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Taptica - Israeli Mobile ad tech
Reach your most valuable users around the world - anywhere, anytime.
sup  mobile  advertising  creative 
13 hours ago by dancall
Saucony laces up first-ever Instagram relay race | Mobile Marketer
Saucony launched a social media campaign called "Run for Good" that aims to raise as much as $50,000 for charity. The sportswear brand is urging Instagram users to run a mile and post selfies on the image-sharing app with the #RunForGoodRelay and @Saucony tags, then challenge three friends to do the same, per an announcement.
The campaign began on June 5, Global Running Day, as the world’s first Instagram relay race, with a goal of collectively running one full lap around the Earth, or 24,901 miles. Saucony will make a donation for every mile run to the Saucony Run for Good Foundation, Laureus Sport for Good and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).
sportswear  creative  instagram 
10 days ago by dancall
Michelob Ultra turns Father's Day tributes on Instagram into real cards | Mobile Marketer
Michelob Ultra aims to help Instagram users pay tribute to their dads on Father’s Day by turning their #FathersDay posts into real postcards and sending them to dads. The campaign is driven by the disparity between the 8.5 million #FathersDay posts on Instagram and the 1.6 million dads who actually use the image-sharing app, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. 
alcohol  pics  instagram  o2o  creative 
10 days ago by dancall
Vampire posters burst into flames upon exposure to sunlight – Posterscope
To promote its vampire series The Passage, Fox have unleashed posters that burst into flames once the sun rises.
The posters which surfaced in São Paulo, were created with a coat of flammable paint made with potassium permanganate and sulphuric acid.
Encased in glass – By night they display menacing vampire faces – however, at sunrise, they spontaneously combust.
films  creative  tv 
13 days ago by dancall
IAB releases playable ads guide as format's reach grows | Mobile Marketer
The Interactive Advertising Bureau's Games Committee today released a guidebook for playable ads, an interactive ad format that engages mobile users with mini-versions of video games, according to information shared with Mobile Marketer and available on the group's site. The IAB's "Playable Ads for Brands" has information about the ad format, including creative options, media placements, measurement and consumer interaction.​
LVMH Moët Hennessy is featured as an example in the IAB guide, demonstrating how playable ads have expanded beyond their initial role of providing previews of gaming apps to creating immersive brand experiences for mobile users. The luxury brand giant worked with TreSensa, a provider of in-app playable advertising, on developing an interactive ad.
advertising  creative  how-to  casestudies  luxury 
17 days ago by dancall
USA Today kicks off first AR game for Women's World Cup | Mobile Marketer
USA Today released two augmented reality (AR) experiences for the FIFA Women's World Cup, the soccer tournament that kicks off in France on June 8, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. The AR experiences aim to engage mobile readers with more immersive storytelling as the U.S. women's team seeks to win its second straight championship title.
The experiences include USA Today's first AR game called "Make the Save" that challenges players to test their virtual goalkeeping skills by blocking penalty kicks. USA Today captured the moves of Alyssa Naeher, the No. 1-ranked goalkeeper in the world, by using photogrammetry.
Its "Meet the Team" experience lets users learn about individual players on Team USA, set within a virtual soccer field. The interactive content also provides updates on the standing of the team during the tournament, recent match scores and game schedule.
augmented-reality  sportsrights  newspapers  creative 
17 days ago by dancall
Clever Advertising Creatively Encourages Denver to Conserve Water
ow do you encourage people to use less water? This was a quandary that Denver Water hired the creative agency Sukle to help solve. For over a decade, they came up with clever advertising campaigns that inspired the citizens of Mile High City to be mindful of the amount of water they use. At the start of their campaign, they had a ten-year goal of reducing water consumption by 22%. After the first year, water reduction was already down by 21% thanks to their creative solutions.

Before designing anything, Sukle conducted research and determined their initial target audience—eco-conscious people. Once they knew that, they spent time understanding this group of people. “We uncovered their sensitivity to the concept of waste,” Sukle wrote. “That helped inform the campaign message: Use Only What You Need. It didn’t feel like a sacrifice.” They continued to refine their ideas by executions like, (“You Can’t Make This Stuff”) intended to remind consumers that even when it’s raining a lot, it’s still vital to practice water conservation.
outdoor  creative 
20 days ago by dancall
Ikea Turned the Living Rooms From Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends Into Perfect Ads – Adweek
Ikea Turned the Living Rooms From Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends Into Perfect Ads
creative  tv  newspapers 
21 days ago by dancall
Pacifico drops beer prices on the beach when tides are dangerously high – Posterscope
Mexican beaches are a paradise for surfers, but some are located in extremely dangerous places to swim. In fact, every year more than 2,000 people die from drowning on Mexico’s coast. To lower the risk, Pacifico dropped the price of every beer in the most popular bar on the beach every time the tide rose to dangerous levels.
measurement  alcohol  creative  stunts 
4 weeks ago by dancall
KFC's Spotify playlist curates hip-hop songs that mention the brand | Marketing Dive
KFC France has created a playlist for Spotify that showcases various hip-hop songs in which the brand is mentioned, according to press materials shared with Marketing Dive. Included in the Bucket Bangers playlist on Spotify are Kanye West's "Touch the Sky," the Beastie Boys' "Ode to" and Run DMC's "You be Illin."
The campaign, created by agency of record Sid Lee Paris, will be promoted through Spotify banners and street-based marketing in Paris. Other artists featured in the list of 46 songs include: Masta Ace, Diplo, M.I.A., Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and French rappers Maître Gims, Orelsan and Gringe. Fans can submit suggestions via social media for other KFC-linked songs not included in this first playlist.
food  spotify  music  stunts  ideas  creative 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Nike runs shoppable Snapchat lens to support women's soccer | Mobile Marketer
Nike this week sponsored its first shoppable Snapchat Lens for apparel as part of its campaign around the U.S. Soccer Women's National Team, which is preparing to play in the FIFA Women's World Cup next month in France, Front Office Sports reported.
The image-messaging app's augmented reality (AR) feature on May 9 let fans decorate their Snapchat selfies with virtual soccer jerseys and Nike's "Just do it" slogan.
It also let them tap their phone screens to virtually try on the jerseys and visit, where they could buy authentic team merchandise ahead of the tournament.
snapchat  ecommerce  augmented-reality  casestudies  sportswear  creative 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Evil Marketing Genius Ryan Reynolds Leaked 100 Mesmerizing Minutes of Detective Pikachu – Adweek
While any Reynolds fan would likely be skeptical to begin with, the supposedly pirated clip’s “R. Reynolds” watermark might be a more-than-subtle giveaway that the video is not quite what it appears.

So sound your spoiler alerts and behold this…uh…”full” version of all 103 minutes of Detective Pikachu:
films  funny  piracy  stunts  creative  twitter 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Beck’s Turns WhatsApp Chats from Legendary Nights Out into Personalised Comics with New App – FAB News
With the “Heroes of the Night” app, Beck’s is launching a new initiative in keeping with its brand claim “You make it legendary”. From now on, WhatsApp users can simply transform their chat history into a comic and therefore recreate their epic night out with friends in the most unique way.

In cooperation with comic illustrator Matthias Schardt, more than 300 frames were created exclusively for the app. Each individual comic can be saved and shared. The “Heroes of the Night” app, which is available now from the App Store, transforms every member of the group chat into a comic character. Up to ten different characters are available in total, and background scenes and other features can also be adapted individually.
alcohol  im  widgets  creative 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Mercedes-Benz revs up Instagram AR filters in millennial campaign | Mobile Marketer
Mercedes-Benz released an augmented reality (AR) filter on image-sharing app Instagram — reportedly the first for a carmaker, the company said in an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. The AR filter was inspired by a short film that Mercedes created for its new CLA Coupe, an entry-level car targeting millennials.
Instagram users who follow the @mercedesbenz account can select AR filters to decorate their pictures with computer-generated visuals that are inspired by the neon lights of Tokyo, as seen in a short film that accompanies the campaign.
The five-minute film, which Mercedes released on its YouTube channel, tells the story of a young man who wakes up to find he's being trailed by a hipper, teenage version of himself. They spend the day together and take a drive in the sporty coupe before the teenager disappears and the movie ends with the slogan: "Play by your rules." The final scene shows a young woman waking up to have a similar experience with her teenage self.
automotive  augmented-reality  creative 
6 weeks ago by dancall
Unilever tests voice-powered ads on Spotify | Mobile Marketer
Unilever this month will test ads on audio streaming service Spotify that respond to verbal commands from listeners, Ad Age reported. By saying "Play now" when prompted by an audio commercial from personal care brand Axe, users can access a curated music playlist that includes ads.
Voice-powered ads only work for Spotify users who allow the app to access the microphone of a wireless device. They can change their app settings to disable the feature at any time. Spotify has limited the test to a group of U.S.-based listeners of its free, ad-supported service, according to Variety.
Spotify sees voice-powered controls on mobile devices and smart speakers as a key part of getting its service on more platforms. "We believe voice — really across all platforms — are critical areas of growth, particularly for music and audio content," Daniel Ek, Spotify co-founder and CEO, said this week in its earnings call with analysts.
spotify  future  advertising  voice  fmcg  creative 
6 weeks ago by dancall
(1) BrewDog - ThrowBackCrash - YouTube
But... What did Brewdog actually do? It was a paid ad placement, surely...
alcohol  waze  maps  creative 
7 weeks ago by dancall
Fortnite for Galaxy S10 - Fortnite Game for Android | Samsung US
Lead your squad to victory with the new iKONIK exclusive. It brings K-Pop finesse to your look with a rare outfit and ultra-fresh emote. Get iKONIK when you level up to Samsung’s most powerful lineup of gaming devices yet– the Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+. It’s all available now!
mobile  hardware  gaming  fortnite  creative 
7 weeks ago by dancall
thanos - Google Search
Try Googling 'Thanos' & then click on the hand to see elements of the page disappear
films  google  search  GAMES  creative 
8 weeks ago by dancall
7-Eleven weaves 'Pokemon' AR experiences into loyalty app | Mobile Marketer
Convenience store chain 7-Eleven added "Pokemon" features to its loyalty app as part of a promotional tie-in for the movie "Pokemon Detective Pikachu," which premieres May 10 in U.S. theaters. The promotion includes augmented reality (AR) experiences, photo filters, movie-themed collectibles, discounts on coffee and an Instagram sweepstakes, the company announced.
The "Ryme City Neighborhood Watch" AR experience will have a new "Find the Missing Pokémon" activity each week that unlocks rewards for players including free food and drinks at 7-Eleven.
films  gaming  pokemon  augmented-reality  creative 
8 weeks ago by dancall
LEGO on Twitter: "We’re super excited to introduce LEGO Braille Bricks – a new product from @TheLegoFoundation that will help blind and visually impaired children learn Braille in a playful and inclusive way!…"
We’re super excited to introduce LEGO Braille Bricks – a new product from @TheLegoFoundation that will help blind and visually impaired children learn Braille in a playful and inclusive way!
toys  diversity  creative 
8 weeks ago by dancall
Dave Guarino on Twitter: "Hertz has sued Accenture for failing to deliver on a $32 million "digital transformation" project. Follow along as we read the lawsuit's details..."
Hertz has sued Accenture for failing to deliver on a $32 million "digital transformation" project.
Follow along as we read the lawsuit's details...
agencies  fail  ux  creative  funny  legal 
8 weeks ago by dancall
WWF shakes up the rules of Fortnite
Almost 250 million people who play the online video game Fortnite every day are being challenged by conservation charity WWF to survive the game – but with a twist.
The #NoBuildChallenge rule is simple: players are expected to proceed through the game without exploiting any of the usual natural resources which allow them to survive and increase their skills: this means no wood, no stone and no metal.
The idea is that the #NoBuildChallenge participants will understand a simple fact: staying alive is difficult without the planet’s natural resources. These players will be encouraged to share this message with their Fortnite networks all over the world.
gaming  tenbillion  creative  csr  charity 
9 weeks ago by dancall
Colonel Harland Sanders (@kfc) • Instagram photos and videos
Yo! Two influential people. Guess that’s why they call us influencers. Lol. Super cool to chop it up with @jessewelle. He got big by doing pranks. I got big by making great fried chicken, then turning myself into a virtual person. We all follow different paths and have different journeys. Following your own path is part of the
food  funny  creative  celebrity  instagram 
9 weeks ago by dancall
The New KFC Colonel Is a Computer-Generated Instagram Influencer - Eater
While using a computer-generated dope as a temporary spokesperson might seem like a bizarre move for a big food brand, this cheeky stunt is completely in line with the irreverent and always-unpredictable nature of KFC’s ongoing Colonel ad campaign. Over the last few years, the Colonel has been played by Jim Gaffigan, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe, Billy Zane, Ray Liotta, Norm Macdonald and RoboCop. Many of the best KFC stunts have also included some sort of timely hook related to an internet trend — whether that’s ASMR videos or novelty space launches. This latest stunt lands just a few weeks after a popular New York-based lifestyle Instagram account was exposed for being completely computer generated. And the virtual, narcissistic Colonel arrives just in time for the annual influencer-heavy desert spectacle known as Coachella.
food  creative  instagram  ai  funny 
9 weeks ago by dancall
Home — Textual
Improve the automatically generated texts by manually adding a few more attributes to each product. Use our recommended attributes or add your own as you wish. Using the already translated attributes you will receive translations instantly.
sup  ai  creative  content 
12 weeks ago by dancall
SodaStream USA on Twitter: "Houston we solved the problem! Burping in space is a thing of the past. Introducing our new collaboration with @StationCDRKelly, SodastreamME! Tag a friend you KNOW needs this :)…"
Houston we solved the problem!
Burping in space is a thing of the past. Introducing our new collaboration with @StationCDRKelly, SodastreamME!
Tag a friend you KNOW needs this :)
creative  fail 
12 weeks ago by dancall
Chiquita unpeels AR Snapcodes for World Banana Day | Mobile Marketer
Chiquita is celebrating World Banana Day by putting scannable codes on 200 million of its iconic blue banana stickers. The company partnered with Snapchat to create Snapcodes that mobile users can scan with the image-messaging app to unlock augmented reality (AR) experiences, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
Chiquita is sponsoring several of Snapchat's AR formats as part of the campaign. A world lens turns users into a dancing banana character; a face lens transforms their selfies into a Chiquita banana and a gamified lens challenges players to catch falling bananas in a virtual fruit bowl to score points.
While World Banana Day is on April 17, the campaign will run through the end of May. Chiquita worked with creative agency Dffrnt Media to develop the effort, which kicks off next month in the U.S. and rolls out worldwide in the following weeks.
augmented-reality  food  snapchat  creative 
12 weeks ago by dancall
Burger King sets rivals' ads aflame with AR app | Mobile Marketer
Burger King is offering mobile users in Brazil a free Whopper for virtually setting fire to the ads of its rivals, The Drum reported. The burger chain's app shows a "Burn That Ad" banner that mobile users can tap while pointing their smartphone camera at the print, coupon and billboard ads from competitors like McDonald's.
As a video spot for the campaign shows, Burger King's app uses augmented reality (AR) to overlay digital images of a blazing inferno that burns away competitors' ads to reveal a mobile coupon for a free Whopper sandwich from the chain's nearest location.
Burger King expects to give away about half a million Whoppers during the campaign, which highlights the pre-ordering, payment and pickup features of BK Express. Agency David São Paulo developed the campaign for Burger King Brazil.
funny  creative  widgets  augmented-reality  food  recognition  ai  ideas 
march 2019 by dancall
Long John Silver's serves up original album, audio coupons for Lent | Mobile Marketer
Quick-service seafood chain Long John Silver's boosted its Twitter engagement with a campaign that features songs that serve as in-store audio coupons. Customers who visit a restaurant and play a song from an original Long John Silver's playlist on streaming music app Soundcloud are eligible for food an drink discounts, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.
Each song in the playlist was recorded by the Coral Benders, a band based in Washington, D.C., that plays "beach-adjacent" dad rock. Long John Silver's is releasing a new song from the playlist every Friday from March 6 to April 19. The first piece, "The Ballad of Long John Silver," saw engagement that was two- to three-times greater than benchmarks.
Long John Silver's campaign is timed for its busiest season: the approximately six-week period of Lent, when many Christians abstain from eating meat in the lead-up to Easter. Agency Baldwin& developed the campaign, which launched on Ash Wednesday — March 6 — with posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
music  coupons  creative  trends  future 
march 2019 by dancall
Tic Tac taps Instagram Stories, 6-second bumpers for campaign around sharing | Marketing Dive
Ferrero brand Tic Tac Gum will debut two new 15-second spots that will air on TV, digital and social media channels, according to details shared with Marketing Dive. 
The campaign, "Refreshing. Delicious. Fun," focuses on the idea that the act of sharing can inspire unique and fun experiences. One commercial promotes the brand's freshmint flavor, while the other highlights the watermelon flavor. 
The effort includes four six-second bumpers and three Instagram Stories/Facebook feed posts. It is the first created and produced for the brand by Laundry Service, which Tic Tac named its creative agency of record in August 2018. 
fmcg  instagram  creative  advertising 
march 2019 by dancall
Jameson joins with Anderson .Paak to support local bars ahead of St. Patrick's Day | Marketing Dive
Pernod Ricard brand Jameson has joined forces with Grammy-winning musician and record producer Anderson .Paak on a "#LoveThyBar"  campaign that encourages people to support local bars, according to a press release.
The effort includes a 30-second spot showing Anderson .Paak performing in a bar in his hometown of Oxnard, California. "Oxnard" is the name of his most recent album. In the video, he puts out a "public service announcement" warning about all of the neighborhood establishments that are shuttering around the country. 
As part of the push, which launches ahead of St. Patrick's Day, Jameson is offering drink rebates to consumers in select states. To claim a rebate, consumers can chat with the brand via Facebook Messenger, visit a local bar, order a Jameson cocktail and send an image of the receipt through the app. Fans can follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #LoveThyBar.
alcohol  im  coupons  celebrity  creative 
march 2019 by dancall
This Person Does Not Exist Is the Best One-Off Website of 2019 | Inverse
“I have decided to dig into my own pockets and raise some public awareness for this technology,” he wrote in his post. “Faces are most salient to our cognition, so I’ve decided to put that specific pre-trained model up. Each time you refresh the site, the network will generate a new facial image from scratch from a 512 dimensional vector.”
ai  creative 
february 2019 by dancall (1024×1024)
AI project - all faces generated are fake
ai  creative 
february 2019 by dancall
(11) How we hacked Google Maps to recruit talent in NYC | LinkedIn
On behalf of our Agencies: MediaCom, Mindshare, Wavemaker, we uploaded 55 panoramic, high-definition 360 degree shots of our wonderful new offices at 3 World Trade Center featuring our amazing space, and breathtaking views. The best thing? Some of the pics contained a subtle call to action to visit our career website to learn more.
agencies  maps  creative  google 
february 2019 by dancall
Dating where the inside is all that counts – Refrigerdating - Samsung
Refrigerdating is a service that helps you to find love based on the content of your fridge. By uploading an image of your food, you can get in contact with others who have realized that you are what you eat!

How it works: It’s the inside (of your fridge) that counts. Simply upload an image and let the world know what kind of person you are. Refrigerdating will then hook you up with a variation of fridges, of different tastes, to pick and choose from.
creative  fail  funny 
february 2019 by dancall
Sony teams with TikTok on 'Escape Room' influencer campaign | Mobile Marketer
Sony Pictures and video-sharing platform TikTok partnered on a campaign to promote the thriller movie "Escape Room" among international audiences, according to an announcement. The companies hosted an event in Madrid that challenged social influencers and creators to record their experiences of teaming up to solve puzzles that unlocked escape rooms like those shown in the movie.
The invitees included 30 influencers from more than 17 countries, and eight TikTok creators from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia and Spain. The groups created more than 75 pieces of social content to share with their followers on TikTok.
The event ended with a scavenger hunt among Madrid's landmarks, with the winning team earning a special fan screening of the film in their local markets. The​ TikTok creators included the magician Magic Singh, comedian Karol Konk and makeup artist and body painter Vicky Banham.
tiktok  advertising  films  creative  competition 
february 2019 by dancall
Lancô​me partners with Alibaba on AR game | Retail Dive
L'Oréal Group's Lancôme worked with Alibaba’s cloud computing unit to unveil a Chinese New Year campaign that includes an augmented reality game, as well as a pop-up store in Harbour City, Hong Kong in celebration of the Year of the Pig, according to an Alibaba Cloud press release.

The AR game is played by smartphone, and allows users to hunt for and capture AR images of Lancôme's signature beauty product Genifiques, and in the process send their new year wishes for a chance to win prizes, the release stated.
luxury  augmented-reality  creative  apac  competition 
february 2019 by dancall
Shackleton Whisky uncaps Shazam-powered AR expedition | Mobile Marketer
Shackleton Whisky teamed with Apple-owned Shazam on a branded augmented reality (AR) experience that places smartphone users in a 3D version of Antarctica, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. Shazam users can tap the camera icon on the app and scan a "peel to reveal" sticker on a Shackleton gift box to experience explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1907 British Antarctic Expedition.
The "Discovered Under Ice, Served Over Ice" experience also shows users how the whisky was developed after the discovery of 11 intact bottles of Mackinlay's brew that had been left behind at Shackleton's base camp and sat frozen for more than 100 years. Master Blender Richard Paterson analyzed the liquor and created a new modern Scotch called Shackleton Whisky.
Software developer Zappar developed the AR experience using ZapWorks and 3D Studio Max technology. The AR experience works with Android and iOS devices.
shazam  augmented-reality  creative  alcohol 
february 2019 by dancall
Wanna Kicks, a new AR app from Wannaby, lets you virtually ‘try on’ your next pair of kicks | TechCrunch
Wannaby, a startup out of Belarus that is building “AR commerce” experiences, has launched a beta of its latest app, which aims to make it easier to find the perfect sneakers.

Dubbed “Wanna Kicks,” the iOS app uses augmented reality to let you “try on” various pairs of sneakers. You simply choose a pair of kicks from the list of 3D models, point your camera at your feet and — bingo — you’re now virtually wearing your chosen footwear.
augmented-reality  ecommerce  new-companies  sportswear  creative 
january 2019 by dancall
Shutterstock recreates Fyre Festival marketing only using stock footage | The Drum
The campaign featured professional models, a private island and took a whole camera crew to create. Shutterstock replicated it with stock assets in under a day for less than £1,600.
“We knew we could create the same thing much cheaper and from our desks,” said Lou Wiess, Shutterstock chief marketing officer. “We thought it would be a great way to show marketers and creative teams that you can truly create anything you want from our 12 million video clips and tens of thousands of music tracks”
creative  funny  tv 
january 2019 by dancall
Mediatel: Newsline: What my gran would say about Gillette
So I see Gillette’s adoption of purpose in this case as the last resort of the desperate, having given up on product benefit and improvement.
But that is not to say, necessarily, that you cannot get purpose right. And here’s an interesting example — from Gillette UK no less — of it making an effort to do so by supporting barbers who give the homeless a trim.
This is what you might call purpose with a small ‘p’ — applied, of direct benefit to individuals, visible and, above all, measurable. The parsnips are buttered.
Instead, in the US, it has adopted purpose with a big ‘P’: vague, of no direct benefit to you or me and, worst of all, beyond measurability. There is no way Gillette will be able to say, at the end of three years, what it achieved.
And if Gillette’s toxic masculinity campaign wins a purpose prize at the festival of self-congratulation, aka Cannes, I will be tempted to slit my wrists — but not with one of its products.
csr  creative  fail 
january 2019 by dancall
Mark Ritson: Gillette's new ad will be the year's worst marketing move
But the difference between Nike and Gillette is as glaring as that between night and day. Nike used the authenticity of Kaepernick, the pathos in his voice and the positivity of his message to inspire customers with an aspirational message that attracted them and then propelled them to purchase. Gillette’s ad feels like a tedious, politically correct public health video – the kind of film we were forced to watch in school about road safety before they invented the internet. Never mind making me hate Gillette, it makes me feel bad about pretty much everything. 
This could have been a win for Gillette. A less heavy hand. A less preachy tone. A more inspirational message that real men, the kind who use Gillette, behave better and stand for change.
csr  creative  diversity  fail 
january 2019 by dancall
Kid-Friendly AR Experiences From CES 2019 - VRScout
At the world’s largest technology show, CES 2019, we saw blasters, bots, board games and brain teasers that get kids and families moving, playing, learning and engaging with each other using AR technology.
With an anticipated growth of 200% over the next five years, connected play is more than just fun and games. According to Juniper Research, “Smart Toys will represent an $18 billion hardware and software market by 2023, up from an estimated $6 billion in 2018.” With that kind of growth it comes as no surprise that innovators from around the world are creating new ways for kids to play, learn and explore the world with cool connected experiences.
augmented-reality  kids  creative  GAMES  toys 
january 2019 by dancall
(1) Grocery Pickup - Famous Cars - YouTube
Get your groceries without leaving your car. Order online. Pick up free.
retail  creative  delivery 
january 2019 by dancall
Huge's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Comes With AR Easter Eggs - VRScout
To make this year’s gift guide extra special, the gift giving experts over at the Brooklyn based ad agency Huge Inc. have come together to curate a holiday gift guide that goes beyond traditional photos and descriptions. The award-winning ad agency has mashed traditional print media with new technology by infusing the pages of their Magenta Holiday Gift Guide with cool AR easter eggs placed throughout the printed catalog.
augmented-reality  creative 
january 2019 by dancall
Fetch helps Greggs launch 'Gifting Bot' for the holiday season | Mobile Marketing Magazine
Quick service restaurant (QSR) chain Greggs has partnered with mobile-first agency Fetch to launch the UK's first ever transactional Gifting Bot within the QSR space. The chatbot, which operates via Facebook Messenger, can be used to purchase Greggs goods and send them to friends.

"The festive season is all about generosity and giving, and we've now made it easier than ever to give the gift of Greggs, so there really is no excuse for a disappointing secret Santa present this year," said Hannah Squirrell, customer director at Greggs. "We're excited to be the first company to use bot technology for gifting in the UK and we hope our customers get into the spirit of the bot, even after the Christmas period."

The gifting bot integrates into Greggs' existing ePOS infrastructure, enabling redemption at any of Greggs 1,800+ locations in the UK via scanning the user's smartphone. The team behind the campaign are also planning to continue to evolve the product, enabling integration with third party payment platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The bot was developed in collaboration with chatbot specialists Autosermo, and Fetch, which operates as part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, has run media activation, planning and buying through its sister agency, Carat Manchester.
creative  bots  ecommerce  food  im  facebook 
december 2018 by dancall
H&M Home unwraps voice-powered gift guide for Google Assistant | Mobile Marketer
H&M launched a voice-enabled gift guide designed to showcase its home decor collection. The feature responds to voice commands on smartphones that have the Google Assistant installed and on all Google Home smart devices, according to a company press release.
To activate the guide, users ask for "H&M Home" via Google Assistant, which directs them to browse through the retailer's holiday gift assortment. The voice application also offers payment through voice command and Google Pay, letting users purchase merchandise without leaving the voice app.
H&M said its collaboration with Google began earlier this year when the company launched the H&M Home Stylist voice application.
google  voice  ecommerce  creative  retail 
december 2018 by dancall
Acura revs up Instagram Stories with car customizer, Giphy stickers | Mobile Marketer
Acura launched a vehicle customizer feature on Instagram Stories to let people build their dream car with a digital sticker pack and animated stickers from Giphy, the database and search engine for GIF files, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
Instagram users can build a personalized 2019 ILX sports sedan by searching for the car brand's @Acura handle, which has about 542,000 followers, to access the story. Once the customizer is up and running, users can place digital stickers of wheels and accessories onto the car model to give their vehicle a bolder, sportier appearance that fits their preferences.
instagram  automotive  stickers  trends  creative 
december 2018 by dancall
AR Experience Highlights The Struggles Of The Working Poor - VRScout
In an AR experience entitled “In Someone Else’s Shoes”, you get a glimpse of the life of ‘Jen,’ a 35-year-old full-time nurse’s assistant. Because of the high cost of rent, Jen lives in her car. Each day presents a new challenge that threatens her teetering financial situation; just one parking ticket or smashed window and Jen could find herself at the breaking point.
finance  csr  augmented-reality  creative 
december 2018 by dancall
Sony swings into mobile web AR with 'Spider-Verse' experience | Mobile Marketer
Sony Pictures is promoting the release of the animated movie "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" with a mobile web augmented reality (AR) experience that doesn't require users to download an app, according to a statement shared with Mobile Marketer.
The AR features let users tap their phone screens to see a digital version of Spider-Man and take pictures with the superhero that can be shared on social media. The AR experience is available at a specialized website that only works with a smartphone or tablet.
The "Spider-Verse Web AR Experience" was produced by AR agency Trigger, using technology from 8th Wall Web and Amazon Sumerian running on Amazon Web Services. "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" will be in theaters nationwide on Dec. 14.
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Why we can’t give up on the 'science' of advertising - Marketing Week
The Ehrenberg-Bass account of the role of advertising makes extensive use of behavioural data across many markets and categories, with findings published over the years in peer-reviewed journals. As such, it has a better claim to be truly scientific than many of its predecessors, but it doesn’t sit easily with agency culture.

In recent years, management consultancies have started to encroach on the territory of advertising. Consultancies give much more weight to quantitative methods and computational modelling, and to the idea that the activities of marketing can be improved through experimentation and a better understanding of how things work.

Unencumbered by advertising culture, and absent the ingrained incentives of the industry, consultancies can advocate for the application of a more scientific approach to the evaluation and design of advertising and marketing activity. This is a bold move, and one that requires buy-in from the highest levels of the client business: it requires the acknowledgement that some things will work better than others, and that some things might fail.
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KLM's travel VR series showcases faraway destinations | Mobile Marketer
Dutch airline KLM is giving online users a chance to experience faraway places without leaving home by immersing them in computer-generated virtual reality (VR). The carrier's iFly KLM Magazine online platform has 360-degree videos that showcase several destinations for travelers to virtually visit, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.
Celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa, star of National Geographic's "The Fearless Chef" and U.K. television station Channel 4's "Extreme Foods," provides a guided tour of the destinations in three video episodes. Viewers can see the 360-degree videos with a smartphone, tablet or VR headset.
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‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Hyper-Reality Experience Is An All-Out Assault On Your Senses - VRScout
A direct tie-in to Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Disney Animation Studios’ 2012 smash-hit, Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks VR will be available at select VOID Experience Centers beginning November 21st.

Developed in collaboration with ILMxLAB, The VOID, and Walt Disney Animation Studios, Ralph Breaks VR utilizes The VOID and ILMxLAB’s impressive location-based VR technology to deliver an original story set within the Wreck-It Ralph universe that takes users through a variety of digital locations for an immersive experience that manages to captivate nearly all of your senses.
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What if we could train a machine to create… in the same way that the Lexus engineers had trained a machine to respond to the world around it?
What if we could use artificial intelligence to communicate the artificial intelligence within the car?
What if AI could create the world’s most intuitive car ad?
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Lexus ES launches with advert scripted by artificial intelligence - Lexus
The 60-second feature is entitled Driven by Intuition and directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald. In both its creative concept and content, it celebrates the bold, innovative and imaginative characteristics that define Lexus as a brand.
The film launches in the UK on 15 November before being released across digital, social and cinema channels throughout Europe to herald the arrival of the all-new ES executive saloon early next year.
In the same spirit of daring technical achievement that delivered the Lexus Hoverboard, the film’s storyline and script are wholly sourced from an AI, built by technical partner Visual Voice in collaboration with The&Partnership, and with support from the IBM Watson suite of AI tools and applications.
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Lidl UK on Twitter: "Just because you don’t have £872 to spend on a piano, doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Elton. #EltonJohnLewis… "
Just because you don’t have £872 to spend on a piano, doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Elton. #EltonJohnLewis
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John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 - #EltonJohnLewis 🎹 - YouTube
Watch the new John Lewis & Partners Christmas TV advert, The Boy and The Piano.
This year’s story is about the power of a gift. And how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little boy’s life. That little boy just happens to be Elton John. The film begins in present day and works backwards chronologically through Elton’s life right until the moment on Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.
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