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How Bose reached consumers likely to make in-store purchases
In implementing the strategy across both brand and generic campaigns, MediaCom Worldwide bid on location-related keywords (for example “Bose store London”) and used geo-targeting to increase bids by 20% within a five-mile radius of any Bose store. They included ad extensions linking to the store locator on the Bose website and added location extensions to display the nearest store address and a map within ads.

Google Local Campaigns allowed the team to brand Bose store locations in Google Maps alongside new products and offers. By clicking on the Bose logo, consumers would see a call to action encouraging them to call, save, or get directions to the store, as well as additional information about testing the Bose SoundWear Companion in a store.
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12 days ago by dancall
Puma puts geotargeted ads on taxis for situationally aware OOH push | Marketing Dive
Footwear brand Puma launched a geotargeted out-of-home (OOH) campaign on Aug. 5, with ads delivered programmatically to screens atop taxis and ride-share vehicles, according to information provided to Marketing Dive. The campaign centers around the grand opening of the brand's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
Managed by Havas Media Group with the Whisk Agency and running through Sept. 5, the campaign utilizes the vehicle-based screens of Firefly's network.
sportswear  creative  targeting  location  outdoor 
16 days ago by dancall
The new rules of luxury pop-ups
Brands often pick new locations based on their neighbours. “When you ask Hermès where would you place your store, you'd expect to hear, ‘[Next to] Chanel,’” Zegna says. “But the [correct] answer is SoulCycle or Equinox. If Louis Vuitton wants to go after a younger Asian woman, you cannot expect consumers to come to an area of town where the Asian customer wouldn't necessarily shop.”

Thus, Appear Here seeks out unexpected locations that younger customers frequent. After scouting social media heat maps, Zegna introduced one British luxury brand to south London’s Peckham neighbourhood, which is popular with creatives and young professionals. Another early win was convincing Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to set up in London’s Westbourne Grove, which runs through Notting Hill. Now a permanent space, it has become Goop’s best-performing store globally.
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20 days ago by dancall
Busch hides 'Pop Up Schop' somewhere in a national forest | Marketing Dive
Busch announced the launch of a "Pop Up Schop," a temporary location hidden in a national forest open for one day, according to a press release shared with Marketing Dive.
The AB InBev brand will dish out clues to the location of the Pop Up Schop via Twitter beginning on July 16, with the final location revealed on July 19. The Schop will be open on July 20 and hosted by Busch Guy, the brand's spokesperson.
Those who find and visit the pop-up will have a chance to win a lifetime supply of beer via a raffle, and there will also be merchandise giveaways. Other prizes awarded to visitors will include passes to U.S. national parks and a cabin getaway for four. In addition, Busch has pledged to plan 100 trees across national forests for each visitor who visits the Schop.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
With Shoelace, Its Latest Foray into (Local) Social, Google Aims to Do for Friends What Tinder Did for Dating | Street Fight
This is what Shoelace, with its local focus, appears poised to do were it to take off. The app is currently only available to a small number of people, on an invitation-only basis, living in New York. As its raison d’être, Google offers: “Shoelace is a mobile app that helps connect people with shared interests through in-person activities. It’s great for folks who have recently moved cities or who are looking to meet others who live nearby.” Users can join Loops, which are interests that aim to give people a reason to get together (tennis, dogs, art), and the app will provide activities each day that people in the same neighborhoods in the same Loops can do together.
google  social-networks  trends  future  local  location 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Report: Son Of Billionaire Rupert Murdoch Makes Huge Investment In Location-Based VR Provider The VOID - VRScout
According to report made by Bloomberg this past weekend, a person “familiar with the transaction” who “asked not to be identified because the matter isn’t yet public,” claims that James Murdoch, former CEO of 21st Century Fox and heir to media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has reportedly made a $20 million investment in location-based VR provider The VOID, making it the British-Americans largest investment to-date.

Based on the report, the investment was made using a portion of the $1 billion accumulated by Murdoch’s holding company, Lupa Systems, after the sale of his stake in 21CF to Disney. The report also states that Murdoch will be taking a seat on the companies board, joining an assortment of equally-powerful investors, including both Disney and Qualcomm Ventures.
vr  trends  future  location  new-companies 
4 weeks ago by dancall
(1) 001. fast(er) food - YouTube
As Americans dine-out less and order-in more, “virtual kitchens” are emerging in dense metropolitan areas to house dozens of delivery-only concepts in converted warehouses. The biggest player in the US is CloudKitchens, backed with $150m from Uber founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick. Watch as we provide an inside look into these mysterious kitchens and interview the restaurateurs betting the future of their businesses on the promise of delivery.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
Spider-Man swings by world landmarks in Snapchat's AR lenses | Mobile Marketer
Sony Pictures Entertainment is promoting the July 2 release of "Spider Man: Far From Home" with a multichannel campaign that showcases the latest augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies. The movie studio on June 26 started letting users of image-messaging app Snapchat take pictures of characters from the superhero movie who show up in "Landmark lenses" that are tied to four famous buildings worldwide for the first time, Variety reported.
The "Far From Home" lens appears at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, the Flatiron Building in New York, Buckingham Palace in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When Snapchat users are near those landmarks, they can activate the lens to see movie villain Mysterio appear in a cloud of smoke before Spider-Man swings into the frame for a shareable picture. Sony on June 28 released a non-geotargeted lens for fans who can't visit the landmarks.
maps  location  augmented-reality  films  snapchat  mobile 
7 weeks ago by dancall
London-based food and drink discovery app nez raises about €2.25 million to accelerate growth | EU-Startups
The app recently announced its incredible early engagement figures, showing that more than 385,000 food and drink offers have been redeemed in the app by its 150,000 users, and nez is expecting to hit 200k users by the end of September. Redemptions have grown tenfold over the last 12 months, including a 40% month-on-month jump in April, following its launch in the City.
food  local  location  coupons  widgets  new-companies 
8 weeks ago by dancall
(1) "HIJACK " MEAT PACK, CANNES LION winner SILVER & BRONZE categorie MOBILE 2012 - YouTube
I genuinely don't think this happened - don't think it would have worked in 2012...
awards  fail  location  retail 
9 weeks ago by dancall
About Us | SITU8ED
SITU8ED was founded in 2016 by a small group of experts from academia and industry, with the aim of offering solutions for location-based analytics and advertising, and critically where users’ privacy is assured and compliance to GDPR is a given.

Our pedigree is in situation modelling – hence the company name.  Situations encapsulate places that people visit and their travel betweeen those places, determining their significance for the user and assigning them rich semantics – types of place, brand names, dwell times, types of travel, etc.
sup  location  advertising  new-companies 
9 weeks ago by dancall
nez - discover exclusive offers from your favourite local food and drinks spots
nez helps you discover the best food and drink offers in London. Free to download and no credit card required, it’s the easiest way to save money at restaurants, cafés and bars near you.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
After Foursquare Acquisition, Placed Founder David Shim Talks Teaming Up With a Major Competitor | Street Fight
I call this the 100 Club. Foursquare delivers a single platform for all things location with 100MM measurable devices in the U.S., $100MM+ in revenue, and $150MM in recent capital raised across 350+ employees. The combination of Foursquare and Placed delivers a definitive leader in location that advertisers can grow with over time. In the same way that Google is the market share leader in search, The Trade Desk in programmatic, Foursquare is the leader in location.
location  how-to 
10 weeks ago by dancall
Study: 89% of marketers boost sales with location data | Mobile Marketer
Eighty-nine percent of surveyed marketers said they increased sales by using consumer location data to boost the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, according to a new report by location data provider Factual provided to Mobile Marketer.
The firm's survey, conducted with Lawless Research, found that 86% of marketers increased their customer base and 84% engaged with consumers by leveraging location data. The portion of marketers that will use location data for marketing will grow to 94% next year from 84% this year, the survey found.
advertising  location  stats 
10 weeks ago by dancall
Foursquare Acquires Placed, Announces $150M in Funding | Street Fight
With the acquisition, Placed will become more powerful, accessing Foursquare’s 105 million points of interest in more than 190 countries as well as the 100 million devices to which Foursquare commands access. Placed CEO David Shim will drop that title and become president of Foursquare. Under the new arrangement, Snap will continue to rely on Placed as an attribution partner.

For Foursquare, the partnership represents an opportunity to double down on a massive set of first-party data at a time when tenuous ad tech solutions tied to third-party data sets are facing unprecedented scrutiny. Foursquare has built up 13 billion consumer confirmations to validate its location data, and Placed has collected 135 million survey responses from its rewards app.

As ad tech faces tougher times and a privacy-driven crackdown on data collection and ad targeting practices, more mergers and acquisitions are likely to transform the industry’s terrain. Teaming up and stockpiling as much first-party data as possible, thereby eliminating the need for less compliant modes of data harvesting, will boost the longevity of some firms while others flounder.
location  deals  targeting  gdpr  advertising  measurement 
11 weeks ago by dancall
Location-Based AR Is Changing How The World Looks At Gaming - VRScout
Another, slightly cheesier, specter-based AR game, SpecTrek by Games4All will have you donning your ghost hunting cap in search of..well..ghosts! Not real ghosts, but virtual ones – so don’t get nervous!

Using your phone’s camera and GPS, you’ll walk around in search of hidden clues that will lead you to floating spectacles hiding in closets or parks.  Want to make the game even creepier? Play in the dark using a flashlight to navigate the area.
gaming  augmented-reality  mobile  maps  location 
11 weeks ago by dancall
Snatch on Twitter: "Spring runs for a while. Snatch is currently in testing and we are making a lot of different changes to the game everyday. We’ll have more details closer to launch. To make sure you hear news on Snatch’s return you should pre-regis
Spring runs for a while. Snatch is currently in testing and we are making a lot of different changes to the game everyday. We’ll have more details closer to launch. To make sure you hear news on Snatch’s return you should pre-register here
deadpool  mobile  location  GAMES  pokemon 
11 weeks ago by dancall
Foursquare Acquires Placed From Snap, Raises $150 Million | AdExchanger
However, six months after their hookup, in November 2017, Shim told AdExchanger that Placed would not be sharing any advertiser or partner data with Snap. “Keeping the data separate is important if we’re going to have a clean story to go to market and talk about our company,” he said at the time.
Which again begs the question, why did Snap feel the need to acquire Placed outright, rather than simply execute a partnership?
In a chat on Friday, Shim said that Snap acquired his company in order to incubate it and help create a “currency” for omnichannel measurement. Although Placed had momentum in 2017, he said, it was Snap’s investment that allowed the company to really shore up its product suite and platform. “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it was not for Snap,” Shim said.
Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck tells AdExchanger that Foursquare approached Snap in January with the idea of acquiring Placed, because Foursquare would be able to grow the company even faster by returning it to its roots as an independent location-focused player outside of any of the major media companies.
foursquare  location  deals  snapchat  measurement  trends  future  retail 
11 weeks ago by dancall
App audiences, mobile notification rates swell despite GDPR, study says | Mobile Marketer
Mobile apps are growing their audiences as marketers adapt to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a stricter data-privacy law that the European Union enacted a year ago. Mobile app audiences rose 17% worldwide in the past year while marketers trimmed their customer lists in more traditional marketing channels like email, per a study that customer engagement firm Airship shared with Mobile Marketer.
A jump in notifications indicates how dependent marketers have become on mobile platforms to reach target audiences. The average number of mobile notifications received by consumers rose 18% to 36 a month worldwide in the past year. The average notification opt-in rate has steadied at 67% of app users, per Airship. Industries that boosted their notifications the most included finance (up 57%), retail (54%) and media (41%).
mobile  stats  trends  future  gdpr  location 
may 2019 by dancall
Zenreach Attract Connects Online Ads to In-Store Results | Street Fight
Online metrics, like click-through rates and return-on-ad-spend, can quickly show ecommerce retailers how well their digital advertising campaigns are working. But what happens in the real world? The KPIs used in ecommerce mean almost nothing to brick-and-mortar merchants. In fact, digital approximations can actually cause merchants with physical locations to overspend on certain audience segments, while undervaluing others.

That’s something Zenreach is trying to change.

A pioneer in WiFi marketing, Zenreach is now tackling online-to-offline attribution. The company is looking to help retailers who operate brick-and-mortar locations connect their online advertising to measurable in-store results with the launch of Zenreach Attract. (Check out the company’s white paper here. Zenreach is sponsoring the publication of its research on Street Fight.)
retail  search  o2o  new-companies  measurement  beacons  location 
may 2019 by dancall
Wriggle | EIS Crowdfunding Opportunity | Seedrs
Wriggle is on a mission to help people discover, and spend their money at the best local food & drink establishments.
Our mobile app marketplace creates a tapestry of amazing eat-out food & drink establishments, all inviting customers to try them out. Wriggle's users (or "Wrigglers") search and pay directly through the mobile app, then head to their chosen establishment to enjoy their food and drink.
This is a proven, established model. Wriggle is a market-leading eat-out transactional platform in 3 cities (Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff), with a proven model currently generating over 20,000 transactions per month (March 2019). After keeping things tight and proving our model, Wriggle is ready to scale up and attack our vision of creating a national consumer champion, supporting the best local eat-out establishments across the country.
local  food  new-companies  coupons  widgets  location 
may 2019 by dancall
Naval on Twitter: "It’s hard to see how credit cards survive at all as Apple Pay and Google Pay spread. Biometrics and location ID make mobile wallets fraud-free. Merchants eliminate fraud, consumers get cash back. Authentication is the new Payments. Yo
It’s hard to see how credit cards survive at all as Apple Pay and Google Pay spread. Biometrics and location ID make mobile wallets fraud-free. Merchants eliminate fraud, consumers get cash back.
Authentication is the new Payments. Your new credit card is just you.
payment  future  recognition  ai  location  mobile 
may 2019 by dancall
LA’s Plan to Reboot Its Bus System—Using Cell Phone Data | WIRED
Cheung also had fare card data—location- and time-stamped information about when people used their bus passes. (Riders swipe their passes when they get on the bus, but not when they get off—so it takes some fancy data science to figure out their destinations.) But laying the fare card data alongside the larger set of phone logs showed that even if a trip took about the same amount of time, just 13 percent of travel on that route was by transit. That percentage, what Cheung calls “transit mode share,” declined according to speed. Trips that took 2.5 times longer on a bus were the killer. “At that point, all we're carrying are people who have no choice but to ride transit,” he explains. “If we want to attract people who have a choice, we cannot be that slow.”
cities  measurement  casestudies  location 
may 2019 by dancall
Is Google Building an "Internet of Places?" | Street Fight
The analogy for visual search is that the camera is the search box. Physical items are search terms, and informational overlays are results. So that raises the question, what’s the search index? Just as Google indexes the web with a relevance algorithm, what’s the physical-world equivalent?

The answer is the “Internet of Places,” another term for the AR Cloud. Google will get started with existing assets like its vast image database for AR object recognition. Street View Imagery will power storefront identity in Google Lens, while its Maps API will arm AR apps with real-world geometry.

Similarly, Google’s gravitational pull allows it to get its hands on valuable data sets, such as 3D maps of building interiors like Lowes Hardware. And its Waymo autonomous vehicle (AV) division will generate even denser point clouds for AR, given intensive 3D mapping needs of AVs.
google  maps  augmented-reality  trends  future  location  local 
april 2019 by dancall
Snapchat's 'Landmarkers' Update Brings Famous Structures To Life In AR - VRScout
Morphing your face and adding dog ears through Snapchat’s AR filter is definitely fun party trick and good for a few laughs, but the company sees its technology offering so much more, and by so much more I mean turning surrounding landmarks into rainbow-puking cartoon characters.

Snapchat Landmarkers is a new AR lens that turns famous man-made structures, such as the Eiffel Tower, into goofy animated characters that stretch up into the air and vomit brightly-colored rainbows; transforming NYC’s Flatiron Building into the tallest cheesiest pepperoni pizza structure you’ve ever seen.
snapchat  maps  augmented-reality  location 
april 2019 by dancall
Russia Is Tricking GPS to Protect Putin – Foreign Policy
Putin’s bodyguards are using what on its face is a counterintuitive approach to prevent assassination attempts by drone. The GPS spoofer that travels with Putin impersonates civilian GPS signals and provides the receiver with false coordinates for local airports. It chooses the coordinates of local airports because commercial drones typically come preprogrammed with safety mechanisms that make them automatically land or shut down when they enter the airspace of an airport.

In theory, drones operating near Putin will shut down or automatically land when they come within range of the spoofer. Fear of assassination by drone is a realistic one: Last year, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro survived an attempt on his life that involved using drones to target him with explosives.
location  politics  funny 
april 2019 by dancall
The Waze App Knows Exactly When You’re Seeing McDonald’s Billboards - Eater
Last October, Waze tested these new advertising capabilities in Southern California. The Waze app mapped the location of around 300 McDonald’s billboards in the area. When Waze users traveled along a route with one of these, the app pushed a “zero-speed takeover” ad, which appears on the Waze device when the car is stopped. (Safety first, then processed pork products.) Along with a photo of the elusive McRib sandwich, the ad offered drivers the option to reroute to a nearby McDonald’s location.

During the campaign, 8,400 drivers opted to reroute to a McDonald’s. This number only includes drivers who immediately went to a McDonald’s after seeing the ad, but given that the ad made 6 million total impressions, it’s likely other drivers picked up a McRib or made a McDonald’s visit later. Although Waze didn’t track those visits, the company does have that capability: Waze pings its users’ GPS every second and stores that data, sometimes sharing it with local governments, in what many consider a step too far regarding privacy concerns.
waze  maps  location  advertising  casestudies  google  food  widgets 
march 2019 by dancall
Sandwich chain Blimpie lifts customer spending 11% with personalized offers | Mobile Marketer
Sandwich chain Blimpie boosted average customer spending by 11% and saw a lift in visit frequency within the first four weeks of testing Mobivity's mobile marketing platform, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
At 70 locations, the test sent personalized offers to customers' mobile phones and printed discounts on paper receipts for future purchases based on a person's individual order history. Offers ranged from free drinks to money off a dessert, or promoted new menu items.
The Arizona-based sandwich chain plans to expand its use of Mobivity's platform, based on the positive early results. "While nearly every brand who implements our Recurrency solution sees an attributable and positive impact on their business, it's rare that we can show such an impact this early in the process," Mobivity CEO Dennis Becker said in the announcement.
mobile  advertising  location  casestudies 
march 2019 by dancall
How Marketers Are Making In-Store Metrics More Reliable | Street Fight
So what’s the best way to accomplish that? In Coignard’s view, the answer involves a combination of openness and transparency. Brands that use S4M’s new Uplift Trust indicator can see whether enough data has been generated by their digital advertising campaigns o compute a relevant uplift rate, or if more consumers need to be reached in order to collect a sample that’s significant enough to prove an actual trend.

Uplift rates are important for marketers because they represent the increase in visitors to a physical store attributable to a particular advertising campaign. Because uplift rates are calculated using scientific methods, they are generally thought to be reliable indicators of a campaign’s real-world impact. But a small sample size can diminish the value of an uplift rate, and without being sure whether their rates are sound, marketers can’t truly have confidence in the campaigns they’re running.
retail  location  new-companies 
march 2019 by dancall
Our First Look At 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' AR Experience - VRScout
Thanks to the massive popularity of Pokemon GO, augmented reality-based scavenger hunt experiences have become all the rage among mobile developers. Whether it be hunting down genetically mutated dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive, or mowing down waves of flesh-hungry walkers in The Walking Dead: Our World, it’s clear other major properties have taken notice of Niantic’s winning formula and are keen on cashing in themselves.

In 2017 it was revealed that Warner Bros had launched a partnership with Niantic to develop their own Pokemon Go-style AR game set within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yesterday, we finally received an update on the long-awaited magical experience, and it’s safe to say Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is shaping up to be the next big hit on smartphones.
augmented-reality  films  mobile  GAMES  pokemon  location 
march 2019 by dancall
Foursquare introduces experimental 'Hypertrending' feature for SXSW
Ten years later, Foursquare is still making a case for location-sharing tech.
The company known for popularizing the digital check-in at SXSW a decade ago now is showing off a new, experimental feature that takes advantage of all of the company's location data. It's called Hypertrending, and it's launching now in Foursquare's apps for SXSW attendees in Austin (you have to shake your phone to access the feature).
Hypertrending is essentially a real-time heat map that lets you see where people are at any given moment. It's all anonymized, so you can't see the location of any one individual, but the idea is to give users a window into where the masses are — something that could be useful for the thousands of people who descend on Austin for SXSW.
foursquare  location  measurement  future  trends 
march 2019 by dancall
Citymapper PASS – Citymapper – Medium
Users want to get from A to B. They care mostly about time and price, and don’t necessarily always care how. The idea behind a subscription is that it bundles everything for the user and reduces hassle to make it easier for people to navigate without worrying about details on every trip.

This vision has been talked about for decades. The real challenge has been to develop something that works and scales, with a UX that users love, a model that keeps all participants in the system happy. We’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and hopefully believe we have a solution, complemented by a lot of technology we’ve already developed in our app, and an active user base.
membership  cities  location  future  trends 
february 2019 by dancall
Baskin-Robbins sees 12% lift in store visits from Spotify ads | Mobile Marketer
Baskin-Robbins saw a 12% lift in store visits — 4.3-times industry benchmarks — from an ad campaign on music streaming service Spotify, according to data verified by Placed. The offline attribution firm joined Spotify as a measurement partner in the United States, per an announcement.
Baskin-Robbins attributed 430,000 U.S. store visits to people who heard the "Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like" ad last summer. The campaign also drove 47,000 incremental store visits and a positive return on investment. Each ad urged listeners to "Find A Shop" and directed them to click and see the nearest Baskin-Robbins store, per a Spotify case study.
spotify  location  casestudies  advertising  stats 
february 2019 by dancall
WPP teams with Waze on in-car ads | Mobile Marketer
Ad agency holding group WPP partnered with Waze, the Google-owned social navigation app with more than 100 million users, to help retail brands reach consumers while they drive. The partnership aims to boost store traffic and product sales for retailers in Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, per an announcement.

Stephan Pretorius, CTO at WPP, said the partnership will give the agency’s clients better access to Waze’s software. Waze has several ad formats designed to avoid distracting drivers. Those formats include branded pins, zero-speed takeovers, sponsored search, arrows and voice commands, per Adweek.
agencies  advertising  location  waze  maps 
february 2019 by dancall
Location Faking
Weren't invited to Jeff Bezos's summer pool party? No problem. DataPools uses the SkyLift device to mimick the Wi-Fi network infrastructure at 12 of the top Silicon Valley CEOs causing your phone to show up, approximately, at their pool. Because Wi-Fi spoofing affects the core geolocation services of iOS and Android smartphones, all apps on phone and the metadata they generate, will be located in the spoofed location.
location  funny 
february 2019 by dancall
Channel 4 launches Dynamic TV |
Channel 4 has launched Dynamic TV – a new ad innovation which enables potentially thousands of variations of data-driven creative to be served across big screen devices like smart TVs for the first time, as well as on mobile and desktop VoD platforms.

In a first for the UK and European advertising market, Dynamic TV will allow launch partners Boots and Suzuki to leverage first-party data from Channel 4’s over 18 million registered viewers to deliver bespoke ads based on location, weather, time of day, date and demographics.
targeting  tv  location  trends  future 
january 2019 by dancall
MillerCoors tests Foursquare's self-serve location data | Mobile Marketer
MillerCoors is the first alcohol marketer to test out self-service audience segments from location data provider Foursquare. These deeper insights could help the brewer determine how to reach consumers with programmatic ad buys on mobile devices, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
For the first time, Foursquare's Pinpoint audience segments are available for self-service from Trade Desk, the demand-side platform for computerized ad buys. Brands and publishers can now access 450 categories of anonymized audience groups such as "chains/brands," "loyalists" and "lifestyle affinities."
MillerCoors will use Foursquare's audience segments on its "Pre-Shop" campaign to reach consumers in convenience stores and on-premise sales at bars and restaurants. Those businesses don't aggregate data in a way that helps the brewer learn more about its customers, Brad Feinberg, MillerCoors' VP of media and consumer engagement, told AdExchanger.
alcohol  location  targeting  advertising  casestudies 
january 2019 by dancall
T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Are Selling Customers' Real-Time Location Data, And It's Falling Into the Wrong Hands
Whereas it’s common knowledge that law enforcement agencies can track phones with a warrant to service providers, IMSI catchers, or until recently via other companies that sell location data such as one called Securus, at least one company, called Microbilt, is selling phone geolocation services with little oversight to a spread of different private industries, ranging from car salesmen and property managers to bail bondsmen and bounty hunters, according to sources familiar with the company’s products and company documents obtained by Motherboard. Compounding that already highly questionable business practice, this spying capability is also being resold to others on the black market who are not licensed by the company to use it, including me, seemingly without Microbilt’s knowledge.
mobile  privacy  fail  location 
january 2019 by dancall
How to Find the Next Great Restaurant Neighborhood
There are a lot of pros to opening a restaurant in a yet-to-be-established neighborhood, especially on the financial side. Since the Samsons were the first to sign in the development, to protect themselves, they asked for an occupancy clause in the lease. That way if the place didn’t fill out by a certain amount of time, they could get out of it. They asked for rent abatements, which included free rent during the build out. That was particularly helpful, says Dina.

“We learned from Sotto that when you have that inexpensive rent, it gives you time to build clientele,” she added. “You can get to know your neighborhood and your customers. Once you get the locals support, they’ll keep coming back. There are a lot of people living and working downtown, and we’ve nurtured those relationships.”
food  restaurant  how-to  location  measurement 
december 2018 by dancall
Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret - The New York Times
At least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information, The Times found. Several of those businesses claim to track up to 200 million mobile devices in the United States — about half those in use last year. The database reviewed by The Times — a sample of information gathered in 2017 and held by one company — reveals people’s travels in startling detail, accurate to within a few yards and in some cases updated more than 14,000 times a day.

[Learn how to stop apps from tracking your location.]

These companies sell, use or analyze the data to cater to advertisers, retail outlets and even hedge funds seeking insights into consumer behavior. It’s a hot market, with sales of location-targeted advertising reaching an estimated $21 billion this year. IBM has gotten into the industry, with its purchase of the Weather Channel’s apps. The social network Foursquare remade itself as a location marketing company. Prominent investors in location start-ups include Goldman Sachs and Peter Thiel, the PayPal co-founder.
measurement  location  privacy  widgets 
december 2018 by dancall
Order a Whopper® Sandwich for a Penny at McDonald’s with the BK® App | Business Wire
Today, the BURGER KING® brand is turning more than 14,000 McDonald’s into BURGER KING® restaurants. Sort of. For a limited time, when you go within 600 feet of a McDonald’s restaurant you can order a flame-grilled WHOPPER® sandwich for only 1¢ on the newly revamped BK® App. It’s what we call a WHOPPER® Detour.

The WHOPPER® Detour works by geofencing McDonald’s locations across the country. If a guest is inside one of these geofenced areas and has the new BK® App on their device, the app will unlock the WHOPPER® sandwich for a penny promotion. Once the 1¢ WHOPPER® sandwich order is placed, the user will be “detoured” away from McDonald’s, as the app navigates them to the nearest BURGER KING® restaurant for pick up.
location  funny  mobile  ecommerce  stunts  food 
december 2018 by dancall
Pepsi targets taste testers through digital OOH campaign | Marketing Dive
Pepsi partnered with Broadsign DSP firm Platform 161 for the contextual programmatic digital OOH component of the campaign. The soft drink maker leveraged Resono mobile beacon technology to create a unique ID for users logged in from several apps, which would trigger the digital OOH displays when a taste tester walked into a mall. Once the ad was triggered, the entire mall network displayed a Pepsi Max ad, and since the campaign was programmatic, Pepsi only paid for the placement when the ad played, per Digital Signage Connection.
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november 2018 by dancall
On Google, Hyperlocal Listing Strategy is Key to Brick-and-Mortar Success | Street Fight
The latest updates to Google My Business include a merchant description feature, which is an opportunity “for you, in your own words, to describe your business,” an update to the UI, which should dramatically increase its speed, and a forthcoming messaging feature, said Steven Chen, senior product manager at GMB, at Brandify’s annual conference in LA this fall.

“We’ve built an API to allow you to send and receive messages directly from the Maps listing,” Chen said. “There’s this really fundamental shift away from phone calls,” as customers have come to expect messaging services instead. Partners like Brandify and others will be testing the messaging service in the coming months.
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november 2018 by dancall
Niantic's 'Ingress Prime' Brings A Sci-fi Twist To Location-Based AR Gaming - VRScout
Ingress has proven so influential that Niantic has in fact chosen to revisit, redesign, and relaunch an updated rendition of the original classic. Officially labeled Ingress Prime, the experience now operates on the Unity game engine, allowing game designers to take full advantage of both Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore to deliver a quality that fans of Niantic’s recent offerings have come to expect.
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november 2018 by dancall
Google adds reviews to Maps, putting pressure on restaurants | Restaurant Dive
Google Maps recently rolled out a site redesign, adding star ratings (on a scale of 0-5) for bars and restaurants right on the map view, according to Android Police. 
A recent study from Brightlocal shows that Google is acquiring reviews faster than Yelp, TripAdvisor and other review platforms.  
Infusionsoft reports that Google surpassed other review sites when mobile internet overtook desktop searches in late 2017. Since Google smartphones are equipped with Google Maps, the app has become the default location search for the Android platform.
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october 2018 by dancall
Foursquare Snags $33M |
“Each investor chose to participate because they believe in our business and our future,” Jeff Glueck, CEO of Foursquare, wrote in a blog post. “Our Series F is more than fuel for our ambitious goals and roadmaps  —  it’s backing by investors, including those with ties to notable companies, who canvassed the industry in search of a leader, and selected Foursquare. Our Series F is about the right investors, at the right time, who recognize our value and will work, deeply, to build the Foursquare of the future.”
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october 2018 by dancall
Subway boosts foot traffic 31% by targeting ads based on weather patterns | Mobile Marketer
The Subway sandwich chain boosted store traffic 31% by changing its ads to correspond with weather shifts. The company used artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by International Business Machines called Weatherfx Footfall with Watson, a real-time signal-based targeting tool, to create dynamic ads for a foot-long sandwich promotion based on weather patterns, per an announcement. The chain also leveraged IBM's MetroPulse platform, which provides insights about neighborhood demographics. 
Through its efforts, Subway saw a 53% reduction in campaign waste by making 7.9 million impressions more relevant to the current weather. That meant avoiding ad placements for hot sandwiches during heat waves that blanketed much of the country last summer.
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september 2018 by dancall
Screens continue to shine while posters remind us of their strength – Route Research Ltd
The data also signifies a heightened opportunity for brands to reach digital audiences in both Bristol and Liverpool. Here the availability of digital inventory has grown by 25% and 43% respectively in the last three months. This now means that advertisers can achieve 68% cover of Bristol and 73% cover of Liverpool on a weekly basis. You can explore the digital options in a little more depth using our interactive visualiser below.
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september 2018 by dancall
The Walking Dead Our World
No need to face the apocalypse alone! Collect Rick, Michonne, Daryl and all your favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead.
augmented-reality  GAMES  gaming  tv  location 
september 2018 by dancall
Artists Spread Inspirational Political Messages Through Geo-Located AR Art - VRScout
Originally released February of this year, Nancy Baker Cahill’s art app, 4th Wall, gives users the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the artists captivating pieces of VR artwork from the comfort of their home via AR technology. Now the technology-savvy creator is expanding her platform to help spread thought-provoking political messages across the globe via a geo-located, collaborative AR art exhibit.
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september 2018 by dancall
Geospatial information systems are helping transform the USA
In Virginia, the governor’s office has launched an innovative effort to bring a geospatial angle to issues of food availability and healthy eating.
The Virginia Food Access Network (VFAN) uses maps to tell “data stories” around such issues as childhood hunger, access to nutrition and availability of local produce. The data comes from government sources, non-profit organisations, academia and elsewhere.
“They had all this information at the county level, but people’s eyes would glaze over when they saw it on a spreadsheet,” says Rob Rose. As director of the Center for Geospatial Analysis at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, he helped to develop the GIS component of the government’s VFAN site.
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september 2018 by dancall
As 'Near Me' Searches Spread on Mobile, Consumers Trade Loyalty for Convenience | Street Fight
In surveying more than 1,000 smartphone users across the U.S., Uberall found that consumers are most likely to conduct “near me” searches when they’re looking for food—for example, “hamburgers near me” or “Panda Express restaurants near me”—followed by entertainment, banking, apparel, and personal care.

“What really jumps out to me is that more people care about proximity than brand loyalty,” says Josha Benner, CRO and co-founder of Uberall.

Although shoppers are still more likely to enter the name of a business than a product category when they conduct “near me” searches, Uberall’s study found that nearly 30% of these searches include generic keywords, indicating that marketers should be building search strategies that lure in-market shoppers who might not be searching for their businesses directly by name.
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august 2018 by dancall
Blis Launches Blockchain Platform to Add Transparency to Digital Advertising
The platform is in response to these increased industry challenges around transparency and verification of data, including location and demographic data, and will run on the IBM Blockchain Platform.
Geographical data enables digital advertisers to create more targeted ads by identifying specific demographics and better understand consumer behaviour. With this new platform, the source of the geographical data is written to the blockchain, providing advertisers and data providers with greater confidence in the provenance of the data, by giving them access to a transparent blockchain that is immutable and verified.
“Unilever are committed to partnering with organizations which create better digital infrastructure. This new capability is an important step towards transparency and clarity in data provenance and compliance across our global activity,” said Luis Di Como, Executive VP, Global Media, Unilever Group.
advertising  blockchain  location  partnerships 
august 2018 by dancall
Blippar is using AR to help customers find their way indoors | TechCrunch
Remember the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruz walks through the mall and thousands of holographic ads pop up around him? That reality may not be as far off as we thought.
Blippar, the augmented reality startup that launched back in 2011, is today announcing the launch of a new product that would let retailers, airports, commercial real estate owners, etc. place augmented reality content across their space.

The product is called the Blippar Visual Positioning System, and it uses computer vision and augmented reality to help customers, tenants, etc. find their way through a large indoor space such as a grocery store, department store, or stadium.
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august 2018 by dancall
Study: Snapchat users buy 20% more gifts during holidays | Mobile Marketer
Snapchat reported that its customers were big spenders during the past holiday season, buying 20% more gifts than the average consumer who doesn't use Snapchat, per a Murphy Research study commissioned by Snap. Snapchat users in the U.S. made 850 million shopping trips on Black Friday weekend in 2017 and were 64% more likely to start holiday shopping on Black Friday than non-users.
Victoria's Secret and Target saw the biggest jumps in foot traffic among Snapchat users on the annual shopping holiday, with respective store visits reaching 15 times and 13 times higher than on a typical day, followed by Macy's, Hot Topic and Hollister. Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Subway were the most popular restaurants that Snapchat users visited in the week before Christmas. MAC's makeup gift packs and Staples' last-minute shipping and gift card printing services were most sought after by Snapchat users, per the study.
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july 2018 by dancall
See Times Square Underwater in Microsoft's AR Art Exhibit - VRScout
The Big Apple takes a dip in this location-based augmented experience from Microsoft.
According to researchers, if sea levels continue to rise as an effect of climate change, Manhattan will be completely submerged underwater within the next 80 years. 
In 2012, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that by 2100 sea levels could rise from 11 to 38 inches, depending on the volumes of greenhouse gases emitted.
augmented-reality  location  gym 
july 2018 by dancall
Farewell, Google Maps | In der Apotheke
Map providers use different pricing models, which makes direct comparison of prices difficult. Here is an overview of the options for paid usage (not taking into account free usage allowance):
Google Maps - $7 for each 1000 map loads irrespective of map size or zooming/panning by the user ($5.60 with discount for high volume)
Mapbox - $0.50 for each "map view", which despite the name is not a map view, but request of 4 or 15 map tiles (depending on map type), rounded up
Azure Maps - $0.50 for 1000 "transactions", where transaction is equal to 15 map tiles 
TomTom - $0.50 for 1000 “transactions” ($0.40 with highest volume discounts), each transaction is equal to 15 map tiles
HERE - pricing is by bundles, Standard bundle amounts to  $0.50 for 1000 “transactions” (15 tiles)
MapTiler - $0.05 for each map tile
Apple Maps - so far is in beta and offers a generous free usage allowance, no commercial pricing available
maps  google  paid  b2b  local  location  fail 
july 2018 by dancall
Transfer market – Contagious I/O
Solution / United Airlines and Mcgarrybowen in New York created a campaign that would change New Yorkers’ minds about Newark. The airline fitted 125 New York City taxis with digital displays that gave live comparisons of travel times to JFK and Newark. Mcgarrybowen worked with Verifone to create the technology, which was synced with taxi-hailing app Curb to give journey-time estimates based on the cars location and traffic. The campaign was supported with billboards, bus shelters, phone kiosks, newsstands, and in-airport units.
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july 2018 by dancall
Snapchat brings AR to Disney, Universal, Six Flags | Mobile Marketer
Snapchat now offers geofenced Snapchat Lenses at Disney, Universal and Six Flags theme parks, letting visitors see augmented reality (AR) experiences on their smartphones, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
This summer marks the first time that Snapchat has created AR experiences for Six Flags parks, including the soon-to-open Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. Visitors to 11 Six Flags parks can turn themselves into Superman or watch him make a daring rescue.
Snapchat users can decorate their selfies with Mickey and Minnie Mouse overlays at Disneyland, Disney World and other Disney parks worldwide. The yellow Minions from "Despicable Me" appear at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort.
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july 2018 by dancall
Pokémon GO Revenue Hits $1.8 Billion on Its Two Year Launch Anniversary
The United States and Japan lead all-time player spending in the game, accounting for 34 and 28 percent of its revenue across the App Store and Google Play, respectively. Germany, Great Britain, and Taiwan round out its top first countries at 5 percent, 4 percent, and 3 percent of revenue, respectively.
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july 2018 by dancall
How Food Trucks Can Leverage Location Data to Optimize Sales | Street Fight
CARTO’s analysis found that the top factors to optimize food truck revenue in New York City were foot traffic, day of the week, and transaction frequency. Somewhat surprisingly, CARTO found that less important factors were total population and median rent prices. The company also found that food trucks averaged $11,000 in sales, but revenue patterns fluctuated based on hour and cart.
Utilizing a model that included location data streams, CARTO was able to make revenue predictions for food trucks in different areas around New York City. For example, the company found $5,234 in average revenue per week for trucks in the West Village, and $6,128 in average revenue per week for trucks in Corona Park, Queens.
food  location 
july 2018 by dancall
Turns Out IHOP’s Burger Stunt Didn’t Do Much to Drive Foot Traffic – Adweek
Remember IHOb? It feels like ages ago, but really the announcement only broke last week. While the news—that the International House of Pancakes was temporarily changing its name to IHOb, or the International House of Burgers—set the internet ablaze, new data from Foursquare suggests the marketing stunt didn’t drive as many customers to the brand’s various locations.

Sure, the creative work from Droga5 may have sparked a crazy number of mentions for the brand (including some sick burns from Wendy’s) on social media, but location technology company Foursquare found that the stunt didn’t do much to impact foot traffic to IHOP (I’m sorry, IHOb) locations. So what happened in stores the week following IHOP’s big reveal?

Foursquare found that women actually visited the chain restaurant less in the week following the stunt, while there was only a slight bump in the number of men who went in for burgers (or pancakes, who knows).
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june 2018 by dancall
Study: 71% of retailers use mobile location strategies to boost store traffic | Mobile Marketer
Most retail marketers (71%) have some sort of location strategy to drive foot traffic and trigger location-based mobile advertising, according to a study by Blis, researcher WBR Insights and Future Stores. Those who have this type of strategy report a greater lift in store visits and overall conversions through the location-based strategies like retargeting, proximity tools like geofencing and beacons and marketing automation, the study found.
Half of the retailers in the study said they use location-based insights for real-time targeting to engage nearby consumers when they might be more receptive to receiving mobile promotions.
location  mobile  advertising  stats 
june 2018 by dancall
Walmart is a supply drop in new 'Jurassic World' AR game | Mobile Marketer
NBCUniversal debuted the mobile game "Jurassic World Alive" as part of the movie studio's promotion for the "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" premiere on June 22. The game uses augmented reality (AR) imagery and location-based technology to let players overlay digital dinosaurs onto their real surroundings through a smartphone, according to VentureBeat.
The game uses the new Google Maps application programming interface (API) to let players find virtual dinosaurs and items on a map and battle other players in real time. After tapping an on-screen creature, players can use a virtual drone to shoot darts at the prehistoric beast to collect its DNA. That genetic material is used to unlock and later genetically modify dinosaurs in a lab.
films  GAMES  location  pokemon  retail  partnerships 
may 2018 by dancall
Location-based VR market set to boom |
News reports of experiential location-based virtual reality (LBVR) in shopping arcades, theme parks and movie theatres are taking the global press by storm. Companies including FoxNext, Zero Latency and Disney’s ILMxLab with Star Wars are demonstrating that LBVR is a viable business for investment, which is clearly enticing mainstream consumers to satisfy their VR curiosity. This is demonstrated
vr  location  future  trends 
april 2018 by dancall
Domino's creates 150K hotspots to deliver pizza almost anywhere | Mobile Marketer
Domino's Pizza now delivers to 150,000 locations that don’t have a traditional address, such as parks, sports fields and beaches. The pizza chain enlisted the help of its more than 5,200 restaurants in the U.S. to select Domino's Hotspots, where drivers can meet customers curbside to hand off orders, per a statement.

Domino's Hotspots are online-only for prepaid orders on and in mobile apps. Once a customer's location has been determined, local Domino's Hotspots that are available for delivery will appear on a map for customers to select. Before checking out, customers can leave instructions to help the driver find them. Text messages will alert customers to the status of their delivery. 
food  delivery  location  maps  ideas 
april 2018 by dancall
With New Solution, Foursquare Targets SMB and Startup Markets | Street Fight
Riding high off the success of its Places database and Pilgrim SDK, the location intelligence company Foursquare is opening up its location data to the small and mid-size business market.
The new Places API for Startups targets small-but-growing companies. The solution formally launches this morning, but it’s already being used by a handful of mobile apps, including the life-tracking app Gyroscope, the foodie app Camera Eats First, and Slice, an app that helps consumers order from their favorite local pizzerias.
foursquare  location  measurement  new-companies 
april 2018 by dancall
Placed Study Outlines Viewability's Impact on Store Visitation | Street Fight
The results of the study show that viewable impressions have a significant impact on conversion to store visits, when compared to non-viewable impressions. The store conversion rate for viewable impressions in Placed’s study reached 20.4%. The change in visit rates for viewable impressions compared to non-viewable impressions was 52.9%.

“The impact of viewability doesn’t stop with a click or an online conversion; it impacts the entire consumer journey including store visits as measured by the results from the study,” says David Shim, founder and CEO of Placed. “When a viewable impression improves store visit rates by over 50%, it no longer becomes a nice-to-have, but a must-have for any marketer with an offline presence.”
retail  location  stats  casestudies  measurement 
april 2018 by dancall
Snapchat celebrates Easter with AR egg hunt, April Fools' prank | Mobile Marketer
Snapchat hosted a virtual Easter egg hunt on April 1 that urged users to collect as many eggs as they could find on Snap Maps, the app's geolocation feature. More than 1 million cartoon eggs were placed in the U.S. and Canada in public locations such as shopping centers, coffee shops, airports and amusement parks in a game that resembled Pokemon Go’s augmented reality (AR) features, according to Adweek.
Throughout Easter weekend, users could see the locations of nearby eggs on Snap Maps and tap them to open a 3-D World Lenses on a smartphone's rear-facing camera to collect one to five points for eggs captured. A feature in the app displayed user scores and rankings and among friends and the broader Snapchat community.
snapchat  location  augmented-reality  competition  GAMES 
april 2018 by dancall
How Hershey's Reached Consumers With Mobile Ads |
Hershey started its campaign by first looking for consumers that might actually be in the market for jerky. By using inMarket’s Preceptivity, Hershey was able to predict when shoppers were “due” for their next store visit. And, by using that knowledge, Hershey was able to show consumers ads for KRAVE through their mobile devices and desktop computers in the hours leading up to their grocery trips.
“Preceptivity is effective because it eliminates wasted impressions on shoppers who have perhaps just shopped or aren’t in ‘shopping mode,’” Blaisdell said.
Once consumers reach the store, Hershey reached shoppers with mobile ads just as they walked into a store. And, once shoppers hit the aisles, Hershey was able to show mobile ads to consumers that picked up a package of KRAVE, enabling them “to connect with shoppers who were physically holding KRAVE inside a store,” Blaisdell said.
fmcg  targeting  local  location  retail 
april 2018 by dancall
Snapchat Ads | Introducing two new ways to reach your audience by location and context
Location categories are a simple and powerful way for businesses to reach customers at scale who are in the right context to consider or act. Instead of running Snap Ads and Filters over specific locations or geofences, advertisers can now reach Snapchatters based on the type of location they’re in. For example, a swimsuit brand can reach Snapchatters currently at beaches nationwide, or a movie studio can reach them at the theater. Advertisers can also get more specific by narrowing down their location categories by state, city, DMA, and more. 
Location categories aren’t just a way for advertisers to easily identify high-intent Snapchatters, it ensures that our community is shown the most relevant ads for them — in the moment that they are the most impactful. Advertisers can start reaching audiences by location categories today in Ads Manager.
snapchat  location  targeting  advertising 
march 2018 by dancall
Google maps launches Plus Codes, location-based digital addressing system
In India, we know how challenging it can be to reach a given residential address. They are unique in format, and vary across regions, localities, and use cases. While some addresses are well-defined by street names and house numbers that are easy to find, others can be long-winded and hard to locate.

Google has launched Plus Codes —  which represents a simple and consistent addressing system that works across India and globally.
google  maps  india  location 
march 2018 by dancall
gyana - Data on where audiences go
Gyana grows your bottom line by showing you where customers go, what they like and how to steal them away from your competitors.
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march 2018 by dancall
Google to Sell Zagat to The Infatuation, an Upstart Review Site - The New York Times
When Google agreed to buy Zagat for $151 million nearly seven years ago, the technology giant intended to bring the restaurant review empire into the digital age.
Now ownership of Zagat will change again — into the hands of an upstart restaurant review company that has harnessed smartphone apps, an Instagram hashtag and a texting recommendation service as parts of its path to growth.
food  location  google  deals  fail 
march 2018 by dancall
MoviePass CEO proudly says the app tracks your location before and after movies | TechCrunch
“We get an enormous amount of information,” Lowe continued. “We watch how you drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go afterwards.”
It’s no secret that MoviePass is planning on making hay out of the data collected through its service. But what I imagined, and what I think most people imagined, was that it would be interesting next-generation data about ticket sales, movie browsing, A/B testing on promotions in the app and so on.
I didn’t imagine that the app would be tracking your location before you even left your home, and then follow you while you drive back or head out for a drink afterwards. Did you?
location  privacy  fail  measurement  widgets  films 
march 2018 by dancall
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