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Phones, QR codes now indispensable in quarantined Beijing
Launched on February 12 by the Beijing government, with technical support from Tencent’s cloud computing unit, the WeChat-based mini-program has received over 50 million views as of March 1. The platform is also accessible through the Alipay and Baidu apps.

In addition to a check-in tool, Jingxin Xiangzhu can be used by residential compounds to track the health of residents who are going through the 14-day lockdown. Returnees have to report their body temperature and any potential symptoms related to the epidemic via the mini-program on a daily basis. After finishing the 14 days, the app sends users a certification in the form of a QR code, which can be used to get approval for leaving the compound.
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2 days ago by dancall
Tencent launches virtual credit card service Fenfu
The firm said to KrAsia that Fenfu, which targets those unable to get traditional credit cards, will become accessible to more users gradually.
“Fenfu is a brand-new quasi-installment consumer loan product, which, after being activated, allows users to borrow money anytime they want, and repay anytime they like, with interest being calculated by days,” Tencent said on Friday in a written statement.
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2 days ago by dancall
The super-app recipe (Infographic)
Super apps are all the rage in the Asian tech scene, with ride-hailing giants Grab and Gojek locked in a heated battle to conquer the region and the emergence of unique business-to-business super apps like Fave.

But what exactly is a super app? And what does it take to become one? Here’s a quick guide to the rising phenomenon.
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16 days ago by dancall
Bytedance reportedly builds gaming division
Bytedance has built a team of more than 1,000 people, poaching top talent from its rivals, according to the sources. It has onboarded the core developer team of NetEase-linked Pangu Game. And one of the creative teams is led by Wang Kuiwu, who joined Bytedance from Chinese game developer and esports tournament organizer Perfect World.
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9 weeks ago by dancall
Kidscreen » Archive » LEGO expands its partnership with Tencent
Danish brickmaker LEGO and Chinese media giant Tencent have renewed their memorandum of understanding for another two years to expand on a strategic partnership that focuses on digital play experiences for Chinese kids.

The two companies first signed an agreement in 2018 to create a number of new interactive kids experiences, including a localized version of coding property LEGO Boost and the co-development of social network LEGO Life for the region. LEGO also launched a branded zone in Tencent’s online video streaming platform (pictured).
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10 weeks ago by dancall
TikTok owner tops Baidu as China's No. 2 digital ad company | Mobile Marketer
ByteDance, the Chinese tech giant that owns social video app TikTok, overtook Baidu and Tencent to become the second-biggest digital ad platform in the country. ByteDance captured 23% of digital media spend, or 50 billion yuan ($7 billion) during the first half of 2019, per estimates from consulting firm R3 cited by CNBC.
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba was the market leader with 33% of digital media spend during the period. Baidu, which has been described as the "Chinese Google," came in third place at 17%. Tencent, parent company of popular messaging app WeChat, was in fourth place with a 14% share​.
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november 2019 by dancall
Matthew Brennan on Twitter: "Wow! Worth watching this. China's largest video platform #Tencentvideo (97M paying China subscribers) will begin inserting extra ads into movies/series that didn't exist in the original. #computervision
Wow! Worth watching this. China's largest video platform #Tencentvideo (97M paying China subscribers) will begin inserting extra ads into movies/series that didn't exist in the original. #computervision
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october 2019 by dancall
Snapchat’s new in-app gaming platform will sound familiar to WeChat users in China | South China Morning Post
It looks like Snapchat is the latest Western app to take a leaf out of WeChat’s playbook.
Los Angeles-based Snap Inc. on Thursday rolled out its Snap Games platform that lets users play real-time, multiplayer games inside the company’s flagship messaging app. Without downloads or installations, players can access these games through Snapchat’s chat feature and invite their friends to join.
Snap Games will be competing against similar in-app gaming platforms like Facebook’s Instant Games and Apple’s iMessage Games. It also follows forays into video games by Google and Apple, both of which recently announced their subscription-based gaming services.
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april 2019 by dancall
Tencent, Alibaba Create Car-Sharing Service |
Another startup has appeared to challenge Didi in China, and this one has backing by some of the biggest financial names in the industry.
TechCrunch reported that T3, which stands for top 3, has launched in the country with a dozen outfits behind it, including state automakers and FinTech giants. The new venture sets out with $1.45 billion in funding.
The money will go to “car-sharing services powered by renewable energy,” which is in line with Beijing’s initiatives to encourage electric transportation. The investors include Alibaba and Tencent, two of China’s biggest companies.
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march 2019 by dancall
Tencent blocked a competitor from streaming China's biggest game | Abacus
Right now, gamers in China can watch people play Honor of Kings (known as Arena of Valor outside the country) on a lot of game streaming platforms. But a court ruling suggests that may change soon.
Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court ruled that Xigua Video -- a live streaming app made by Bytedance -- should stop hosting live streaming videos of Honor of Kings, because it’s not authorized by the game’s maker, Tencent, state media Legal Daily reported.
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february 2019 by dancall
Tencent employs facial recognition to detect minors in top-grossing mobile game ‘Honour of Kings’ | South China Morning Post
Tencent’s stricter controls over underage gamers come amid Beijing’s call to protect children’s health, with the government blaming the country’s widespread myopia on the playing of video games.
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october 2018 by dancall
How WeChat faded into the silence in India | FactorDaily
“The product was designed with Allen Zhang’s vision and had peculiar features to the effect that worked well in China market but didn’t work well for Indian users,” says Himanshu Gupta, who was the associate director of marketing and strategy at WeChat India, from 2012 to 2015.

For example, WeChat made it mandatory for users to send “add friend requests” which had to be accepted by the other person for the chat to begin. Compared to this, in the case of WhatsApp, you could chat with anyone whose number was on your contacts list and had the app installed. The assumption made here was that if you had someone’s number stored on your phone, you knew him or her.
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october 2018 by dancall
China’s Surveillance State: AI startups, Tech Giants Are At The Center Of The Government's Plans
The government’s ambitious plans hinge on three legs: support from big tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent, strong startup partnerships, and elaborately crafted government policies favoring national security over privacy.
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october 2018 by dancall
China economy FAQ – Sakunthala – Medium
Chinese tech firms have grown incredibly quickly and have been seen as disruptive by ‘old economy’ firms. China is at the technological frontier for most consumer internet related technologies — I was told that China is especially strong at rapidly iterating and discovering new business models. An interesting example is the story of iQiyi, the ‘Netflix of China’, that uses a freemium model to finance new television.

The bearish case on these tech companies is that they have become especially large as a proportion of the Chinese economy, because their target consumers have limited options. As a result, they are able to grow much bigger and faster by ‘leapfrogging’ straight to the cutting edge.
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august 2018 by dancall
Tencent Q2 earnings 2018
Tencent has a number of different business areas, including advertising and gaming, and is the owner of China's largest messaging app, WeChat. One of the biggest is its online games unite which accounts for nearly 40 percent of the company's revenues. Online gaming in China has come under intense scrutiny from regulators and that has impacted Tencent's crucial division.

Smartphone games revenue grew 19 percent year-on-year but declined 19 percent from the previous quarter to 17.6 billion yuan. While daily active users (DAU) increased, the money it makes per user did not.
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august 2018 by dancall
The rumours are true - Fortnite on Android doesn't use Google Play •
Confirming a leak that surfaced earlier this week, Epic Games says that its upcoming Android release for Fortnite will not use Google Play as a distribution platform. Instead, phone users download an installer from Epic's website and install the game directly, bypassing Google's store completely. "Epic's goal is to bring its games directly to customers. We believe gamers will benefit from competition among software sources on Android," says Tim Sweeney. "Competition among services gives consumers lots of great choices and enables the best to succeed based on merit."
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august 2018 by dancall
The incredible rise of Pinduoduo, China’s newest force in e-commerce | TechCrunch
Like Alibaba’s Taobao and rival, Pinduoduo is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of products from daily groceries to home appliances. Pinduoduo’s twist lies in its integration of social components into the traditional online shopping process, which the company describes as the “team purchase” model.

By sharing Pinduoduo’s product information on social networks such as WeChat and QQ, users can invite their contacts to form a shopping team to get a lower price for their purchase. The mechanism keeps the users motivated and better hooked for a more interactive and dynamic shopping experience. Coupled with other incentives such as cash, coupon, lottery and free products, Pinduoduo manages to acquire users at a very low cost. Combined with the extra satisfaction of scoring a good deal with your friends as a team, Pinduoduo soon became a viral sensation in China.
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july 2018 by dancall
How big is China's tech industry? Here are the latest stats
China’s tech industry is catching up with Silicon Valley in terms of sheer scale – and in terms of the tech available to ordinary people, it’s already way ahead in many areas. Here are the latest stats to give you a sense of what’s going on right now.
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july 2018 by dancall
Alibaba’s newest rival, Pinduoduo, on verge of $24b IPO
It’s gone from zero to taking a near-US$40 billion slice of China’s trillion-dollar online shopping industry in just three years.
And now Pinduoduo is looking to fuel its rapid rise with an IPO in the US later today that’ll raise $1.6 billion and value it at US$24 billion. This morning in New York it set a price of US$19 per share for its imminent NASDAQ debut.
The new online bazaar has nabbed third place in China’s ecommerce market with with 5.2 percent of sales, putting it behind only Alibaba and JD, says research firm Emarketer.
Among its big-name investors is Tencent, maker of WeChat.
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july 2018 by dancall
Nokia And Tencent Team Up For Research On 5G |
Nokia and Tencent, one of China’s leading providers of internet services, announced Thursday (July 5) that they inked an agreement to carry out joint research and development work to explore the potential of 5G for new applications. In a press release, the companies said the deal was made at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai. Under the terms, Nokia and Tencent will create an end-to-end 5G test environment in Shenzhen.

Tencent, which has 1.04 billion combined monthly active users on its WeChat and QQ platforms, aims to capitalize on the connectivity, increased speeds, capacity and reliability that 5G services will bring. The two companies said they would leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and automation enabled by 5G to promote international standards and an open source ecosystem to expand the development of new services. The companies said 5G services can benefit a number of markets, including transportation, finance, energy, intelligent manufacturing and entertainment.
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july 2018 by dancall
How China's tech giants are throwing billions at AI
While China has plenty of artificial intelligence startups, its bevy of big-name tech giants are the true pioneers – they’re the ones slipping cutting-edge AI into virtually all their product lines. Here’s the scene as it stands right now.
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june 2018 by dancall
China's media industry could rival Hollywood - Raconteur
We are so used to the 21th Century Fox, Disney or Warner Bros pre-titles and signature tunes fronting countless box office hits, it’s hard to imagine a new one muscling in on our media lexicon. But Tencent Pictures could soon be hitting our screens. 
The Chinese are all too familiar with this name. It’s as pervasive there as Facebook or Google. One billion-plus people use the tech behemoth’s WeChat messaging app monthly, with 66 million video subscribers. Now the company is making moves on global movie production and sales. 
“Content is king,” explains Wilson Chow, media leader at PwC in China. “Over the past few years, platform operators have been striving to purchase attractive content to expand their offering. In China, there’s a strong shift to develop original content to meet local tastes.” 
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may 2018 by dancall
How Tencent’s medical ecosystem is shaping the future of China’s healthcare · TechNode
Enter Tencent—China’s largest internet company by market capitalization—armed with government endorsements, the most used app in China, new AI medical imaging technology, and tons of cash to invest in medical startups.

“Any sort of technology solution that adds greater efficiency or accuracy to [the Chinese healthcare] system will help improve it dramatically,” founder of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting Mark Natkin told TechNode. “Tencent is introducing all these features and processes, WeChat [services] amongst them, that add efficiency and ease to the process. On the treatment side, anything that can pull together data from multiple hospitals and use that data to improve diagnoses is, again, a huge move forward.”
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march 2018 by dancall
Tencent Music, Spotify’s strategic partner in China, is valued at over $12B | TechCrunch
Tencent and Spotify announced a share swap in December that saw each side take an undisclosed slice of the other for strategic purposes going forward. According to Spotify’s filing, it took nine percent of Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) which it valued at €910 million at the time. That translates to a total valuation of €10.11 billion, or $12.3 billion, although Spotify includes 10 percent leeway above and below that figure.
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march 2018 by dancall
Tencent’s profit surges 69% thanks to its thriving games business | TechCrunch
The older PC unit grew 27 percent to reach sales of 14.6 billion RMB ($2.2 billion), while its
mobile cousin hit 18.2 billion RMB ($2.75 billion) thanks to 84 percent growth. Honour of Kings, the world’s most lucrative mobile app this year, was a stellar contributor, while the firm also owns League Of Legends for PC. Tencent paid tribute to the app, and a handful of others, for the growth but it didn’t break out each title’s sales.
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november 2017 by dancall
Foursquare is now working behind-the-scenes with Asia's biggest social networks
The announcements are part of Foursquare's evolution from a consumer location-tagging app, to an infrastructure company, providing its location smarts to other apps.
Foursquare already powers other big tech players such as Uber, which uses Foursquare globally to let users set their destinations by typing in the name of a building or restaurant, instead of having to find an address.
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november 2017 by dancall
Tencent pays $2b for stake in struggling Snapchat
Tencent has been a bit more specific, saying it could work with Snap to publish games and improve ad sales – specifically to create “newsfeed ads” within Snapchat, reports Reuters. Snapchat does not have a newsfeed, suggesting the millennial-oriented messaging app could become more like Facebook – or like the Moments stream inside Tencent’s WeChat.
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november 2017 by dancall
China's Tencent buys 12 percent stake in Snapchat owner
Media reported in late 2012 and 2013 that Tencent had bought shares in Snapchat through a series of private rounds, while an additional deal failed to materialize in 2014.
Snap said in its quarterly report on Wednesday that Tencent had bought 145.8 million shares of its non-voting Class A common stock on the open market.
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november 2017 by dancall
WPP’s Martin Sorrell: ‘We need to watch out for Tencent and Alibaba’ - Digiday
“Google, Facebook and Amazon, along with two Chinese companies — Tencent and Alibaba — are the ones we need to watch out for,” said Sorrell in an Advertising Week discussion with New Yorker writer Ken Auletta on Sept. 25.
Sorrell said his team visited 31 local companies in 10 days while in China three weeks ago and was struck by the size of top tech companies in the market. For instance, telecommunications company Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen accommodates 50,000 of its 200,000 employees, while the Alibaba campus in Hangzhou houses around 50,000 employees, according to Sorrell.
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october 2017 by dancall
Tencent tried to buy Spotify earlier this year | TechCrunch
Spotify has long been linked with going public in the U.S. — it is speculated to be preparing for an IPO-less listing next year — but it has emerged that the company rebuffed the opportunity to sell to a major tech name earlier this year: Tencent, the Chinese internet giant valued at $380 billion.

Tencent is said to have approached Spotify with a view to acquiring the company to extend its burgeoning music business outside of China and Asia, a source with knowledge of discussions told TechCrunch.
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september 2017 by dancall
How Top Value Creators Outpace the Market—for Decades
First, the new news. Among the world’s 200 largest companies, the top ten value creators for the five years from 2012 through 2016 delivered an impressive average annual total shareholder return of 41%, with a range of 66% to 30%. (See Exhibit 1.) By way of comparison, the average annual TSR for the next ten best companies was a still impressive 29%. The overall average annual TSR for the approximately 2,350 companies in this year’s value creators database was 16%, well above the long-term average of about 10% for the S&P 500.
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july 2017 by dancall
Chinese tech giant Tencent launches AI assistant
To the Western world, Tencent is best known for its all-encompassing social app WeChat and hefty gaming portfolio, which includes League of Legends and Clash of Clans. But behind the scenes, the Shenzhen-based tech firm is also advancing in a third, arguably more powerful arena: artificial intelligence.

The Chinese tech giant, worth US$346 billion, now has an Alexa-like voice assistant dubbed Xiaowei. Shown off last week at Tencent’s cloud computing conference after launching at the end of May, Xiaowei is equipped with all the usual bells and whistles: weather reports, traffic updates, music requests, news blurbs. There’s voice recognition and facial recognition – plus an SDK for hardware developers to plug into.
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june 2017 by dancall
Tencent Passes Wells Fargo to Become 10th Biggest Company: Chart - Bloomberg
Tencent Holdings Ltd., a Chinese Internet titan best known for its WeChat messaging service and gaming, has overtaken Wells Fargo Inc. by market value, joining the likes of Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. in the ranks of the world’s biggest publicly traded companies. Tencent gained 1.6 percent Wednesday in Hong Kong, vaulting its capitalization to $279 billion -- just a shade above that of the U.S. lender. Six of the top 10 companies by market value are now technology, including all of the top four. - via Georgia Perrin
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april 2017 by dancall
The Next Disney Will Come from China and Its Name Is Tencent
Riot Games has been on a winning streak. Its League of Legends is the most popular PC game in the world. The game’s professional leagues have media rights worth in the hundreds of millions. If you’re a gamer you’ve likely heard of Riot; if not, the LA-based game developer might be — as Inc. magazine called it — “the most exciting company you’ve never heard of.”
It is also central to the growth strategy of Tencent, the biggest Chinese internet company and Riot’s owner. Tencent is best known for building WeChat, the world’s second-largest social media network, with more than 700 million users. But Tencent has another, less-recognized identity, as the largest gaming company in the world.
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march 2017 by dancall
Alibaba and Tencent inspired by ‘Pokémon Go’ in red envelope wars
Such payments are usually completed by scanning a physical QR code. Both companies are rolling out spring festival add-ons to encourage users to gift physical objects through their apps, hoping that the habit will stick. 
“People are used to using WeChat to swipe QR codes, rather than Alibaba’s Alipay payments app. WeChat’s new mini-programs will help it consolidate its advantage in offline payments,” said Chen Jin, assistant professor at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai. “Alipay is on the back foot, so it’s putting out the Five Fortunes game,” she added. 
Players can also leave a red envelope for someone else in a GPS-tagged location — something that one factory boss in Guangdong did to encourage his workers to turn up for overtime during the holiday season.
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february 2017 by dancall
Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent and Their New Online Banks | FinTech Ranking
A new breed of online banks promoted by tech companies like Alibaba and Tencent is taking root. Will they be able to hold their own against traditional banks? 
To boost the economy and help small and medium enterprises get capital more easily, the Chinese government is encouraging non-government entities to invest in financial institutions, even allowing private companies to open their own banks. When the government announced its decision to grant five banking licenses for private banks earlier this year, the big three tech companies—Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu—jumped at the opportunity.

Tencent, the company behind the popular WeChat social media app, was the first to take the plunge. In 18th January 2015 it launched WeBank, the country’s first online-only bank.
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february 2017 by dancall
Tencent’s WeChat Messaging App Reaches 200M Users On Its Payments Service | TechCrunch
Chinese internet firm Tencent announced its latest financial results today, but one of the standout figures isn’t a financial stat. It’s that its messaging services, which include blockbuster mobile app WeChat — one of the services that is inspiring Facebook’s plans for its Messenger business — now has 200 million users’ credit cards bound to it.

Tencent pulled in a net profit of 7.584 billion RMB ($1.2 billion) on revenue of 26.594 billion RMB ($4.2 billion), and messaging is a huge part of that. WeChat and Weixin (the Chinese version of the service that includes localized services and bells and whistles) collectively account for 650 million monthly active users (MAU), while QQ, its instant messaging service that started out on desktop, counts 639 million smartphone users.
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november 2015 by dancall
Kik Raises $50M From Tencent To Become The “WeChat Of The West” | TechCrunch
Kik, the Canadian company behind the messaging app of the same name has announced $50M worth of funding from one of its partners, China’s Tencent (also the biggest internet company in China).

This funding puts Kik’s total at $120.5M. The deal brings the company valuation into unicorn territory (the much-ballyhooed $1 billion mark.)

Here’s what Kik’s CEO, Ted Livingston, had to say about the new investment
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august 2015 by dancall
WeChat grows to 549M monthly active users
Tencent revealed today that its messaging app WeChat now has 549 million monthly active users (MAUs). The figure is indicated in Tencent’s Q1 2015 earnings report.

549 million MAUs is up 9.8 percent from WeChat’s 500 million milestone at the end of 2014. It’s up 39 percent from Q1 2014.
tencent  wechat  stats 
may 2015 by dancall
Tencent Beats With Q1 Sales Of $3.6B, $1.1B Profit On Strong Games And Video Ads | TechCrunch
Growth in revenue from games and advertising on mobile helped Chinese internet giant Tencent beat analyst expectations for its Q1 2015.

The company, which runs popular messaging services QQ and WeChat, reported 22.399 billion RMB ($3.647 billion) in revenue for the period, surpassing the 22.08 billion RMB prediction from S&P Capital IQ analysts. Net profit came in at 6.930 billion ($1.128 billion), beating an 6.45 billion CNY ($1.04 billion) estimate.

Tencent’s net profit is slowing, however, having grown 8 percent year-on-year. Revenue from Q1 2015 was up 22 percent on the same period last year.
tencent  stats  wechat 
may 2015 by dancall
China's Tencent hits $200 bln market cap for first time
China's Tencent Holdings Ltd for the first time hit a market cap of more than $200 billion on Monday, making it more valuable than U.S. tech firms like Inc, IBM Corp and Oracle Corp .

The country's biggest social networking and online entertainment firm rose 5.38 percent to close at HK$170.50 ($22) in trading in Hong Kong, giving it a market valuation of $206 billion. This is higher than Oracle's $190 billion, Amazon's $178 billion and IBM's $161 billion.

Tencent's shares have rocketed 52 percent from the beginning of this year, bringing its valuation close to those of U.S. peer Facebook Inc's $230 billion and Chinese arch rival Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's $210 billion.
tencent  stats  valuations 
april 2015 by dancall
China taxi apps Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache announce $6 billion tie-up | Reuters
Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, two of China's leading taxi-hailing apps, said on Saturday they would merge to create one of the world's largest smartphone-based transport services.
The combined entity would be valued at roughly $6 billion, according to person familiar with the deal. The shareholding structure is unknown.
apac  deals  taxim  tencent 
february 2015 by dancall
Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent own 60% of China's mobile time
Yesterday, on the heels of a less-than-stellar earnings report, Baidu released a study tracking Chinese behavior on mobile devices for the year 2014. The company drew from mobile search, data from Baidu Mobile Assistant (one of its app stores), and Baidu Mobile Statistics (an analytics service for developers) to gather research.

While there are no new earth-shattering data points, there’s a few choice tidbits worth sharing that reinforce how Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent own lots of valuable real estate in the country’s mobile landscape.
apac  widgets  baidu  stats  alibaba  tencent 
february 2015 by dancall
War declared? WeChat is shutting out Alibaba's apps
As China’s massive Spring Festival holiday approaches, the folks at Tencent WeChat have been busy pressing the delete key on links between their app and a number of Alibaba services. First, Sina Tech reported that WeChat had shut down a sharing like with Alibaba’s Alipay that allowed Alipay users to send digital Spring Festival red envelopes of money to WeChat friends. Now, it appears WeChat has also shut down sharing connections with Alibaba music apps Xiami and Tiantian Dongting, meaning users can no longer share content from those apps directly with their WeChat friends.
apac  widgets  wechat  tencent  alibaba  fail 
february 2015 by dancall
Tencent Releases WeChat User Behavior Report | Marbridge Consulting - China Wireless News
According to a newly released report from Tencent (0700.HK) analyzing user behavior of the Chinese internet and mobile services firm's WeChat mobile messaging app, 64.3% of users are male, 35.7% female, 45.4% aged 18 to 25 and 40.8% aged 26 to 35.

55.2% of users open the app more than 10 times a day, over 25% open it more than 30 times daily and 5.2% spend money buying in-app emoticons. It is estimated the app has created 10.07 mln jobs, of which 1.92 mln are directly employed and 8.15 mln are indirectly employed.
wechat  tencent  stats  demographics 
january 2015 by dancall
Here's everything Tencent invested in or acquired in 2014
Tencent is China’s second-biggest internet company, recently stripped of its number one spot by Alibaba. It’s also one of the country’s most active venture capitalists. While Alibaba made headlines with massive investments into big established companies, Tencent got down and dirty with early stage investments into nascent startups.
tencent  deals  new-companies 
december 2014 by dancall
Is Snapchat Planning a Mobile Payments Service?
Snapchat counts Tencent as an investor and CEO Evan Spiegel is said to “frequently” speak to the Chinese internet giant, which operates hugely successful chat app WeChat. The service has nearly 400 million active users and is akin to Facebook in China, where, importantly, payments and peer-to-peer money transfers are among its many features.
snapchat  payment  im  tencent 
july 2014 by dancall
Tencent looks to online video streaming to boost web empire
While everyone’s talking about Tencent’s recent social media success with WeChat, the 16-year-old internet giant still has a vast web empire it’s building up that includes many other areas besides messaging. “Tencent’s focus has always been on building a strong social ecosystem for the growing Chinese mobile population,” says SY Lau, president of the Tencent Online Media Group, who oversees Tencent Video, the Twitter-like Tencent Weibo, and the company’s news portal
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july 2014 by dancall
Tencent pulls in $2.95 billion in revenue in Q1 as WeChat gaming takes off
Chinese web giant Tencent (HKG:0700) had a blockbuster Q1, according to its new financial report today. Aside from hitting 396 million monthly active users on WeChat, Tencent managed to pull in revenues of RMB 18.4 billion (US$2.95 billion), which is up eight percent over Q4 2013 and up 36 percent from the same time a year ago.
Tencent acknowledged that WeChat and its social gaming platform gave a big boost to the company’s important gaming revenues.
tencent  wechat  stats  gaming  mobile  apac 
may 2014 by dancall
Tencent: The Secretive, Chinese Tech Giant That Can Rival Facebook and Amazon | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Tencent originally made money through advertising and monthly fees for premium QQ users. In 2004, the year Tencent went public in Hong Kong, it launched an online gaming platform and started selling virtual goods, weapons, and gaming power, as well as emoticons, extra storage space, and ringtones. "Tencent is great at monetizing eyeballs," says Jeff Walters, partner and managing director in the Boston Consulting Group's Beijing office. "That's their core competency. They are making tons of money by scraping together pennies, from tiny transactions." Even as its QQ messaging app and a spinoff QQ email continued to grow, Tencent became the biggest gaming company in China, leading a surge in mass, interactive games.
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Tencent Microblog Has 100K Government Accounts | Marbridge Consulting - China Internet News
Tencent (0700.HK) announced today that as of March 11, more than 100,000 government accounts have been opened on its Tencent Microblog service. 64,512 of these accounts belong to governmental agencies and organizations, while the remaining 35,868 belong to individual civil servants.
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Tencent Debuts AdExchange Platform | Marbridge Consulting - China Internet News
Shenzhen-based internet company Tencent (0700.HK) announced its Tencent AdExchange advertising platform today, marking the company's official entry into the real-time bidding (RTB) market.
Tencent AdExchange uses population databases and real-time bidding technology to allow advertisers to automatically bid for display ads on a per-viewer basis, improving the effectiveness of advertising resource allocation.
Tencent said that it began testing Tencent AdExchange internally in 2012, and has completed tests in concert with major demand-side platforms (DSPs) including iPinYou and AdChina. The company has also partnered with a number of DSPs for cookie-mapping on a total of roughly 1.6 mln cookies and user IDs.
Tencent AdExchange will gradually open Tencent data to DSPs in order to help advertisers more precisely hone in on their target audiences. The service will also connect to Tencent's social advertising products in the future, adding social elements to ad placements.
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Digital East Asia » Blog Archive » SPECULATION: Could Tencent, Not Alibaba, Acquire Yahoo? (What do you think?)
We often discuss the activities of one of the leading Chinese internet companies, Tencent Holdings Limited (HKG: 0700 | (ADR) PINK: TCEHY) (See related coverage below.) The operator of QQ not only has huge customer reach with its dominant messaging platform, but has extended this into other areas and simultaneously developed the revenue streams that many Western IM companies never found. Tencent generates revenue from its IM client through virtual goods and enhancement services, and has made online games a huge success for the company. It’s a second tier player in search, but with Baidu, Inc. ((ADR) NASDAQ: BIDU) as number one, and 400 million customer relationships, Tencent is not playing the Yahoo or Bing in this market. There were even rumors of Tencent itself being acquired by China Mobile Ltd. ((ADR) NYSE: CHL) last year.
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