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How is China able to provide enough food to feed its population of over 1 billion people? Do they import food or are they self-sustainable? - Quora
Fascinating. They are way more efficient than India, Europe or the US at all kinds of agriculture, plus been and distilled beverages production, despite less fertile soil, more arid climate, less coastline, and colder waters.

The planned/forced economy worked.
China  food  production  agriculture  against  free-market 
april 2019 by dandv
China sees 100 tech groups reach $1bn valuation in 2018 | Financial Times
China now had 186 tech start-ups worth more than $1bn, led by the fintech Ant Financial, which is worth Rmb1,000bn ($148bn)
China  startup  valuation  awareness 
january 2019 by dandv
Massive cheating among Chinese students
Interview with 250 parents: “90 percent of Chinese applicants submit false recommendations, 70 percent have other people write their personal essays, 50 percent have forged high school transcripts and 10 percent list academic awards and other achievements they did not receive.”

[[For years, American college admissions officers have seemed to be saying: “Chinese cheat. It’s just the way they are, and accepting this is part of the cost of doing business in China.”

One of the Deans at my college told me that “Chinese collaborate on work, while Westerners keep it all to themselves. This is because of our belief in socialism.” Another told me that those raised in a Confucian culture believe that before you can be an expert, you must spend decades copying previous masters; it is arrogant for a teenager to try to produce something unique, and copying is simply humility and flattery. A student of mine put things more bluntly: “In America, people get into college because their parents are alumni, or because the college knows their family is rich. How is this not cheating? We in China are simply trying to level the playing field with our own versions of this sort of thing.”]]
China  education  cheat  awareness  culture 
january 2019 by dandv
Shanzhai - Wikipedia
Counterfeit consumer goods, including imitation and trademark infringing brands and/or particularly electronics, in China

In 2010, the Financial Times estimated that Shanzhai phones accounted for about 20 per cent of the global 2G mobile phone market.

The frequent reference to shanzhai cell phones on internet and in traditional media made people start labeling low-cost imitation cultural activities as shanzhai as well. Some of the most well-known events include the Shanzhai National Spring Gala (山寨春节联欢晚会), Shanzhai Lecture Room (山寨百家讲坛), Shanzhai Olympic Torch Relay (山寨奥运火炬传递), and Shanzhai Nobel Prize (山寨诺贝尔奖). One thing these events have in common is that they all imitate high-end, popular yet authoritative events in which grass-roots power usually has no participating role.
China  culture  copycat  imitation  clone  fake  awareness  violate  copyright  patents 
january 2019 by dandv
"Winnie the Pooh gets banned from Chinese social media for looking too much like Xi Jinping" - on Twitter

"Despite being a seemingly cute bear, Chinese censors are notorious for blocking any content that seems even mildly critical of the Chinese leader."
WTF  China  censorship 
august 2018 by dandv
The rise of China - Height discrimination
in China height requirements are routinely specified for jobs which seem to have no need of them. To study tourism and hotel management at Huaqiao University in Fujian province, men topping 170cm are favoured, and women over 158cm. A post as a female cleaner in Beijing is advertised to women of at least 162cm. Many companies are less explicit about such demands than they used to be, but candidates often list height (and weight) on their curricula vitae.

Eighteen-year-olds from the richest cities are on average 7-8cm taller than those from the poorest ones.
China  height  discrimination  heightism 
june 2018 by dandv
What the Chinese share can make your eyes pop
"Apart from the regular used clothes and shoes, there are also more intimate items such as lipsticks, underwear (worn once), or even rare pets like centipedes. And what’s being sold aren’t just consumer goods: here you can also find a pink diamond, which sold for US$1.15 million; a full-size commercial aircraft, which sold for a bargain at US$76,000, and a lock of long hair, which sold for US$455."

"Another peculiar but popular service is to hire someone to “water” your virtual plants in a virtual forest"
China  weird  second-hand  market  classifieds  apps 
october 2017 by dandv
Chinese robot dentist is first to fit implants in patient’s mouth without any human involvement | South China Morning Post
[[The implants were fitted to within a margin of error of 0.2-0.3mm, reaching the required standard for this kind of operation

The artificial teeth it implanted were created by 3D printing

During the operation, the robot was able to make adjustments in line with the patient’s own movements.]]
China  dentistry  dental  implant  robot  medicine  cool 
october 2017 by dandv
China expands surveillance system with 20 million cameras
[[China has installed more than 20 million cameras across the country as part of a new surveillance system.

Dubbed the world's "most advanced video surveillance system", the cameras are reportedly part of China's Sky Net operation, an effort to track down fugitives and criminals.

The cameras will use artificial intelligence to identify pedestrians and motorists.]]

See also
China  surveillance  AI 
october 2017 by dandv
🔮 🇨🇳 David Schlesinger China special; an AI-first digital economy; the state of surveillance; Party Congres; dental robots, Teslas & pandas ++ #133

* is home to 43% of the world’s tech unicorns (firms with a market cap above $1bn)
* is the second-biggest AI ecosystem after the US
* has installed 20M CCTV cameras and uses AIs to tag cars, cyclists and pedestrians
China  future  trend  economy  technology 
october 2017 by dandv
How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction
"The Chinese government has long been suspected of hiring as many as 2,000,000 people to surreptitiously insert huge numbers of pseudonymous and other deceptive writings into the stream of real social media posts, as if they were the genuine opinions of ordinary people

We estimate that the government fabricates and posts about 448 million social media comments a year

show that the goal of this massive secretive operation is instead to distract the public and change the subject, as most of the these posts involve cheerleading for China, the revolutionary history of the Communist Party, or other symbols of the regime"
China  massive  fake  social  media  posts  awareness  government  authoritarian  regime 
june 2017 by dandv
Cashing in on dystopia - SupChina
"For a modest fee of 700 yuan, or about 100 dollars, the reporters were able to obtain an astonishing array of information based on one colleague’s personal ID number, including a full history of hotel rooms checked into, airline flights taken, internet cafes visited, border entries and exits, apartment rentals, real estate holdings  —  even deposit records from the country’s four major banks.

But that wasn’t all. The reporters were also able to purchase live location data on another colleague’s mobile phone, pinpointing their position with disturbing accuracy.

Hundreds of tracking services are advertised on internet-based platforms in China, offering clients the power to unlock, with as little as a phone number or ID, the personal data of just about any Chinese citizen. You can find them on Tencent’s WeChat and QQ services, on the Taobao online marketplace and on Weibo. And while some of these services are unreliable or outright fraudulent, others are able to deliver accurate information from what must be national police and government databases, as well as from banks and mobile carriers.

In other words, through a simple mobile transaction, you, too, can be Big Brother."
China  surveillance  Big  Brother 
january 2017 by dandv
CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time : Nature News & Comment
[[A Chinese group has become the first to inject a person with cells that contain genes edited using the revolutionary CRISPR–Cas9 technique.

Lu says that the treatment went smoothly, and that the participant will get a second injection, but declined to give details because of patient confidentiality. The team plans to treat a total of ten people, who will each receive either two, three or four injections. It is primarily a safety trial, and participants will be monitored for six months to determine whether the injections are causing serious adverse effects. Lu’s team will also watch them beyond that time to see if they seem to be benefiting from the treatment.]]
cure  cancer  China  CRISPR  gene  editing  genetics 
november 2016 by dandv
The Best Microwave | The Sweethome
"nearly half the microwaves in the world are produced by one manufacturer in China"

The best microwave for most people: GE JES1656SRSS. Great uniformity test with marshmallows.
microwave  oven  reviews  China  uniform  evenness 
november 2016 by dandv
Alibaba's Singles' Day: What We Know About The World's Biggest Shopping Event
"Not just large, the largest. In 2016, Alibaba passed $14 billion in revenue on Singles’ Day, more than double the $5.8 billion in sales of the combined U.S. e-commerce holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday."

-- but quotes "Brick and mortar sales on Black Friday fell from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015". Still. Fucking huge shopping mania capitalizing on artificially manufactured needs and social pressure.

[[How is this possible? Alibaba’s China retail marketplaces boast some 440 million active users shopping the virtual stores of millions of businesses. No other platform comes close in terms of scale.

Shopping is not just a transaction in China, it is an event. Even a way of life. Singles’ Day is such a spectacle that it is a destination in its own right. Alibaba has hired Hollywood producer David Hill, best known for producing the Oscars and the Super Bowl, to produce a four-hour nationally televised gala for the evening of November 10 leading to a midnight kick-off. Headlining the gala is Katy Perry, and there will also be bands from Korea and Taiwan, German soccer star Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich) and other celebrities from around the world.

China is the fastest-growing consumer market in the world and e-commerce is the fastest-growing channel in that market.

It is not a day, it is a month. Sure, 11.11 is the day for the sale, but promotional activity starts 30 days out with a major October series of announcements and promotional activities, much like Christmas shopping starts the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Alibaba is featuring an augmented reality game to allow people to chase black cats (the Tmall mascot) like Pokémon GO.]]
China  shopping  mania  AliBaba  Singles  Day 
november 2016 by dandv
China's factories in Shenzhen can copy products at breakneck speed—and it's time for the rest of the world to get over it — Quartz
[[But one week after his product hit Kickstarter in December 2015, Sherman was shocked to see it for sale on AliExpress

Lindtner compares the culture of Shenzhen’s manufacturing ecosystem to the open-source movement among software developers. Much like how programmers will freely share code for others to improve upon, Shenzhen manufacturers now see hardware and product design as something that can be borrowed freely and altered. Success in business comes down to speed and execution, not necessarily originality.

Nowadays, China’s copycat phenomenon extends well beyond multinational corporations like Gucci or Nokia—startups are affected too. Thanks to the internet, factories and designers looking for the next hit product can easily turn to Kickstarter, Amazon, or Taobao to see what gadgets are hot. They message each other instantly using WeChat, China’s dominant chat app, or Alibaba’s chat software, which makes sourcing and assembly line planning even easier than in the pre-smartphone days.

“The whole Chinese system has developed around the idea that you have instantaneous communication and basically infinite information,” said Bunnie Huang, author of The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen. “Back in the ’80s people were talking about ‘just-in time’ manufacturing” as something to aspire to, he said. “But now, the Chinese don’t even know any other way.”

suing every factory and winning is expensive and time consuming. “There are probably hundreds of small factories who might see a product on the internet and think ‘Hey I can do this,” said Zhu. “How are you going to shut down all of them? How can you even find out where they are? And the money you spend suing them is more than you can get out of the lawsuit.”

Your great idea doesn’t matter

The spread of copycat manufacturing isn’t just creating headaches for hardware companies and startups. It’s challenging traditional notions of intellectual property—specifically, what type of ideas are valuable, and what type of ideas are not.

smart ideas that are easy to turn into physical products become commoditized quickly

“If you have a simple product that has some market demand, you will get copied,”

Companies can defend themselves from copying by investing in software that complements physical hardware Or they can invest in well-crafted branding and marketing. GoPro, for example

smartphone cases made out of Italian marble that sell for $80 each. They’re more difficult to make than the average consumer electronic device, which prevents copycats from surfacing.

Joffe, the venture capital investor, argues that some companies might even benefit from copycatting, as it can bring more awareness to the product itself. “If you have more customers buying the fake product then it creates more awareness for the real product, and it becomes an aspirational thing. At some point they might be able to afford the real thing.”

“There are other selfie stick cases but we are the only ones that have been copied. So it shows that our product is worth being copied,” he said. “The quote that comes to mind is, ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’”]]
China  copycat  counterfeit  manufacturing  copyright  patent  infringement  Amazon 
october 2016 by dandv
20 Shocking China Facts You Didn’t Know About - YouTube
Dying pets to look like wild animals
Bra university
Capital punishment - more than all other countries combined
Puns are illegal on TV or advertising
4M trees are cut down annually to manufacture disposable chopsticks
4M cats eaten every day
Dog meat festival: 10k dogs slaughtered
Virginity restoration
weird  WTF  China  odd  facts 
february 2016 by dandv
Great Leap Forward - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Great Leap ended in catastrophe, resulting in tens of millions of deaths,[3] estimated from 18 million to 32.5[4] or 45 million.[5] Historian Frank Dikötter asserts that "coercion, terror, and systematic violence were the foundation of the Great Leap Forward" and it "motivated one of the most deadly mass killings of human history".[6]

The Great Leap Forward (Chinese: 大跃进; pinyin: Dà yuè jìn) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was an economic and social campaign by the Communist Party of China (CPC) from 1958 to 1961. The campaign was led by Mao Zedong and aimed to rapidly transform the country from an agrarian economy into a socialist society through rapid industrialization and collectivization. However it is widely considered to have caused the Great Chinese Famine.
awareness  China  famine 
february 2016 by dandv
What causes the GPS offset/shift in China? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange
My question summarizing the confusing story:

* One cause is the different projection system they use: GJC-02, vs. WGS84. Some confirm this at
* But that is not all, apparently. Another cause is protectionist regulations that mandate introducing random offsets.
* The problem manifests everywhere in China and there are data sets for sale to correct it -
* Solutions include (based on and Baidu Map offers a conversion API that does indeed plot a given set of coordinates in the same spot on the Baidu map - But those same coordinates lead to a different location on OSM, which suggests that Google does their own compensation?

See the Wikipedia page I created:

My answers to the China GPS shift problem:

Dascalescu  China  GPS  shift  StackOverflow 
april 2015 by dandv
Why do Panasonic, Leica, FujiFilm, Samsung and Nikon censor their GPS cameras? | Ogle Earth
5 out of 10 camera manufacturers disable the geotagging function if the GPS detects it's in China.
China  censorship  GPS  camera  stupid  WTF 
april 2015 by dandv
Foreigners Run Afoul of China's Tightening Secrecy Rules
It's illegal to make maps in China unless you get a license
China  WTF  censorship 
april 2015 by dandv
All Maps in China are Transformed | Wangjianshuo's Blog
This is not a problem with Google or the GPS satellites. Because the Chinese government fears the military use of the US GPS system, they control all the GPS chips imported into the country. The Chinese government overlays a code that causes all GPS co-ordinates to offset a specific distance from their actual physical location. The government then issues “official” maps that match the GPS offset. This is why satellite images and “official” maps do not line up properly. But approved navigation systems work perfectly well. Because the offset is specific to China, unofficially imported GPS chips, like those in mobile phones, will not properly plot.

As a Chinese Native, I can confirm these offsets are done on purpose. There are regulations on how maps must be distorted especially for foreign maps providers. Actually GPS in China is quite accurate for GPS navigation software on Android or iPhone, at the cost they do not provide satellite maps. Yes there are many patches that can be found to fix these distortions, mostly in Chinese.

Also, there is a law that you can’t use a common coordinate system (like WGS84) to make map in China. works, but does not. Google could fix the problem easily by using the ditu data instead of the maps data.
WTF  China  GPS  mapping  offset 
april 2015 by dandv
Apple Maps and the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands | Ogle Earth
WTF. Due to the China/Japan dispute over some islands, they appeared *twice* (cloned to the ENE/WSW) on Google and Apple Maps.
maps  politics  WTF  China 
april 2015 by dandv
Andy Warwick's answer to Best Photographs of X: What are some of the greatest before/after photos? - Quora
"Shanghai: Lujiazui circa 1990 and Lujiazui circa 2010. It's still growing too, with the 632m Shanghai Tower now under construction and due for completion in 2014. It will stand alongside the "bottle opener" building (the current tallest). From arable land to major business district in two decades. Pretty incredible."
China  Shanghai  before  after  20  years  growth  building 
march 2014 by dandv
China did NOT ban Bitcoin
2013-Dec-06: Rather, it declared it a virtual commodity, because it's not a centrally-issued currency.

Still, American media doesn't understand this. Plus, due to a translation error, Baidu and China Telecom were thought of as ceasing to accept Bitcoin, while they merely paused.

However, this led to a crash in Bitcoin price by over 50%.

See also
Bticoin  China  confusion  language  barrier  misinformation  press  sentiment  trading 
december 2013 by dandv
Battle Over Bitcoin: China Backs US Startup Coinbase And US Falls Behind In Virtual Currencies
China's downloads of the Bitcoin client have overtaken those in the US; they're very familiar with virtual currencies like the Q coin from QQ; have mining power; and (the article doesn't mention this) China wants to dethrone the USD as the international currency and has already made direct swap deals for oil with Australia and other countries.
Bitcoin  China 
june 2013 by dandv
Money: What are some unusual ways by which people make money? - Quora
Stuck in traffic? No worries, we will send someone on scooter to rescue you, wait it out and bring your car back to you! Welcome to China!
fun  business  model  China  TIL 
may 2013 by dandv
The bizarre copycat architecture of China
Chinese developers have built large gated communities mimicking entire western cities, e.g. Paris or Venice. They're expensive and vastly under-occupied, looking like ghost towns- 2,000 residents in a community for 100,000.

One brick-by-brick copy of a British cathedral has become such a popular backdrop for wedding photos that photo studios have set up a permanent props table with wedding cake, baguettes etc.
China  copycat  architecture  weird  TIL 
may 2013 by dandv
Europe Worries about Health Hazards of Cheap Food from China - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"By [2012-Oct-12], 262 reports on Chinese products had been received in Brussels for 2012 alone. They included noodles infested with maggots, shrimp contaminated with antibiotics, foul-smelling peanuts and candied fruit with an excessively high sulfur content. Chinese producers have also sold peas dyed green, which lost their color when cooked, fake pigs' ears and cabbage containing carcinogenic formaldehyde. In 2008, some 300,000 infants in China were harmed by milk and baby formula products adulterated with the chemical melamine."

"According to calculations by the Institute for Applied Ecology, shipping frozen products has only a minor adverse effect on our environmental footprint. Transporting 10 tons of product by ship from China generates only 1.3 tons of CO2 emissions. When trucks carry the same amount of product from the Spanish city of Alicante to the northern German city of Hamburg, they emit 1.56 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere."
local  environmentalism  debunk  health  contamination  safety  food  China 
october 2012 by dandv
List of largest employers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visualization by The Economist (2012) -

US DoD is the largest employer, with 3.2 million people. Note that this is 3 times more than the US Census claims in 2010 -;=table, Employment status, Armed forces.
Wikipedia  China  Walmart  Department_of_Defense  global  world  employers  top 
june 2012 by dandv
Beware The Reverse Brain Drain To India And China | TechCrunch
2008 study on 1,203 returnees to India and China: "the average age of the Indian returnees was 30 and the Chinese was 33. They were really well educated: 51% of the Chinese held masters degrees and 41% had PhDs. Among Indians, 66% held a masters and 12% had PhDs.". "Some 27% of the Indians and 34% of the Chinese had permanent resident status or were U.S. citizens."

What propelled them to return home? Some 84% of the Chinese and 69% of the Indians cited professional opportunities. And while they make less money in absolute terms at home, most said their salaries brought a “better quality of life” than what they had in the U.S.

When it came to social factors, 67% of the Chinese and 80% of the Indians cited better “family values” at home.

"The majority of foreign students about to graduate didn’t think that the U.S. was the best place for their professional careers and planned to return home. Only 6% of Indian, 10% of Chinese, and 15% of European students planned to settle in US"
immigration  USA  Wadhwa  Vivek  China  India  Silicon_Valley  reverse  drain  brain 
january 2012 by dandv
China's 10 Day Traffic Jam – Exponential Growth at its Worst ...
August 24, 2010: "A massive traffic jam has been clogging the G110 since sometime on August 14th, and has stretched to more than 60 miles at its longest. Thousands of commuters have been stuck on the road for days, living off of water and food sold to them by vendors wandering through the semi-parked cars.

the Beijing area is adding cars at an astonishing rate of 1900 per day! Average speeds in the city during commuting times have slowed to less than 15 miles per hour (~25 kph). The number of drivers on the road is essentially negating the benefit of traveling in cars. Might as well ride a bike."

Seemed caused by China's silly idea of transporting coal in road trucks, instead of using barges or rail.
China  traffic  jam  news 
april 2011 by dandv
Swinger Tests China’s Sex Morals -
Chinese swinger sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for "crowd licentiousness".

“Marriage is like water,” he said. “You have to drink it. Swinging is like wine. Some people feel it’s delicious the first time they try it, so they keep drinking. Some people try it and think it tastes bad, so they never drink it again. It’s completely voluntary. No one is forcing you.”

The law against group sex, generally interpreted by judges as involving three or more people, is left over from an earlier law against “hooliganism” that was used to prosecute people who had sex outside of marriage, Ms. Li said. The hooliganism law was scrapped in 1997. One notable swingers case took place in the early 1980s, when the leader of a swingers club involving four middle-aged couples was executed, she added.
China  swinging  trial  sex  freedom  civil  rights  privacy 
may 2010 by dandv
In Global Revival Of Religion, 'God Is Back' : NPR
"From Christians in Shanghai to Muslim televangelists in Cairo, they conclude we're in the middle of a global faith revival. They report compelling evidence of a religion boom. For example, they say China will be the world's biggest Christian country by 2050 — at the latest — and already the country has more churchgoers than members of the Communist party."
religion  China  Muslim  revival  God  back  book 
june 2009 by dandv
Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Japanese attack, 1937-Dec - 1938-Feb. 200,000 - 300,000 Chinese civilians killed; 80,000 women raped.
awareness  history  Japan  China  Nanking  rape  massacre 
february 2009 by dandv
Marriage satisfaction and wellness in India and the United States: a preliminary comparison of arranged marriages and marriages of choice.
"the duration of courtship, premarital cohabitation, and patterns of spouse selection were only minimally related to marriage satisfaction."

"persons in arranged marriages had higher marital satisfaction scores, [...] than either the love-married persons in India or the companionate-married persons in the United States. Furthermore, their results indicated that husbands and wives in arranged marriages were more satisfied with their marital relationships than were the husbands and wives in the U.S. sample."

WARNING: data conflicts slightly with,7,12;journal,14,35;linkingpublicationresults,1:112973,1 ("Differences were found in importance of marital characteristics, but no differences in satisfaction were found.")
marriage  satisfaction  survey  study  statistics  India  Israel  USA  China  arranged  free  choice  happy 
august 2008 by dandv

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