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From Heavy Metal to Live Streaming – Streamlabs Blog
Matt Heafy: Typically my channel is mostly music. It’s like 90 to 95% music. I warm up about an hour before the stream starts while I’m hanging out with my kids and doing some housework and cleaning bottles and stuff. I’ll get five or six subscriber requests for Trivium stuff. We’ll do like four sub, one non-sub song, and then a Trivium acoustic re-imagination of a song. From there we do a thing called Kiichichaos karaoke where people bid for five minutes on what song that I’m supposed to learn and I basically have to dedicate the rest of the day or however long it takes to perfect a song that I’ve typically never heard before. We’ve done everything from making Cannibal corpse songs beautiful.
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11 days ago by dancall
Virtual Reality Comes To Broadway In A Big Way
And now VR is coming to Broadway in an unprecedented way. Two titans of live theater, John Gore and MelodyVR are joining forces to present Broadway shows in virtual reality. John Gore is a producing force behind the Tony-winning triumphs The Band’s Visit, Dear Evan Hansen and Hello, Dolly! MelodyVR is a virtual reality platform known for its exclusive live concert experiences with Kelly Clarkson, Imagine Dragons and Wiz Khalifa.
Soon viewers around the globe will be able to experience entire Broadway shows using VR technology. They will have the option to choose from a selection of vantage points, (or, in VR lingo, “jump spots”), from stage to orchestra pit to front row and beyond. For people who do not have access Broadway shows, this platform could be a game changer. What’s more, for VR lovers who have never experienced Broadway or live theater, it’s an alluring shiny new toy.
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13 days ago by dancall
McDonald's and Spotify team up to offer you exclusive music
Its use is very simple, customers are invited to place the chips on top of a code drawn on the tray. By filling it out, you can scan the resulting code via Spotify and synchronize it with the application. When Spotify recognizes it, it will redirect us to a profile called “FriesList”. These playlists will contain themes that match our mood. So, “FriTops of the Moment”, “I’m Out of Fries” or “Someone Stole My Fries” will be some of the lists.
The action of McDonald’s and Spotify has been created in Brazil by the agencies DPZ & T Brasil and Leo Burnett Colombia. The idea is to offer a new experience to McDonald’s consumers. - via Aurelia
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15 days ago by dancall
Instagram one-ups TikTok with karaoke lyrics | TechCrunch
Lip-syncing jumpstarted TikTok’s rise to the center of teen culture, arguably displacing Instagram . Now the Facebook-owned app is striking back with a new feature that lets you displays lyrics on your video Story synced to a soundtrack you’ve added with the Music sticker. Lyrics could help creators and their fans sing along, and the visual flare could make the amateur MTV content more watchable.

Instagram scored a big endorsement from teen scare-pop phenomenon Billie Eilish who’s featured in the demo video for Story lyrics, which are now available in all the countries where Instagram Music has launched including the US, Germany, and France.
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18 days ago by dancall
Apple Will Announce The End Of iTunes Next Week | Genius
This separation has already occurred on iPhones and iPads, and comes after years of rumors that Apple was looking to discontinue iTunes and its clunky software. The new Music app is still expected to allow users to purchase digital songs, a method of consumption that is waning in the streaming era. Previous reports have indicated that Apple was looking to kill mp3 downloads altogether in favor of its Apple Music subscription product, but there’s no indication that’s happening yet.

Still, the loss of iTunes marks a symbolic end for the company, which pushed the music industry into the digital era at a time when it was dealing with rampant piracy issues. iTunes is also credited with helping to decoupling songs and albums as commercial products, and drove the sale of over 400 million iPods. Over time, it grew to include movies, television shows, podcasts, and more.
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22 days ago by dancall
Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry - The Verge
Entering the correct information about a song sounds like it should be easy enough, but metadata problems have plagued the music industry for decades. Not only are there no standards for how music metadata is collected or displayed, there’s no need to verify the accuracy of a song’s metadata before it gets released, and there’s no one place where music metadata is stored. Instead, fractions of that data is kept in hundreds of different places across the world.

As a result, the problem is way bigger than a name being misspelled when you click a song’s credits on Spotify. Missing, bad, or inconsistent song metadata is a crisis that has left, by some estimations, billions on the table that never gets paid to the artists who earned that money. And as the amount of music created and consumed continues to increase at a faster pace, it’s only going to get messier.
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22 days ago by dancall
Wearable Shipments Grow 55 Pct In A Year |
Shipments of wearables like Apple’s AirPods and Samsung headphones reached 49.6 million units during Q1 of 2019, a 55.2 percent increase from 2018, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Most of the market is led by wrist-worn wearables, at 63.2 percent of market share, but ear devices are growing at a rapid pace (135.1 percent year over year) and they account for 34.6 percent of all shipped wearables.

“The elimination of headphone jacks and the increased usage of smart assistants both inside and outside the home have been driving factors in the growth of ear-worn wearables,” said Jitesh Ubrani, research manager for IDC Mobile Device Trackers.  “Looking ahead, this will become an increasingly important category as major platform and device makers use ear-worn devices as an on-ramp to entice consumers into an ecosystem of wearable devices that complement the smartphone but also offer the ability to leave the phone behind when necessary.”
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25 days ago by dancall
Wrangler cashes in on 'Old Town Road' with scannable denim | Mobile Marketer
Wrangler jeans brand debuted a mobile scanning function that activates an experience based on "Old Town Road," the popular crossover country/hip-hop song by rapper Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. When mobile users visit the microsite, they're asked to scan the back pocket of their Wrangler jeans to unlock a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the song's music video, according to a company announcement.
The mobile capability was inspired by the song's lyric that says, "Cowboy hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my booty," and teases a new, limited-edition clothing collection tied to the release of the music video.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
Sofar Sounds house concerts raises $25M, but bands get just $100 | TechCrunch
Today, Sofar Sounds announced it’s raised a $25 million round led by Battery Ventures and Union Square Ventures, building on the previous $6 million it’d scored from Octopus Ventures and Virgin Group. The goal is expansion — to become the de facto way emerging artists play outside of traditional venues. The 10-year-old startup was born in London out of frustration with pub-goers talking over the bands. Now it’s throwing 600 shows per month across 430 cities around the world, and more than 40 of the 25,000 artists who’ve played its gigs have gone on to be nominated for or win Grammys. The startup has enriched culture by offering an alternative to late-night, dark and dirty club shows that don’t appeal to hard-working professionals or older listeners.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
KFC's Spotify playlist curates hip-hop songs that mention the brand | Marketing Dive
KFC France has created a playlist for Spotify that showcases various hip-hop songs in which the brand is mentioned, according to press materials shared with Marketing Dive. Included in the Bucket Bangers playlist on Spotify are Kanye West's "Touch the Sky," the Beastie Boys' "Ode to" and Run DMC's "You be Illin."
The campaign, created by agency of record Sid Lee Paris, will be promoted through Spotify banners and street-based marketing in Paris. Other artists featured in the list of 46 songs include: Masta Ace, Diplo, M.I.A., Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and French rappers Maître Gims, Orelsan and Gringe. Fans can submit suggestions via social media for other KFC-linked songs not included in this first playlist.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
TikTok Is the New Music Kingmaker, and Labels Want to Get Paid - Bloomberg
TikTok and Douyin, both owned by the Chinese startup Bytedance Ltd., are propelling songs from obscurity to ubiquity overnight, rewriting the path to stardom for some acts. While Fitz and the Tantrums had already experienced success at home, the burst of fame on TikTok persuaded the band to focus on Asia as it rolls out its new album.

The list of acts that owe sudden success to TikTok grows by the day. Lil Nas X just scored a No. 1 song on the Billboard charts—and a record deal—after his song Old Town Road went viral on TikTok. And Supa Dupa Humble, a producer from Brooklyn, doubled his daily streams. “If you can get a song on Douyin, you suddenly get a viral impact,” says Simon Robson, the head of Warner Music’s Asian operations.
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6 weeks ago by dancall
Flow State - Daily email of 2 hours of music to help you work ($40 per year)
Today we’re listening to The Flashbulb, on recommendation from Jonathan (thanks Jonathan). The Flashbulb (hereafter TF) started in music as a devotee of electronic pioneers Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. Growing up in Chicago, he was influenced by the city’s house scene. His releases under the TF moniker cover a broad swath of electronic. Compositions for Piano is a solo piano album, but the strong rhythm of the left and the independent, wandering improvisation of the right hand makes you feel like you’re listening to a whole band. The faster-paced Nothing is Real shows TF’s mastery across digital and analog instruments, especially guitar and drums. Like Jimi Hendrix, TF was left-handed and taught himself guitar on default right-handed guitars.
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6 weeks ago by dancall
Taylor Swift comeback breaks YouTube records |
US pop singer Taylor Swift released her comeback single, ME!,  on YouTube on April 26th, with the video attracting over 65 million views in just 24 hours.
YouTube revealed that it was the highest female and solo 24-hour debut for any music video in its history.  Swift’s 65.2 million views bested Ariana Grande’s previous record of 55 million for Thank U, Next.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
(1) You Can't Take My Door - YouTube
We trained a neural network on all of country music's greatest hits to write this even greater hit called 'You Can't Take My Door'
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8 weeks ago by dancall
"Alexa, play music"
Since the launch of Amazon Music, customers have been able to use the simplicity and magic of voice to request music in fun, innovative ways. Interacting with music through voice is transforming how people engage with music—searching for a favorite station, or music by era or genre, is easier and more popular than ever before.

And so, beginning today, customers in the U.S. who do not yet have a Prime membership or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited will now be able to listen to an ad-supported selection of top playlists and stations for free with Amazon Music on compatible Alexa-enabled devices.

Customers now have access to play a station based on a song, artist, era, and genre, and to hear some of Amazon Music's top global playlists including Country Heat, Fuego Latino, and more. To listen, simply say:

"Alexa, play the playlist Pop Culture" to hear the ultimate global playlist for today's pop music.
"Alexa, play the Imagine Dragons station" to hear a station inspired by the popular rock band.
"Alexa, play 80s music" to hear a station filled with music from the era.
"Alexa, play country music" to hear a station with some of the best in the genre.
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8 weeks ago by dancall
Old Town Road - Wikipedia
"Old Town Road" (also known as "Old Town Road (I Got the Horses in the Back)") is a song by American rapper Lil Nas X. It was initially released independently on December 3, 2018, and gained popularity on social video sharing app TikTok. As a result, Lil Nas X was signed to Columbia Records, which now distributes the single. A remix of the song featuring Billy Ray Cyrus was released on April 5, 2019, and another remix featuring Young Thug is in the works.[1][2]

In March 2019, the song reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart before the magazine disqualified it from being included on the chart on grounds that it did not fit the country genre, sparking a debate on the definition of the genre.[3] Had it not been disqualified, "Old Town Road" would have been the Hot Country Songs number-one song, as of the chart dated April 6, 2019.[4]
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8 weeks ago by dancall
The global value of music copyright topped $28bn in 2017 - Music Business Worldwide
What is the global value of music copyright? This intriguing question was addressed by Music Business Worldwide for calendar years 2014, 2015 and 2016; and we can now reveal the grand total, the key components and significant changes for 2017.

MBW sat down with the author of these figures, Will Page, Chief Economist at Spotify (pictured), to get the lowdown on what happened in 2017 and let our readers contemplate what this might mean for 2018 given last week’s publication of the IFPI’s Global Music Report.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
‘Be urself’: meet the teens creating a generation gap in music | Music | The Guardian
“There’s a culture that exists with people on the internet to help others exist on the internet,” says Edwards. “It’s not: ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, more: ‘I like this thing, I’ll share it.’ You get people such as Emma Chamberlain [an American YouTuber with 7m followers], who recommends songs in videos and has a playlist on Spotify. People like that seem to able to deep dive better than anybody I’ve ever known. Or this music comes up as a recommended video if you’re watching similar things on YouTube. It’s very accessible, and a lot of the songs are really short so you can consume loads of them in a short space of time.”
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Breweries and Bands Collaborate to Connect with Fans
Stone Brewing says working with Metallica, a band that’s had a rabid fanbase for nearly four decades, drove a ton of positive interest in the beer collaboration, even from people who wouldn’t normally buy craft beer.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Spotify Shares Sink On Amazon Music News |
According to Reuters, the eCommerce giant would offer the free music service through its Echo speakers, and it could launch as early as this week. Amazon already offers its Prime Music service as part of its Prime subscription service at $119 per year, as well as Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions for $9.99 a month, or $7.99 per month for Prime members.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Amazon To Launch Free Ad-Supported Music Service |
Amazon, the eCommerce giant, could launch a music service that is free and ad-supported in the coming days, reported Billboard.
According to Billboard, citing sources familiar with the plan, Amazon is mulling marketing the service through its Echo speakers and Alexa, its voice-activated digital assistant. The service would start with a limited catalog of music and could launch next week, reported Billboard.
According to the report, Amazon has been in talks with record labels to obtain licenses for the free music, offering to pay some record labels per stream in the beginning irrespective of how many ads Amazon sells on the service. The move comes as Amazon looks to take on Spotify in the music streaming market and underscores just how formidable a competitor it can be.  Unlike Spotify, Amazon’s size and capital enables it to lose money on the music service if it drives more business to its eCommerce sites. Spotify can’t do the same and is under pressure by investors to become profitable.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Apple Music now has more paid subscribers than Spotify in the US | Mobile Marketing Magazine
Apple Music has reportedly surpassed Spotify in terms of paid subscribers in the US, holding around 2m more paying users. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, Apple Music had 28m paid subscribers at the end of February compared to Spotify’s 26m.

Spotify is said to be adding subscribers at a monthly growth rate of between 1.5 and two per cent in the US, while Apple Music is growing at between 2.6 and three per cent.
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11 weeks ago by dancall
Apple Plus - brand versus subscription — Benedict Evans
We expected a TV event and got a subscription event - news & magazines, games, a credit card and Oprah. There are plenty of product questions one could ask (especially on TV, where we still don’t know the scale of the ambition - is Apple taking on Netflix and spending $10bn+, or spending $1bn for ‘marketing’?) But mostly this feels like solid incremental execution: product managers doing product management

The obvious view: these subscription services are about cutting churn and driving incremental revenue - $10-$20-$30 per user for hundreds of millions of iPhones, plus more reasons (especially the Card) why it’s harder to switch from iPhone to Android.

More interesting: Apple’s evolving brand promise. The old Apple promise was that you don't have to worry if the tech works. The new promise is you don't have to worry if the tech is scamming you. Everything Apple showed was about curation, safety and trust. No tracking, no scammy ads, no loot boxes, no weird credit card charges. And Oprah.
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Courtney Love does the math |
This story is about a bidding-war band that gets a huge deal with a 20 percent royalty rate and a million-dollar advance. (No bidding-war band ever got a 20 percent royalty, but whatever.) This is my "funny" math based on some reality and I just want to qualify it by saying I'm positive it's better math than what Edgar Bronfman Jr. [the president and CEO of Seagram, which owns Polygram] would provide.
What happens to that million dollars?
They spend half a million to record their album. That leaves the band with $500,000. They pay $100,000 to their manager for 20 percent commission. They pay $25,000 each to their lawyer and business manager.
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12 weeks ago by dancall
Amazon Music Will Be the Fastest-Growing Audio Streaming Service This Year - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Amazon’s audio platform is subscription-only and not supported by ads at any membership level; neither is Apple Music, the second fastest-growing digital audio platform. This means that the fastest-growing segment of audio streaming listeners cannot be reached by advertisers.

The more prominent streaming services that have ad-supported options still have more US monthly active users (MAUs), but those figures are either growing slower or not at all. The number of Spotify MAUs will grow by 13.9%, and Pandora will lose 0.5% of its US MAUs this year. This includes ad-supported and subscription, ad-free MAUs for both companies.
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12 weeks ago by dancall
Warner Music signs first ever record deal with an algorithm | Music | The Guardian
Warner Music has become the first major label to sign a record deal with an algorithm.
The German mood music app Endel has been signed to create 20 albums this year alone with five already released. The app creates personalised soundscapes for users depending on their requirements, whether it be to relax or to focus. The official site refers to it as “a cross-platform audio ecosystem”.
The app, currently available on smartphones and via the Amazon Echo, uses inputs such as the time of day and the weather to create certain sounds. So far, the five albums released have been called Clear Night, Rainy Night, Cloudy Afternoon, Cloudy Night and Foggy Morning, all based around different types of sleep.
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march 2019 by dancall
Music’s next big startup Splice raises $57.5M to sell samples | TechCrunch
Tech has a bad reputation for pulling money out of musicians’ pockets, but Splice is changing that. The audio sample marketplace and music production collaboration tool has now paid out $15 million to artists since 2013, doubling in the last year. Splice lets musicians sell their sounds for royalty-free use, and songs by Eminem, Ariana Grande and Marshmello that were powered by those samples have topped the charts. Splice charges $7.99 per month for unlimited access to its array of 3 million synthesizers, drum hits, vocal flares and other sounds. Despite being designed for serious musicians, Splice’s suite of tools now has 2.5 million users, up from 1.5 million a year ago.
“Music is going through a beautiful moment,” says Steve Martocci, Splice’s co-founder and CEO who formerly built and sold GroupMe. “The tailwinds from the success of streaming are great. As more people realize how big the market it, how much people want to create music, there’s a huge opportunity here.”
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march 2019 by dancall
MySpace loses 12 years of user content |
MySpace, one of the first social media services, has apologised after losing all of the 50 million plus songs which had been uploaded to the platform between 2003 and 2015.
“As a result of a server migration project, any photos, videos, and audio files you uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available on or from MySpace,” the firm said in a statement.
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march 2019 by dancall
Long John Silver's serves up original album, audio coupons for Lent | Mobile Marketer
Quick-service seafood chain Long John Silver's boosted its Twitter engagement with a campaign that features songs that serve as in-store audio coupons. Customers who visit a restaurant and play a song from an original Long John Silver's playlist on streaming music app Soundcloud are eligible for food an drink discounts, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.
Each song in the playlist was recorded by the Coral Benders, a band based in Washington, D.C., that plays "beach-adjacent" dad rock. Long John Silver's is releasing a new song from the playlist every Friday from March 6 to April 19. The first piece, "The Ballad of Long John Silver," saw engagement that was two- to three-times greater than benchmarks.
Long John Silver's campaign is timed for its busiest season: the approximately six-week period of Lent, when many Christians abstain from eating meat in the lead-up to Easter. Agency Baldwin& developed the campaign, which launched on Ash Wednesday — March 6 — with posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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march 2019 by dancall
Febreze drops fresh album of musical ads | Mobile Marketer
Procter & Gamble's Febreze air freshener brand released an eight-track album of musical advertisements that have gained a following on social media, according to a company announcement. "The Freshness" is now available on a microsite and will hit streaming platforms this month.
Febreze has released musical ads on digital and terrestrial radio platforms since 2015. The brand observed that the ads had gained a following among social media users who joked about being "fooled into liking ads" and asked the brand to release full songs, per the announcement.
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march 2019 by dancall
Music streaming is making big bucks for the big labels
The music industry's three biggest labels made a combined $19 million a day and $6.93 billion overall in 2018. Streaming also makes up 75% of the industry's revenue now.
music  stats 
march 2019 by dancall
Danone links illustrated yogurt packaging to Spotify playlists | Mobile Marketer
French food group Danone teamed up with Spotify on an artistic campaign for its Light & Free yogurts aimed at young adults. The "Light and Free Ink" campaign in the U.K. includes customized packaging with Spotify QR codes that unlock a curated playlist until March 31, Mobile Marketing Magazine reported.
U.K. street artist Nerone, designer Morag Myerscough, illustrator Justin Poulter and graphic artist Neil Stevens designed the Light & Free packaging and selected songs for each Spotify playlist.
Danone will run video and display ads on Spotify to urge listeners to visit a music hub for Light & Free, a sugar- and fat-free Greek yogurt that comes in eight flavors.
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march 2019 by dancall
Amazon Lockers to debut at Coachella | Retail Dive
Amazon is setting up Amazon Lockers at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year. For the two weekends of the event (April 12-14 and April 19-21) customers can ship orders to the lockers at no extra charge, the company said in a press release emailed to Retail Dive.

To encourage such orders, Amazon has also curated a storefront aimed at festival goers, including essentials like flower crowns and lip balm, tech and camping gear, health and wellness items and fashion.

The temporary lockers join others in more than 900 U.S. cities and towns, including at Whole Foods stores, apartment buildings and college campuses.
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february 2019 by dancall
I'm with the Band: 7 Great Beer and Music Collaborations | October
It’s a little-known fact that Iron Maiden has been collaborating on an award-winning beer line since 2013. Trooper Beer, a golden ale, is produced by the UK’s Robinsons Family Brewers and has inspired offshoots such as an ESB. For the latest iteration of the beer, the band wanted something a little louder. Enter Trooper Nitro. This nitrogen “charged” ale promises a “deep and complex flavour,” according to Trooper brand manager Sam Kennerley, that “has been enhanced with a cooler temperature and a perfect serve.” To date, the Trooper beer line has sold 20 million pints throughout 50 countries.
music  alcohol  partnerships  celebrity 
february 2019 by dancall
REDEF ORIGINAL: Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
Fortnite is a groundbreaking game, even if its individual contributions are only iteratively significant. A testament to the game’s success was Epic’s ability to use Fortnite to launch its own game distribution platform (the Epic Store) in December 2018. But even this falls short of breaking new ground. Valve successfully spun Counter-Strike into a digital store (Steam) in 2003 (the same year the iTunes Store launched) and has since generated more than $20B (with more than $4.5B now generated each year), yet this story is too old to generate much press attention today.

At the same time, Fortnite’s achievements are collectively significant – especially when matched with Epic’s broader assets and ambitions. And it might foretell the future of not just Fortnite and video gaming, but of entertainment at large.
fortnite  gaming  trends  future  stats  music 
february 2019 by dancall
Marshmello just played a live set to 10m people in video game Fortnite – and that wasn't even the most interesting move he made this weekend - Music Business Worldwide
Now, following on from loose tie-ins with the likes of Drake and record label Astralwerks (via Twitch star Ninja), Fortnite has formed yet another significant link to the music industry.
Yesterday (February 2), DJ star Marshmello played an exclusive in-game concert in Fornite at 2pm ET. Fortnite players could watch the virtual show for free, so long as they made sure their avatar was available at the concert’s location (Pleasant Park).
gaming  Second-Life  fortnite  music  celebrity  stats 
february 2019 by dancall
Is Spotify making songs shorter? — Quartz
The average track length on Lamar’s breakout 2013 album good kid, m.A.A.d city is 5 minutes 37 seconds. All are 3 minutes 30 seconds or longer. On Lamar’s most recent album DAMN., the average song is 3 minutes and 57 seconds. DAMN. won the Pulitzer Prize for music, going to show that this trend isn’t necessarily lowering the quality of music.
music  spotify  stats 
january 2019 by dancall
Above Avalon: Apple's Content Distribution Strategy
With that in mind, Apple’s content strategy is as follows:
Develop content distribution platforms.
Give content distribution platforms the best chance of success by leveraging the user base and allowing certain content genres to be consumed on non-Apple hardware.
Provide first-party hardware solutions targeting users who are looking for the best all-around Apple experience.
apple  iphone  tv  music 
january 2019 by dancall
Above Avalon: Apple Questions in 2019
Apple Music. What is the next chapter for Apple Music? Judging by M&A activity, such as the Platoon acquisition, Apple has been busy developing some of Apple Music’s behind-the-scenes pieces. One such focus is working more closely with labels by having a more powerful A&R platform. Apple has also been increasingly focused on growing the number of paid users by betting on partnerships and making the service available on as many devices as possible.

Apple Video. When will Apple launch its original video content initiative? There has been a constant stream of reports pointing to Apple developing a portfolio of original TV shows, movies, documentaries, and children’s programming. A few months ago, reports pegged Apple as making its original batch of content free to Apple’s TV app. However, a paid video streaming service, accessible to users on non-Apple devices, seems likely.
apple  future  hardware  iphone  music  tv  paid  widgets  maps 
january 2019 by dancall
Freddie Mercury singalong hits Amazon Alexa for biopic release | Mobile Marketer
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is promoting the DVD and digital release of "Bohemian Rhapsody," the blockbuster biopic about Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, with a singalong skill for Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant. From Jan. 22 to Mar. 31, U.S. fans can say "Alexa, play Ay-Oh Live" to recreate the experience of echoing Mercury as he sang at Live Aid in 1985, per an announcement.
The movie studio also urges fans to share videos of themselves performing the "Stomp, Stomp, Clap" opening of Queen's stadium-rock favorite "We Will Rock You" on social media. Fans can either re-post an official video from YouTube or create their own "Stomp, Stomp, Clap" video with the #StompforQueen hashtag. Fox will donate $100,000 to the Mercury Phoenix Trust charity to support HIV/AIDS initiatives.
films  music  ugc  echo  stunts 
january 2019 by dancall
Snapchat launches Lens Challenges akin to TikTok, Instagram - The Verge
Challenges on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram dominate the way people participate in online trends, and now Snapchat is trying to get in on the action with Lens Challenges.
Lens Challenges are exactly what they sound like: themed challenges that incorporate a special Snapchat Lens, which can then be featured for the app’s community. The first challenge, which launches today, is tied into the holiday season. Snapchat users can select a specific Lens that will allow them to sing a version of “Jingle Bells” performed by Gwen Stefani.
Snapchat may be the latest company to jump on offering official challenges for users to participate in, but it’s in no way the first. TikTok, an app owned by Chinese company Bytedance, has perfected using challenges and promoting trends as a way to keep users engaged. TikTok even highlighted some of the app’s biggest challenges in its year-end roundup, shouting out individual creators who amassed some of the highest views.
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january 2019 by dancall The Voice won't make you a star, Instagram will - BBC News
"Look at The Voice as Glastonbury. Everyone gets the chance to be on the UK's biggest stage," he tells Newsbeat.
"If you look at it from that perspective it's awesome.
"If you're looking at it from the perspective that it's going to turn you into a star - Instagram is.
"That has a better chance of turning you into a star than a reality show."
tv  reality  instagram  music  quotes 
january 2019 by dancall
UK: Video games outsell video and music combined |
The UK video games sector now accounts for more than half of the UK’s entire entertainment market, according to a report from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). It says the industry is worth £3.86 billion (€4.3bn) – more than double its value in 2007, making it more lucrative than video and music combined.

The success is largely down to three games: Fifa 19, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The figures do not take account of the success of mobile and free games such as Fortnite, which has more than 200 million players around the world.
GAMES  stats  films  music 
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Facebook seeks to entice Gen Z with music-sharing in Stories, profiles | Mobile Marketer
Facebook added several music-related features that let users integrate music into the photos and videos they share on the social network. The additions include Music on Facebook Stories, an expansion of Lip Sync Live and a future option to add songs to a personal profile, according to a blog post by the social media giant.
Users can add music to a news feed by taking a photo or video from their camera roll, tapping the sticker icon and selecting a sticker that shows the desired artist and song name. Plus, Facebook is expanding Lip Sync Live, a streaming function introduced to a handful of markets in June, that lets users share videos with music, to more artists and creators through an integration with Pages.
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Instant Musician Turns Your iPhone Into An AR Piano Instructor - VRScout
Instant Musician, previously only being available as a Microsoft HoloLens app, has now made its way to iOS, offering users a way to learn proper piano skills using their smart phones. 

Using a dollar bill on your piano mantle as a marker for your cell phone camera, the app registers the AR components and visualizes the song in long bars above each key.
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Remember When Blockbuster Video Tried Burning Game Cartridges On Demand? | Hackaday
According to a former NewLeaf employee, “We built an extravagant demo center…that included high speed VHS duplication, bleeding edge 4X CD-Rom burners, first generation digital color printers, and robotics to automate the fabrication and assembly of a complete piece of media with all its packaging.” The typical album could be burned in the matter of a few minutes while the duplication time of movies were more variable due to the limitations of transferring to VHS tapes. The demo center’s content management system was connected by optic fiber telephone lines tied back to a mainframe in order to keep track of sales, and new releases could be downloaded from the same network connection.
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Spotify will now let indie artists upload their own music | TechCrunch
Spotify today is taking another step that may make record labels uncomfortable. Fresh off reports that the streaming service is cutting its own licensing deals with independent artists, the company this morning announced it will now allow indie artists to directly upload their music to its service, too.

The upload feature is today launching into beta on Spotify for Artists, the online dashboard that arrived publicly last year. This dashboard and its accompanying mobile app allow artists to track metrics surrounding their streams and their fan base demographics.
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Phil Libin on Twitter: "Watching Lars Ulrich on stage talking about how @Metallica uses @salesforce software for customer engagement and thinking that adult life hasn’t turned out exactly the way I thought it would. #Dreamforce2018…
Watching Lars Ulrich on stage talking about how @Metallica uses @salesforce software for customer engagement and thinking that adult life hasn’t turned out exactly the way I thought it would. #Dreamforce2018
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Top Stars are Bailing on the Platform
Likely noting’s shrinking audience, its competitors – primarily Facebook – have now all but outright stolen the app’s features.
On Instagram, Facebook rolled out music stickers.  The feature allows the app’s 800 million+ users to share their favorite music they’re streaming on Instagram Stories.  Stickers display the artist and song title.
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Snapchat Adds Musical GIFs via New Tunemoji Integration | Social Media Today
Still, the rising popularity of TuneMoji will no doubt make it a welcome Snap addition. Founded in 2014, TuneMoji now has more than 20 million users, most of them coming this year, while it's also seen activity in-app increase by some 20% since the start of 2018.

The capacity to add the digital stickers to Snaps will bring wider exposure to TuneMoji, which could lead to further integration with Snap in future.

In other Snapchat news, musician Ariana Grande is also using the new capacity to sell products via Lenses to promote products related to her new album ‘Sweetener’.
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Ariana Grande sweetens album release with mixed-reality experience | Marketing Dive
To promote pop star Ariana Grande's new album "Sweetener," Island Records and location-based experience platform Landmrk launched a mixed-reality campaign giving U.K. fans access to prizes as they visit hotspots, according to news provided to Marketing Dive. 
Fans can find hotspots by visiting on a mobile device, where they'll be able to access an exclusive selfie filter. They will have to crack a code using a local billboard and their smartphone before they can enter the platform for a chance to win prizes, such as tickets to Grande's U.K. tour, fan CD boxes, merchandise and posters. 
The platform creates virtual billboards in addition to the real-world placements included in the campaign, which gives fans the ability to access the competition regardless of their location. 
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Amazon Taps Yo-Yo Ma for a 36 Episode Alexa-Powered Music Series
Alongside a major advertising campaign for its Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited services, the company has just announced a new Alexa experience featuring the renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.
Mr. Ma is the host for 36 short episodes for Alexa users, one that takes them on a journey through the classical compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and the recently-released album, Six Evolutions — Bach: Cello Suites.  Amazon says the content will be available as an Alexa skill and the Classical Flash Briefing on any Alexa-enabled device.
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The future is ear: Why “hearables” are finally tech’s next big thing
Now, Fast Company has learned that Amazon, Apple, and Google each have high-priority projects to pick up where Doppler left off. All three are working on products that combine the utility of the hearing aid with the entertainment value of a pair of high-end headphones, and potentially much more, say sources. Since all three have announced plans to get into healthcare, they could easily add fitness and health monitoring sensors for everything from counting steps to measuring oxygen saturation. And while it may take years to happen, none want to be left behind should it become possible to create a general purpose, in-ear computer that allows consumers to leave their phone in the desk drawer.
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SoundCloud on the blockchain? Audius raises $5.5M to decentralize music | TechCrunch
Audius wants to cut the middlemen out of music streaming so artists get paid their fair share. Coming out of stealth today led by serial entrepreneur and DJ Ranidu Lankage, Audius is building a blockchain-based alternative to Spotify or SoundCloud.

Users will pay for Audius tokens or earn them by listening to ads. Their wallet will then pay out a fraction of a cent per song to stream from decentralized storage across the network, with artists receiving roughly 85 percent — compared to roughly 70 percent on the leading streaming apps. The rest goes to compensating whomever is hosting that song, as well as developers of listening software clients, one of which will be built by Audius.
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Spotify, Samsung partnership |
Spotify has been named Samsung’s new go-to music service provider, which will give Samsung users a seamless listening experience between devices.
According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, the partnership with Samsung reduces the friction for users to get Spotify up and running on multiple Samsung devices once the accounts have been linked. “It allows us to create a seamless music listening experience together for the user that would be hard for either of us to build alone. It’s a great fit,” he declared.
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Facebook might start holding singing competitions among its users - The Verge
Facebook appears to be working on a talent show feature that would have users record themselves singing and then submitting their videos for critique. In the app’s code, researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted an interface that would let users choose a popular song and then record themselves singing it.

The feature might let users compete against each other in a talent show of sorts, and allow talent singers another platform to get discovered on. Wong notes on Twitter that the feature looks to be locked to Facebook Pages, so it might only be page administrators that can initiate a talent show.
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Services And Apple Pay Drive Apple Earnings |
But this time around, iPhones shared the spotlight a bit with other elements of the Apple ecosystem. Apple reported 60 percent growth in its wearables business, which includes Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats headphones. How many units that actually means for any of those products is unknown, since Apple doesn’t break out individual sales figures — but the “other product” category to which they belong brought in $3.74 billion during the quarter. The “other” category also includes Apple’s Home Pod. Analysts had been forecasting $3.67 billion in revenue for the segment during the third quarter.

Services — the category which includes Apples Music, Apple Care, iTunes, cloud services and Apple Pay — also beat analyst expectations with $9.55 billion in revenue during the third quarter. Analysts expected $9.21 billion, and this represents a 28 percent year on year revenue increase in services. CEO Tim Cook also noted that this quarter’s progress puts Apple well on pace to hit the benchmark it set in 2016 of doubling its services segment revenue to $15 billion by the year 2020.
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Spotify And Metallica Using Big Data via Spotify |
“Data and insights is definitely part of the platform, and a key fundamental for how we view the marketplace,” Ek said, before moving to specifics. “As an example, here I have an artist like Metallica, who changes their set list on a city by city basis just by looking at Spotify data to see which of the most popular songs happen to be in that city. And there are many, many other examples.”

It is unclear exactly how the nearly 40-year-old metal band — one of the most lucrative rock music operations in the world, as much of a corporation as an act — uses that data, and how often all that information from music consumers leads to song substitutions and other tweaks. Set lists for such a complicated operation as a stadium world tour that might last the better part of two years aren’t often changed on the fly, after all.
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Spotify premium subs up 40% |
Spotify, the music streaming service, has reported its Q2 results. The company said the quarter was largely in line with expectations, with some metrics performing at the high end of its guidance range.

In a statement, Spotify said: “We finished the quarter with 180 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) and 83 million Premium Subscribers, up 30 per cent and 40 per cent respectively, YoY. Total Revenue was €1.27 billion, up 26 per cent YoY and 34 per cent YoY after adjusting for the negative impact from changes in foreign exchange rates.”
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How the global music copyright business grew by $1.5bn in 2016 (and why that's amazing news today) - Music Business Worldwide
What is particularly noteworthy is that all three components to our figure (recorded music, publishing and CMO collections) grew at broadly the same rate over the 12 months.
Once adjusted for ‘double-counting’, the global revenue of labels grew 5.6% in 2016, while direct publishing revenues grew 6.3%.
Meanwhile, total collections at CISAC – the collecting society network for publishers and songwriter – grew 6.8%.
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The National beer released in collaboration with Mikkeller
American rock band The National has released a beer made in collaboration with Danish microbrewery Mikkeller.
‘Reality Based Pils’ will be available in all of Mikkeller’s locations and outlets within the next month.
The beer’s name is based on an excerpt from the band’s song ’Walk it Back.’ The song quotes the infamous George W Bush advisor, Karl Rove, who talked about how easy it has become to manipulate facts and how a “reality based community” may be a thing of the past.
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A 100-track playlist featuring the best song from every Now That's What I Call Music album • Popjustice
But here it is: your pop life flashing before your eyes in a six-and-a-half-hour, banger-strewn extravaganza that spans two millennia, starts with Tracey Ullman and ends with Ariana Grande.
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What to take to a festival: Friends, drink... and a giant bar chart - BBC News
Before the festival started, seven of my friends and I listened to all 116 bands on the line-up and rated them out of 10.
There were no strict rules on how much of each act you needed to listen to - but a very conservative estimate would be that it took us 45 hours. Each.
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5 Tips for Finding Future Music Stars with Data | Instrumental
In this weekend’s Financial Times Magazine, Instrumental featured in an article titled ‘Music’s Moneyball Moment’, which explores a new opportunity available to labels, publishers, promoters and anyone else running a business in music - use data to find future music stars with the potential to drive business growth.

So how does it all work? Surprisingly, it’s not all spreadsheets and analytics, it requires a cultural shift within organisations and practical adjustments to the scouting processes.
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About us | Instrumental - Music 'Moneyball' company
Instrumental uses machine learning to discover emerging talent, predominantly for the music and entertainment industry. Our proprietary platform is the leading online scouting tool used by record labels, music publishers, live promoters, book publishers and a select number of consumer brands to identify high value artists and creators for commercial partnerships.
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Snapchat users who watch 'The Darkest Minds' trailer get Pandora access | Mobile Marketer
20th Century Fox partnered with Pandora to promote its film starring Amandla Stenberg, "The Darkest Minds," with a takeover of the Premium Access feature, according to information shared with Mobile Marketer. This means that any Snapchatter who received a Pandora song card on July 11 was able to swipe up to listen on-demand after watching a 15-second video trailer from Fox.
The video ad opportunity will be available to other advertisers beyond launch day. With Premium Access, any Snapchatters who receive a shared song will be able to swipe up to unlock Pandora's entire music library on-demand even if they don't have a Pandora subscription.
While listening to a song, Pandora users with the latest version of the app can tap "Share on Snapchat" to send a song in a direct message to friends or in their Story. Those on the receiving end can then access the shared song and view unique cards showing the song's album art in front of an animated background.
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Instagram Stories now lets its 400M users add soundtracks | TechCrunch
The right music can make a boring photo or video epic, so Instagram is equipping users with a way to add popular songs to their Stories. TechCrunch had the scoop on the music feature’s prototype in early May, and now it’s launching to iOS and Android users in 6 countries including, the U.S. Thanks to Facebook’s recent deals with record labels, users will be able to choose from thousands of songs from artists including Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris and Guns N’ Roses. The launch could make Instagram Stories more fun to post and watch in a way that copyrights won’t allow on Snapchat, while giving the app a way to compete with tween favorite
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French online piracy: €1.18bn hit |
Pirate numbers down
Between 2016 and 2017, the number of pirates went from 11.6 million people illegally consuming content per month to 10.6 million, one million less in one year (-8 per cent).
Pirates also consume less; on average each pirate has consumed 4 per cent less illegal content than in 2016.
The illegal consumption of audiovisual content generates a shortfall for the film and audiovisual industry in France of €1.18 billion, down 10 per cent from 2016. The state is one of the biggest losers with €408 million in lost revenue in 2017 (compared to €430 million in 2016).
Streaming remains the most used protocol

On average, 6.6 million pirates download streaming content per month (more than 60 per cent of all pirates), enjoying relative immunity.
Movies remain the main type of pirated content. 94 per cent of pirates download movies illegally, including 54 per cent of American films.
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The New Music Festival Economy Will Use Blockchain; Here goes the first one #OurMusicFestival
For, perhaps, the first time ever, a music festival is about to run on blockchain. Get ready to enjoy both Zedd and technology’s new notes at the OUR Music Festival, or OMF, on October 20 in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza.
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Spotify, Nodding to Broader Ambitions, Hires Chief Content Officer - The New York Times
Spotify has hired Dawn Ostroff, a veteran television and video executive, as its new chief content officer, a move that may signal the music service’s wider ambitions in media.
Ms. Ostroff, who had been president of Condé Nast Entertainment, the publisher’s video studio, will join Spotify in August, the company announced on Tuesday. She will report to Daniel Ek, Spotify’s chief executive, and be responsible for its content and editorial divisions, as well as the creator services side of Spotify’s business, which handles the detailed data reports it makes available to artists.
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(1) BLOCKv and Sasha team up at The Winter Music Conference - YouTube
Sasha and BLOCKv team up and reinvent the ticketing system when it comes to live events at the Winter Music Conference, 2018.
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Facebook allows videos with copyrighted music, tests Lip Sync Live | TechCrunch
Facebook users will no longer have their uploaded videos with copyrighted background music taken down thanks to a slew of deals with all the major record labels plus many indies.

Facebook is also starting to test a feature designed to steal users from teen sensation app Musically.  Facebook’s new Lip Sync Live lets users pick a popular song to pretend to sing on a Facebook Live broadcast. Hundreds of songs will be available to start, including “Havana” by Camila Cabello, “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns N Roses, and “God’s Plan” by Drake.
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New Ways to Enjoy Music on Facebook | Facebook Newsroom
We’re starting to roll out Lip Sync Live, which lets you lip sync to songs from forever favorites like “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses to new hits like “Havana” by Camila Cabello. With Lip Sync Live, you can express yourself with music from a variety of genres in real time. So whether you prefer songs like “Happier” by Ed Sheeran or “God’s Plan” by Drake, Lip Sync Live lets you bring friends and family into spontaneous musical moments.

To try it out, choose the Lip Sync Live option when starting your Live video. After selecting a song from the song list, you can also add a description and customize your video with masks or a background.
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Above Avalon: The Apple Services Machine
Services represent Apple's second-largest revenue source behind iPhone. In 2017, Apple reported $31 billion of Services revenue, which represented 13% of overall revenue. As seen in Exhibit 1, Apple Services revenue has experienced steady growth for years.
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