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Covid-19 bad news for most media |
“Gaming is a clear winner: The good news is that after a fairly torrid 2018 and 2019, the gaming sector is having its day in the sun. More consumers are staying at home, driving unprecedented levels of engagement with games. The obvious question is whether that can be monetised: in the case of television, there is more viewing but there is not more advertising revenue as a result.”

The bank names Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Activisioin Blizzard as having “further to run”.

However, while the bank agrees that TV viewing will increase it is not likely to benefit from increased ad-spending. “As far as the broadcasters are concerned, while we want to take advantage of the huge decline in share prices, these are exceptionally operationally geared companies, and all face structural change as well. We downgrade ProSiebenSat.1 and Mediaset to Hold, as we do not have the stomach to take that level of risk at present,” says the bank.
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2 days ago by dancall
Play board games online from your browser • Board Game Arena
No download necessary - play directly from your web browser.
With your friends and thousands of players from the whole world.
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The Most Successful Video Game Franchises Of All Time By Revenue, Visualized - Digg
The global video game industry makes bank — grossing an estimated $152 billion in 2019. And just like Hollywood, the video game world has some trusty franchises they can rely on for steady revenue.
The data visualization experts at TitleMax, looking at stats from Wikipedia, crunched the numbers and charted out which franchises have been the most lucrative for the gaming industry and created a chart of the top 50.
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4 days ago by dancall
Early effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on service provider networks: the networks soldier on! | Nokia Blog
We are also seeing unprecedented growth in latency-sensitive applications during business hours:
300% growth in teleconferencing apps in the US (e.g., Zoom, Skype)
400% growth in gaming (with kids being at home!)
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7 days ago by dancall
Five New Timbaland Songs To Make Their World Debut On Beat Saber - VRScout
With the global outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in the shutdown of Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, the company is instead offering would-be attendees a host of online alternatives, including the Facebook: Game Developers Showcase. 

The online event kicked-off yesterday with the reveal of a brand new universal menu design for the Oculus Quest, allowing for easier menu navigation while in-game. The new update, which begins rolling out later this month, also introduces multitasking functionality, allowing users to open and control multiple windows simultaneously. 
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12 days ago by dancall
'Minecraft' library helps you dodge news media censorship | Engadget
There are numerous ways to evade censorship of the press, but it's getting increasingly difficult when countries like China and Russia are cracking down on VPNs and similar tools. Reporters Without Borders thinks it has the answer to those mounting obstacles: make the news available in a game that's rarely blocked. The team has worked with BlockWords and MediaMonks on the Uncensored Library, a Minecraft map that includes articles from journalists and sites whose work is frequently censored for its unflattering truths. You'll find articles from murdered Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi (whose fiancée Hatice Cengiz supports the project), the activist-friendly Russian site and the Egyptian anti-corruption outlet Mada Masr, among others.
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14 days ago by dancall
Nvidia's calling on gaming PC owners to put their systems to work fighting COVID-19 | GamesRadar+
If you have a gaming PC, you can lend your graphical power to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. That's not a thing I ever thought I'd write, but it turns out 2020 is occasionally weird in good ways too.
Nvidia is putting out a call to PC gamers everywhere to download the Folding@home application and start putting their spare clock cycles toward advancing humanity's scientific knowledge of coronavirus. The program links computers into an international network that uses distributed processing power to chew through massive computing tasks - something that gaming-grade GPUs are quite good at, as it turns out. You can still turn the application off and reclaim your GPU's full power for playing games whenever you want.
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14 days ago by dancall
GameSnacks brings quick, casual games to any device
Look around on the bus, in line at a coffee shop, or even at the doctor’s office. You’ll likely see people playing games on their phones—and they’re a few of the two billion people around the world who are doing it. Unfortunately, many games (especially web games) don’t load well on low memory devices and 2G or 3G networks that hundreds of millions of people rely on.

Today, we’re announcing GameSnacks to help address this problem. Part of Area 120, Google’s lab for experimental projects, our goal is to make HTML5 games more accessible for phones on any network in the world. GameSnacks games are fast, easy to play, and available on any device that lets you connect to the internet. 
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4 weeks ago by dancall
First-Ever Pistol Whip Tournament Offering $10K Prize Pool - VRScout
Since the launch of Cloudhead Games highly anticipated VR shooter Pistol Whip, gamers have been hard at work mowing down waves of low poly bad guys to the beat of a thumping EDM soundtrack. Its fast-paced action has you shooting, pistol-whipping, and ducking bullets; giving you a full-body workout and testing your reflexes in the process. It’s for this reason, along with many others, that competitive gamers have quickly flocked to the precision-based experience, filling the leaderboards with superhuman scores.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
How A Small Handful Of Adorable Dragons Are Leading The Way For VR Pets - VRScout
You see, Tux is my artificial pet dragon in the virtual world of Beast Pets. Launched in early access on SteamVR and the Oculus Store in 2019, Beast Pets allows players to play with and care for virtual pet dragons. Though new to the world of VR, the idea behind these digital companions was spawned over a decade ago.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Karl Lagerfeld launches Pac-Man-inspired game, where top scores mean IRL prizes
Created by agency Smack, the Maison Karl Lagerfeld game lets you play as an 8-bit Choupette (the designer's internet-famous cat) dodging dogs to collect Karl Koins.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Digital Evolution Of The Online Gaming Ecosystem |
According to ESPN reports, 24 more states are “moving toward” legalization. In parallel, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting – housed on sites like Draft Kings and FanDuel – has been made legal in 43 U.S. states, with only Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Washington labeling DFS as illegal.

The industry is big business – and getting bigger by the day. Late last year, DraftKings reported $213 million in 2019 revenue and control of about 60 percent of the market, indicating that the industry as a whole had revenue north of $350 million – and that’s only counting the direct revenue brought in by wagers. An entire consumer ecosystem has been built around sports betting – including merchandise, podcasts and entire YouTube channels that employ analysts, meteorologists and sports experts to support the industry and its ever-growing base of consumers.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
EA To Focus On Subscriptions, Services In 2020 |
As next-generation gaming consoles are set to come to market, Electronic Arts will have a narrow release lineup in 2020, after the newest Star Wars game assisted in the company’s formidable results in the holiday quarter, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The electronic gaming company intends to expand its business in 2020 by focusing on live services, comprised of revenue from subscriptions and in-game services. The tactic mirrors a larger industry trend in which gaming firms aim to bring in revenue from blockbuster titles long after their release.

EA’s “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” made its introduction in November and sold approximately eight million units over the quarter. While the firm predicted selling a range of six to eight million units by March 31, it now forecasts sales of approximately 10 million units within that timeframe.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
Spice Up Your Oculus Quest With Simpsons, Minecraft, And Star Wars Environments - VRScout
Call me simple, but one of my favorite aspects of both the SteamVR and Oculus platforms is the ability to upload custom home environments. Whether it be the gargantuan control room of the legendary Death Star or the infamous TV room at Planet Express, there’s something oddly comforting about slipping on a VR headset and being greeted by a familiar environment. 
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9 weeks ago by dancall
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Might Be The Darkest VR Game Yet - VRScout
Set in the flooded remains of a post-apocalyptic New Orleans ravaged by endless hordes of flesh-hungry zombies, you begin your horrific journey with a brief introduction to the colorful characters that make up the bayous many warring factions. After a quick prologue and some badass exposition, you’re let loose into several open-world environments filled with a generous selection of people to help (or hurt), zombies to kill, and bad guys to outsmart. 
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Bytedance reportedly builds gaming division
Bytedance has built a team of more than 1,000 people, poaching top talent from its rivals, according to the sources. It has onboarded the core developer team of NetEase-linked Pangu Game. And one of the creative teams is led by Wang Kuiwu, who joined Bytedance from Chinese game developer and esports tournament organizer Perfect World.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Study: Facebook Gaming's livestream growth outpaces Twitch, Mixer | Mobile Marketer
Facebook last month boosted viewing times of gaming livestreams by 210% from a year earlier, outpacing the growth for Amazon's Twitch, Google's YouTube Gaming and Microsoft's Mixer, per a study by StreamElements and Facebook Gaming generated 102 million hours of total livestreaming time in December, up from 32.9 million hours a year earlier.
Facebook Gaming last month expanded its share of livestreaming to 8.5% from 3.1% a year earlier, maintaining its spot as the No. 3 platform. Twitch was still the most popular platform with 61% of the gaming livestream market, although its share slipped from 67% in 2018. YouTube Gaming maintains its share at about 28%, while Mixer hovered near the 2% to 3% mark.​
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10 weeks ago by dancall
7 Reasons Why Video Gaming Will Take Over — Matthew Ball
This is why I once tweeted that Fortnite was Netflix’s most threatening competitor (which CEO Reed Hastings said in his investor letter a month later). This is most plainly understood as the idea that everyone is competing for finite attention and there are more applications for this attention than ever before. But the real challenge for Hollywood is that for decades, whenever “leisure” won over “work”, TV was the primary beneficiary. In recent years, the leisure decision has changed or “moved up” a level. It used to be “what to watch” and now it’s “whether to watch” – and the answer is increasingly “no, I’m going to play a game”. Neither Netflix nor Hollywood has a good solution for this problem. And no one chooses not to game because there’s a branching narrative available instead.
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10 weeks ago by dancall
BI Intelligence | Our top 5 digital media predictions for 2020
Discoverability. Apple Podcasts currently has greater volume (800,000 podcasts) versus Spotify (500,000), but we expect that discoverability is more valuable than sheer content volume, which is meaningless if users struggle to find shows they're interested in. In terms of enhancing discovery, we believe Spotify's emphasis on expanding algorithm-driven personalized playlists — an approach it has honed with music — will beat Apple's emphasis on indexing. In June, Apple promised search enhancements on Podcasts, but these features are likely still limited.
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11 weeks ago by dancall
Snapchat Debuts Leaderboard Games on Its Snap Games Platform – Adweek
Users playing simultaneously can follow each other’s scores and chat
GAMES  im  snapchat  social-networks  gaming  mobile 
11 weeks ago by dancall
More Than 3.1 Million People Watched Fortnite's Star Wars Event Live
Judging by the numbers provided by Torque Esports' data steaming experts, Stream Hatchet, the screening was a huge success. As expected, not only did players drift down onto the island to watch the exclusive screening, but many players also streamed it -- 50,000 of them to be exact, and it's estimated that more than 3.1 million people tuned in to watch the action unfold.
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december 2019 by dancall
Active Gaming Footwear | Puma Black-Puma White | PUMA Sports | PUMA United Kingdom
Created with console gamers in mind, the gaming sock is the first edition Active Gaming Footwear. Designed for indoor and in-arena use, it delivers seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best.
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december 2019 by dancall
Louis Vuitton x League of Legends | LOUIS VUITTON
Through shared values of innovation and pioneering, Louis Vuitton and Riot Games have collaborated on several fronts for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals in Paris: a bespoke travel case for the Summoner's Cup trophy, prestige skins designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, along with other digital assets.
luxury  gaming  partnerships  creative 
december 2019 by dancall
How can brands capitalise on esports boom?
There are plenty of other signs besides that esports is now swimming in the mainstream. Indeed, The Washington Post is hiring specialist reporters, Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has established an esports strategy and, the surest indication, esports has featured on The Simpsons. Twelve months ago, GlobalWebIndex included esports as one of the big trends to watch in 2019.
esports  gaming  trends 
december 2019 by dancall
Boneworks Just Set A New Standard For VR Gaming, Available Now - VRScout
After nearly a year of waiting, Stress Level Zero’s ambitious VR action-adventure game Boneworks has finally been released into the wild, offering players what could very well be the new gold standard for VR gaming. 

Available now for $29.99 via SteamVR, Boneworks places you in the shoes of Ford, an employee of Monogon Industries, a powerful multi conglomerate corporation responsible for the creation of an artificial intelligence VR operation system called “Myth OS.” Throughout your adventure, you’ll discover more about the mysterious narrative as you go from section to section solving a variety of physics-based puzzles and duking it out with an army of ‘Null Bodies’ who will attack you on sight. 
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december 2019 by dancall
Tru Optik, partner for in-game targeted ads |
Tru Optik, the AI and data-management platform (DMP) across Connected TV (CTV), has announced a partnership with, an in-game advertising platform that brings real-world ads into video gaming and eSports, to make first and third-party data for enhanced audience targeting available for in-game advertising on gaming consoles.

As 67 per cent of US consumers play video games on at least one device, there is an increased demand for audience-based, scalable and privacy-compliant targeting across in-game advertising. In fact, eMarketer forecasts US advertisers will spend $3.6 billion on ads placed within video games across mobile, desktop or console platforms by the end of 2020.
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december 2019 by dancall
Denmark esports team Astralis to go public
While esports, which is basically competitive video gaming, has had an uphill struggle to become accepted as a physical sport, there is less debate over the similar commercial and marketing opportunities it offers compared to some of the world’s biggest sporting teams, such as football team Manchester United and the NBA’s LA Lakers.

In the face of the doubters and skeptics who cried “nerds” and ‘it’s not a real sport,” and just like snowboarding and skateboarding, which have made the Olympics and won credibility, esports keeps on rising – and Denmark’s Astralis is now set to become the first team to go public.
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december 2019 by dancall
Tru Optik and Announce Multi-Year Exclusive Agreement |
Tru Optik, the audience intelligence and data-management platform (DMP) operating across Connected TV (CTV), today announced a partnership with, a leading blended in-game advertising platform that brings real-world ads into video gaming and esports, to make first and third-party data for enhanced audience targeting available for in-game advertising on gaming consoles.

As 67% of US consumers play video games on at least one device, there is an increased demand for audience-based, scalable and privacy-compliant targeting across in-game advertising. In fact, eMarketer forecasts US advertisers will spend $3.67bn (£2.85bn) on ads placed within video games across mobile, desktop or console platforms by the end of 2020.
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december 2019 by dancall
Pringles debuts chip-dispensing gaming headset on Twitch | Marketing Dive
Pringles introduced a novelty gaming headset that includes a swivel arm that automatically feeds the brand's stackable potato chips into a wearer's mouth, according to news shared with Marketing Dive. The concept, developed with agency Grey New York, intends to help gamers avoid distractions during intense matches.  
The Kellogg-owned brand debuted the "Hunger Hammer" headphones as part of a partnership with "Gears 5," the third-person shooter published by Xbox Game Studios.​​ Pringles has hired gaming influencers Criken, DexBonus and Strippin to test the headphones on Twitch while playing "Gears 5" over the next few weeks. As part of the collaboration with "Gears 5," each can of Pringles has a code to unlock a three-day boost in the game.​
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november 2019 by dancall
What Does Half-Life: Alyx Mean For The PC VR Market?
With Half Life: Alyx, Valve makes some very calculated decisions that I believe are for the good of the ecosystem. The announcement of the first new Half-Life game in over a decade is already a pretty significant deal, but the fact that it is VR exclusive is a huge show of Valve’s commitment to VR. While some have criticized Valve’s lack of investment in VR relative to Facebook’s hundreds of millions of dollars, it is a private company with significantly less resources than Facebook and must be much wiser with how it spends its money. It’s worth noting that some of the most successful game developers and companies in the VR and AR industry have been very frugal with their spending and the size of their teams. Valve has been working on Half-Life: Alyx since the launch of the HTC Vive and SteamVR Valve in 2016—a considerable investment in itself. Not to mention, it developed the Index VR headset and controllers along the way.  All this to say that critics of Valve have been a bit harsh.
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november 2019 by dancall
The Global Games Market Will Generate $152.1 Billion in 2019 as the U.S. Overtakes China as the Biggest Market | Newzoo
Now more than ever, gaming is at the heart of the entertainment business. The way consumers engage with and through games is constantly changing. Not only does this result in more overall engagement, but it also leads to entirely new segments of game enthusiasts. There are now more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world. Combined, they will spend $152.1 billion on games in 2019, representing an increase of +9.6% year on year.
gaming  GAMES  stats 
november 2019 by dancall
Twitch's plan to change how fans watch live sports: 'It's about mirroring what we've done in gaming' - SportsPro Media
“What we really like about what the NBA has done is that they’ve embraced two of the products that we see as fundamental to making sports different on Twitch,” says Ahmed, whose own role involves heading up new verticals at the company, which encompasses everything outside of gaming. “That has been co-streaming, and it’s open co-streaming as well, so it means anyone who wants to can take the feed and stream it to their community, which is great because it is a completely new way of watching sport.

“It’s almost like having a Twitch personality presenting it to their audience; they understand Twitch, so they can speak the language, and that’s difficult in itself, just understanding the nuance there. Also, it goes to their audience, so they’re not necessarily having to build an audience from scratch; there’s also people there watching their content anyway.”
twitch  esports  sportsrights  future  trends  gaming 
november 2019 by dancall
The Future of Sports, Twitch Enters the Digital Arena | By Derek Brekken
“Today, more than 60 colleges and universities have esports programs recognized by the National Association of Collegiate Esports established in 2016; many more schools have unofficial programs, some of which are extremely successful,” said Jessica Conditt in an article.

With many of these schools offering scholarships for esports, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to imagine a world in which parents are encouraging their kids to pursue a career in gaming. 
esports  gaming  trends  education  stats  twitch 
november 2019 by dancall
All to play for: The growing impact of gamification on sports content - News - Investment, SmartSeries, Sponsorship, North America Global - SportsPro SmartSeries
Still, some organisations are already testing those limits. Formula E has let viewers provide a social media-powered Fan Boost to the engines of their favourite drivers for several seasons. Now, in partnership with developer Virtually Live, it is releasing Formula E Live Ghost Racing, which will give players the chance to take on the real-world racers in real time on a virtual track.
tv  gaming  sportsrights  esports  trends  future  casestudies 
november 2019 by dancall
Get Ready for the 'Official Beer of Esports' as Anheuser-Busch Files Trademark | The Esports Observer
On June 17, 2019, U.S. brewery company Anheuser-Busch filed a trademark for the word mark, “The Official Beer of Esports” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  In addition to this, Anheuser-Busch filed trademarks for the word marks “The Official Beer of Gamers” and “The Official Beer of Gaming.” 
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november 2019 by dancall
Stadia launches today
We’re now on the cusp of a similarly memorable moment. Starting today, playing games on your TV in 4K without a console, streaming games to a Chrome browser on a simple laptop, or enjoying the biggest games ever made on your phone is a reality. It seems impossible until you experience it. Stadia Founder’s Edition starts arriving today, making the world’s best games available to players everywhere without a dedicated console or expensive PC.
google  gaming  GAMES  hardware 
november 2019 by dancall
Google Launches Gaming Service Stadia |
Google announced today (Nov. 19) the launch of Stadia, a cloud-based service that allows users to stream their favorite video games.

“Starting today, playing games on your TV in 4K without a console, streaming games to a Chrome browser on a simple laptop, or enjoying the biggest games ever made on your phone is a reality. It seems impossible until you experience it. Stadia Founder’s Edition starts arriving today, making the world’s best games available to players everywhere without a dedicated console or expensive PC,” Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager, Google Stadia, wrote in a blog post.

Stadia is launching with 22 games, as well as stream 4K videos that are available through its premium service, Stadia Pro, which will cost users $9.99 per month. The free high-definition version is expected to come out next year, and Buddy Passes are set to ship early in December, while Stadia Premiere Edition can be ordered now.
google  gaming  GAMES  hardware 
november 2019 by dancall
Discord — Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers
All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.
im  gaming  new-companies  voice  voip 
november 2019 by dancall
Pistol Whip Is the Action Movie Simulator We've All Been Waiting For, Available Now - VRScout
Similar to other VR rhythm games such as Beat Saber and Synth Riders, Pistol Whip — described by its developer as a “cinematic bullet hell” — revolves around shooting targets to the beat of a thumping electronic soundtrack provided by Canadian label Kannibalen Records. However, whereas the afore-mentioned titles have you slicing blocks or tapping orbs, Pistol Whip instead has you strategically mowing down carefully-timed waves of SUPERHOT-Esque bad guys. Though the game features several different modes, the core experience remains the same throughout: you select a music track and embark on a 2-3 minute on-rails journey through a linear map littered with gun-toting henchmen bouncing to the rhythm of your chosen soundtrack.
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november 2019 by dancall
Brooklyn VR Arcade VRBAR Has A Bigger Space And Even Bigger Plans - VRScout
Don’t be fooled by VRBAR’s brick-and-mortar space, which also serves as a gallery for a collection of AR-enabled illustrations curated and partially created by animator, Julie Gratz of Kaleida Studio; Doddi and his team also work closely with festivals and companies to bring XR out and into the world for site-specific activations elsewhere. A long list of collaborations includes groups ranging from Future of Storytelling to the New York Public Library for events like A Night of Philosophy. When it comes to these live attractions, Doddi prioritizes experiences that help encourage the ever-growing VR market.
gaming  GAMES  vr  augmented-reality  compleis 
november 2019 by dancall
Play As A Transformer In This Upcoming Multiplayer Location-Based VR Game - VRScout
Transformers: VR Battle Arena will be available to try from November 9th to the 22nd at this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida (booth #3088). Hasbro and Minority will be providing ongoing support for VR Battle Arena in the form of new characters, different play modes — including team-based competitions — different environments, additional power-ups, and a variety of improved weaponry. Hasbro has confirmed that VR Battle Arena will eventually be made available to location-based entertainment providers interested in featuring the experience at their arcades. 
vr  gaming  kids  toys  films  partnerships  events  compleis 
november 2019 by dancall
The VOID’s Latest Location-Based VR Experience Is A Jumanji-Themed Jungle Heist - VRScout
Yesterday, location-based VR provider The VOID announced its latest 4D immersive experience, Jumanji Reverse the Curse. Available exclusively at select VOID locations beginning November 27, 2019, the interactive free-roam VR adventure will have four players teaming up on a mission to rescue the Red Jewel of Jumanji housed within the Scepter of Se’payu and return it to its original temple. 

Developed by The VOID in collaboration with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, the same partnership responsible for the award-winning LBVR experience Ghostbusters: Dimensions, Reverse the Curse will also feature a cooperative game experience, allowing players to step into the shoes of the films titular characters, Dr. Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Oberon, and “Mouse” Finbar (sorry Robin Williams fans), and take on obstacles and challenges similar to those featured in the upcoming sequel, Jumanji: The Next Level. 
vr  gaming  events  partnerships  films  trends  future  compleis 
november 2019 by dancall
Twitch’s first game, the karaoke-style ‘Twitch Sings,’ launches to public | TechCrunch
Amazon-owned game-streaming site Twitch is today publicly launching its first game. But it’s not a traditional video game — like those the site’s creators stream for their fans. Instead, the new game is called “Twitch Sings” and is a free karaoke-style experience designed for live streaming.

The game, which was launched into beta last year, includes thousands of karaoke classics that players can sing either alone or in a duet with another person. In addition, streamers can choose to sing as themselves in a live camera feed, or they can create a personalized avatar that will appear in their place. (The songs are licensed from karaoke content providers, not the major labels.)
gaming  twitch  music  trends 
november 2019 by dancall
'Nearly All' Counter-Strike Microtransactions Are Being Used for Money Laundering - VICE
"Worldwide fraud networks have recently shifted to using CS:GO keys to liquidate their gains. At this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced," Valve says.
gaming  crime  fraud  GAMES 
november 2019 by dancall
FIFA 18: We spoke to the team behind the EA Sport game's music soundtrack
So how does the game’s soundtrack gets compiled? And what does it takes for an emerging artist to break through into the coveted list?
We spoke to EA Sports Senior Music Supervisor Cybele Pettus about how the franchise discovers new music, compiles the playlist, and what they look for in ‘FIFA-style’ music.
“Being ahead of the curve is the ultimate challenge and reward of curating FIFA, yet it takes an insane amount of hard work and gut instinct to get there,” Cybele told Dream Team.
GAMES  music  gaming  trends 
november 2019 by dancall
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Delivers Blockbuster Opening Weekend, Over $600 Million Sell-Through in First Three Days | Activision Blizzard, Inc.
Activision’s Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® had more than $600 million in sell-through worldwide in its first three days of release. The title has sold more units in its first three days than any other Call of Duty® game sold in its first three days in this console generation, and is the top-selling new premium game release of 2019. Modern Warfare also established a new record as the #1 top-selling digital opening in Activision history. With its blockbuster launch, in its first three days of release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare more than doubled the box office opening of Joker.

Modern Warfare set new records on the PlayStation Network for the highest digital pre-orders and highest three-day digital sales ever on PlayStation 4. Modern Warfare also has become the #1 top-selling Call of Duty PC launch ever, as opening weekend PC sales on Blizzard® were significantly up over last year.
gaming  GAMES  stats 
november 2019 by dancall
Location-Based AR Ghostbusters Experience Launching In Japan - VRScout
Beginning this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, Ginza Sony Park will be hosting Ghostbusters In The Park, a massive live event celebrating the historic 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters. There, fans of the franchise will have the chance to test their skills as an official member of the Ghostbusters in a new augmented reality experience that will have them battling it out with hordes of virtual specters throughout a real-world environment. 
augmented-reality  films  gaming  apac  pokemon 
october 2019 by dancall
The Avengers Location-Based VR Game Made Me Feel Like An Actual Marvel Superhero - VRScout
The VOID’s 20-minute hyper-reality experience is a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish.
Last week we had the chance to check out Marvel’s Avengers: Damage Control, a new location-based VR experience from ILMxLAB that’s heading to select VOID centers October 18th. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Damage Control throws fans into an epic superhero battle, during which they’ll fight side-by-side alongside a handful of famous Avengers.
films  vr  GAMES  gaming  future  events 
october 2019 by dancall
PUMA, Cloud9 Partner On eSports Apparel |
PUMA has announced that it is signing a multi-year deal with eSports brand Cloud9 to make clothing for gamers in the same way it makes soccer jerseys and other sports-related apparel.

CNBC reported the clothes will cost between $25 and $75 and can be bought on the websites of both companies.

eSports — a form of gaming in which professional video gamers compete in various games — are growing in popularity, especially in the under-35 demographic, where the percentage of that group numbers 79 percent. Around 194 million people are expected to watch the growing sport this year.
sportswear  gaming  partnerships  clothing 
october 2019 by dancall
BURGER KING® Restaurants Teams up With Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Business Wire
Today only, one Burger King restaurant in Los Angeles will transform into a real-life version of the Call of Duty Burger Town restaurant. Within the restaurant, guests will find a gaming hub set up by Activision for visitors to play the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. The King of Burgers and the Kings of Call of Duty defend their throne of Burger Town and welcome guests that are up for a challenge. Challengers are invited to play Modern Warfare against the King and professional Call of Duty players Scump and FaZe Apex for a chance to win free WHOPPER® sandwiches for 15 years*. For more information, visit The restaurant is located at 2955 North Bellflower Boulevard in Long Beach, CA. The event will take place from 3-7pm local time.
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Ally Financial turns US cities into immersive Monopoly game board | Mobile Marketer
Ally Financial is transforming U.S. cities into a virtual board game that smartphone users can play via augmented reality (AR). Ally + Monopoly, which is inspired by the Hasbro board game, offers a gamified experience aimed at promoting financial literacy, according to a press release.
The game is available online nationwide, but several cities have outdoor activations that include a virtual scavenger hunt. To participate, mobile users activate their smartphones in designated public areas marked "Chance" and "Community Chest" to collect virtual Monopoly tokens. Players could win a Jeep Wrangler and cash prizes, while boosting charitable donations from Ally to local nonprofits.
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Study: In-game banner ads have high viewability, but low recall | Mobile Marketer
In-game banner ads are highly visible to mobile viewers, but very few people remember those ads. While banner ads that appear on the bottom of a smartphone screen are viewable 90% of the time to mobile gamers, recall rates were only 11% as those audiences spent 1.5% of their time looking at the ads, per a study that mobile ad firm Kargo shared with Mobile Marketer.
Instagram ads were more effective than in-game ads, having an estimated viewability of about 50% and recall of 20% even though each ad was seen only 1.9% of the time during a user session. Instagram ads were 8.3 times more effective than gaming and 5.4 times more than desktop, with 77% of study participants looking at an ad during a user session, per Kargo.
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F1 to stream Mexican GP via Twitch |
Premier motorsport category Formula 1 is to live stream on-track action from a Grand Prix weekend via the Twitch web site and app for the very first time. All sessions at the Mexican Grand Prix over the weekend of October 25th to October 27th will be shown live and free in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Formula 1 has agreed a partnership with Twitch, the service and community for multiplayer entertainment, that will see F1 live stream every session of the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix on the platform. The partnership will enable F1 to stream the Mexican Grand Prix weekend live and free in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden via and Twitch’s mobile app.
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Six Trends Revolutionizing Games
New tools empower players to create their own content in the form of mods, maps, items, or game modes. Player mods have even spawned entirely new genres: PUBG began life as an Arma 2 mod, DayZ Battle Royale, and League of Legends was heavily inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod DOTA. User generated content allows games to scale quickly and cost-effectively—rather than building everything in-house, developers can turn the keys over to the community. UGC also has the potential to go viral. A video of a player recreating the Star Trek Enterprise in Minecraft, for example, racked up nearly 13 million Youtube views.
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Fortnite has reached The End – changing video game storytelling for good | Games | The Guardian
n Sunday evening, more than 6 million people gathered online via streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube to watch the end of the world. Not our world, thankfully, but the world of Fortnite, which was sucked into a black hole, taking the whole game and all player characters with it. If you try to load Fortnite today, you’ll be presented with a blank screen. When developer Epic Games called the finale of Fortnite Season 10 “The End”, it wasn’t kidding.

OK, before confused parents start celebrating, let’s be clear: Fortnite will be back, it’s just that Epic has closed out the first chapter of the game, which has amassed 250 million players since the launch of its Battle Royale mode in September 2017. And amid all the hype, hysteria and controversy that has surrounded the gigantically successful title over the past two years, one aspect has been overlooked outside its fanbase: this has been one of the most innovative story experiments of the decade.
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'Call of Duty: Mobile' smashes records with 100 million downloads in first week - Reuters
The mobile version of videogame franchise “Call of Duty” racked up 100 million downloads in its first week, industry site Sensor Tower said on Tuesday, dwarfing the debuts of previous smashes including “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG).

PUBG, Fortnite and Electronic Arts’ “Apex Legends” scored 26.3 million, 22.5 million and 25 million respectively in their first week of release.

“This is by far the largest mobile game launch in history in terms of the player base that’s been built in the first week,” said Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower.
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FACEIT Teams With ODEON Cinemas and Barcraft for London Major Viewing Parties | The Esports Observer
FACEIT has partnered with ODEON Cinemas and Barcraft United to host viewing parties of the London Major.
ODEON will host grand finals viewing parties across 14 UK movie theater locations.
Barcraft has also organized 200+ international viewing parties at various venues.
The FACEIT  London Major $1M prize pool Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  tournament concludes this weekend, and FACEIT has partnered with ODEON Cinemas and Barcraft United to both create and curate viewing parties for the finals on Sunday, September 23.
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Late Shift - Wikipedia
Late Shift is presented as a movie with live-action cutscenes. During the movie, the player is able to make choices; but the game doesn't pause during the choices, so they must be made in real-time. There are no puzzles in the game; all user interaction is done via choices to influence the events of the game and lead to different endings.
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Adidas 1st to sell shoes via Snapchat game | Mobile Marketer
Adidas and Dick's Sporting Goods are sponsoring the first Snapchat video game that lets mobile users buy products directly. "Baseball's Next Level" is a home-run derby game that can be played inside the image-messaging app through the end of October, coinciding with the Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series, Engadget reported.
The game uses eight-bit graphics that were common among video games of the 1970s and 80s, and Adidas is selling limited-edition cleats whose retro designs was inspired by those games. The Adizero and Icon V styles sell for $130 and have eight-bit patterns and "up" arrows on their heels' pull tabs to represent advancing, or "leveling up," in a video game.
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Above Avalon: Measuring Apple's Content Distribution Arm
Apple Music. Launched in 2015, Apple Music now has more than 60 million paying subscribers in more than 100 countries. In the U.S., an individual membership that includes a music catalog of 50 million songs goes for $9.99 per month ($99.99 per year) with student ($4.99 per month) and family ($14.99 per month) pricing also available.

Apple TV+. Apple’s new direct-to-consumer paid video streaming service will launch on November 1st in more than 100 countries. Built into the Apple TV app, Apple TV+ will include nine original video series and movies at launch, and new series and movies will be added each month. Apple is spending approximately $2 billion per year on original video content. An Apple TV+ subscription will go for $4.99 with Family Sharing although Apple is having a limited time promotion of one free year of Apple TV+ with a qualifying Apple device purchase. A detailed look at Apple’s TV+ strategy is available here.

Apple Arcade. Launched two weeks ago at $4.99 per month with Family Sharing, Apple Arcade offers subscribers access to approximately 70 exclusive games, and new titles will be added each month. Available in more than 150 countries, Apple Arcade utilizes a new business model for the App Store with Apple funding game development although ownership rights remain with the game developer.

Apple News+. Launched this past March, Apple News+ offers subscribers access to approximately 300 paid magazines and a handful of news publications. Built into the Apple News app, Apple News+ monthly subscription pricing of $9.99 includes Family Sharing with access for up to five other people. Apple News+ is currently available in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia.
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Google Play Pass Offers Gaming Subscriptions |
To let users enjoy apps and games without ads or in-app purchases, Google debuted the Google Play Pass. The new subscription service provides them with access to over 350 games and apps that are “completely unlocked,” the company said in a blog post.
The offering provides “a high-quality, curated collection of titles” ranging from AccuWeather to Stardew Valley with new games and apps coming every month. It is coming to Android devices this week in the U.S., and the company said it will be bringing it to more countries soon.
Users can begin with a free trial of 10 days, and then subscribe for a monthly fee of $4.99. But the company is letting customers receive the offering at a discount of $1.99 per month for the first year “for a limited time.”
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Louis Vuitton gets into League of Legends | WARC
E-sports phenomenon, League of Legends, is finding interest from the LVMH-owned maison, which has announced that it will be designing in-game skins and a trophy case for the world champion’s cup, in a sign of e-sports’ continuing ascendancy.

Part of the interest is the prestige LV ascribes to an e-sport competition. Previously, the brand has created cases for major physical sporting tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, and the America’ Cup sailing competition, according to a release on the League of Legends website.  Both sides presumably hope to

The world champion, who will receive the Summoner’s Cup on the 10th November following over a month of competition. “Louis Vuitton has long been associated with the world’s most coveted trophies, and here we are today, alongside the Summoner’s Cup. We are thrilled to be part of such an iconic event”, said Michael Burke, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton.
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A thread written by @maxniederhofer: "For an internal presentation I was making, I had to come up with a few 2019 (YTD) in review slides. I [...]"
Consumer platforms have started wielding power more openly: from Amazon private labels to Apple’s App Store search, Facebook’s Libra, Google’s broad match. For startups, key competitive verticals are emerging that are battlefields for incumbent competition: 7/

In entertainment, the war is on for consumer subscription revenue. Netflix vs Disney vs HBO vs everyone with content/distribution, Spotify (Gimlet/Anchor) vs Apple vs Ximalaya (maybe). In payments, Apple Pay + credit card vs Amazon Pay vs PayPal, crypto is an afterthought. 7/

Gaming saw fall Fornite-- and Minecraft++, but more importantly another subscription revenue channel with Google vs Apple, maybe Microsoft. Amazon dominates voice (for now) with 100 million installed base. Google Assistant works well, Siri lagging, and what even is Cortana. 8/

Wearables: Apple Watch + rise of AirPods, Amazon has multiple projects here, Google’s wearables are lagging. Driven by Alexa and Ring, connected home is Amazon game with Google (Nest) a contender and Facebook Portal far behind. Sonos IKEA looked interesting for a while. 9/
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Apple Arcade is everything I wanted for mobile gaming
For starters, this is a price I can actually stomach. I’m not a fan of subscription gaming, per se. But with a price as reasonable as Arcade’s ($4.99/month), and as many games as there are (i.e. more than I’ll be able to play in several months, if not a year), I don’t feel the pecuniary sting quite so keenly. Maybe it’s a byproduct of being an adult and having to balance one’s own budget, but games seem to be so expensive — three-figure consoles and every new release drains at least $60 from the bank. Granted, other game subscription services are not much more expensive — Game Pass is a palatable $9.99 — but Arcade just feels like a better bargain.
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Apple event: what mobile marketers need to know | Mobile Marketer
Apple introduced three iPhones and revealed low prices for its streaming TV and gaming services, stressing value as the tech giant copes with falling sales for its key product. The iPhone 11 series reportedly has longer-lasting batteries, new colors and fresh camera features including a night mode for low-light photography and video shooting tools.
The company cut the price of its most popular model by $50, reversing three straight years of price hikes. Apple introduced the new Watch Series 5 with improved battery life and ability to show time without a finger tap or raising the display. It also cut the price of the Apple Watch Series 3 to a new low of $199, or $299 with a cellular connection.
Apple revealed the prices for its previously announced streaming video and game subscription services. Apple TV+ will start streaming on Nov. 1 with a starting price of $4.99 a month, and will be free for a year with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad or Mac. Apple Arcade will be available on the App Store beginning Sept. 19, and will also cost $4.99 a month after a free one-month trial.
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Porsche test drives branded games on Amazon's Twitch | Mobile Marketer
Luxury carmaker Porsche is the first brand to test branded games on Amazon's livestreaming platform Twitch, Digiday reported. The choose-your-own-adventure-style game let viewers vote on actions taken by two real people equipped with body cameras as they explored a Porsche facility and solved puzzles to reveal the Formula E race car.
The goal of the effort was to have viewers work together to complete the game and unveil the new vehicle, putting the unveiling in the hands of an audience in a way that hasn't been done before, according to a press release from Porsche released prior to the game.
The livestreamed game debuted on Aug. 28 and had about 28,000 views at any given second, while the total number of views since the broadcast began hit 2 million, Digiday reported.
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CreatorIQ | Enterprise Influencer Marketing Platform
Our global system of record enables intelligent creator discovery, streamlines end-to-end workflows, and drives meaningful measurement.
{Track game streamers & others & manage these campaigns)
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Xbox tattoos fans in Gears of War pop-up
"Gears ink London" will take place in The Bike Shed in London's Shoreditch on 5 September. The tattoo artists are: Clara Sinclair, best known for ornamental tattoos that feature hearts with jewels and filigrees; Matt Pettis, whose style is a mixture of black tint areas with delicate elements; and Emma Bundonis, who creates monochromatic tattoos with incredible details.
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Fad Mania: This is an app that provides users with an endless stream of games with ambitions of being the next major social network. One of the first games was called Trump Punch, which got more than 100,000 organic users. The team realized most games don’t retain users and decided to create Fad Mania, which develops social-first games. Fad Mania has 1,000 weekly users. [TechCrunch]
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Watch and Learn: The Meteoric Rise of Twitch - GlobalWebIndex
Watching Twitch rise to the top has been impressive, to say the least. 
Back in October 2013, the website had 45 million unique viewers, and by February 2014 it was considered the fourth largest source of peak internet traffic in the U.S., accounting for 40% of all live-streaming online according to Business Insider. 
And traffic continues to grow; this year in 2019, Twitch experienced its second biggest quarter to date, capturing more than 70% of all live hours watched compared to its rivals, who made up the remaining 30%. 
Competition is increasing, however, with Discord, Valve, Douyu, HUYA and Mixer doing what they can to stake their claim. 
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Skyrocket Entertainment - Gaming, Slots, Games | Skyrocket Entertainment
We work with media rights owners to create brand new revenue streams by transforming the content into Real Money or Social Gaming experiences and distributing these through our worldwide network of leading platform Operators .
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Twitch’s Ninja jumps to Microsoft’s Mixer |
Twitch, Amazon’s popular video game streaming platform has lost one of its biggest stars having seen him jump ship to rival site Mixer, owned by Microsoft.
Tyler Blevins, known more commonly online as ‘Ninja’, had amounted 14.7 million followers on Twitch, mostly through playing Fortnite – and presumably playing it well.
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Bumble sponsors all-female 'Fortnite' team | Marketing Dive
Women-first social networking app Bumble is teaming with esports organization Gen.G to create an all-female esports team, the companies announced in a press release. The Team Bumble esports group will play in tournaments and be staffed by "Fortnite" players and several gaming influencers.
The two companies also have plans to release custom merchandise for the "Fortnite" team and other Gen.G championship groups. As part of the push to empower women in esports, Bumble created a "gaming" badge for app users to add to their profiles and a search filter for users who want to connect with other gamers.
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REDEF ORIGINAL: The Mirage of Cloud Gaming (And How to Reach the Oasis)
Cloud gaming is the new “thing” in the media industry. Whether it’s a game publisher or platform, there’s constant talk and even more ambition to be the so-called “Netflix of gaming”. And notably, this opportunity is coming with a lot more momentum than OTT video ever did: Microsoft and Google will be launching their services by the end of 2019, Sony has already had its in market since 2014, Amazon is expected to join the fray in early 2020, publishers Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have also announced cloud-based subscriptions that will launch next year, with Activision Blizzard and Square Enix rumored to be planning the same. And so on.
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