisles.
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september 2011 by dancall
Google touts daily deal on home page, a first | Reuters
Google Inc promoted a Groupon-like daily deals offer on its home page on Wednesday for the first time, a rare instance of the Internet giant using its prized online real estate for advertising.
The world's No.1 Web-search engine launched a daily deals business in certain cities this year -- called Google Offers -- to try and counter Groupon's increasing draw for Web surfers.
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september 2011 by dancall
Facebook Kills Daily Deals, But Keeps Check-In Deals | TechCrunch
After testing Deals for four months, we’ve decided to end our Deals product in the coming weeks. We think there is a lot of power in a social approach to driving people into local businesses. We remain committed to building products to help local businesses connect with people, like Ads, Pages, Sponsored Stories, and Check-in Deals. We’ve learned a lot from our test and we’ll continue to evaluate how to best serve local businesses.
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september 2011 by dancall
1 in 3 Smartphone Shoppers Often Accesses In-store Coupons
lmost one in three (31%) US smartphone owners who use their device for shopping frequently/often access promotional coupons in-store for in-store redemption, according to [sign-in] a March 2011 study from the etailing group and Coffee Table. Data from “The ‘Shopping Mindset’ of the Mobile Consumer” indicates this is the most common in-store usage of smartphones, beating other popular activities such as looking for competitive pricing on (29%) and at other retailers besides (26%).
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may 2011 by dancall
SaraLee Wins With Social Couponing - Adrants
SocialTwist and Sara Lee put together a month-long campaign to promote Jimmy Dean D-Lights sandwiches. Users were offered a $1 coupon on any one package of Jimmy Dean D-Lights 4 count sandwiches, or, if they chose to share the offer with three or more friends, they could receive a $2.50 coupon. There was also a bonus coupon for $0.50 off on Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. SocialTwist's Tell-a-Friend platform was used to help Sara Lee get customers to reach out to friends and family through social networking sites and email. The campaign was seeded with ads on and
In terms of results, 64 percent of people made referrals for the $2.50 offer, 30 percent took the $1 offer and 5 percent took the $.50 offer. Overall, 46 percent of referrals came through SocialTwist and within that 46 percent, 71 percent were through email, 27 percent was through Facebook, one percent came through Twitter and another one percent came through MySpace.
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april 2011 by dancall
Yelp Rolls Out Check-In Service - MarketingVOX
Yelp is introducing Check-In Offers, a service that synchronizes with Twitter and Facebook and lets business owners reward customers with a coupon when they "check-in".
Consumers get a few choices with the platform. The "Use it Now!" option for a Check-in Offer means that on that visit, the offer will disappear automatically from a device in a few hours time. The user or the business owner can also tap a button on the phone to mark the offer as used, expiring the timer immediately. If a consumer chooses to "Save it!", that Check-in Offer will be saved several places on their device: the "About Me" page; at the top of the business page where they earned that offer and on the Check-ins tab on the Yelp app. The user can then redeem the offer anytime.
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