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Above Avalon: Jony Ive, Jeff Williams, and a Larger Apple
The clearest piece of evidence that the latest leadership changes aren’t being driven by some kind of growth crisis is that Apple already has a working growth story.
Position the iPhone and iPad as the strongest sources of new users into the ecosystem.
Position wearables as alternatives to the iPhone and iPad.
Come up with services that add value to Apple hardware and the broader Apple ecosystem.
Apple will likely add approximately 50M people to the iPhone installed base in 2019 despite unit sales being down by about 14%. A large opportunity for Apple is appealing to the 40%+ of its installed base that still only use one Apple device: an iPhone. The iPad installed base will grow by about 30M users in 2019. Apple is unveiling its most aggressive Services rollout to date. Apple’s wearables platform has strong momentum.
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Netflix slips, and disappoints investors |
“I think our position is excellent,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said during a Wednesday webcast. “We’re building amazing capacity for content. Our product has never been in better shape.”
Hastings stressed there was no plan to start taking advertising, and Netflix would remain free of commercials.
Commenting on the loss of some very popular shows, such as The Office and Friends, Hastings told analysts that not having to pay for these programmes would free up considerable cash to help fund new programming.  During the earnings interview, Ted Sarandos, chief content officer said “content comes and goes,” and Netflix will focus instead on convincing users that “we’re going to create their next favorite show”.
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Research: 5G plans boosted by 5G computing devices |
The report’s forecasts also indicate that:
The majority of 5G computing devices will be tablets and detachable 2-in-1s
Asia-Pacific will account for more than 40 per cent of 5G devices in use, North America 29 per cent and Western Europe 21 per cent (2023 projections)
Global annual sales of 5G computing devices will grow at a CAGR of 216 per cent between 2019 and 2023
5g  hardware  future  predictions 
7 hours ago by dancall
Computers that can see — Benedict Evans
Now, suppose I post five photos of myself and Mr Porter knows what clothes to recommend, without my having to buy anything first, or go through any kind of onboarding? Suppose I wave my smartphone at my living room, and 1stDibs or Chairish know what lamps I’d like, without my having to spend days browsing, liking or buying across an inventory of thousands of items? And what happens if a dating app actually knows what’s in the photos? No more swiping - just take a selfie and it tells you what the match is. Seven or eight years ago this would have been science fiction, but today it’s ‘just’ engineering, product and route to market.

The common thread across all of this is that vision replaces single-purpose inputs, and human mechanical Turks, with a general-purpose input. It might be facetious (or might not) to think computer vision will match dates, but the crucial change is how far computer vision means that computers can turn imaging into structured data. An image sensor isn’t a ‘camera’ that takes ‘photos’ - it’s a way to let computers see.
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Google takes another crack at social networking with Shoelace test | Mobile Marketer
Google started an invitation-only test of a social networking app that aims to bring people together in the real world — not just digitally — based on their activities and interests, Gizmodo reported. The app, called Shoelace, provides suggestions every day on nearby happenings, such as free comedy shows or pick-up soccer games, that give people a reason to meet up, per its website.
Google's Area 120 unit that nurtures experimental technologies created the app, which is piloting in New York City. "The whole premise of Shoelace is to tie people together based on their interests — like two laces on a shoe," per the website. "We do so through activities — which are fittingly called 'Loops.'"
People who want to bring Shoelace to their communities can request a code to activate the app. Shoelace currently supports the latest versions of Android and Apple's iOS. Shoelace users also need to have an active Google account to sign into the app.
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7 hours ago by dancall
Uber Debuts Subscription Service Bundle |
Uber is testing a monthly subscription pass that would allow access to rides, scooters, bikes and food, according to a report.
The pass, which costs $24.99 per month, offers a fixed discount on rides, free Uber Eats delivery and free rides on JUMP bikes and scooters. Uber is testing various discounts in different cities, including San Francisco and Chicago. Other iterations of the pass include free Uber Eats delivery after a certain price threshold is met.
“From meals to wheels and everything in between, we’re always looking for ways to make Uber the go-to option for your everyday needs,” an Uber spokesperson said.
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7 hours ago by dancall
FOMO: The Land Grab For Real Estate Startups |
The move toward speed in transactions (call it iBuying) may change the way we transact. The startups have their perceived differentiators. Opendoor, for example, makes cash offers for homes, makes repairs and puts those homes back on the market. And in another model profiled in this space, Bundle Select helps companies get employees settled as they buy and sell homes and relocate, working with realtors, title companies and real estate services.

But might it all be coming to the proverbial peak? Market-making exists only so far as there is a market to be made. In recent data, posted at the end of last month by the National Association of Realtors, pending home sales were up 1.1 percent in May, but were 70 basis points lower than a year ago. Banks by and large reported strong earnings, in part on strong mortgage activity, but then again, these are the traditional conduits of lending and financing, perhaps less attuned to the iBuying model that is gaining VC capital. In another sign, U.S. homebuilding activity as measured by housing starts has declined for two straight months.
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7 hours ago by dancall
Pop-Up Retail Gets A Pop Of Fresh Energy |
Pop-ups also are riding a wave of growth when it comes to food, either via restaurants or small, even individual operators eager to get their dishes before more consumers in various, sometimes non-traditional settings. Part of that trend — as documented by PYMNTS — is tied to the ongoing deployment of mobile payment solutions, which enables those smaller businesses to sell to consumers who don’t have (or don’t want to pay with) cash.

The world of pop-up shops is one of those places where seemingly anything can happen — and where some of newest retail best practices might even emerge over time, given all the interest in those temporary locations.
pop-up  retail  stats  future 
7 hours ago by dancall
Toys R Us Is Back With Experiential Retail |
Tru Kids, the parent company of Toys R Us, is partnering with retail-as-a-service startup b8ta to launch a new curated store experience.
The first two new Toys R Us stores will open in November, in time for the 2019 holiday season, Toys R Us said in a July 18 press release. The first stores will open in The Galleria in Houston, Texas and in Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N.J.
“With a 70-year heritage, the Toys R Us brand … continues to play a leading role in the hearts and minds of today’s consumers,” said Richard Barry, CEO of Tru Kids and interim co-CEO of the new joint venture.
retail  toys  partnerships  future 
7 hours ago by dancall
Giant Eagle Teams With Grabango |
To make a checkout-free payment experience at brick-and-mortar stores, grocery and pharmacy retailer Giant Eagle teamed up with California startup Grabango. Multiple configurations of the company’s platform are in testing at a Giant Eagle location such as a solution based on an app as well as one that enables shoppers to pay with a credit card or cash, Venture Beat reported.

“Giant Eagle has been a fantastic partner on this groundbreaking project,” Grabango CEO Will Glaser said, according to the report. “We are excited to be announcing our first checkout-free partnership with a major U.S. retailer. Together, we are offering a technology that is seamless and equitable for all.”

Grabango has collected 17 patents when it comes to checkout-free technologies and has brought on clients that reportedly serve more than 600 shoppers per year. Its products are also said to be more scalable than offerings of competitors. It is made to function in locations with over 100,000 square feet of floor space and has the ability to monitor hundreds of customers at one time.
retail  future  partnerships  new-companies 
7 hours ago by dancall
Uber launches shopping app with Cargo to boost in-car commerce | Mobile Marketer
Ride-hailing giant Uber created a shopping app with Cargo, the in-car vending start-up, to let customers buy products while they're on the go. The Cargo Store app will sell items like the Amazon Echo, Apple AirPods, Away Luggage, Glossier make-up and Oculus Go devices, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
Cargo Store users get back 10% of their purchases in Uber credits that can be redeemed on future Uber rides or Cargo purchases. The app, which only works during an Uber trip, also will have daily deals to give riders a chance to buy limited-time items. Cargo Store offers free shipping on all products, which are sourced from local warehouses, per its announcement.
uber  retail  partnerships  future 
7 hours ago by dancall
With Shoelace, Its Latest Foray into (Local) Social, Google Aims to Do for Friends What Tinder Did for Dating | Street Fight
This is what Shoelace, with its local focus, appears poised to do were it to take off. The app is currently only available to a small number of people, on an invitation-only basis, living in New York. As its raison d’être, Google offers: “Shoelace is a mobile app that helps connect people with shared interests through in-person activities. It’s great for folks who have recently moved cities or who are looking to meet others who live nearby.” Users can join Loops, which are interests that aim to give people a reason to get together (tennis, dogs, art), and the app will provide activities each day that people in the same neighborhoods in the same Loops can do together.
google  social-networks  trends  future  local  location 
7 hours ago by dancall
Trax banks $100m in series D round led by Hopu Investments
Trax develops image recognition software and uses an IoT camera system to provide consumer packaged goods companies with shelf and store-level insights.
Founded in 2010, it claims to operate in over 50 countries, with more than 175 client engagements. It counts Warburg Pincus as its largest shareholder, and Boyu Capital, Investec, and GIC among its existing investors.
retail  technology  future  recognition  ai 
7 hours ago by dancall
Episodic Tarzan VR Experience Announced At San Diego Comic-Con - VRScout
Fun Train, the team behind The Exorcist: Legion VR, has revealed a new episodic VR series based on acclaimed American fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1912 classic, Tarzan of the Apes. Revealed earlier today at an absolutely packed San Diego Comic-Con, Tarzan VR is a single-player VR game that places users in the shoes (bare feet?) of the legendary fictional character as they set off on a series of adventures that take place over the course of five episodes.
vr  tv  films  future  content 
7 hours ago by dancall
Report: Son Of Billionaire Rupert Murdoch Makes Huge Investment In Location-Based VR Provider The VOID - VRScout
According to report made by Bloomberg this past weekend, a person “familiar with the transaction” who “asked not to be identified because the matter isn’t yet public,” claims that James Murdoch, former CEO of 21st Century Fox and heir to media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has reportedly made a $20 million investment in location-based VR provider The VOID, making it the British-Americans largest investment to-date.

Based on the report, the investment was made using a portion of the $1 billion accumulated by Murdoch’s holding company, Lupa Systems, after the sale of his stake in 21CF to Disney. The report also states that Murdoch will be taking a seat on the companies board, joining an assortment of equally-powerful investors, including both Disney and Qualcomm Ventures.
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8 hours ago by dancall
Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian: “Data and creativity are not mutually exclusive"
For example, there is this glut of CBD products. Once you surface the bigger trend of giving people an outlet for their anxiety, you start getting into the space of making something people really want. Data and creativity are not mutually exclusive, and the idea that you can only create in a total vacuum is a farce. These are people who are still consuming content; they're still walking down the street observing their world. We're getting data inputs all the time. In no way is it replacing human decision-making; it's just giving insights that we historically have never had.
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12 hours ago by dancall
Cadbury uses dynamic digital out of home to help the nation choose its favourite new Dairy Milk flavour – Posterscope
Cadbury has this week launched a dynamic digital out of home campaign to encourage the nation to trial and vote for which of its three newly invented limited-edition Dairy Milk bars they’d like to keep in the range.

Cadbury’s Inventor competition launched last year and invited UK consumers to invent a new flavoured Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.  Three finalists have seen their bars created and go on sale in stores nationwide, and now the public are invited to decide which flavour will become a permanent addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

The campaign shines a light on the three inventors whose flavours were chosen in competition and, in the style of a political campaign, rallies the nation to head to the polls and vote for their favourite.

The creative will feature live polling data from across the UK, drawn from Cadbury’s voting website, to show the public which chocolate bar is leading the polls, and which flavour is proving most popular in different parts of the UK.
outdoor  future  creative  fmcg 
13 hours ago by dancall
Shopify and the Power of Platforms – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
What is powerful about this model is that it leverages the best parts of modularity — diversity and competition at different parts of the value chain — and aligns the incentives of all of them. Every referral partner, developer, theme designer, and now 3PL provider is simultaneously incentivized to compete with each other narrowly and ensure that Shopify succeeds broadly, because that means the pie is bigger for everyone.

This is the only way to take on an integrated Aggregator like Amazon: trying to replicate what Amazon has built up over decades, as Walmart has attempted, is madness. Amazon has the advantage in every part of the stack, from more customers to more suppliers to lower fulfillment costs to faster delivery.

The only way out of that competition is differentiation; granted, Walmart has tried buying and launching new brands exclusive to its store, but differentiation when it comes to e-commerce goods doesn’t arise from top down planning. Rather, it bubbles up from widespread opportunity (and churn!), like that created by Shopify, supported by an entire aligned ecosystem.
amazon  ecommerce  new-companies  future 
11 days ago by dancall
Taste testing the ice cream that cost $60 million to create in a lab
A new cow-free dairy ice cream on the market is certainly an interesting novelty, but Perfect Day’s founders, both young vegans, claim a loftier vision. On a warming planet where animal agriculture is a leading contributor to climate change and animal welfare exposés often reveal harsh treatment of dairy cows and other farm animals, the idea of producing actual animal products without animals is certainly appealing to many. 
No doubt there will be some for whom the marriage of such technology and food won’t be appetizing. Other (perhaps less socially conscious) consumers will wonder why a product like Perfect Day’s needs to exist at all. The company’s success will depend on convincing a potentially leery consumer base that its product is worth a higher price tag, and preferable to both traditional dairy desserts and plant-based competitors.
food  trends  future  new-companies 
11 days ago by dancall
Airbnb Rival Sonder Reaches $1B Valuation |
Sonder, a rental startup, has reached a valuation of over $1 billion after its latest funding round, according to a report by TechCrunch.
The company rents boutique apartments that are like hotel rooms, and allows people to stay in them anywhere from two day to two years. The company recently raised $225 million, and it has raised $400 million to date.
Investors include Valor Equity, Westcap and Nicolas Pritzker via Tao Capital Partners, and there was also participation in the round from Fidelity, Atreides Capital, ARod Corp, Spark Capital, Inovia Capital and Greenoaks Capital.
The company said it has been expanding rapidly, and it has grown the number of rentable units threefold in the last year. It has 8,500 spaces in 20 cities all across the globe, with plans for more.
The company, which is based in San Francisco, said that it expects to see a $400 million revenue run rate by the end of the year. The company provides amenities similar to hotels in completely furnished apartments.
airbnb  luxury  new-companies  future  ti 
11 days ago by dancall
Lululemon Brings Experiential Store To Chicago |
As Lululemon looks to compete with Amazon and differentiate itself, the fitness apparel retailer is opening a massive store in Chicago. The location, which is in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, is 20,000 square feet, CNBC reported.
The store features workout studios, a restaurant, and so-called one-of-a-kind merchandise. Its first floor showcases women’s attire such as the company’s famous leggings along with yoga pants and sports bras in addition to accessories, while its second level features men’s merchandise such as ABC pants, sweat-wicking tops and underwear. In addition, the second floor has three studios for daily classes.
Consumers can purchase classes in packs of five, 10 or 20 at a bit of a discount with approximately six to 10 classes occurring on a particular day. The company is also providing customers with a special benefit at Lincoln Park, as they will be able to test out certain Lululemon gear at the time of workout classes to give it a try prior to making the decision if they want to purchase it.
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11 days ago by dancall
Bigscreen TV Launches With 50+ Channels Of Video Content - VRScout
Thinking about how quickly this historic past-time has evolved feels a little bit like the show Black Mirror, but it’s also incredibly innovative and exciting. Bigscreen, an immersive social platform that allows you to access your computer in VR, aims to continue revolutionizing the TV viewing experience with Bigscreen TV — a VR streaming experience that opens up access to over 50 major television providers.

“With Bigscreen, users can watch a Netflix show or a Twitch stream in an IMAX-like virtual movie theater,” Bigscreen reports. This means users from around the world can gather together to watch big championship games or their favorite shows with their friends as though they are together on the same couch.
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The rise of the “ghost kitchen” could change the restaurant delivery game
Here’s the rub: Even if a restaurant can squeak by financially with these third-party arrangements, many kitchens don’t have the excess capacity to meet demand for online sales during peak operating hours. And this conflict over effective use of time and space—combined with rising urban rents and real estate scarcity—has given rise to the latest innovation from the disruption industry. Meet the virtual restaurant, or “ghost kitchen,” a business that distributes meals through these apps, but has no sit-down, brick and mortar location.
food  future  airbnb  uber  delivery 
12 days ago by dancall
Smart Cabinets Retail's Amazon Go Counterpunch? |
The headlines may center on Amazon Go, on the move to cashless retail in the brick-and-mortar realm. The self-serve model has customers roving aisles dotted with sensors and scanners, with the hope (by retailers) that seamless transactions and higher turnover are the result.

The rise of automated retail can be seen as being bifurcated between two buckets, chiefly through the kiosks or intelligent cabinets that sell a range of items, and through a succession of purchases via the Amazon Go model.
retail  future  vending  amazon 
12 days ago by dancall
Retail Innovation Race Pits Products, Services |
Innovation takes many flavors and paths, and that’s especially true when it comes to merchants who sell retail products and companies that sell retail services. And payments plays a big role in all those efforts — even though many companies don’t yet to seem to realize how to get the most from transactions.

In an new PYMNTS interview, Karen Webster and Nicky Koopman, senior vice president of Content and Value Added Services at AEVI dig deep into findings from the PYMNTS and AEVI Retail Innovation Readiness Index. The research found a stark contrast among different types of companies — for instance, sellers of health and beauty products are very prepared to embrace innovation when compared to healthcare service providers.
retail  future 
12 days ago by dancall
Alexa To Offer Medical Advice In The UK |
The National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K. has teamed up with Amazon to provide medical advice for a variety of ailments, in an effort to cut down on hospital costs, according to a report by Reuters.
Amazon’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice assistant Alexa will offer advice on things like chickenpox, migraines and the flu. The hope is that people, especially those who are elderly, blind or don’t have regular internet access, can get NHS-sanctioned information and potentially reduce doctor visits.
Some experts, however, are worried that older people may be intimidated by the technology, as they are used to getting medical information through other means.
echo  voice  health  future  trends 
12 days ago by dancall
Mastercard Launches Early Pay For Gig Workers |
Much of the magic of using gig economy services like Uber is contained in the payment experience itself. Instead of fussing with cash or a card at the end of the ride, the payment happens seamlessly on the back end. And because the experience is so easy and smooth on the consumer side, Mastercard SVP of Digital Payments Silvana Hernandez said, it is easy to assume that the experience is just beautifully friction-free on the gig worker’s side when it comes to getting paid for that ride.

Unfortunately, Hernandez told Karen Webster in a recent PYMNTS interview, that isn’t always the case. Gig workers may not be paid until days or even weeks later. And that can create problems for those participating in the gig economy.

According to a recent study conducted by PYMNTS and Mastercard, of the 38.7 percent of the U.S. workforce engaged in the gig economy – particularly the 13.3 percent who live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings for emergencies – income instability and unpredictability create serious cash flow challenges.
payment  finance  future  ideas 
12 days ago by dancall
Macy's Story goes outside with Dick's Sporting Goods | Retail Dive
Macy's announced Tuesday its new in-store concept for Story, dubbed Outdoor Story, according to a company press release. The effort is in partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods and Miracle-Gro and will run through September.
Outdoor Story will feature more than 70 different brands and events at each location such as gardening workshops and kayaking on the Hudson River. Shoppers will be able to purchase "furniture that grows," Miracle-Gro's "Twelve Indoor Growing System" and a range of plants and planters, among other items. 
Outdoor Story marks the first partnership for Macy's and Dick's, as well as the first partnership Dick's has had with another major retailer. Outdoor STORY will feature Dick's private brands, Alpine Design and Field & Stream, per the release.
retail  future  pop-up  partnerships 
12 days ago by dancall
What's a Cloud Kitchen? Amazon's Next Move to Revolutionize a Major Shopping Sector | Street Fight
This business model will really start to shine when restaurants are born into the cloud kitchen model instead of adapting to it. Food delivery startups — or giants like Amazon and Uber Eats — can work directly with a network of cloud kitchen-based restaurants whose sole purpose is pumping out delivery orders.

The lowered overhead mentioned above, combined with delivery volume fueled by Amazon, Uber Eats et al., could create economics rarely seen in food service. That means savings are passed on to consumers, or more revenue can be passed around to restaurants and the margin-obsessed Amazon.
food  delivery  future 
12 days ago by dancall
Otis – AVC
One of USV’s newest portfolio companies, Otis, had a coming out party yesterday.
The idea behind Otis is that cultural assets like fine art, rare books and comic books, jewelry and watches, sneakers and skateboards, etc are appreciated by everyone but are only collectible/affordable by wealthy people.
Otis intends to change that by securitizing these cultural assets and selling them off in shares for as little as $25 per share. These fractionalized cultural assets will be shown publicly while they are owned collectively.
future  trends  currencies  new-companies  widgets  ecommerce 
12 days ago by dancall
Idea - Action Stadium
We live in a strange world. The better the technology we have on our hands, the more passive people have become. This problem has to be turned around.
Research shows that an active lifestyle not only improves the physical condition but emotional wisdom, creativity and problem-solving too. Why not harness technology to encourage that instead?
We combined physical activities and digital experiences into one. The glue in between is gamification, familiar from mobile games and their ability to capture our attention on screens. This time it’s the active and healthy lifestyle you get addicted to – not the old way around.
trends  future 
12 days ago by dancall
Direct-to-consumer is coming to the alcohol industry | Modern Retail
The shift to direct selling for booze brands comes as buying alcohol online is beginning to hit the mainstream. In 2017, sales hit $1.7 billion in the US, according to Rabobank. Research from Gartner L2 found that online liquor sales increased 61% year-over-year between 2018 and 2019 — a much faster clip than the industry’s overall sales. Recent media coverage has focused on flagging alcohol sales, but the direct-to-consumer space is just getting started.

For e-commerce alcohol brands, the hurdle lies in getting people to buy a drink online that they’ve never tried before. Irresistibly DTC-style branding can help. When aperitif brand Haus launched online last month, it aimed its branding and marketing strategy directly at affluent millennials, selling for $35 a bottle and hiring DTC agency Gin Lane as its branding partner. It’s positioned as an online-only, health-conscious, hard alcohol alternative.
alcohol  ecommerce  future 
12 days ago by dancall
TDG: Ad-supported Netflix tier would be well received |
According to new TDG research, a third of Netflix users would consider changing tiers, more than half of which are moderately likely to or definitely would switch.
While Netflix has consistently spurned ads, the decision is not entirely within its control, says Michael Greeson, President of TDG and Senior Vice President of Screen Engine/ASI. In the next year, many of Netflix’s most-viewed shows will disappear from its library, as networks such as Disney and WarnerMedia reclaim their high-value titles in order to populate their own D2C services.
While top of mind among Netflix executives, awareness does not logically entail timely, correct action. “Netflix’s response to its thinning third-party library is to spend more on originals, which it’s gambling will keep subscribers from jumping ship,” advises Greeson. “But with half or more of its most-viewed shows being owned by three studios, each of which is launching their own DTC services, how long can you convince 55+ million US consumers that your service is worth paying a premium price, especially compared with Hulu (offers an ad-based option), Amazon Prime Video (free with Prime), and Disney+ (coming in a $6.99/month)?”
netflix  advertising  future 
13 days ago by dancall
5G Technology Looms With Retail Possibilities |
The emerging 5G technology has tremendous retail potential. The early use cases are likely to come heavily from the grocery sector, which is moving toward a cashierless – or much more cashierless – future. Amazon Go is pretty much setting the standard for those efforts, although, as PYMNTS has covered, U.K. supermarket chains such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have been starting to include camera-based technology. “The one example that stands out from the discussion of 5G’s possible impact on the shopping experience relates to a grocery setting,” Dealerscope said.

“Imagine walking into a grocery store, looking for an item, being guided to the exact location via in-store directions that are displayed in (augmented reality) on a smartphone or through a smart glasses experience, and when you get to the item – maybe a container of medicine or vitamins – the ingredients are displayed there in front of you, and instantaneously, you’re alerted to potential ingredients in the product that could flare up some allergy that you have, thus preventing you from a scary medical emergency.”
5g  retail  connectivity  food  future  trends  wave6 
13 days ago by dancall
Why Your Strategy Needs More Chaos | WARC
Martin Weigel has 27 years’ planning experience, and has worked in London, New York, São Paulo and Amsterdam. He has been head of planning for Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam since 2009.
advertising  future  longform 
15 days ago by dancall
Netflix (NFLX) Unveils New Video Games Based on Shows - Bloomberg
Stranger Things 3: The Game, a title based on the popular teen series, will come out on July 4, the same day the third season of the show debuts. Netflix has also licensed “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” -- a prequel series to the 1980s Jim Henson film -- for a game that will debut later this year. The company isn’t developing or producing the video games itself, opting instead to license the characters to outside studios.

Netflix is just starting to explore the possibility of turning its movies and TV shows into other products, and “Stranger Things” has been its guinea pig. The show is one of the service’s most popular, especially in the U.S. and among younger viewers. The company licensed a “Stranger Things” mobile game in 2017 and has since struck deals for “Stranger Things” T-shirts, Coca-Cola bottles and ice cream. A new mobile game will debut in 2020.
netflix  gaming  GAMES  content  future  trends 
15 days ago by dancall
6 fashion jobs created by the circular economy - Vogue Business Talent
Luxury consignment retailers build their reputations — and their client bases — on the quality of their stock. For that, they need individuals whose job is to ensure that only genuine labels make the cut. Before an item is hosted online, authenticators determine an item’s credibility by checking everything from minute stitching detail to ensuring that colours align with the exact colours produced that season. A degree in fashion design or art history is desirable; an eye for detail and an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion or gemology are a must. Look at leading consignment sites such as The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and ThredUp for opportunities. 
clothing  luxury  futureofwork  casestudies  future  piracy  fraud 
15 days ago by dancall
Global Wealth 2019: Reigniting Radical Growth
To navigate this changing environment and create a strong bottom line, wealth managers must reignite growth. The most successful firms will take their business models to the next level by focusing on high-growth opportunities, amplifying advisor impact, and employing data and analytics to deliver value at scale. Surface-level changes will not suffice. To meet the heightened expectations of their sophisticated clientele and defend their market share against able and determined competitors, wealth managers will need to invest in product innovation, advanced analytics, and a robust set of digital tools and platforms to extend their reach, personalize their service, and differentiate their offering.
finance  future  affluent 
15 days ago by dancall
The Next Level of Personalization in Retail
According to a study conducted by BCG and commissioned by Google, customers increasingly prefer a shopping experience that’s easy and fast and that helps them make purchase decisions. Customers think less about personalization per se than they do about the benefits it can provide. By contrast, retailers are increasingly focused on personalization and what it means. We define it as continually tailoring the shopping experience to individual customers by using a combination of first-party customer data (which a company collects from its customers or audience) and third-party customer data (which is collected by external organizations that are not the original sources of the data).
ecommerce  retail  trends  future  ai  algorithms 
15 days ago by dancall
Mediatel: Newsline: Sssh. Grown-ups have spoken, and they’re worth a listen
Not all brands are operating under budgetary pressure. More than four out of ten (43% to be precise) spent more last year than the year before. Of these, 15% increased their budgets significantly.
They are not all prioritising short-term performance over longer-term brand awareness: 55% spend more on brand awareness than performance, and 31% operate a rough 50:50 split.
However, they are happier with the perceived effectiveness of performance (72% say it has increased over the last five years versus 14% who say it has decreased) than they are with that of brand awareness (43% increase vs 37% decrease).
advertising  future 
15 days ago by dancall
(1) 001. fast(er) food - YouTube
As Americans dine-out less and order-in more, “virtual kitchens” are emerging in dense metropolitan areas to house dozens of delivery-only concepts in converted warehouses. The biggest player in the US is CloudKitchens, backed with $150m from Uber founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick. Watch as we provide an inside look into these mysterious kitchens and interview the restaurateurs betting the future of their businesses on the promise of delivery.
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Research: Subs-loss threat for Netflix AVoD |
Highlights from the study:
1) Netflix risks losing about a quarter of its subscriber base if it switched from ad-free to ad-supported—with no reduction in subscription fee.
23 per cent of current subscribers say they’d definitely or probably drop Netflix if ads were included for the same fees it charges today.
In turn, fewer than half (41 per cent) say they’d definitely or probably keep their subscription, with the remainder undecided.
2) It’s only at a $2-$3 lower price where we see stronger levels of retention and fewer potential subscriber losses.
At $2 less per month than the current fee, about half (53 per cent) say they’d keep Netflix and 14 per cent would drop. Again, with the remainder unsure.
At $3 less per month, six in 10 say they’d keep, and 12 per cent would drop.
3) If Netflix added an ad-supported tier as an option, a $3 lower price could persuade subscribers to sign up for the ad-free alternative.
A $1 price drop for ad-supported wouldn’t move the needle much: nearly 6 in 10 would stick with ad-free; just one in three would pick ad-supported.
But at $3 less, the ad-supported option edges out ad-free.
4) On the other hand, introducing an ad-supported tier at the current subscription price, and raising the ad-free price, could lead to significant defections.
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Report: 49% video ad impressions go to Connected TV |
With impressions increasing nearly 60 per cent year over year, connected TV (CTV) advertising now accounts for nearly half of impressions served, according to the latest Video Benchmark Report from Extreme Reach (ER), the complete creative asset management solution for the ad industry. Based on Q1 2019 performance metrics from the company’s platform, AdBridge, and specifically its proprietary video ad server, the report highlights the massive impact of CTV on multiple aspects of digital advertising.

The CTV-driven transformation is accelerating in parallel with consumers’ shifting media consumption preferences. According to a report issued by Nielsen in March 2019, 68 per cent of US households had a connected TV device (e.g., Roku, Apple TV) by Q3 2018. At the same time, use of ad-supported streaming services like Hulu and a host of emerging entrants in the field is surging. And where the audience goes, ad dollars soon follow. While OTT advertising budgets are currently just 3 per cent of TV ad budgets, Magna Global predicts a 30-plus per cent growth rate for both 2019 and 2020.
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Nexite is developing a connectivity platform, enabling to engage with physical items as if they were digital, empowering retail to become data-driven, frictionless and personalized.
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This Prime Day, Twitch Sells Out – Twitch Blog
This year, our favorite made-up holiday, Amazon Prime Day, takes place July 15 & 16. To celebrate, Twitch is hosting our very own live shopping show on /twitchpresents that promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed…but, like, in a good way. It’s called Twitch Sells Out: A Prime Day Special Event, and it starts July 15 at 10am PT.
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Deciphering Tencent’s WeChat Ecosystem | Jing Daily
The incredible marketing power of WeChat today all started with the platform’s massive number of daily users, which represents unlimited traffic potential for brands to monetize. Being fully aware of this advantage, Tencent Marketing Solution has gone a step further in helping luxury brands obtain traffic. In the above chart, the team defines four types of traffic that brands can access and acquire within the app. For example, WeChat lets brands tap into users’ Moments (朋友圈) by offering them social coupons and gift cards, allowing those users to gain social traffic. These days, this kind of word-of-mouth traffic is becoming more and more important to all businesses. But the app also accepts advertising requests from brands at prime viewing places such as Moments and posts by key opinion leaders (KOLs). On top of that, Tencent has even created some intellectual property (IP) assets that have gone viral among Chinese Millennials and Gen-Zers, including the video game Honor of Kings and the reality show Produce Camp, that brands can use in advertising. The American cosmetics brand M.A.C., for instance, had a successful campaign that featured Honor of Kings characters in it.
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How Will Movies Survive the Next 10 Years? - The New York Times
This is very cynical, but I think the standard of quality for people who watch stuff at home is not the same. If you go see “Avengers” in the theater, it better be great, but if you’re just watching stuff at home, it doesn’t matter so much. I don’t want to diss on Netflix too much, because they make amazing stuff, and they’re giving shots to people who would not have been given shots 10 years ago, but I also think Netflix would rather have five things that people kind of like than one thing people really love.
Take Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade,” Lenny Abrahamson’s “Room” or Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight”: I do not believe those films would have ever found a significant audience if they had premiered on streaming, because they did not have either the stars or the established directors that could have gotten them attention. I believe there’s still an incredibly vital role that festivals and movie theaters play in giving those films time to be discovered.
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Nike’s direct-to-consumer business continues to grow — but at a cost | Modern Retail
Nike’s approach to the direct-to-consumer business has been to drive more customers to its free NikePlus app, with the promise of exclusive perks available for customers who shop at one of its owned-and-operated stores. It’s also focused on adding more features to the NikePlus app that make it easier for customers to shop both online and in-store, most recently with Nike Fit, a new scanning technology that allows customers to measure their shoe size through their smartphone camera, and then store it in the NikePlus app so they can remember it when buying new sneakers. During today’s earnings call president and CEO Mark Parker revealed that NikePlus now has 170 million members.
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Truman's announce new immersive brewery in East London | Waltham Forest Council
One of the great names in British brewing, Truman’s, has announced plans for a new brewery in Walthamstow. Set to increase Truman’s capacity tenfold, the brewery site will boast a brewery tap room, immersive visitor experience and brewery tours, as well as a street food market, performance space for live music and artist studios for the local creative community.

Opening its doors in spring 2020, the new brewery will create over 80 new jobs for the local community. The total site extends to over 50,000 sq. ft enabling brewing capacity to increase to 250,000 hectolitres from 25,000 hectolitres in their current brewery in Hackney Wick. A pilot brewery will also be installed for creating small-batch limited edition beers and a hands-on Brew School Experience where guests will be able to learn the art of brewing.
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Facebook, Libra, and the Long Game – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
This is particularly the case with Facebook: despite all of the company’s efforts to design a system that does not entail trusting Facebook exclusively — again, this is not a Facebook Coin — Libra is already widely known as a Facebook initiative. Unless the consumer benefits are truly extraordinary, that may be enough to prevent Libra from ever gaining escape velocity. This applies even more to the Calibra wallet: Facebook promises not to mix transaction data with profile data, but that entails, well, trust that Facebook may have already lost.

Still, that doesn’t mean digital currencies will never make it: I do think that Libra gets closer to a workable balance between trust and efficiency than Bitcoin, at least when it comes to being usable for transactions and not simply a store of value; the question is who can actually get such a currency off the ground. Certainly Facebook’s audacity and ambition should not be underestimated, and the company’s network is the biggest reason to believe Libra will work; Facebook’s brand is the biggest reason to believe it will not.
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Alibaba launches English-language site to lure brands | Retail Dive
With the launch of a new English-language portal, Alibaba aims to bring more global businesses into the Chinese market. Alibaba's Tmall Global (TMG), which already has 20,000 international brands in over 4,000 categories from 77 countries and regions, is also introducing versions of the portal in other languages such as Spanish, Japanese and Korean, according to a company announcement emailed to Retail Dive.

The platform features tools aimed at helping global merchants succeed in China, including how to open a flagship store, and onboarding advice to optimize operations. The site also provides solutions on how to best use Tmall Overseas Fulfillment (TOF), which provides merchants with a "low-cost, low-risk way to test the waters in China," according to the release.
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Introducing 'Uncommon Path,' a Print Magazine From REI | REI Co-op Journal
This fall, we’re thrilled to introduce our first-ever print magazine, Uncommon Path, brought to you by the same editorial team that produces the Co-op Journal and published by Hearst Magazines. Through this magazine, we want to help more people see themselves in the outdoors.

“Uncommon Path tells the stories of the experiences, events, issues and ideas that shape the relationship between people and life outside,” said Ben Steele, executive vice president and chief customer officer for REI Co-op. “But those stories aren’t limited to trails and peaks. They take us to parks and urban places closer to home, covering issues like climate change impacts that, due to dwindling resources and shrinking local newsrooms, are inevitably getting less press.”

In our first issue, we’ll lead you on a bike ride through Atlanta with Civil Bikes founder Nedra Deadwyler, reveal the stark landscape of the United States-Mexico border and explore what’s next for outdoor preschools. And it wouldn’t be our magazine if we didn’t also tell you about the gear we love.

In September, Uncommon Path will be distributed to our members and will be available at all 155 REI stores and in select newsstands across the country.
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REI sunsets catalog, introduces print magazine | Marketing Dive
Outdoor retailer REI has retired its print mail order catalog, and in its place plans to launch a new print magazine dedicated to outdoor lifestyles, the company revealed in a blog post. The retailer is collaborating on the magazine with HearstMade, Hearst's branded content arm.
"Uncommon Path," which launches this fall, will be produced in-house and will distributed at 155 REI stores, as well as at several newsstands. The magazine joins the brand's various media products, which include an online journal, film and a podcast, MediaPost reports.
The magazine launch also includes a partnership with NewsMatch, a non-profit that supports local journalism. The retailer plans to invest $100,000 in 10 local news organizations this year.
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Facebook Libra: What can China learn from the world’s first super sovereign currency? | South China Morning Post
On one hand, there are concerns that Libra could bring fresh uncertainty to Beijing’s vision of a future move away from the US dollar hegemony, and also pose new risks to China’s capital controls.
On the other hand, Libra could offer fresh incentives for China to accelerate the creation of its own digital currencies and provide a benchmark against which Beijing can view how other countries regulate them, analysts in China said.
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Hands-On With Warner Bros. Batman-Themed Backseat Immersive Experience - VRScout
What captured my attention the most throughout the 5G-focused event, however, was Warner Bros. and Intel’s self-driving car featuring a Batman-themed backseat immersive experience. For those of you unfamiliar with this one-of-a-kind project, this past January Warner Bros. and Intel announced their collaboration on a Batman-themed immersive experience designed to entertain passengers sitting in the rear of a self-driving 2019 BMW X5. As we previously reported, the 270-degree experience features moving graphics displayed on the windows of the vehicle, a large screen TV, mobile device compatibility, immersive audio, as well as sensory and haptic feedback. 
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Streaming TV is about to get very expensive – here's why | Television & radio | The Guardian
Most importantly, we should all remember that this content war is hinged upon a fundamental misunderstanding of viewing habits. Netflix didn’t become a monster because people wanted to watch a specific show; it became a monster because people wanted to watch everything. When its streaming platform launched, people were spending more than £15 just to watch a single season of a show on DVD. So to be able to watch every season of a show – and every season of hundreds of others of shows – for a fiver a month was revolutionary. The whole point of Netflix was that it was a relatively affordable bucket that contained an awful lot of television. That’s why people liked it. That’s why so many people subscribed and continue to subscribe. To pretend otherwise is to miss the point.
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Airbnb Adventures
Ditch the tourist trails and go deeper with wildly unique adventures around the world. These small group trips range from 2 to 10 days and start at just $99—with lodging, meals, and activities included. Expert local hosts handle the details, so all you have to do is show up.
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Tencent launches in-car WeChat with voice-recognition service | The Egg Company
Based on multiple driving scenarios, Tencent has developed key features to facilitate usability, such as:
Full voice-command interaction
Custom steering wheel button for WeChat
WeChat-activated navigation
Bluetooth-phone connection with driver’s smartphone
Automatic on/off switchas the driver enters and exits the vehicle
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Google Launches AR Beauty Try-On |
Google has announced the launch of AR Beauty Try-On, which allows viewers to virtually try on makeup while following tips, product reviews and more from YouTube creators.
The tech giant has developed augmented reality (AR) tools to help creators build more immersive experiences for their products. This latest innovation utilizes machine learning and AR technology to offer realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones. Currently in alpha, AR Beauty Try-On is available through FameBit by YouTube, Google’s in-house branded content platform. M·A·C Cosmetics is the first brand to partner with FameBit to launch an AR Beauty Try-On campaign.
“We tested this experience earlier this year with several beauty brands and found that 30 percent of viewers activated the AR experience in the YouTube iOS app, spending over 80 seconds on average trying on lipstick virtually,” Google Head of Branded Experiences, AR and VR Aaron Luber wrote in a blog post.
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MAC Cosmetics tries on YouTube's newest AR ad formats | Mobile Marketer
MAC Cosmetics and Guerlain are the first beauty brands to test out Google's new ad products, including augmented reality (AR) on YouTube, 360-degree videos and livestreams. Google announced the immersive formats in separate blog posts, one on immersive experiences and the other discussing interactive ads.​
Estée Lauder-owned MAC partnered with YouTube's branded content studio, FameBit, to offer virtual try-ons of lipstick shades to viewers as they watched tutorials and product reviews. In a test earlier this year, 30% of viewers activated the AR experience in the YouTube iOS app and spent an average of more than 80 seconds virtually sampling multiple lipstick shades. The MAC try-on tool has a "Shop" button to let users make a direct purchase.
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Above Avalon: Apple's Product Strategy Is Changing
iPhone. The iPhone as a product category continues to mature, as seen with a longer upgrade cycle. Going forward, the iPhone will primarily be known as the most powerful camera in our lives and a video consumption device. Many of the less intensive use cases and workflows currently given to the iPhone will naturally flow to wearables over time.

Wearables. Apple is the wearables leader. Fitbit would arguably be the closest from the perspective of unit sales but even then, the company is quickly losing momentum. Lessons that Apple learned with iPhone and iPad are now giving the company a wearables advantage that is likely at least five years. An independent Apple Watch not requiring an iPhone to set up is inevitable. The move would increase Apple Watch’s addressable market by three times overnight. In addition, Apple is well on its way to establishing a wearables platform as it competes for prime real estate on our wrists, in our ears, and in front of our eyes.
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Why USV is Joining the Libra Association – AVC
Once we have crypto-compatibility built-in to applications, browsers, and phones, many new behaviors and use cases will emerge. The financial system, in general, will become more accessible (smartphone adoption is outpacing bank account adoption globally). Payments can become faster, more reliable and less expensive. Magical new user experiences will be possible due to interoperability and reduced friction, the same way that the Web’s native interoperability unlocked countless new use cases and experiences. And, perhaps most importantly, we will open the door to self-sovereign digital identities (private keys) that are the underpinnings of user-controlled privacy and control of data.
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China's unmanned store boom ends as quickly as it began - Nikkei Asian Review
In Shenzhen's neighboring city of Guangzhou, i-Store, the first local unmanned convenience chain, has also been closing stores one after another. It had three left at the end of March, down from a peak of nine, according to a local newspaper.
Last December,, China's second-largest online retailer, announced it would suspend its smart shelf business -- small unmanned shops the size of train station kiosks. In July 2018, unveiled a plan to open 5,000 of them in office buildings and other places in major cities by the end of the year, only to withdraw the plan six months later.
What went wrong?
The difficulty of selling fresh groceries in stores without staff is one major obstacle.
Industry experts say a convenience store in a major Chinese city like Beijing needs to generate at least 5,000 to 6,000 yuan in sales per day to remain viable. A significant chunk of those sales come from boxed lunches, ready-made fresh meals, desserts and other products with limited shelf lives.
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With Tasty as centerpiece, BuzzFeed aims for $260m in branded product sales - Digiday
Tasty is the centerpiece of BuzzFeed’s licensing business. Two years after making its first move into brand licensing with a set of cookbooks and then a growing line of cookware at Walmart last year, the BuzzFeed-built media brand has begun to invade the aisles of grocery stores. A few months ago, Tasty launched a pair of Tasty-branded food products, with a suite of ice cream flavors created in partnership with Nestle and a spice blends created with McCormick. Over the second half of 2019, Tasty will launch a set of meal kits produced in partnership with Mistica, a cake decoration product with Wilton, a set of wines with Wines That Rock, a line of kitchen appliances with Cuisinart and premade side dishes with Food Story.
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Monzo and Starling: meet the British mobile banks showing the US how it’s done - The Verge
Monzo and Starling are banks you’ve probably never heard of if you’re outside the UK, but they’ve been leading a quiet revolution to challenge traditional banks to do better — and it’s been working. Both banks live on your phone through apps on iOS and Android, with no brick-and-mortar locations or clerks at desks. Instead, at Monzo’s headquarters in London, employees’ dogs commingle with engineers, support staff, and other workers in the buzz of a startup environment you’d typically find in Silicon Valley.
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Libra: Facebook launches cryptocurrency in bid to shake up global finance | Technology | The Guardian
Companies involved include Mastercard, PayPal, the crypto exchange Coinbase, and eBay. Also joining the Libra Association are ride hailing startups Uber and Lyft and non-profit financial organisations Women’s World Banking, micro-loan platform Kiva, and humanitarian aid group Mercy Corps. The foundation will be headquartered in Geneva and Facebook claims it will be independent from governments and the company itself.

In a document outlining how the new cryptocurrency will work, Facebook said its goal is to foster more access to “better, cheaper, and open financial services”. Unlike bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Libra is tied to a mix of global assets to prevent the level of volatility common in the digital currency space. Facebook built the currency on its own blockchain technology – the encrypted technology used by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – in order to scale to more users more quickly.
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Gavin Baker on Twitter: "1) Thoughts post E3. Streaming is real, xCloud is the likely winner. Publishers are using Stadia, other potential new distributors and the threat of app store regulation to drive down platform take rates. “30% is over" - Promine
1) Thoughts post E3. Streaming is real, xCloud is the likely winner. Publishers are using Stadia, other potential new distributors and the threat of app store regulation to drive down platform take rates. “30% is over" - Prominent CEO. Console wars/cycles now semi-irrelevant.
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Spotify mimics the radio with a news and music playlist for drivers - The Verge
Spotify’s launching a new playlist called Your Daily Drive that will incorporate news podcasts. Starting today, US users will be able to listen to music they already enjoy, alongside new music recommendations, with some news podcast content sprinkled in. Anyone can access the playlist, regardless of whether they’re driving.

The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Public Radio International will provide the news audio clips. News and music will update throughout the day, unlike the platform’s other popular playlists. For instance, Discover Weekly only updates once a week, and other personalized playlists like Your Daily Mix only update once a day.
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SVoD viewing to overtake traditional TV from 2023
One of the new leaders to emerge from the battle for the US market will be WarnerMedia, under its new AT&T defined, freemium strategy reaching 29.6 million SVoD homes by 2023. Disney is also likely to have multiple SVoD service types, but is likely to struggle outside the US.
Europe will be a mishmash of different approaches with pure play US operators like Netflix and Amazon now established, US studios beginning to stake a claim, and local broadcasters ganging up to challenge them, while the region has its own pure play SVoD players also such as Maxdome, Sky, Zattoo, and Rakuten TV.
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Willo is a robot that wants to replace your toothbrush | TechCrunch
If you think about it, the basic concept of a toothbrush hasn’t evolved since… forever. Sure, many people have switched to an electric toothbrush, but it remains a stick with a brush at the end.
Willo thinks that’s not good enough. The company has developed an oral care device to improve brushing with a focus on plaque. The company says that basic brushing only cleans 42% of dental plaque, while electric brushes clean 46% of dental plaque.
The startup has worked with dentists to design its product. It still sounds a bit mysterious, as the company isn’t sharing much about the product. The photo above is the only image of the product right now.
But what we do know is that the startup has raised a $7.5 million funding round led by Kleiner Perkins, with Bpifrance and Nest co-founder Matt Rogers also participating. The company was founded by Hugo de Gentile, Ilan Abehassera and Jean-Marie de Gentile, and it attended The Refiners accelerator program.
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From Heavy Metal to Live Streaming – Streamlabs Blog
Matt Heafy: Typically my channel is mostly music. It’s like 90 to 95% music. I warm up about an hour before the stream starts while I’m hanging out with my kids and doing some housework and cleaning bottles and stuff. I’ll get five or six subscriber requests for Trivium stuff. We’ll do like four sub, one non-sub song, and then a Trivium acoustic re-imagination of a song. From there we do a thing called Kiichichaos karaoke where people bid for five minutes on what song that I’m supposed to learn and I basically have to dedicate the rest of the day or however long it takes to perfect a song that I’ve typically never heard before. We’ve done everything from making Cannibal corpse songs beautiful.
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Nike taps new digital chief | Retail Dive
The creation of this job within Nike's top ranks comes as the company's products and retail locations become more dependent on technology.
Mobile capabilities — including pickup spots, self-checkout kiosks and features that enable apparel and footwear browsing in-store — are cornerstones of the retailer's members-only Nike Live store and House of Innovation flagship concepts. And its Nike Fit tech is furthering product development and manufacturing as well as customer-facing experiences at both the store and shoe level, helping shoppers find the ideal shoe fit or optimally lace their shoes.
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Amazon launches credit account with Prime-member perks | Retail Dive
Amazon and Synchrony Bank on Monday announced the launch of the Amazon Credit Builder, a credit account which offers Amazon Prime members 5% back on purchases, and equal pay installments plans or financing options on select items, according to information emailed to Retail Dive.

To get an Amazon Credit Builder account, customers must maintain a refundable security deposit (via ACH transfer, a check or money order) with Synchrony Bank to secure the full amount of their credit line, according to the release. For shoppers who are on a budget, the card allows them to make purchases on up to their credit limit, and they can access free credit guidance and tools.
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Urban growth: are future cities up to the demographic challenge?
and ageing, as well as diminishing migration from the countryside, mean cities around the globe will struggle to post the kind of growth figures we’ve seen in the last half century. It’s a stark reality.
“We’ve all grown up with the idea that cities will grow. Yet a third of them could have fewer people in the future,” explains Jaana Remes, partner at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). “Looking forwards, there will be intense competition among cities to attract people.”
The most worrying figure is the drop in young adults, the workhorses of any urban economy. By 2025, more than 60 per cent of large cities in developed countries and 47 per cent in developing ones will have fewer people than today, according to the MGI.
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Bezos: Robotic Hands To Be Ready In 10 Years |
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed that he believes robotic hands, which should be able to grasp items as reliably as humans, will be ready for commercial use in the next 10 years.
“I think grasping is going to be a solved problem in the next 10 years,” said Bezos, according to Reuters. “It’s turned out to be an incredibly difficult problem, probably in part because we’re starting to solve it with machine vision — so [that means] machine vision did have to come first.”
While Bezos did not give details about Amazon’s work with the technology, a source revealed that it has been tested by the Boston-area startup Soft Robotics.
The eCommerce giant’s CEO also discussed Project Kuiper, which aims to provide broadband access to the world by relying on satellites. In filings, Amazon described a plan to send 3,236 satellites into low Earth orbit to provide broadband internet access. The company said the satellites would be able to provide coverage for close to 95 percent of the population. This would have a huge impact, as there are nearly 4 billion people around the world who don’t have reliable internet access.
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