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Mastercard Launches Early Pay For Gig Workers |
Much of the magic of using gig economy services like Uber is contained in the payment experience itself. Instead of fussing with cash or a card at the end of the ride, the payment happens seamlessly on the back end. And because the experience is so easy and smooth on the consumer side, Mastercard SVP of Digital Payments Silvana Hernandez said, it is easy to assume that the experience is just beautifully friction-free on the gig worker’s side when it comes to getting paid for that ride.

Unfortunately, Hernandez told Karen Webster in a recent PYMNTS interview, that isn’t always the case. Gig workers may not be paid until days or even weeks later. And that can create problems for those participating in the gig economy.

According to a recent study conducted by PYMNTS and Mastercard, of the 38.7 percent of the U.S. workforce engaged in the gig economy – particularly the 13.3 percent who live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings for emergencies – income instability and unpredictability create serious cash flow challenges.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
The big scoop: what a day with an ice-cream man taught me about modern Britain | Food | The Guardian
From his vantage point on Eastbourne’s quiet cul-de-sacs, Roach sees social change up close – such as how people don’t carry cash any more. “Two or three years ago, if someone said I’d be taking cards, I wouldn’t believe it! But now you have to.” He’s an expert on Britain’s changing palates. Recently, people have started asking for vegan ice-cream. Roach doesn’t have any, but he does have dog ice-cream – not because dogs are more deserving than vegans, but because he did a dog show last week. Roach has observed more worrying trends, too, such as the climate emergency. “We’re having different weather than we had 20 years ago,” he says darkly. “The weather’s changing ... we get very hot spells and then very wet spells.” The Goldilocks weather for selling ice-cream, incidentally, is 21C, says Roach: “That’s just nice. I don’t like it too hot ... people can get a bit grumpy when it’s too hot.”
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5 weeks ago by dancall
What The Launch Of Facebook's Libra Means For Payments |
hink of the $10 million investment, at least for now, as the price of getting a seat at the table — and the opportunity to understand, and influence, the direction of Libra. It is also apparent that as a side benefit Members get clear, first-hand information on how Libra plans to compete with them now and over time.

Several social impact organizations and NGOs — Women’s World Bank and Kiva, to name two — have also signed on as Founding Members and are part of the 28 included in today’s announcement. They, and others like them including academic and research organizations, will not be asked to contribute funds to participate.
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8 weeks ago by dancall
Pinterest Partners Pivots Towards Shopping |
Pinterest has rebranded its third-party partner program Marketing Partners into Pinterest Partners to facilitate a greater number of shopping experiences on its platform, according to a report by Retail Dive.
The company has around 291 million active users, many of whom use the platform for shopping ideas when they go out to retail stores. The company has partnered with specific companies to provide advertising, measurement, content marketing, shopping and other related topics.

For example, Pinterest teamed up with WooCommerce to help businesses build eCommerce sites and unique customer experiences. It’s partnered with feed management companies like Feedonomicas, Productsup and GoDataFeed to help businesses manage how their products appear in feeds.

The company has also linked up with shopping experience platforms like Shoppable, MikMak and Basketful to connect the dots between a pinned image and a retailer that can get the product to a customer. It’s also teaming up with PixelYourSite and Tealium to keep an eye on the measurement of conversions and sales.
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8 weeks ago by dancall
How US Tech Giants Copy China | The Daily | Gartner L2
Facebook sees WeChat in its future. China’s once-powerful Facebook clone Renren is now a “digital ghost town” that China’s millennials only visit to reminisce over photos from their college days. To avoid a similar fate for Facebook and attempt to address privacy concerns that have plagued his company, Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for the future is reminiscent of the all-powerful messaging app WeChat, which has embedded itself into everyday life in China in ways that Facebook can only dream of. Zuckerberg announced earlier this year his plans to integrate the messaging apps of Instagram, Facebook, and the closest thing to WeChat that Facebook owns, WhatsApp. Then in April, he announced Facebook’s intention to transition toward a “privacy-focused communications platform,” evoking WeChat’s 1:1 messaging structure and private newsfeed. 
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10 weeks ago by dancall
PayPal announces new payments solution for online retailers | Retail Dive
The PayPal Commerce Platform, a customizable e-commerce platform, was designed to meet the needs of marketplaces, e-commerce solution providers and crowdfunding platforms, according to a blog post written by PayPal's executive vice president and chief operating officer Bill Ready.

The platform was meant to provide end-to-end payment offerings, data protection and compliance assistance, the company's blog post also said. Through the platform, merchants will be able to comply with regulations in more than 200 markets, tap into PayPal's artificial intelligence tools to detect risk and fraud, and access more payment services like mobile POS and business financing.

This same technology is also available to larger entities such as Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo Small Business, the company said in a statement. As of Monday, the platform will be available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S. PayPal is also looking to offer this service in more than 40 markets by the end of this year, according to Ready's post.
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10 weeks ago by dancall
Klarna's new app lets users shop at any store, pay later | Retail Dive
With its "Shop like a Queen" marketing campaign featuring famous drag queens like Aquaria, Asia O'Hara, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls and Violet Chachki, Klarna, the payments platform, announced its "shop now and pay later" direct-to-consumer app, according to the company's press release.

With the app, consumers can pay down purchases in four installments with no interest or added fees. The app also allows users to create wishlists across various platforms, receive notifications when prices drop and view editorial and influencer-created content, the company said.

Though the company already has a network of merchants, Klarna said that it is opening its service to consumers across all merchants, including those that have competitor alternative payments programs.
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10 weeks ago by dancall
Mastercard Puts Voice-AI Ordering On QSR Menu |
It has happened to most consumers at least once. One pulls into a fast food establishment’s drive-through lane, scans an extensive menu and can’t make up their mind. Then, feeling the pressure of the line of cars behind them, they just pick something, anything, to be on their way — maybe not even what they wanted.

Mastercard, in a new partnership with kiosk hardware-maker ZIVELO, would like to solve that problem. As Stephane Wyper, SVP for New Commerce Partnerships at Mastercard, told Karen Webster in a recent interview, the partnership will personalize menu selections for consumers as they pull up to a dynamic menu board that presents the most relevant choices, and places their orders using voice technology.
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11 weeks ago by dancall
The Mobile Wallet Company | Boarding Passes for Brands
A technology led media company working with Brands, Retailers, Events companies and Agencies to deliver an engaged audience that can be communicated to through the mobile digital wallet, taking advantage of scheduled messaging and proximity based notifications.

By utilising the native mobile wallet and smartphone technology it allows us to eliminate the need for costly app development and maintenance.

At The Mobile Wallet Company (TMWC), we work with bricks and mortar brands – Local, National and International. Working with innovative solutions across Mobile (Display and SMS), Press, DOOH and Social Channels we empower our retail clients to pull new and lapsed customers through the store front and to the tills. All fully trackable, accountable and directly attributable in real time.
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11 weeks ago by dancall
Google integrates food delivery services into Search, Maps and Assistant | TechCrunch
Google today announced that it is launching the ability to order food delivery directly from Google Search, Maps and the Assistant. Google itself isn’t getting into the delivery game, though. Instead, it is partnering with companies like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice and ChowNow. Support for Zuppler and others is “coming soon.” The ordering experience, though, is deeply integrated into Google’s tools and you can pay with Google Pay.
For restaurants that participate, you’ll soon see and “Order Online” button in Search and Maps when you search for a specific restaurant or cuisine.
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12 weeks ago by dancall
Mastercard Launches API Platform |
Mastercard announced Tuesday (May 14)  the launch of the Mastercard Innovation Engine, an API-based digital platform that enables issuers and merchants to provide digital capabilities to customers.
In a press release, the payments company said the plug-and-play platform brings together Mastercard assets and FinTech services to provide enhanced customer experiences. Mastercard said the first service using the Mastercard Innovation Engine is focused on enhancing the experience consumers have with their card benefits and rewards. Created with Flybits and Kasisto, dubbed the Mastercard Contextual Engagement Solution, it provides U.S. issuers and merchants with a digital channel so consumers can better interact and maximize their card benefits and rewards. The company said the data contextualization capabilities of Flybits and the conversational capabilities of Kasisto enable issuers and merchants to create personalized experiences for customers at the correct time.
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may 2019 by dancall
Wetherspoons The Game!
Gifting drinks & food to people via the Wetherspoons app
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may 2019 by dancall
'It’s a more immediate way of shopping': Brands are testing checkout-free pop-ups – Glossy
Codabar launches Wednesday, in tandem with a four-day pop-up event in San Francisco. The pop-up will be filled with products from 15 retail partners, many of which have little to no footprint in the Bay Area. Lasater hopes her super-curated pop-up shop can help bring some awareness to some of these smaller-scale retailers, including custom straw accessories brand Bom Bom Morocco, statement earring brand Bibi Mirani and handcrafted women’s contemporary line D’Ascoli.

“Pop-ups are such an interesting retail strategy right now. A pop-up is a great way to think outside the box and test out potential new markets, or test new products on a group of consumers,” said Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director of global lifestyle brand Aerin. Lauder’s brand will be among the participants at the app’s launch event, curated by Codabar’s Lasater.
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may 2019 by dancall
Mastercard Tests Biometric Cards In Mexico |
In a press release, the companies said they are testing the technology with a state benefits program. Consumers who are part of the benefits program will receive a card with an embedded fingerprint sensor to identify the cardholder when making in-store purchases. The biometric features can be embedded on any Mastercard debit, credit or prepaid cards and work with existing EMV card terminals. Mastercard and Edenred said it helps merchants improve the shopping experience without the need to purchase new hardware or spend on software upgrades.

“This trial allows Mastercard and Edenred to support financial inclusion and implement new technology, in partnership with the Mexican state social welfare agency in Sonora, demonstrating the true value of public-private partnerships in delivering meaningful programs,” said Jorge Noguera, president, Mexico and Central America, Mastercard. “By simplifying a typical purchase transaction, we can demonstrate that this technology works for the benefit of the people who need it the most and ensure that their disbursements are received securely.”
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may 2019 by dancall
Will Facebook's Crypto Payments Rails Get A Big Like? |
Merchants will accept the method of payment consumers want to use. It’s always been that way and will always be that way. Consumers choose the method of payment they like and trust – with trust and choice being the operative words. And they trust their banks, and their card issuers, and intermediaries like PayPal and Amazon and Grab and WeChat and Alipay, to enable those transactions. They don’t care how much it costs merchants to accept those payment methods – and they never will. Merchants know this, which is why they accept cards.

That’s why it is still amazing to me that, in the face of all the incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, there are still so many innovators pitching new, consumer-focused payments schemes based purely on how much they are able to lower the costs of payments acceptance.
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may 2019 by dancall
Project Libra: Facebook to launch stablecoin-based payments network - The Block
Facebook is planning to launch a full payments network (rather than just remittances) and in discussions with payment networks Visa and Mastercard, payments processors such as giant First Data as well as large e-commerce merchants to support the launch.
Facebook is seeking up to $1 billion in investments collectively from these firms in order to act as collateral to bolster and back a stablecoin that will be associated with the payments network.
A stablecoin will exist as the currency of the payments system in order to eliminate credit card fees for . merchants as well as to avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether.
The company is considering tying the coin to Facebook's core ads engine, rewarding users for viewing ads and then purchasing goods, similar to how loyalty points rewards work.
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may 2019 by dancall
Mastercard Sees X-Border Volumes Up Mid-Teens |
Supplemental materials by the company revealed that cross-border volume fees were up 15 percent on a currency neutral basis to $1.2 trillion in the latest quarter. Management said on the conference call that double-digit volume growth has been seen in most markets, and cross-border growth stands in the mid-teens rate (where, for example, outbound spending from China amid travel-related activity remains strong). By way of example, according to Mastercard, GDV, as measured locally, saw 13.4 percent growth year over year in Latin America, and 17.5 percent in Europe.
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may 2019 by dancall
Apple Earnings Soar; iPhone Declines Continue |
Among services, Apple Pay got a lot of focus during the call. Cook noted that transactions had grown 50 percent year on year, and that their expectation is to hit 10 billion transactions by the end of 2019. The service is available in 30 global markets currently, according to Cook, and will begin going online with New York’s MTA system in July of this year.

“As we’ve seen in places like London, Tokyo and Shanghai, contactless entry into transit systems helps to spur broader Apple Pay adoption, and we believe this will get even more people using Apple Pay in the United States,” he noted.

Subscription services also got a lot of floor time. As of today, Apple claims 390 million paid subscriptions, a sum that increased by 30 million in the last quarter alone.

Apple did not update its installed base figures from 1.4 billion last quarter, though Cook did note that the company “hit an all-time record last quarter.”

As for its other hardware offerings, Apple noted sales in its wearables business were up 50 percent year on year. The iPad had a surprisingly good quarter, reportedly largely buttressed by iPad Pro sales, with revenue up 22 percent year on year.
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may 2019 by dancall
Sainsbury's Creates Cashierless Store |
Sainsbury’s Group Chief Digital Officer Clodagh Moriarty said, according to the report, “This is an experiment rather than a new format for us – it hasn’t been done in the U.K. before, and we’re really excited to understand how our customers respond to the app experience.” Moriarty continued, “We’ll be with our customers and colleagues all the way over the coming months, iterating continuously based on their feedback before we decide if, how and where we make this experience more widely available.”
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may 2019 by dancall
How FinTechs See Payments, Commerce Evolution |
FinTech firms are tracking the evolution of digital commerce and payments while tapping into the experiences of their leaders. AvidXchange Chief Operating Officer Steve Boehm, for instance, got the chance to live life at a web 1.0 company through his experiences of roughly six years at eBay. In the early days of the global exchange, where anyone could buy or sell anything from anyone else, Boehm told PYMNTS in an interview that people were essentially “mailing in envelopes of money and checks.”

There are still many lessons to learn now as Boehm moves to a business-to-business (B2B) company, with the vast majority of payments made between buyers and suppliers of services occurring via checks. As more companies start trying to digitize their accounts receivable (AR) or accounts payable (AP) processes, Boehm says that figuring out how to embed digital payments into those workflows is a natural extension of that trend. As he noted, the evolution is moving at around the same pace as did consumers’ replacement of checks.
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may 2019 by dancall
Alexa In-Skill Purchasing Goes Global |
These can include things like an expansion pack for a trivia game, or an upgraded experience from a sound skill. The push is meant to incentivize developers to continue making voice skills for the device, as the technology is still fairly young, and many are figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Alexa currently has about 80,000 voice skills, a number that illustrates how many skills aren’t getting traction. Amazon took the time to highlight some that did work, however, like a game skill called Escape the Airplane, which boasts a 34 percent conversion rate. Another successful skill is Nick Schwab’s ambient Sleep Sounds, which has almost 2 million monthly users. Customers get free trials or monthly subscriptions, and there’s a 30 percent conversion rate. The option for a premium experience in both skills is presented as such, and it’s never pushed on a user.
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may 2019 by dancall
Starbucks boosts loyalty membership by 13% following switch to spend-based program | Mobile Marketer
Starbucks boosted its loyalty program membership by 13% to 16.8 million people during its latest quarter, the coffee chain announced in a conference call with analysts. Starbucks Rewards members made up 41% of sales in U.S. stores during the period, demonstrating the program's power to drive repeat business.
At the end of last year, Starbucks revamped its loyalty program, moving away from frequency-based rewards to spend-based ones, Group President John Culver said during the call. Since the change, the chain's 90-day active membership has increased 25% year-over year. "We now have 8.3 million active 90-day members, and that is a significant step change in terms of the growth rate from what we've seen previously in the program," Culver stated.
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may 2019 by dancall
Naval on Twitter: "It’s hard to see how credit cards survive at all as Apple Pay and Google Pay spread. Biometrics and location ID make mobile wallets fraud-free. Merchants eliminate fraud, consumers get cash back. Authentication is the new Payments. Yo
It’s hard to see how credit cards survive at all as Apple Pay and Google Pay spread. Biometrics and location ID make mobile wallets fraud-free. Merchants eliminate fraud, consumers get cash back.
Authentication is the new Payments. Your new credit card is just you.
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may 2019 by dancall
UK Bank NatWest Introduces Biometric Payments |
U.K. bank NatWest has announced a biometric payment technology for its commercial and business customers.
The new development will allow for customers to make payments through an app using Apple’s FaceID or TouchID, CNBC reported.
Once a device is registered, a customer can set up the biometric authentication, which will require a six-digit code. The new technology will be introduced to iOS users first, and then on Android and other systems in the latter part of the year.
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april 2019 by dancall
The 'What' Of Rewards, The 'How' Of Delivery |
A reward that a customer struggles to figure out, or has to work hard to actually redeem, isn’t actually that rewarding – and therefore isn’t all that sticky, either. That’s why when Mastercard was designing the suite of World Card and World Card Elite offerings it is announcing today, Ajmal said, they spent as much time thinking about the “how” of the rewards as the “what,” to ensure they were actually offering real incentives that consumers can use.
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april 2019 by dancall
Spend your crypto instantly with Coinbase Card – The Coinbase Blog
We’re excited to announce the launch of Coinbase Card, a Visa debit card that lets customers in the UK spend crypto as effortlessly as the money in their bank.
Coinbase Card is powered by customers’ Coinbase account crypto balances, giving them the ability to pay in-store and online using bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and more. Customers can use their card in millions of locations around the world, making payments through contactless, Chip and PIN, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs. When customers use their Coinbase Card, we instantly convert crypto to fiat currency, such as GBP, which is used to complete the purchase.
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april 2019 by dancall
How Apple Card works | TechCrunch
Apple Card does not require or display signatures. Neither the physical card nor the app will display a signature. A network change a few months ago means that signatures are not required at point of sale for any credit cards. Though some stores may still ask to see ID, lack of a signature anywhere within Apple Card’s system shouldn’t be a roadblock to using it.

The physical Apple Card does not support contactless payments. If you’ve got a tap terminal, you’re supposed to use Apple Pay.
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march 2019 by dancall
Square brings in-seat food ordering to Washington Nationals fans | Mobile Marketer
With today's start to Major League Baseball's regular season, payment company Square is supporting food orders for attendees of the Washington Nationals' opening home matchup against the New York Mets. Square partnered with the team and Levy Restaurants to let fans order and pay for food and drinks in advance, and pick up their orders from a nearby concession stand, per an announcement.
Fans must download the Caviar food-ordering app to place orders and pay while in their seat. The app will then alert them when their food is ready for pickup at the designated concession stand. Caviar will feature food from its exclusive partners, including a rotating series of pop-up offerings throughout the season.
Roving concessions hawkers at Nationals Park will be equipped with Square Terminal, the company's handheld payment device that lets fans pay from their seat with credit cards or mobile wallets from Apple Pay and Google Pay.
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march 2019 by dancall
Sephora Launches Its First Credit Card |
Sephora, the beauty retailer, announced on Thursday (March 14) the launch of a new credit card program.
The company said in a press release that starting in the spring, it will offer the Sephora credit card, Sephora Visa® credit card and Sephora Visa Signature® credit card to its retail customers. The credit cards will provide customers with more ways to earn rewards for their purchases, the retailer said in the release.

“The launch of the Sephora credit card exemplifies Sephora’s loyalty philosophy in every sense; it considers all the most-loved aspects of Sephora – the amazing product, services, experiences and personalization – taking our client experience to the next level through special access, rewards and perks,” said Andrea Zaretsky, Sephora’s senior vice president of CRM and loyalty. “The Sephora credit card was the natural next step in our loyalty journey, truly adding even more value that our clients can use not only within our stores, but also in their day-to-day lives.”
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march 2019 by dancall
Barclaycard Brings Alipay To UK Retailers |
In a press release, Barclaycard said that with the deal, retailers will be able to accept Alipay as a payment method for transactions in U.K. stores. The deal comes after a two-year pilot. Under the new agreement, U.K. retailers can take full advantage of the growing volume and buying power of Chinese tourists.

According to Barclaycard, in the U.K. there are 393,000 Chinese residents, 95,000 Chinese students, and scores of tourists who visit U.K. cities each year. It’s becoming an increasingly important segment for U.K. retailers, particularly as traditional ones struggle because of the growth of eCommerce. Barclaycard pointed to VisitBritain, which is projecting Chinese visitors to the country will amount to 483,000 this year, up 43 percent from 2017. The Chinese visitors are forecasted to spend more than £1 billion, marking a 50 percent increase. Chinese tourists have become one of U.K.’s top tourism markets, noted the payment company.
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march 2019 by dancall
Money: five predictions for the future according to experts
In a cashless society, money will come with more of a purpose attached. Using so-called smart contracts, these focused currencies will ensure payments are only released if they are being made to a vetted and accredited supplier. Existing examples, which have been developed to support and sustain specific lifestyle choices and ensure funds are channelled into, say, more ecologically ways of living, while enhancing supply chain transparency, include VeganCoins, a cruelty-free cryptocurrency introduced in March 2018, and FairCoin, a social cryptocurrency launched in 2014. Isaac Thomas, co-founder and chief executive of Vegan Nation, the organisation behind VeganCoin, says the cryptocurrency aims to build greater solidarity among the world’s 300 million vegans and make the vegan lifestyle more accessible.
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march 2019 by dancall
Superapp: meet the future of money that is already happening
Asia is fully bought into the superapp model of money
I spent much of 2018 travelling around the financial and tech hubs of Asia, and I’ve observed this convergence that is set to shake up banking, commerce and social messaging in one fell swoop. This trend is being driven by tech giants, predominantly from China, that are now offering an ever-increasing range of both financial and non-financial services through a single app. These apps combine communication, search, navigation and commerce into a single platform integrated via a frictionless payments layer, referred to as a superapp.

In China, there are two superapps that rule them all. First there’s the largest fintech in the world, Ant Financial, which originally span out of the ecommerce giant Alibaba and is now valued at $150 billion, having raised 35 per cent of all fintech funding worldwide in 2018. Then there’s Tencent’s social messaging platform WeChat that has more than a billion monthly active users globally.

Now this superapp model is spreading beyond China. Singaporean Grab, the ride-hailing platform that acquired Uber’s Southeast Asian business in 2018, has also been expanding its app’s capabilities into financial services, from payments to lending to insurance.
apac  payment  finance  trends  future  alibaba 
march 2019 by dancall
Venmo, Chipotle Pair On Loyalty Program |
Chipotle Mexican Grill has teamed up with Venmo to expand its loyalty program amid huge growth of its digital platform.
The quick-service restaurant (QSR) has introduced the points-based program, called Chipotle Rewards, in select markets, CNBC reported. CEO Brian Niccol said the rewards program was what Chipotle customers had most requested, and that the company has recently been putting more energy into its digital offerings.
During launch week, through March 15, Venmo will surprise customers with deposits between $1 and $500 into their accounts. Chipotle will also have a branded emoji for splitting and sharing payments. Customers can visit the website to sign up for the rewards.
loyalty  partnerships  food  payment  future  trends 
march 2019 by dancall
I, Cringely 2019 Prediction #1 — Apple under Tim Cook emulates GE under Jack Welch - I, Cringely
What Apple will do in 2019 is continue its expansion in services because they are more profitable than hardware. As hardware margins decline, service profits will make up some of the difference. One of these services will be expanded video streaming. Apple will in 2019 continue improving its watch business by increasing functionality. Eventually most iPhone users will own an Apple Watch, which suggests hundreds of millions of future unit sales. But most importantly for those who are still looking for a headline, Apple will in 2019 greatly expand its profile in the finance industry. Tim Cook has already started in 2019 along the same path forged by GE’s Jack Welch back in 1981.

This strategic shift started to show just this week with Apple directly financing iPhone sales in China and announcing an Apple credit card with Goldman Sachs.

Up until now Apple has chosen very carefully where and how to flex its financial muscles. They did it through International tax dodges and through clever purchasing, but beyond that how much did Apple make in interest on all those hundreds of billions of dollars stashed offshore? They generally earned 1-2 percent. Anyone could do better than that, even me.
apple  future  predictions  payment  partnerships  watches  hardware 
march 2019 by dancall
Payments Have Ignited Subscription eCommerce |
The first thing to know about subscription eCommerce is that, despite some recent high-profile stumbles with the retail method — meal kit delivery service Blue Apron has provided reliable drama over the past year or so — and the significant challenge of churn, the model “is not going away,” she said.

In fact, “new verticals” are adopting or considering the subscription model to squeeze more value from their businesses and build brand awareness, Clark said. And everything from personal grooming items to luxury car services (as the report notes, BMW has a $2,000-per-month plan that includes roadside assistance and insurance) are now offered via digital subscription.

And as subscription commerce grows and spreads, payments will have a major role in those developments.
ecommerce  membership  trends  payment 
march 2019 by dancall
Venmo Found Millions of 'Penny Pokes' Between Friends | Fortune
Penny pokes are tiny charges, mere cents, that are sent to gratitude for a friend, say hello or get the attention of a celebrity. The act of penny poking refers to sending any payment that is less than $1.
While penny poking may sound silly, it’s incredibly common. Venmo’s team reviewed public transactions on the app over the past year and found there were 3.8 million penny pokes sent on the app.
payment  funny  unintendedc 
february 2019 by dancall
Designing Mobile Order-Ahead For Food Trucks |
Reedy also noted that Austin, and East Austin in particular, has an abundance of food trucks, but not many of them had a way for consumers to place their orders online. He wondered if he could place an order ahead of time – such as during a meeting – and have them send a text when his order was ready, so he could pick it up without the wait. The idea has since evolved into a system that serves not only food trucks.
“We’ve kind of expanded to a platform that is more of a replacement for … phone-in orders,” Reedy told PYMNTS in an interview. “It’s become more of an order-ahead platform.”
The company currently has a good amount of halal and pita trucks on the platform, with fusion offerings. In terms of its restaurant selection, offerings run the gamut from Cajun food to Chinese take-out. “We’re pretty varied right now,” Reedy said.

To use the platform, consumers open the company’s iOS or Android app and select a restaurant to see its menu and pictures. When the consumer is ready to place an order, they proceed to a checkout screen to pay via credit card, debit card or Apple Pay. The order is then sent to the restaurant, and diners can pick up their orders by telling the restaurant their name or showing their order screen on the app.
food  payment  ecommerce  o2o 
february 2019 by dancall
When QSRs Use Digital Payment Technologies |
Roughly 83.6 percent of QSR customers see online/app ordering as key to a QSR’s future success. Dunkin’ Brands, for instance, is teaming up with Grubhub for a delivery pilot to help bring coffee quickly and conveniently to consumers. Dunkin’ Brands CEO David Hoffmann said of the partnership during an earnings conference call in February, “Grubhub is No. 1 in the delivery space, and we’re excited to add them to our list of high-quality partners.” He added that the company was beginning with a small pilot before looking toward a bigger market test. For Baskin’ Robins, he noted that the brand continues to expand its DoorDash partnership. The brand now has delivery in more than 70 percent of its Baskin’ U.S. stores, which represents a 40 percent increase in coverage year over year, Hoffmann noted.
food  future  trends  payment 
february 2019 by dancall
Instagram Sees Money In Fundraisers |
Facebook‘s Instagram is planning to launch a Fundraiser sticker this year.
Sources have reported that new code and imagery found in Instagram’s Android app show how a user can search for nonprofits or browse through collections of suggested charities. Once a charity is selected, the user can then place a Donate button sticker on their Instagram Story so that followers can click on it to contribute.

And once a person has sent funds to the charity, Instagram can then enable instant checkout on items purchased using the same payment information used to make the donation.
facebook  instagram  charity  ecommerce  payment 
february 2019 by dancall
Alipay accepted at over 3,000 Walgreens drugstores in the US amid overseas push by China payments firm | South China Morning Post
Chinese consumers in the US can now use Alipay to pay for purchases at over 3,000 Walgreens drugstores, as Chinese mobile payments operators continue to expand overseas.

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Walgreens is the latest in a string of retailers outside mainland China to accept Ant Financial Services' Alipay as a payments method. Alipay is currently working with merchants in over 40 countries and regions, recently adding Germany’s Oktoberfest and San Francisco’s Pier 39 to its list of merchant partners.
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february 2019 by dancall
Instagram's new donation sticker will make it easy to give money to charities
Emily Dalton Smith, director of project management for social good at Facebook, said the donation sticker can only be used to benefit registered nonprofit organizations. That means your favorite influencer won't be able to solicit money for themselves. Like on Facebook, there is no processing fee and the full amount of the donation goes toward the nonprofit organization.

Smith said nonprofits asked Instagram to bring donations to the social media platform. Adding the feature to Instagram is a natural next step for Facebook, which raised more than $1 billion through its charitable giving tool since its 2015 launch. Smith said she's not worried about people migrating away from Facebook to Instagram in order to donate to charity.
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february 2019 by dancall
Tech giants report more digital 'red envelopes' usage during Lunar New Year -
Chinese tech giants reported more user participation in the digital "red envelopes" during the Spring Festival holiday as Chinese zealously snatched lucky money for good fortune.
Some 450 million people participated in the game of collecting "five blessings" on payment platform Alipay to receive lucky money offered by Internet giant Alibaba, up 40 percent year on year, according to Ant Financial, Alibaba's finance arm.
WeChat, a popular instant messaging app by Tencent, another prominent player in the mobile payment realm, saw the number of red envelopes sent or received increase by 7.12 percent year on year to 823 million from Feb. 4 to Feb. 9, a report carried by the Economic Information Daily.
Giving cash in red envelopes (hongbao) is a traditional practice during the Spring Festival, which has been shifting online thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile payments in which people use apps to send, collect and draw virtual hongbaos on their smartphones.
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february 2019 by dancall
QVC launches mobile app with shoppable video, unveils new logo | Retail Dive
QVC introduced Q Anytime​, a new shopping app with an "ever-changing" shoppable video content feed, and unveiled a new visual identity and logo, according to a company press release.
Q Anytime, currently available as an iPhone app, is intended to complement the company's flagship app with a feed of shoppable videos, presented on demand in five to eight-minute segments. Customers can tap on a video to buy a product or get more details. Customers can also customize their feed by category or build a playlist by liking videos.
Eventually, the company plans to offer original content, episodic series and other extras designed for a mobile audience through the Q Anytime app.
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february 2019 by dancall
Step targets teens and parents with a no-fees mobile bank account and Visa card | TechCrunch
A new mobile banking startup called Step wants to help bring teenagers and other young adults into the cashless era. Today, cash is used less often, as more consumers shop online and send money to one another through payment apps like Venmo. But teenagers in particular are still heavily burdened with cash — even though they, too, want to spend their money on things that require a payment card, like purchases or mobile gaming, for example.

That’s where Step comes in.
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january 2019 by dancall
Starbucks Hits 16.3M Mobile Users |
Starbucks touted its increased digital sales, along with healthier menu offerings and cold beverages, as major drivers of growth during the quarter. The company also noted that its loyalty rewards program’s enrollment reached 16.3 million — a year-over-year increase of 14 percent.

“This result was driven by leveraging our increased digital reach, as well as a more seamless customer onboarding experience, greater mobile-order and pay adoption, and enhanced personalization features. Between digitally registered and active [rewards] customers, we are now approaching 30 million digital connections in the U.S,” Johnson said.
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january 2019 by dancall
For Visa, She's Next Is What's Next |
If knowledge is power, then shared knowledge is … shared power.
To that end, Visa said on Tuesday (Jan. 15) that it has launched a global initiative, She’s Next, Empowered by Visa, which seeks to support the advancement of women-owned small businesses around the world through shared research, experience and technologies.
The announcement comes as, since 2014, more than 163 million women have launched businesses across the globe, at a rate that outpaces that of businesses launched by men.
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HSBC suggests it might have found a... use for blockchain? • The Register
HSBC claims to have settled three million foreign exchange (FX) transactions and made payments worth $250,000 using distributed ledger technology (DLT).
The bank said it had made "significant efficiencies" while using its DLT product, HSBC FX Everywhere, for the past year – suggesting the risk-averse financial sector is treating blockchain technology as a legitimate biz tool.
In a statement, the bank revealed it had been using a share-permissioned ledger for payments on its internal balance sheets. "It transforms the process around intra-company foreign exchange activity, automating several manual procedures and reducing reliance on external settlement networks."
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january 2019 by dancall
Honda integrates Lego, Grubhub, Mastercard in connected-car prototype | Mobile Marketer
The latest demonstration of the Honda Dream Drive showcases how major brands are interested in working with carmakers to provide a wide range of services to customers as they travel. Until cars become fully autonomous, safety is a key requirement for any effective infotainment system, especially considering the perils of driving while distracted by a mobile device. That's why voice-enabled services also are important for brands like Atom Tickets, Chevron and Grubhub, among others. Honda Innovations launched the developer studio in 2014 to work with software designers in creating services and experiences for drivers and passengers.
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january 2019 by dancall
Phillips, Honda Pair On In-Car Gas Payments |
Phillips 66 has announced a partnership with Honda Developer Studio on an in-vehicle fuel payment integration service that enables Honda vehicle owners to reserve a pump and pay for fuel at Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco locations.

“We understand consumers want to fuel up, pay and quickly be on their way,” said John Barbour, manager of payments and card services at Phillips 66, in a press release. “Now consumers can use the Phillips 66 apps in Honda cars to pay for gas at the pump in a fast, friendly and seamless way.”
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january 2019 by dancall
Netflix halts iTunes payment option |
iPad and iPhone users are no longer able to pay for their Netflix service through iTunes, depriving Apple of an estimated $256 million (€225.4m) in annual revenue.
The change, enforced by Netflix, means iOS users will now have to pay for Netflix through its website, rather than through Apple’s service.
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january 2019 by dancall
Coke leads $15M investment round in Dirty Lemon maker | Marketing Dive
Iris Nova, the company known for consumer goods that can be purchased via text message, announced a $15 million round of seed funding in a news release. The minority investment is being led by The Coca-Cola Company's Venturing & Emerging Brands unit and additionally includes a handful of venture capital firms.
The news makes Coke the startup's largest investor, according to Bloomberg. Iris Nova, which also names celebrities like Alex Rodriguez among its backers, has become notable for its SMS-based sales technology and the popularity of its Dirty Lemon beverage brand. The wellness drink line has steadily gained traction since launching in 2015, thanks in part to a strong presence on Instagram, per Bloomberg.
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january 2019 by dancall
2019: The Year Of Instant Payments |
However, instant payments progress in the world of work wasn’t limited to the gig economy. Getting paid for work before payday began making notable strides into the regular nine-to-five economy.
The nation’s largest retailer by sales and largest employer, Walmart, announced a year ago in December that it was partnering with Even to offer instant payments for its employees. Using Even’s financial planning tools, Walmart employees were offered eight instapays each year for free of charge, plus an additional eight for a marginal fee. Those instapays allow for a portion (up to 50 percent) of wages that workers have already earned during the two-week pay cycle to be paid out to them instantly.
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january 2019 by dancall
WhatsApp Explores Blockchain For Money Transfers |
In an effort to help WhatsApp users transfer money, Facebook is reportedly creating a digital currency. Unnamed sources told Bloomberg that the company is at work on a stablecoin, which is a cryptocurrency tied to the value of the U.S. dollar, and is reportedly eyeing India’s remittance market.

According to sources, the company isn’t yet close to making the coin available and is still developing its strategy, such as how to use custody assets to shield the stablecoin’s value. “Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology,” said a spokesperson for Facebook. “This new small team is exploring many different applications. We don’t have anything further to share.”
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january 2019 by dancall
H&M, Google Team up for Mobile Voice Shopping |
H&M Home and Google have announced a holiday partnership, according to reports.
The apparel, home design and decoration company has created a gift guide for the holiday season with Google, using Google Assistant voice technology.
Customers will be able to order goods from a catalog on their smartphones and Google Home smart devices and will also be able to pay, all using voice controls.
To use the technology, customers will need an Android device that has Google Assistant, as well as a credit card that’s linked to a Google account.
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january 2019 by dancall
29 Rooms - Mastercard ecommerce
- via Katajun Sorusch 'Did you see this awesome case from Mastercard & Fred Segal: a virtual shop which reminds me of Google Street view and where you can go shopping? When you spend more than 200$ and pay with Mastercard you get a 30% discount'
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december 2018 by dancall
A surprising number of countries now accept WeChat Pay or Alipay
It’s part of an extremely rapid expansion plan. Earlier this year, state media reported that WeChat Pay was only available in 20 different countries and regions (excluding mainland China). But just nine months later, that number is now 49.

In February, reports said Alipay could be used in 38 countries and regions back in February 2018. By November, that number reached 42. (38 countries or regions accept both.)
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december 2018 by dancall
PayPal's mobile platforms processed more than $1B on Black Friday | Mobile Marketer
Payment company PayPal said its mobile transaction volume surged 42% to a record of more than $1 billion on Black Friday, TechCrunch reported. Mobile payment growth expanded at a faster pace on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday, which also rose to more than $1 billion as more consumers used smartphones to shop.
Mobile payment volume from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday made up 43% of PayPal's total payment volume worldwide. During those days, PayPal processed more than $25,000 a second, $11,000 of which came from mobile purchases, per TechCrunch.
Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday also saw major lifts in spend from last year. Thanksgiving is now one of the top 10 shopping days of the year, with total payment volume, including mobile transactions, up 41% from last year. PayPal reported $98 million worth of charitable donations — up 51% from 2017 — on Giving Tuesday this year.
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december 2018 by dancall
Mastercard launches 3D-based virtual store experience | Retail Dive
Mastercard and Next Retail Concepts have partnered to create a new online shopping experience that allows shoppers to virtually navigate a 3D simulation of a physical store, rather than scrolling through product pages using traditional category tabs and filters, according to a Mastercard press release.

Fred Segal is the first seller to use the new platform, which is premiering at Refinery29's 29Rooms experiential event this week in Los Angeles. Mastercard is the official payments and technology partner of 29Rooms.

Purchases are completed within the same simulated environment, which is intended to integrate seamlessly with a brand's existing e-commerce platform. For this week's event, the partners have worked with Refinery29 to create a curated collection of items available online. Shoppers paying with a Mastercard will earn a one-time loyalty reward to receive a $30 statement credit when they spend $200 or more on the collection.
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december 2018 by dancall
Blockchain Banking, in NY and Done in Real Time |
Banking in blockchain – with real-time payments as a kicker?

CoinDesk reported this week that Signature Bank, which is based in New York, is debuting a digital payments platform that is built on blockchain – and geared toward real-time transactions.

With the dawn of the new year, the platform, to be known as Signet, will go live on Jan. 1, and will let customers transact at any time. Funds, said the site, can be sent from one customer to another – and done directly, which means that middlemen and fees are bypassed and eliminated.
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december 2018 by dancall
Recurring Card Payments To Hit $473B By 2021 |
A new report has predicted that recurring transactions processed on debit and credit cards in the United States will reach $473 billion by 2021. The report, “U.S. Recurring Payments Market Forecast, 2017–2021: Set It and Forget It,” has explored U.S. market size and reviewed service offerings from seven providers in the U.S. market.

Amazon, for example, has captured an estimated $7 billion to $10 billion in annual Amazon Prime subscription fees, enabling its one-click purchasing function that uses stored card and account data. Not only is storing card information for online or mobile purchases a convenience for consumers, but merchants can receive a predictable cash flow and a stronger tie with their buyers as a result.
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november 2018 by dancall
Business transformation – Contagious I/O
To help these businesses thrive, Mastercard created Business Facelift, a programme that matches small business owners with designers and specialists to revamp their storefronts. The programme also included a quick business management course store owners could take to learn the basics of communication and how digital solutions could improve their business.

‘They have no idea how to promote themselves and they have no budgets, this makes them powerless against big brands,’ explains the narrator of the campaign video. ‘Mastercard wanted to give small businesses a fair fighting chance.’
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october 2018 by dancall
Alipay Has 700M Active Mobile Payment Users |
Ant said Alipay processed 2.6 times as many in-store, overseas transactions this summer compared to summer 2017. In addition, Asia dominated the list of Top 10 countries and regions in terms of summertime transactions using Alipay, with Hong Kong at number one, followed by Thailand and South Korea.

The data also showed that the number of Alipay transactions in Russia went up over 5,000 percent, as many Chinese travelers journeyed to the country for this year’s World Cup. In addition, countries in Northern and Western Europe — including Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland — boasted double-digit growth in Alipay transaction volume.
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september 2018 by dancall
Startup To Global Payments Giant: Visa Turns 60 |
The next evolution of payments, Sheedy told Webster, won’t be defined by “expensive boxes plugged into landlines” that propelled the payments industry for its first six decades. Instead, it will be an array of new devices running new tech, capable of creating new nodes on the network that can accept a payment.

Virtualization and the world of connected devices will continue to change what it means to pay and be paid, he said.

“I view this future as extremely empowering for businesses,” Sheedy said, “since wherever someone is on the planet, as long as they can get a connection, they can process Visa payment credentials. The explosion we are going to see on the acceptance side is going to be huge,” along with the opportunity to digitize the many transactions that remain cash and paper-based on both the retail and business-to-business (B2B) side of payments.
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september 2018 by dancall
7-Eleven rolls out Apple Pay, Google Pay to all US stores | Retail Dive
7-Eleven said this week that mobile payment systems Apple Pay and Google Pay will be accepted at most of its nearly 8,000 U.S. stores this month, according to a press release. The convenience retailer already accepts Samsung Pay. The rollout began in August, reported AppleInsider.
Mobile payment is among a growing list of digital advances at 7-Eleven, according to the release. These include the 7-Eleven NOW smartphone app which enables mobile ordering and delivery; 7-Eleven Rewards; the 7-Eleven Bot on Facebook Messenger; Amazon Locker and Amazon Cash; and the BillPay app powered by PayNearMe.
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september 2018 by dancall
Vending Machines Encourage Digital Payments |
The latest demonstration of that shift came from Farmer’s Fridge. The Chicago-based startup sells salads and other meals via vending machines, and plans to double its operations in 2019 after raising $30 million in a Series C funding round. The capital will support hiring and the deployment of up to 500 new machines to St. Louis, Cincinnati and other areas. The company operates some 185 machines via which consumers buy 15,000 products daily.
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PayPal Surpasses 250 Million Active Accounts |
PayPal President and Chief Executive Dan Schulman announced on Thursday (Sept. 6) that the number of active accounts on its platform recently surpassed the 250 million mark.

In a company blog post, Schulman said this marks an important milestone for the digital payments company. “On Feb. 27, 2017, we announced that we had surpassed 200 million active accounts. The fact that we’ve added an additional 50 million accounts in a little more than 18 months – nearly three million accounts per month – is a testament to the tireless work you’ve done on behalf of our customers to add more and more value to our platform, ” the CEO wrote in a letter to employees that was published on the company’s official blog.

To illustrate the importance of the 250 million mark, Schulman pointed out that if PayPal was a country, it would be the fifth most populated, ahead of Brazil and just behind Indonesia.
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Warren Buffett eyes Paytm as first Indian investment
Veteran investor Warren Buffett considers Paytm stake (India). Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway is said to have been negotiating a stake in the digital payments and ecommerce giant since February. The investment in Paytm’s parent One97 Communications could reach as much as US$350 million.
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august 2018 by dancall
The 30% Tax – AVC
Apple and Google’s duopoly on mobile operating systems give those two companies incredible power in the market and one of the most obvious places to see that power is the 30% tax they take on transactions that happen in their app stores. For subscriptions the tax is 30% in year one and 15% on the renewal.

Typically transaction fees on payments are 5% or lower with the credit card networks being the obvious comparison at roughly 3%.

But Apple and Google are able to charge 5-10x what a typical payment system charges because of their dominant market position and because the economics of acquiring a customer and renewing that customer in their ecosystem is so strong.
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august 2018 by dancall
Netflix Testing Ways to Bypass iTunes Payments |
Citing users, the report stated that customers wanting to pay using iTunes are being directed to a mobile web version to provide payment details directly to Netflix. The test will last until Sept. 30. Spotify has also moved away from using iTunes for customers to pay for subscriptions.

The iOS test was first spotted by NDTV, the Indian media company, last week. “During this time, customers in these countries may experience any of the following when launching the Netflix app on an iOS (mobile or tablet) device: 1. Ability to sign up in app with only iTunes mode of payment. 2. Ability to log into Netflix but not sign up (sign up only via mobile browser),” a customer support agent told the outlet in an email. “We are constantly innovating and testing new signup approaches on different platforms to better understand what our members like. Based on what we learn, we work to improve the Netflix experience for members everywhere.”
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august 2018 by dancall
The Apple Pay/PayPal Transaction Story |
It would probably make more sense to compare Apple Pay against the cards that consumers use to check out in physical stores. There, based on our latest PYMNTS/Infoscout data, Apple Pay remains at roughly 4 percent of transactions. Approximately 13 percent of eligible users — consumers shopping in stores that accept Apple Pay — have tried it once.
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august 2018 by dancall
Services And Apple Pay Drive Apple Earnings |
But this time around, iPhones shared the spotlight a bit with other elements of the Apple ecosystem. Apple reported 60 percent growth in its wearables business, which includes Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats headphones. How many units that actually means for any of those products is unknown, since Apple doesn’t break out individual sales figures — but the “other product” category to which they belong brought in $3.74 billion during the quarter. The “other” category also includes Apple’s Home Pod. Analysts had been forecasting $3.67 billion in revenue for the segment during the third quarter.

Services — the category which includes Apples Music, Apple Care, iTunes, cloud services and Apple Pay — also beat analyst expectations with $9.55 billion in revenue during the third quarter. Analysts expected $9.21 billion, and this represents a 28 percent year on year revenue increase in services. CEO Tim Cook also noted that this quarter’s progress puts Apple well on pace to hit the benchmark it set in 2016 of doubling its services segment revenue to $15 billion by the year 2020.
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august 2018 by dancall
Sbux Mobile Order Tool: 13 Percent Of US Sales |
Loyalty and mobile continued to do some productive lifting for Starbucks in its fiscal third quarter of 2018, as those two factors contributed to an 11 percent year-over-year revenue increase, with sales for the coffee chain reaching $6.31 billion.

Starbucks did not offer detailed quarterly figures about its overall sales via mobile in the Thursday (July 26) release of its financial results. At the end of 2017, though, mobile payments accounted for 30 percent of the brand’s total transactions. However, the chain’s Mobile Order and Pay service, which Starbucks recently opened up to non-members, gained at least a bit of steam in the company’s Q3.

Those Mobile Order and Pay transactions now make up 13 percent of U.S. company-operated transactions, the company said in its financial report. That compares with 12 percent for the company’s fiscal Q2. In the fiscal third quarter of 2017, Mobile Order and Pay accounted for 9 percent of those transactions.
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august 2018 by dancall
Mastercard Cross-Border Volumes Up 19 Percent |
Mastercard results released on Thursday (July 26) showed growth in international transactions, where double-digit percentage gains outpaced other metrics such as gross dollar volumes, which also showed healthy growth.

All in, revenue growth was 20 percent in the quarter, which in part reflected the benefit of acquisitions and revenue recognition changes. Those factors gave four percentage points of tailwind to the total top line. The tally of $3.7 billion bested Street estimates by just about $20 million, while earnings as reported on an adjusted basis came in at $1.66, which was 13 cents better than consensus.

As had been seen with Visa on Wednesday (July 25), the company also took reserves tied to litigation ongoing in the United States and the U.K. (focused on swipe fees), and that amount in the quarter came to $225 million, with almost all of that, at $210 million, allocated to U.S. merchants.
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Digital credit card Kredivo raises $30m
Getting a credit card can be difficult if the bank thinks your personal finances aren’t looking shipshape. For the roughly 70 percent of Southeast Asians who are “unbanked,” it can be close to impossible – which isn’t ideal in a region where online shopping is exploding in popularity.

It’s a problem that FinAccel is seeking to solve with Kredivo, its “digital credit card” and point-of-sale system. The Jakarta-based startup has just raised US$30 million in a series B round led by Australia’s Square Peg Capital.
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july 2018 by dancall
Nigeria Sees Decline In Banked Adults |
According to a report in Bloomberg, financial inclusion in the African country has declined close to 4 percentage points from 2014 to 2017, now standing at 39 percent at the same time that the Sub-Saharan African average of banked people increased more than 8 percentage points to 43 percent. The government in Nigeria has prevented network operators from applying for mobile money licenses that will enable consumers to make cash transfers without having a bank account. That has led to more people in the country becoming unbanked.  Bloomberg noted that earlier in July, the Central Bank of Nigeria said it won’t meet its target to increase financial inclusion to 80 percent by 2020 and is currently reviewing a new path. The Central Bank of Nigeria has inked an agreement with the Nigerian Communications Commission to expand mobile phone-based financial services, noted the report.
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Bitcoin Daily: Mastercard Gets Crypto Patent |
On another note, Mastercard was awarded a patent for a way to expedite digital currency payments, according to CoinDesk. The idea is that payments that are based on blockchain can take approximately 10 minutes to process, while fiat transactions can be processed through networks in “nanoseconds.”
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july 2018 by dancall
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