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Publications - Dominica Phetteplace
I enjoyed their “Oracle” to an almost unreasonable degree
14 hours ago
How 20th Century Fox uses ML to predict a movie audience | Google Cloud Blog
Maybe I don't understand this but I fail to see how this prevents getting trapped in local maxima
15 hours ago
Disney (DIS) Pulls YouTube Ads Amid Concerns Over Child Voyeurs - Bloomberg
2000-2002: omg crowdsourced moderation and flagging of content is the answer to everything!
2019: what if... not.
15 hours ago
The Surprising Value of Obvious Insights
Help make it safe for people to believe what is already true, but is unsafe to admit
22 hours ago
Jack Schulze on Playdeo
"Playdeo is making television you can touch: a new space, inside video, where you can play"

Television you can touch! That either took no time at all, or a very long time.
playdeo  quote  television  product  statement 
2 days ago
Jack Shulze on the camera
" there isn’t a sensor, or set of signals more heavily under development than the camera’s" from
schulze  playdeo  camera  sensors 
2 days ago
Emoji are showing up in court cases exponentially, and courts aren’t prepared - The Verge
"[but] emoji are a critical part of communication, and in cases where transcripts of online communication are being read to the jury, they need to be characterized as well instead of being skipped over." OMG NOW IMAGINING A BUDDY PROCEDURAL WHERE ONE OF THE BUDDIES IS THE FORENSIC LINGUIST SPECIALIZING IN EMOJI and the other buddy is the LAWYER or COP or STRAIGHT PERSON WHO IS ALL what do you mean emoji are important
2 days ago
Opinion | No, You Can’t Ignore Email. It’s Rude. - The New York Times
"Remember that a short reply is kinder and more professional than none at all. If you have too much on your plate, come clean: “I don’t have the bandwidth to add this.” If it’s not your expertise, just say so: “Sorry, this isn’t in my wheelhouse.” And if you want to say no, just say “no.”" - would that it were that simple. Organizational psychologist is missing the bit from psychology that might *prevent* people from saying "no" or "I can't do this". Or, hey, today's two minute shame is about...
nyt  oped  email  organization  responding 
2 days ago
Otto von Bismarck - Wikiquote
Politics is the art of the possible
2 days ago
In which Casaleggio reveals he is a political leader
"Casaleggio explained that the aim of this new project was to experiment with communication dynamics on the company’s intranet. Casaleggio would select topics from the firm’s internal forum and as...
politics  wired  casaleggio  fivestars  italy  government  technocracy 
2 days ago
What Happens When Techno-Utopians Actually Run a Country | WIRED
"Rather than offer an ideology or platform, Five Star offered a wholesale rebuke of the country’s entrenched, highly paid, careerist political class—left, right, and center. And it married that disdain to a grand techno-utopian project: Through an online voting and debate portal, Five Star was building a direct democracy on the internet. The long-term goal was to replace Parliament altogether—to automate it out of existence." - Hi, I'm 40 this year and I have a sinking feeling about how this article ends
government  democracy  directdemocracy  technocracy  utopianism  italy  wired 
2 days ago
foone/SierraDeathGenerator: Generate death screens from Sierra games
This creates GAME OVER/YOU DIED screens as seen in Sierra Online's SCI engine, as well as lots of other fake videogame screenshots from many, many games.
3 days ago
The Parkland school shooting is bringing new surveillance tech to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. But will it work? - The Washington Post
"Your children are being watched. Their school has a surveillance system. A machine that spies on children every hour of every day. I know because I built it. I designed the machine to detect events that seem out of the ordinary, but it sees everything. Children where they shouldn't be, acting suspiciously, preying on other children. Children like yours. Activity your school administrators considered irrelevant. School shootings the government considered off-limits. They wouldn't act, so I decided I would..."
themachine  personofinterest  avigilon  motorola  nobutreally  washingtonpost  schools  surveillance  ai 
7 days ago
Most of that is actually because of the difference in fuel -- Raptor runs on Met... | Hacker News
“The unit of Isp has no physical significance, the convention just arose because early rocketry was a collaboration of people who all used different units, and they wanted to be able to compare numbers. Since the unit they all shared was a second, and they all agreed (roughly) on the real value of g, they just divided exhaust velocity by their g to get a number that could be compared. The convention stuck.”
7 days ago
Well, sanity check. In 2017 the SLS launch was about 2 years out, but likely to... | Hacker News
“This strongly reminds me of the fact that late software projects are promised to be on time until about 6 weeks before launch, and then launch keeps getting delayed. And this is true no matter how late it eventually turns out to be. The reason why 6 weeks is the magic figure is that for a software project, that's the point where you can no longer paper over the inevitability of failure with wishful thinking. Rockets have slower schedule, but it is strongly looking like 2 years is a similar magic figure in that industry, for similar reasons.”
7 days ago
Do Animals Have Feelings? - The Atlantic
“Neuroscientists can measure the computational complexity of brain activity, but no brain scan has yet revealed a precise neural signature of consciousness.” - yeah but there was a brilliant Nature Futures (I think) short story about what if there were, though
7 days ago
AMEE/8XX-rfc: HTTP error codes for civilisational errors
Gavin Starks is amazing and I can’t believe I forgot about this
7 days ago
It wasn't actually expected to last much longer than 90 days, that it did *was* ... | Hacker News
On the MER "90 day mission" thing and under-promising while acknowledging that of course the rovers weren't designed to *just* last 90 days
MER  opportunity  spirit 
7 days ago
Kara Swisher interview with Jack Dorsey: Highlights - Recode
"Threading is hard, let's go shopping" - a) threading *is* hard, b) Jack literally has gone shopping (Square), c) this is yet another snarky comment that, I submit, if you go a little bit deeper past the pop culture reference makes a valid point about the difficulty of designing accessible interfaces for mass conversation
7 days ago
PsyArXiv Preprints | A Suggestion for a New Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming Is the Inverse of Anxious Mind-Wandering.
"This difference between the in-dream behaviour (avoidant) and the behaviour the in-dream situation demands (un-avoidant) highlights an anxiety present in the dreamer which can then be used to direct the focus of therapeutic treatment. Fourteen examples of dreams are presented, including seven examples of interpretation, three examples of successful dream content prediction (a first for an interpretive theory of dreams), and four examples of dreams which demonstrate how in-dream behaviour changes during successful therapy, three of which are my own."
dreaming  preprint  psyarxiv 
7 days ago
Geoengineering in science fiction
printSF recommendations for charismatic exastructures
8 days ago
Take the deal, Mr. President - The Washington Post
Reagan did this because he distinguished principle from ideology. The principled conservative would, as he said in his autobiography, “An American Life,” take what he could get “and fight for the rest later.” He strongly disagreed with those he called “radical conservatives” who “wanted all or nothing and they wanted it all at once." That sort of person, he argued, “jumps off the cliff with the flags flying” and inevitably loses everything.
8 days ago
‘Flesh and blood robots for Amazon’: They raid clearance aisles and resell it all online for a profit - The Washington Post
““We’re literally flesh-and-blood robots for Amazon,” Rezendes said.” - our API offers human-compatible endpoints
8 days ago
LoveSync | Kickstart Your Love life by LoveSync — Kickstarter
The prototyping shown only shows... a hardware-based ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’
9 days ago
Apple announces Health Records feature coming to veterans - Apple
“Working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Apple announced that the Health Records on iPhone feature will be available soon to veterans. For the first time, American veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration will be able to securely view their aggregated health records directly in the Health app on their iPhone.” - I would’ve waited until after it launched, I think.
9 days ago
New Evidence for the Strange Geometry of Thought - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus
“[the] usefulness of a cognitive space isn’t just restricted to already familiar object comparisons. “One of the ways these cognitive spaces can benefit our behavior is when we encounter something we have never seen before,” Bellmund said. “Based on the features of the new object we can position it in our cognitive space. We can then use our old knowledge to infer how to behave in this novel situation.” Representing knowledge in this structured way allows us to make sense of how we should behave in new circumstances.”
neuroscience  cognitivescience  concepts  space  fmri  geometry  cognition 
9 days ago
Junction Box Design
Junction Box is a digital design studio specializing in the creation of fictional (UI) user interfaces for film, television and commercial productions. Working for both production and post-production environments on a wide array of projects, we develop interface design that ranges from highly realistic applications, period and present day settings to the contrived worlds of science fiction and fantasy.
9 days ago
To help replace the CAC card, Pentagon enlists AI startup
"The contract, an other transaction agreement (OTA) awarded through DOD’s Rapid Innovation Fund, will focus on next-generation identity verification by authenticating users “by their behavior, such as how they walk, type, carry their device, or interact with the screen,” TWOSENSE.AI said in a release." oh ok have you read gnomon recently
12 days ago
RDM Temperature Control Systems Vulnerable to Sabotage: Firm
"The vulnerability, researchers say, affects internet-connected thermostats made by Resource Data Management (RDM), which supplies to companies all over the world. Security officials at the research lab Safety Detective claim in their report that they were able to identify 7,419 installations of the RDM’s products with major vulnerabilities."
12 days ago
Apple hid a bunch of futuristic ideas in this HomePod patent - The Verge
"Apple even proposes a way for Siri to analyze the tone of your emails and read them back to you while showing a sad, happy, or angry face. The mood would depend on the overall vibe your incoming email gave off. Apple also proposes the email sender could pick out which emotion it wanted Siri to adopt." Hi, Gertie
12 days ago
In 1959, AT&T Discovered There Was a Market for a Lady’s Phone - IEEE Spectrum
“From the start, the Princess was designed to appeal to women—the “homemaker with an eye to the niceties of interior décor,” as one press release put it. Internal marketing documents, held at the AT&T Archives and History Center in San Antonio, Texas, suggested that most women wanted to either be a princess or have a princess for a daughter. AT&T also promoted the phone to women-focused businesses, including beauty salons, gift shops, dress shops, jewelry stores, florists, and interior decorating firms.”
12 days ago
Computer Design Engineer - Entry/Mid-Level at The National Security Agency in Fort Meade, MD 20755 | IEEE
“With the ever-increasing technological complexities in the world of supercomputers, we need talented computer and electrical engineers to be part of our team architecting, designing and verifying the next generation of high performance computing solutions (HPCS) that will support of our mission. Our goal is to provide supercomputers of the highest quality to ensure the success of the NSA and its partners.”
12 days ago
Five Enduring Government IT Failures - IEEE Spectrum
“Large, costly government IT project failures often create an immediate sensation in the media, but they quickly fall out of public notice as soon another failure grabs attention. However, in many cases, the failure’s after-effects linger for years afterward; but these are little reported. Below are five such IT project failures that have happened in the past decade, and a quick synopsis of how the ramifications of each are still being felt today.”
12 days ago
Gravitational effects on and of vacuum decay
“It is possible for a classical field theory to have two stable homogeneous ground states, only one of which is an absolute energy minimum. In the quantum version of the theory, the ground state of higher energy is a false vacuum, rendered unstable by barrier penetration. There exists a well-established semiclassical theory of the decay of such false vacuums. In this paper, we extend this theory to include the effects of gravitation. Contrary to naive expectation, these are not always negligible, and may sometimes be of critical importance, especially in the late stages of the decay process.”
13 days ago
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