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Game devs on what they would do to their clones | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“You enter a room. The door locks behind you. From a door opposite another you enters. This other you is a perfectly identical clone, created in the exact instant you entered the room, but as every second ticks by they are creating their own distinct personhood. The doors will unlock in 90 minutes. Nobody will ever know what happens in the room. What do you do? (assume the materials you need for whatever you want to do are in the room). Please show your working, if able.”
15 hours ago
draft-elders-social-media-apology-00 - Social Media (An Apology)
“Recently, you may have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of
opprobrium, outrage, hate speech and overall bile on your favorite
social media channel.”
15 hours ago
Association for Computing Machinery Code of Ethics
“Computing professionals' actions change the world. To act responsibly, they should reflect upon the wider impacts of their work, consistently supporting the public good. The ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct ("the Code") expresses the conscience of the profession.”
code  update  profession  acm  up-to-us  ethics  framework  research  professional 
This company is giving away face recognition software to K-12 schools - MIT Technology Review
"RealNetworks launched a website today that allows schools in North America to download and implement its facial recognition software for free." - yes, that RealNetworks.
realnetworks  facialrecognition  policy  education  ethics 
VirtualLink USB-C Alt Mode Announced: Standardized Connector for VR Headsets
"Backed by NVIDIA, AMD, Oculus, Valve, and Microsoft, the new VirtualLink standard is a USB Type-C alternate mode that will be able to supply all of the necessary power, video information, and data over a single Type-C cable and connector."
usb-c  standard  cable  connector  virtuallink  alternatemode  vr  nvidia  amd  oculus  valve  microsoft 
Nintendo Labo™ Creators Contest - Winners
These are fantastic. And they also make me think: you could *kind* of do some of these if you could pair a bunch of Apple remotes (gyros, accelerometers - but without the light sensing) with an iPad and connect them up to Swift Playgrounds. Nintendo have got something very nice here.
nintendo  labo  creativity  computing  physical  tactile 
2 days ago
Internet Speed Test |
If not a better speedtest than Ookla's speedtest, at least an alternate one from Netflix
netflix  speedtest  internet  bandwidth  latency  upstream  downstream 
2 days ago
Charting the Great Twitter Bot Purge of 2018 / Observable
"Here are 32 charts showing follower counts over the past year for a mix of Twitter accounts, some which had been caught with fake followers by the Times investigation in January, along with a dozen other celebrities." Are these sparklines? Not quite?
datavisualization  graphs  twitter  followers  bot  purge 
2 days ago
Making Amazon Alexa respond to Sign Language using AI - YouTube
"If voice is the future of computing what about those who cannot speak or hear? I used deep learning with TensorFlow.js to make Amazon Echo respond to sign language."
design  asl  signlanguage  tensorflow  amazon  echo  voice  interface  accessibility  abhishek  singh 
2 days ago
Our three levers – The ODI
"[Our strategy needs] to address the motivation, opportunity and capability of those actors. We have found three sets of activities that, in our experience, are most likely to lead to that sustainable change. 1) Sector programmes – coordinating organisations to tackle a social or economic problem with data and an open approach. 2) Practical advocacy – working as a critical friend with businesses and government, and creating products they can use to support change.
3) Peer networks – bringing together peers in similar situations to learn together."
odi  data  opendata  levers  change  sectors  organizations  coordination  advocacy  business  government  peernetworks  research  up-to-us 
2 days ago
Our theory of change – The ODI
"Three activities create impact from data: 1) stewarding data – collecting it, maintaining it and sharing it; 2) creating information from that data – in the form of products and services, analyses and insights, or stories and visualisations; 3) deciding what to do – informed by information from multiple sources along with experience and understanding"
odi  strategy  manifesto  theoryofchange  research  up-to-us  activities  data  opendata  stewarding  synthesizing  creating  deciding 
2 days ago
A generic mechanism for perceptual organization in the parietal cortex. - PubMed - NCBI
"SIGNFICANCE STATEMENT Making sense of cluttered visual scenes is crucial for every-day perception. An important cue to scene segmentation is visual motion: slight movements of scene elements give away which elements belong to the fore- or background or to the same object. We used three distinct stimuli that engage visual scene segmentation mechanisms based on motion. They involved perceptual grouping, transparent motion and depth perception. Brain activity associated with all three mechanisms converged in the same parietal region with concurrent deactivation of early visual areas. The results suggest that posterior parietal cortex is a hub involved in structuring visual scenes based on different motion cues, and that feedback modulates early cortical processing in accord with predictive coding theory."
predictivecoding  predictiveprocessing  neuroscience  cognition  vision  movement 
2 days ago
Reachnow - FAQ
"Portland: Our current fleet consists of 360 vehicles: The BMW 3 Series, electric BMW i3, BMW X1 Sports Activity Vehicle, the MINI Cooper 2-door hardtop and the MINI Clubman"
2 days ago
Our manifesto – The ODI
Our six manifesto points will help us to achieve our vision: we want people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts
infrastructure  ethics  manifesto  odi  up-to-us  innovation  equity  research  data  engagement  strategy  capability 
2 days ago
Our Strategy – The ODI
“We want people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts.”
mission  strategy  manifesto  odi  research  up-to-us 
2 days ago
Disaster Response for Nonprofits & NGOs
“The AWS Disaster Response Action Team allows customers to focus on mission-critical functions, while AWS provisions critical data and applications, transports hardware to the base of operations, and implements deployable infrastructure based on customer need.”
2 days ago
AWS Snowball Edge - Petabyte-Scale Data Transport with Compute
“AWS Snowball Edge is a data migration and edge computing device with 100TB of capacity and support for computing tasks via Amazon EC2 applications or AWS Lambda functions. Customers use these devices to collect, process and store data in environments with intermittent connectivity (such as manufacturing, industrial, and transportation) or in extremely remote locations (such as military or maritime operations) before shipping it back to AWS. These devices may also be rack mounted and clustered together to build larger, temporary installations.” Ok you can call it that but let’s just agree that this is a remote transportable node for The Machine/Northern Lights.
computing  disasterresponse  maritime  edge  snowball  military  aws  flightcase  remote 
2 days ago
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team | Fast, Powerful, and Practical: New Technology for Aerial Imagery in Disaster Response
The AWS Snowball Edge allows prospective users of these tools to “create a job” (in AWS parlance) after a disaster strikes, which will provision a 100TB ruggedized device with content from S3 buckets–large volumes of satellite imagery showing pre- and post-event conditions. The AWS Snowball Edge will then be shipped out by AWS and can be further transported by other means (I checked the Snowball Edge on my flight from Oregon to Dulles). Once on-site, all that’s needed is to connect to power and a local network. A generator and and a mesh network (no internet connectivity necessary) would suffice.
2 days ago
Strengths Become Vulnerabilities: How a Digital World Disadvantages the United States in Its International Relations - Lawfare
“[constituent] elements of U.S. society—a commitment to free speech, privacy and the rule of law; innovative technology firms; relatively unregulated markets; and deep digital sophistication—create asymmetric vulnerabilities that foreign adversaries, especially authoritarian ones, can exploit. These asymmetrical vulnerabilities might explain why the United States so often appears to be on the losing end of recent cyber operations and why U.S. attempts to develop and implement policies to enhance defense, resiliency, response or deterrence in the cyber realm have been ineffective.”
ruleoflaw  democracy  freespeech  vulnerability  via:bruceschneier  security 
2 days ago
[1806.10189] Thermanator: Thermal Residue-Based Post Factum Attacks On Keyboard Password Entry
“Specifically, we introduce Thermanator, a new post factum insider attack based on heat transfer caused by a user typing a password on a typical external keyboard. We conduct and describe a user study that collected thermal residues from 30 users entering 10 unique passwords (both weak and strong) on 4 popular commodity keyboards. Results show that entire sets of key-presses can be recovered by non-expert users as late as 30 seconds after initial password entry, while partial sets can be recovered as late as 1 minute after entry. Furthermore, we find that Hunt-and-Peck typists are particularly vulnerable.”
keyboard  security  imaging  cryptogram  via:bruceschneier  password  thermal 
2 days ago
ConceptNet is a freely-available semantic network, designed to help computers understand the meanings of words that people use.
2 days ago
How to Write Your Own C++ Game Engine
“Lately I’ve been writing a game engine in C++... ... The point is: I didn’t plan the engine architecture before I started programming. This was a deliberate choice. Instead, I just wrote the simplest code that implemented the next feature, then I’d look at the code to see what kind of architecture emerged naturally. By “engine architecture”, I mean the set of modules that make up the game engine, the dependencies between those modules, and the API for interacting with each module.”
2 days ago
TomF's Tech Blog - It's only pretending to be a wiki.
“Every month or so, someone will ask me what happened to Larrabee and why it failed so badly. And I then try to explain to them that not only didn't it fail, it was a pretty huge success. And they are understandably very puzzled by this, because in the public consciousness Larrabee was like the Itanic and the SPU rolled into one, wasn't it? Well, not quite. So rather than explain it in person a whole bunch more times, I thought I should write it down.”
intel  c86  larrabee  gpu  mic  gpgpu  knights 
2 days ago
On to the next thing
“But then one of the most exciting recent developments in ray-tracing has been the rapid advancement of deep convnet-based denoisers; among others, researchers at Pixar and NVIDIA have done really impressive work in this area. Out of nowhere, we now have the prospect of being able to generate high-quality images with just a handful of samples per pixel. There’s still much more work to be done, but the results so far have been stunning. And then Marco Salvi’s fantastic SIGGRAPH talk on deep learning and the future of real time rendering really got the gears turning in my head; there’s a lot more beyond just denoising that deep learning has to offer graphics.”
raytracibg  dxr  nvidia  denoising  pathtracing  convnet  research  deeplearning  ml 
2 days ago
Swallowing the elephant: all the links
“Links to all of the articles in my adventures getting Disney’s Moana island scene to render well with pbrt.”
wdas  optimization  gce  mattpharr  pbrt  rendering 
2 days ago
Matt Pharr
“My book on rendering, Physically Based Rendering, is widely used in university courses and by graphics researchers and developers. Greg Humphreys, Pat Hanrahan, and I were awarded an Academy Award in recognition of the book's impact on CGI in movies—never before has a book received an Academy Award. The third edition of the book was released in Fall of 2016.”
google  pixar  nvidia  daydream  intel  mattpharr  rendering  pbrt  moana  rebdering 
2 days ago
How Railroad History Shaped Internet History - The Atlantic
Rail infrastructure has shaped the language of the network (as noted in David A. Banks’s work on the history of the term “online”), the constellation of companies that form the network (most famously with Sprint emerging from the Southern Pacific Railroad’s internal-communications network), and, most relevant to this story, the actual routes that fiber-optic networks run.
2 days ago
British Rail Telecommunications - Wikipedia
“British Rail Telecommunications was created in 1992 by British Rail (BR). It was the largest private telecoms network in Britain, consisting of 17,000 route kilometres of fibre optic and copper cable which connected every major city and town in the country and provided links to continental Europe through the Channel Tunnel.[1]” - here’s your Alternative Internet...
2 days ago
Sprint Born From Railroad, Telephone Businesses : NPR
“They decided to hold a contest after we were able to prove that everything worked, and the winning title was Sprint, which stood for Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Networking Telephony.”
2 days ago
Network Rail’s fibre optic network attracts telecoms interest
“British Rail’s telecoms unit was sold to Racal, a British Telecoms company, in 1996, which in turn sold it to an US company that went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The business was brought back in-house in 2002 and Network Rail has since spent £2bn modernising it. A similar pattern saw Germany and France eventually buy their railway telecoms systems back in-house.”
2 days ago
New computing system to enable deep space missions – The Michigan Engineer News Center
HPSC Chiplet-powered systems will replace decades-old processor technology with a modern power-efficient Arm system-on-chip (SoC) design, and will provide orders of magnitude more computer processing power than is found in spacecraft of today. This will allow for enhanced capabilities such as onboard autonomy, astronaut assistance, and high bandwidth sensor data processing, and could provide a path forward for increasingly intelligent spacecraft.
spaceflight  computing  arm  soc  processing  highperformance  nasa  umich  boeing 
2 days ago
Report: Amazon’s Next Frontier: Your City’s Purchasing - Institute for Local Self-Reliance
We found that Amazon won the U.S. Communities contract without having to compete on price, and without providing a volume discount for the $5.5 billion in sales the contract is expected to generate over 11 years. This is a remarkable departure from standard practice. For routine goods like office supplies, local governments typically develop a list of hundreds of their highest-volume items, and then solicit a contract that calls for a fixed price on those items. This approach enables cities to make apples-to-apples price comparisons of competing proposals.
2 days ago
It Was Raining in the Data Center – Member Feature Stories – Medium
“The ‘extreme changes’ described in the report above were caused by an accidental feedback loop of high temperature and low humidity air from the hot rows entering a water-based evaporative cooling system. When this air returned to the servers on the cold rows, it was so wet that it condensed. A cloud was raining on the cloud.”
3 days ago
High thermal conductivity in cubic boron arsenide crystals | Science
“The high density of heat generated in power electronics and optoelectronic devices is a critical bottleneck in their application. New, high thermally-conducting materials are needed to effectively dissipate heat and thereby enable enhanced performance of power controls, solid-state lighting, communication, and security systems. We report our experimental discovery of high thermal conductivity of 1000 ± 90 W/m/K at room temperature in cubic boron arsenide (BAs) grown through modified chemical vapor transport technique. Such thermal conductivity is a factor of 3 higher than that of silicon carbide and surpassed only by diamond and the basal plane value of graphite. This work establishes BAs as the first realization of a new class of ultrahigh thermal conductivity materials predicted by a recent theory, and a potential revolutionary thermal management material.”
4 days ago
Build-A-Bear 'Pay Your Age Day' chaos is sign of success - Business Insider
"On Thursday, Build-A-Bear was set to celebrate "Pay Your Age Day" in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where customers could purchase a stuffed animal and pay only their age. Kids could pay just a few dollars for stuffed bears, while the fee for adults was capped at $29. The bears usually cost $20 to $35."
buildabear  marketing  promotion 
5 days ago
The IceCube Neutrino Detector at the South Pole Hits Paydirt - IEEE Spectrum
“The 170922A event alert, with its estimated coordinates of the neutrino’s origin in the sky, went out to astronomers running instruments which can detect gamma rays, such as those onboard the orbiting Swift observatory. Swift quickly spotted that the 170922A event coordinates matched with those of known blazar TXS 0506+056, and that the blazar was flaring in brightness. “Thanks to the automated trigger … Swift was observing within four hours of the neutrino detection,” said Jamie Kennea, science operation team lead for Swift in a press release.”
6 days ago
PlaneBae saga: Woman breaks her silence, asks for anonymity
“I did not ask for and do not seek attention. #PlaneBae is not a romance - it is a digital-age cautionary tale about privacy, identity, ethics and consent.”
6 days ago
New Drone 'Cockpits' Aim to Make Remote Warfare Feel More Real - Motherboard
"[The] most significant change will come with the Block 50 control station, which features six 24-inch touchscreen displays for each operator. The three topmost screens, arranged side-by-side, display the drone's own camera feed, giving the pilot a view that's more than three times wider than that of older control stations.

Additionally, the main joystick for steering the drone using the Block 50 platform more closely matches the models found in manned fighter jets, though as a backup for extremely long missions, General Atomics added a Playstation-style controller that's easier to hold for hours on end. A drone pilot can switch between controllers, depending on whether realism or endurance poses a greater challenge at the time.

"They’ve made the controls and displays more advanced technologically as well as ergonomically better and along with some other human-factors-engineering angles," Strawser said. "In short, the so-called 'cockpits' look, feel, and function better than they did a few years ago.""
hci  warfare  drone  platform  control  display  interface  controlsurface  cockpit 
6 days ago
Not a Single Origin
"Combining code and confectionary, every part of this concept originates from data and algorithms. We used experimental 3D printing techniques to visualise each suburb on their respective chocolate, literally bringing the streets to your taste buds. The packaging is a feat of algorithmic art - photographs of all our ingredients twisted and transformed into an other-worldly terrain bursting with the colours and vibrancy of Sydney's multicultural makeup." - this is incredibly well done. claps all around to the team
notasingleorigin  art  visualization  data  sydney  australia  mapbox  3dprinting  algorithms 
6 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg says he’s ‘fundamentally uncomfortable’ making content decisions for Facebook - Recode
“Things like, ‘Where’s the line on hate speech?’ I mean, who chose me to be the person that did that?” Zuckerberg continued. “I guess I have to, because we’re here now, but I’d rather not.”
markzuckerberg  facebook  content  society  police  moderation  hatespeech  technology  ethics 
6 days ago
(14) Rethinking CS Education | Alan Kay, CrossRoads 2015 - YouTube
Alan Kay talks about alternative approaches to teach Computer Science in schools
alankay  systems  education  computerscience  cs 
6 days ago
People Aren’t Dumb. The World Is Hard. - Freakonomics Freakonomics
"I like to use G.P.S. as an analogy of what we’re trying to do. So, I have a terrible sense of direction. And Google Maps is a lifesaver for me. Now, if I want to go visit you, I can plug in your address, and suppose I’m walking across the park, and I see, “Oh, there’s a softball game over there. I think I’ll go watch that for a while,” Google Maps doesn’t scold me. It will re-compute a new route if I’ve gone a bit out of my way. It doesn’t suggest addresses to me. It just suggests a route. And if there’s a traffic jam, it suggests maybe you should alter your route." - of course, new iterations of Google Mail *do* in a way scold you by "reminding" you of emails you may have forgotten about
economics  behavioraleconomics  psychology  richardthaler  libertarianpaternalism 
6 days ago
Doing good data science - O'Reilly Media
“The problem we face is different: how do we put ethical principles into practice? We’re not talking about an abstract commitment to being fair. Ethical principles are worse than useless if we don’t allow them to change our practice, if they don’t have any effect on what we do day-to-day. For data scientists, whether you’re doing classical data analysis or leading-edge AI, that’s a big challenge. We need to understand how to build the software systems that implement fairness. That’s what we mean by doing good data science.”
principles  datascience  practice  ethics  data 
7 days ago
CS4ALL Blueprint Beta
“Computer science (CS) is the study of the capabilities and limitations of computers. Computational literacy is the ability to understand how CS can be applied in all walks of life. New York City public school students develop computational literacy through creative computing.”
computerscience  highschool  education  cs  newyork 
7 days ago
Apple worked with Blackmagic on a new external GPU - The Verge
Okay yes, this is good. But it still *feels* like Apple is prioritizing "quiet and small" even when it doesn't have to - Apple *could* offer an external GPU solution that on the high end, but this still isn't that. I don't see how splitting the difference and having an Radeon Pro 580 *and* a RX Vega 64 would've been worse. It still feels like Apple doesn't get it.
apple  egpu  blackmagic  radeonpro580 
7 days ago
How Much for Just the Planet? - Wikipedia
They find the planet Direidi and its inhabitants to be very strange indeed. Planet inhabitants occasionally break into song to explain their narratives or seemingly attack the visitors. Both crews (as well as the three-person crew of the Federation prospector that found the planet in the first place) get into various adventures with the planet's inhabitants and each other.
7 days ago
sub-Q Magazine - About
sub-Q is an interactive magazine for interactive fiction. We publish original and reprint works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird tales, magic realism, and mash-ups.
interactivefiction  if  sub-q  gamedesign 
7 days ago
nvALT -
nvALT 2 is a fork of the original Notational Velocity with some additional features and interface modifications, including MultiMarkdown functionality. It has been developed by Elastic Threads (David Halter) and Brett Terpstra, and made available for free (donations accepted).
7 days ago
Apple is reportedly upgrading most of its Mac lineup this fall, including the Mac mini - The Verge
7 days ago
Reimagining "Terminator 2's" Iconic User Interfaces Through the Power of Adobe XD | Adobe Blog
“With the intention of showcasing the power of Adobe XD and demonstrating the potential of UX design beyond app and website design, Adobe partnered with Territory to reimagine two iconic stills from “Terminator 2” using Adobe XD. The results were eye-opening for Territory and Adobe alike, revealing a new realm of potential for designers working in film UX while inspiring new functionalities for XD’s community.”
xd  terminator2  designfiction  territory  adobe  ui  design  marketing 
7 days ago
Jira cloud - how can I find average time spent in ...
“For your exact needs, eazyBI offers a standard measure "Average days in transition status", and you can create a simple report of average days in status by drag and drop in the report dashboard (use the Transition status dimension and Assignee, for instance).”
bottlenecks  jira  reporting 
7 days ago
Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras - The New York Times
“Take, for example, the crosswalk in Xiangyang. The images don’t appear instantaneously. The billboard often shows jaywalkers from weeks ago, though authorities have recently reduced the lag to about five or six days. Officials said humans still sift through the images to match them to people’s identities.”
8 days ago
Australian government, IBM in $1 billion advanced technologies deal - The Mandarin
“The Australian government has struck a deal with IBM to provide a $1 billion five-year technology service to accelerate the uptake of blockchain, AI and quantum computing in the public sector.”
8 days ago
Use Digital Touch on your Apple Watch - Apple Support
“Show anger” - I totally forgot all the Digital Touch stuff Apple did with their watch.
8 days ago
Google now refers to its different Assistant voices using colors - The Verge
I think this is pretty smart and also am totally getting Culture-style Drone aura vibes from it.
8 days ago
Gigaom | What Microsoft got right with its smartwatch nearly a decade ago. (More than you think)
“Apple’s forte is in mobile apps thanks to its strong developer base and tool set. It also has a wide reach for providing those apps. If anyone is going to crack the “useful apps on the wrist” market, my money is on Apple. But I’m personally not sure I want apps on my watch. I have enough devices that run apps: a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Apple also redefined the smartphone market through the iOS breakthroughs in mobile user interfaces; something that’s key for truly mainstream smartwatch.” - from 2013
8 days ago
Smart Personal Objects Technology - Wikipedia
“The Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) is a discontinued initiative by Microsoft to create intelligent and personal home appliances, consumer electronics, and other objects through new hardware capabilities and software features.”
consumerelectronics  fm  iot  2002  comdex  microsoft 
8 days ago
Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence
"When AI is framed as cheap prediction, its extraordinary potential becomes clear: Prediction is at the heart of making decisions under uncertainty. Our businesses and personal lives are riddled with such decisions.; Prediction tools increase productivity--operating machines, handling documents, communicating with customers.; Uncertainty constrains strategy. Better prediction creates opportunities for new business structures and strategies to compete." also - prediction-making is not the same as decision-making
ai  prediction  artificial  intelligence  hbr  harvard  book  economics 
8 days ago
How people interpret probability through words | FlowingData
"I wonder what results would look like if instead of showing a word and asking probability, you flipped it around. Show probability and then ask people for a word to describe. I’d like to see that spectrum." - that CIA report again, and this time with a good question
probability  cia  report  visualization  human  cognition  language 
8 days ago
Composite image of a spider building its web | FlowingData
"Christian Fröschlin combined 2,800 frames of a spider building its web for this composite image."
data  imagery  composite  spider  web  time 
8 days ago
10 years ago, the App Store still didn’t understand what it meant to be mobile - The Verge
"While 2018’s apps are almost laughably predictable in terms of what tops the chart, the 2008 apps are far more eclectic. It’s a reflection of the early, Wild West days where developers were trying to grab people’s attention with whatever they could."
2008  ios  iphone  appstore  digital  culture  mobile 
8 days ago
Endings: Winnie the Pooh and the Transience of Childhood
     I mean ... I find this ending to be so heartbreaking! Especially as I watch my small daughter rapidly growing up before my eyes. But, I don't think I understood the significance of this particular leave-taking when I was a child. Christopher Robin's voice here is actually the voice of Milne lamenting the necessary loss of childhood to make way for maturity and adult responsibility, echoing classic characters like Peter Pan and Wendy and Jo March. Children rarely themselves mourn the loss of childhood innocence. Adults are the ones who feel that pang most severely as the ones blessed (cursed?) with hindsight.
9 days ago
Winnie-the-Pooh / Tear Jerker - TV Tropes
Still with his eyes on the world, Christopher Robin put out a hand and felt for Pooh's Paw. "Pooh," said Christopher Robin earnestly, "if I — if I'm not quite —" he stopped and tried again — "Pooh, whatever happens, you will understand, won't you?" OH GOD THIS DESTROYED ME WHEN I READ IT THE OTHER NIGHT
9 days ago
Human-Centered AI: Building Trust, Democracy and Human Rights by Design
"Part of the value of the human rights framework stems from the fact that these norms already exists under international human rights law. The texts that make up this body of law have been negotiated and agreed to internationally. Human rights norms are particularly well suited for our globalized, digitized context, specifically because of their universal applicability."
stanford  gdpi  digital  policy  event  humancentered  ai  ethics  framework  up-to-us  research 
9 days ago
Making artificial intelligence socially just: why the current focus on ethics is not enough | British Politics and Policy at LSE
“The biggest thing AI can do for humanity is forcing us to keep asking these questions: we must co-opt the AI discourse to keep addressing urgent social problems, rather than the other way around.”
9 days ago
Paxos (computer science) - Wikipedia
“The Paxos protocol was first published in 1989 and named after a fictional legislative consensus system used on the Paxos island in Greece.[4] It was later published as a journal article in 1998.[5]”
computer  distributed  systems  paxos  science 
9 days ago
Leadership | AT&T
“In his 3-decade career with AT&T, John has held a variety of other senior leadership positions including: president and CEO – AT&T Business Solutions, president and CEO – AT&T Operations, group president – Telecom Operations, chief technology officer and chief information officer.”
9 days ago
Some reviews & reviewers of 2018's SF/F short fiction so far | MetaFilter
“Setting aside stories posted previously, a selection of recommendations from other sources offers additional perspective on six months of SF/F short fiction.”
9 days ago
Razor brand Billie embraces women with body hair - Video - Creativity Online
“Billie, a brand launched around the contention that women pay a "pink tax" on razors by paying more than men do for similar products, has a new campaign to pay homage to the stuff razors remove--female body hair in all its glory. "Project Body Hair" means to reflect Billie's belief that women aren't "goddesses" for shaving and should only shave when they want to, plus the idea that they shouldn't pay more for a razor just because it has a pink handle.”
9 days ago
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