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Close to Marriott Hotel Casino, desirable location - Condominiums for Rent in Panama City
"Keep in mind these terms, this is a luxurious family residence. Therefore please govern accordingly, Your appearance should be clean, orderly and modest at all times and in all commune areas , including on the elevators. No clothing that is wet, stained, dirty, transparent, torn, revealing or that compromises in any way with a clean appearance is allowed. No type of sportswear is allowed (sweat, yoga pants, swimming shorts, broken shoes, flip flops, etc.) Style counts, NOT the designer. For example, jeans that are broken are not allowed. All guests are personally responsible for their attire and the attire of their friends and family, etc. Tattoos over 6 inches should be covered, piercings, medals or heavy metal chains on the neck are not allowed, avoid dressing like a rap artist, business casual appearance is welcomed, please do not try any extravagant hair colors that are non natural , no smoke indoor , please do not make noise that bothers neighbors below or above, or from the sides, remember that this is not a single house but an apartment and all the walls transmit sound as well as the slab of the floor and ceiling, respect sleep hours, avoid calls or complaints from neighbors or photos by the administration of the building of the cameras in the elevators or common areas that are reported to us for violating these rules, the breach of any information contained in this policy will result in the definitive restriction of access to everyone's building and will not cause reimbursement. Warn others of this to avoid inconveniences."

"There is a mayor and brand new synagogue very modern just 1 min away (waking distance) Shevet Ahim "Sefaradi" , besides there is also a mayor and new synagogue Beth El "Skenazy & Chabad Lubavitch" at waking distance ... There are plenty Kosher restaurants at walking distance also."

+ a ton of weirdly broken English
WTF  retard  tool  Airbnb  rules  religion  Jews  fun 
8 weeks ago by dandv
Blueground | Furnished Apartments for Rent | Fully Furnished Rentals
Long term stays for business travelers. Around $4000/mo in NYC & SF, EUR 900 in Athens
rent  apartment  business  travel  Airbnb  alternative 
9 weeks ago by dandv
Digital Exile: How I Got Banned for Life from AirBnB
Pretty much like Amazon Communities banned me.

"Please understand that we are not obligated to provide an explanation for the action taken against your account. Additionally, we consider this matter closed and will no longer reply to any inquiries regarding your account."
against  Airbnb 
march 2019 by dandv
Airbnb Plays a Minuscule Role in Rising City Rents - Bloomberg
"the true impact of Airbnb on rents is very small. A 1 percent increase in Airbnb listings, they found, raises rents by only 0.018 percent. That’s a minuscule effect. It means that doubling the number of Airbnb listings would raise rent by less than 2 percent overall."
Airbnb  rent  increase  effect  debunk 
january 2019 by dandv
thirdhome - Google Search
Sharing luxury second houses as vacation homes. Put yours on, and travel to others in the network, for free.
luxury  Airbnb  travel  deluxe 
november 2018 by dandv
The Luxe Nomad - Travel The World In Style - Hotels and Villas
"Asia-Pacific’s leading luxury villa and hotel booking portal"

Celeb-new-like, superficial. E.g. properties without bedroom photos.
international  Asia  travel  AirBnB  alternative  villa 
july 2017 by dandv
Let us Airbnb that: Startup offers fixed income for short-term rentals coordinates services like cleaning, restocking and laundering of linens and toiletries, guest communication, key exchanges and a concierge for guests, all for a 15% fee.
outsource  Airbnb  management 
march 2015 by dandv
Airbnb vs Hotels: A Price Comparison
AirBnB listings per capita: SF is 2x the next contender, Cambridge, MA.
AirBnB  against  hotel  travel  cost  price  collaborative  consumption 
june 2013 by dandv
I’m So, So Sorry. Here’s My Belly. Now Please Move On. « Uncrunched
"So is it really so surprising that anyone who finds themselves the target of the mob just immediately rolls over and gives up? And the way to roll over is an unqualified apology, backed up with a short and easily understood explanation of how such a thing will never happen again. Don’t use any big words, and for the love of God don’t try to justify any part of what happened.

One example: Airbnb’s press fiasco last year went away only after an unqualified apology."
sorry  Path  Airbnb  apologize  advice  startup 
february 2012 by dandv

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