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Sir, Could I See Your Breeding License? - Science Not Fiction : Science Not Fiction
[[Our society, it would seem, unconsciously believes “If you’re naturally able to have kids, then it’s OK for you to have kids. But if you aren’t able to naturally have kids, there might be something else wrong with you, and you should be investigated.” That kind of mindset is wrong – your ability to have kids is not an indicator your ability to take care of them.

To make things equal for everybody, we have two options: either we allow anyone to adopt or use ARTs without scrutiny, or we make sure that all parents meet a minimum set of standards. The latter argument was set forth by Hugh Lafollette in Philosophy and Public Affairs way back in 1980 in his paper cleverly named “Licensing Parents”. His case is more compelling than you might think. Here are the logical steps:

1. We currently license activities that could involve harm to others: driving, medicine, and law.

2. Licenses are not designed to select the “best” but to prohibit those who demonstrate significant failings in the basic demands of the field.

3. Children are valuable and should be protected, because they cannot protect themselves.

4. What makes a parent “good” is difficult to define, but what makes a parent unacceptably bad is easy to define and detect.

5. Therefore, licensing parenthood in order to prevent the very worst from becoming parents is a good way to protect children.
children  adoption  natalism  philosophy  parenting  license 
september 2015 by dandv
We know where you’ve been: Ars acquires 4.6M license plate scans from the cops | Ars Technica
Some cities have even mounted such cameras at their city borders, monitoring who comes in and out, including the wealthy city of Piedmont, California, which is totally surrounded by Oakland. -

a “hit rate” of 0.2 percent. In other words, nearly all of the data collected by an LPR system concerns people not currently under suspicion. In fact, nearly all of the 100 most frequently seen cars were other OPD vehicles scanned several hundred times each. Despite this, then-OPD Deputy Chief Dave Kozicki (who has since retired) dubbed the LPR setup an “overwhelming success.”

OPD and other law enforcement agencies have the ability to match a given plate with registration records from the Department of Motor Vehicles and the National Crime Information Center, revealing a car's owner

The astounding thing about this information is that anyone, and I mean anyone, can get this information. Some of the information is more than two years old.

I can see lawyers using this information for lawsuits. I can check where my wife is located. Car companies can see my habits. Insurance companies can check up on their clients. We have entered the world of 1984 with the difference that anyone can get the information.

The purpose, of course, is to enable retroactive investigation of movements.

Oakland has a higher murder rate than Los Angeles. For three years running, the city has held the dubious honor of being America’s urban robbery capital. The city recorded 4,922 robberies in 2013—or 14 per day. Police see LPRs as one more tool used to put a dent in the crime rate.

Anecdotally, cops often say that LPR data is great for finding stolen vehicles or locating criminal suspects, and it's easy to imagine how such license plate reader data could be correlated with financial information, cellular data, or even surveillance video in a more complex investigation.

Evidence for LPR effectiveness remains largely anecdotal. Toribio could not provide any quantitative evidence to suggest that the LPR system made the police more effective overall at catching suspects than before implementation in 2006. Academics studying the issue say that the question remains open.

The reporter asked for data on his car:
surveillance  state  LPR  license  plate  reader  Oakland  USA 
march 2015 by dandv
License plate reader error leads to traffic stop at gunpoint, court case | Ars Technica
Four San Francisco cops handcuffed and held a woman at gunpoint after failing to check the accuracy of a vehicle-mounted license-plate reader, which misread a number.

USA  police  state  license  plate  reader  brutality  mistake  LPR 
march 2015 by dandv
/dev/dump: GNU grep - A Cautionary Tale About GPLv3
[[But if you're a business trying to create value, this is actively harmful.  Its almost impossible to build a product around GPLv3 code unless the only way you create value is through selling support.  (There are a variety of business reasons this is a bad model... with open code, 3rd parties can start "selling support" for your product, possibly giving your product a bad name, and generally leaching off your engineering effort.   In the end, without proprietary code, there is vastly reduced economic incentive to innovate -- you can't use innovation in software to gain a competitive advantage when all software is open.  I would argue that even the innovation that occurs in Linux exists largely due to economic pressures arising from attempts to compete against proprietary systems. )]]

HOWEVER, read the comments.
GPL  license  controversy  GPLv3  open  source 
march 2015 by dandv
MongoDB legal problems resolved
How to put copyright lawyers at ease when they complain about MongoDB's AGPL license.
MongoDB  AGPL  license  legal  solution 
march 2015 by dandv
Automatic License Plate Readers | American Civil Liberties Union
[[Automatic license plate readers, mounted on police cars or on objects like road signs and bridges, use small, high-speed cameras to photograph thousands of plates per minute.

ALPR Interactive Map
The information captured by the readers – including the license plate number, and the date, time, and location of every scan – is being collected and sometimes pooled into regional sharing systems. As a result, enormous databases of innocent motorists’ location information are growing rapidly. This information is often retained for years or even indefinitely, with few or no restrictions to protect privacy rights.]]
USA  police  surveillance  state  car  license  plate  automatic  readers  1984 
july 2013 by dandv
What The Fuck Public License for source code
Not sure how valid it is; the fucking awesome iD editor for OpenStreetMap uses it.
WTFPL  WTF  license  software  against  patents  parody  humor  fun 
june 2013 by dandv
Iowa City to ban red-light cameras, drones, and license plate readers too | Ars Technica initiative to become municipal bill banning the use of red light camera, automatic vehicle license plate recognition, and drones for enforcing parking and traffic violations. An officer needs to be present at the scene.
Iowa  City  privacy  law  bill  cool  ban  surveillance  drone  automatic  license  recognition  plate  red  light  camera 
june 2013 by dandv
The Right to Work - Reason Magazine
"In Louisiana, you can't sell flower arrangements unless you have permission from the government."
WTF  Louisiana  flower  ban  law  stupid  florist  license  government  anti  against  regulation  free  market  flowers 
october 2010 by dandv
What Facebook's revised terms of use mean for your content | Jacobson Attorneys: the new media law firm
Facebok gets "an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to (a) use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers)" to content that you LINK to!
Facebook  evil  license  Terms  Service  copyright  user  content  WTF  legal  law  intellectual  property 
february 2009 by dandv
Philip Greenspun’s Weblog » Certification of Doctors: there is none
Blog post - A parallel between getting a doctor's and a pilot's license
doctor  medic  certification  license  pilot  aviation 
january 2009 by dandv
California Department of Consumer Affairs
Verify licenses for accountants, architects, doctors (medical, dental, veterinary etc.), automotive, contractors, security professionals, barbers, electronics/appliance repairs ETC.
California  consumer  affairs  verify  license  doctor  medic  contractor 
october 2007 by dandv
Photos of bad parkers
Often tagged with the license plate
bad  parking  car  photos  license  plate  search  fun 
august 2007 by dandv
DCA BAR Vehicle Smog Test History
Public record of smog test history. Due to privacy concerns, will no longer return license plate when entering VIN, or viceversa. Can still find vehicle make, mode and year. OLD URL:
car  auto  smog  test  check  public  record  DMV  California  find  VIN  license  plate  make  model 
may 2007 by dandv

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