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The Reference Frame: Chapline: black holes don't exist
“George Chapline just gave the most provoking and most bizarre colloquium we have seen at Harvard for years. (I guess that the talk would not be bizarre enough for Quantoken and perhaps not even for Arun, and I apologize if they will be disappointed by the amount of strangeness.) Chapline used to be a T.A. for Feynman's lectures, he was awarded by various awards, but his goal right now is to revolutionize our understanding of the strong gravitational fields.”
blackholes  phasechange  quantumphysics  spacetime  generalrelativity  blackholephysics  georgechapline  quantumcosmology  boseeinsteincondensate 
22 hours ago
[gr-qc/0012094] Quantum Phase Transitions and the Breakdown of Classical General Relativity
“It is proposed that the event horizon of a black hole is a quantum phase transition of the vacuum of space-time analogous to the liquid-vapor critical point of a bose fluid. The equations of classical general relativity remain valid arbitrarily close to the horizon yet fail there through the divergence of a characteristic coherence length. The integrity of global time, required for conventional quantum mechanics to be defined, is maintained. The metric inside the event horizon is different from that predicted by classical general relativity and may be de Sitter space. The deviations from classical behavior lead to distinct spectroscopic and bolometric signatures that can, in principle, be observed at large distances from the black hole.”
darkenergy  boseeinsteincondensate  spacetime  quantumphysics  quantumcosmology  generalrelativity 
22 hours ago
On the viability of gravitational Bose–Einstein condensates as alternatives to supermassive black holes | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
“It is argued that astrophysical Bose–Einstein condensates (BECs) most likely form through a quasi-static contraction of ultradense cores of neutron stars. Such an evolutionary track would ensure that there is sufficient time left for the nuclear matter to stably liberate the excess of thermal energy, enable the core’s matter to intercommunicate and undergo a phase transition to form stellar BECs.”
theoreticalphysics  blackholephysics  boseeinsteincondensate  darkenergy  neutronstar  astrophysics 
22 hours ago
Dark Energy Stars
“Event horizons and closed time-like curves cannot exist in the real world for the simple reason that they are inconsistent with quantum mechanics. Following ideas originated by Robert Laughlin, Pawel Mazur, Emil Mottola, David Santiago, and the speaker it is now possible to describe in some detail what happens physically when one approaches and crosses a region of space-time where classical general relativity predicts there should be an infinite red shift surface. This quantum critical physics provides a new perspective on a variety of enigmatic astrophysical phenomena including supernovae explosions, gamma ray bursts, positron emission, and dark matter.,”
georgechapline  relativity  singularity  star  theoreticalphysics  quantummechanics  astrophysics  boseeinsteincondensate  blackholes  darkenergy  arxiv 
22 hours ago
Are Black Holes Actually Dark Energy Stars? - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus
“Chapline and Laughlin argue that they can describe the collapsed stars that most scientists take to be black holes as regions where spacetime has undergone a phase transition. They find that the laws of general relativity are valid everywhere in the vicinity of the collapsed star, except at the event horizon, which marks the boundary between two different phases of spacetime.”
phasetransition  theoreticalphysics  spacetime  phasechange  bec  blackholes  boseeinsteincondensate  singularity  darkenergy 
23 hours ago
No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons » Step Function
Peter Watts has written a story about... smart cities and Alphabet's Sidewalk, but it's not out yet, so here's an excerpt ("fiblet")
peterwatts  shortstories  fiblet  sidewalklabs  google  toronto  sciencefiction 
2 days ago
The Making of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2
"Arguably, because Dan Houser and Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar’s breakthrough hit, set the bar high for crime games, Amy Hennig (the Uncharted series) and Ken Levine (Bioshock) could raise it in other genres. “The Rockstar guys are just so good at making the world feel alive,” says Neil Druckmann, an award-winning game writer himself (The Last of Us), and the vice president of Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Uncharted series, which has sold many millions of copies. “Even just the beauty of riding a horse through gorgeous environments and having the light shifting — it feels so real.”"
rockstargames  nymag  vulture  culture  videogames  reddeadredemption2  rdr2  grandthefthorsey  storytelling 
2 days ago
Friday Black — Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
"These stories tackle urgent instances of racism and cultural unrest, and explore the many ways we fight for humanity in an unforgiving world. In “The Finkelstein Five,” Adjei-Brenyah gives us an unforgettable reckoning of the brutal prejudice of our justice system. In “Zimmer Land,” we see a far-too-easy-to-believe imagining of racism as sport. And “Friday Black” and “How to Sell a Jacket as Told by Ice King” show the horrors of consumerism and the toll it takes on us all."
collection  anthology  shortstories  racism  culture  Adjei-Brenyah 
2 days ago
The new Palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone - The Verge
"I’m not worked up about it because this new Palm phone has its own ideas which are fascinating. Is this product a luxury? Absolutely. It’s a phone only for people who already have phones. Still, the idea of having a tiny phone that you could get you to stop being Extremely Online is compelling."
verizon  devices  formfactor  size  palm  theverge  phone  design  notpalm  tcl 
2 days ago
CALIFORNIA GAMES / 30 Years Later... on Vimeo
Tribute for one of the best game of the 80's. 30 years later.... What would it look like now ?
ifttt  vimeo 
2 days ago
Ma'agalim - Jane Bordeaux on Vimeo
Official music video for Jane Bordeaux's 'Ma’agalim'. In a forgotten old penny arcade, a wooden doll is stuck in place and time. Music - Jane Bordeaux Band Producers: Uri Lotan & Yoav Shtibelman Director: Uri Lotan Co-Director: Yoav Shtibelman Art Director: Ovadia Benishu Additional Art: Avner Geller Lighting and Shading: Yosef Refaeli Additional Lighting: Uri Lotan, Rob Showalter Storyboard: Yoav Shtibelman Modeling and Rigging: Uri Lotan, Ore Peleg, Or Ofri Texturing:Yosef Refaeli, Dor Ben-Dayan Animation: Yoav Shtibelman, Toby Pedersen, Ron Polischuk Effects: Phenomena Labs Compositing: Uri Lotan, Ilya Marcus Colorist: Ilya Marcus Jane Bordeaux - Doron Talmon, Amir Zeevi, Mati Gilad Lyrics by - Meytal Kadosh Composed by Doron Talmon Percussion and Singing - Doron Talmon Guitar - Amir Zeevi Duble Bass - Mati Gilad Harmonica, Percussion, Music Production and Mix - Tomer Yeshayahu Mastering - Ori Winokur "Slik Studio"
ifttt  vimeo 
2 days ago
Using Attentional Bias Modification as a Cognitive Vaccine Against Depression
Negative attentional biases are thought to increase the risk of recurrence in depression, suggesting that reduction of such biases may be a plausible strategy in the secondary prevention of the illness. However, no previous study has tested whether reducing negative attentional bias causally affects risk factors for depressive recurrence. The current experimental medicine study reports the effects of a computerized attentional bias modification (ABM) procedure on intermediate measures of the risk of depressive recurrence (residual depressive symptoms and the cortisol awakening response) in patients with recurrent depression.
5 days ago
Anxious individuals have difficulty learning the causal statistics of aversive environments. — Department of Psychiatry
Statistical regularities in the causal structure of the environment enable us to predict the probable outcomes of our actions. Environments differ in the extent to which action-outcome contingencies are stable or volatile. Difficulty in being able to use this information to optimally update outcome predictions might contribute to the decision-making difficulties seen in anxiety. We tested this using an aversive learning task manipulating environmental volatility. Human participants low in trait anxiety matched updating of their outcome predictions to the volatility of the current environment, as predicted by a Bayesian model. Individuals with high trait anxiety showed less ability to adjust updating of outcome expectancies between stable and volatile environments. This was linked to reduced sensitivity of the pupil dilatory response to volatility, potentially indicative of altered norepinephrinergic responsivity to changes in this aspect of environmental information.
5 days ago
TCPW – Transcontinental Computational Psychiatry Workgroup
The Transcontinental Computational Psychiatry Workgroup (TCPW) organizes a monthly web-based meeting and a computational psychiatry satellite meeting with the Society of Biological Psychiatry. We hope to foster discussion and exchange between those involved in computational psychiatry—a rapidly growing, highly multidisciplinary field.
5 days ago
Computational Psychiatry — Department of Psychiatry
In the Computational Psychiatry Lab we use computer models to investigate why certain people are prone to developing psychiatric illnesses and how we might best help them. We use the computer models to help us understand how patients think and learn about their world and how they arrive at decisions.
5 days ago
Tom Reynolds, October 12, 2018
"It’s Tom Reynolds from the Facebook Communications team. Joining me here is Guy Rosen, Vice President of Product Management, who oversees safety and security here at Facebook."
facebook  security  call  transcript  press 
5 days ago
United States Patent: 10096319 - Voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users. Example methods may include determining first voice data, wherein the first voice data is generated by a user, determining a first real-time user status of the user using the first voice data, generating a first data tag indicative of the first real-time user status, determining first audio content for presentation at a speaker device using the first data tag and the first voice data, and causing presentation of the first audio content via a speaker of the speaker device.
via:arstechnica  amazon  alexa  patent  health  proactive  agent 
5 days ago
Amazon patents Alexa tech to tell if you’re sick, depressed and sell you meds | Ars Technica
The patent describes a voice assistant that can detect "abnormal" physical or emotional conditions. "For example, physical conditions such as sore throats and coughs may be determined based at least in part on a voice input from the user, and emotional conditions such as an excited emotional state or a sad emotional state may be determined based at least in part on voice input from a user," the patent says. "A cough or sniffle, or crying, may indicate that the user has a specific physical or emotional abnormality."
amazon  health  proactive  patent  voiceassistant  alwayson  microphone 
5 days ago
Paul Krugman on Politics, Inequality, and Following Your Curiosity (Ep. 51)
"COWEN: If you can send humans out into space at near light speeds and bring them back, does that mean real interest rates have to fall to zero? Many years could pass, and you could save and come back a trillionaire." - legit question
star  trek  tylercowen  paulkrugman  economics 
5 days ago
Revealing A People’s Future of the United States, A New Anthology from Editors Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams |
"In these tumultuous times, in our deeply divided country, many people are angry, frightened, and hurting. Knowing that imagining a brighter tomorrow has always been an act of resistance, editors Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams invited an extraordinarily talented group of writers to share stories that explore new forms of freedom, love, and justice. They asked for narratives that would challenge oppressive American myths, release us from the chokehold of our history, and give us new futures to believe in."
toread  sf  unitedstates  anthology  shorts 
5 days ago
A Noir Superhero Thriller: Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang |
"Cas Russell doesn’t have superpowers. What she has is an incredible facility with mathematics, very good proprioception, and sufficient athleticism that what she can do looks like superpowers. (For all intents and purposes, she definitely has superpowers; she just believes that they’re natural talent.) Russell specialises in retrieval work: she can find anything and steal it (back) for you. She’s casually violent, poorly socialised, and has no respect for other people’s property. And she doesn’t do well with boredom."
toread  sf  noir  slhuang 
5 days ago
Apple iPhone XS Review Addendum: Small Core and NN Performance
"Another big, mysterious aspect of the new A12 was the SoC's new neural engine, which Apple advertises as designed in-house.  As you may have noticed in the die shot, it’s a quite big silicon block, very much equaling the two big Vortex CPU cores in size."
apple  xs  a12  nn  bionic  anandtech 
5 days ago
The Robots Learn By Watching Us - Bloomberg
If you build a machine-learning robot and ask it “who are the best employees” and it goes out and examines the world and comes back and says “men, it’s men, men are the best,” then that tells you something surprising and complicated about either the world or your robot. But if you build a machine-learning robot and ask it “who are the candidates we like to hire” and it goes out and examines your hiring decisions and comes back and says “men, it’s men, you hire men,” then that tells you something quite straightforward about your hiring decisions.
mattlevine  bloomberg  machinelearning  writing 
5 days ago
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine - Attorney General takes steps to reduce turnaround times for DNA testing
BCI took a page from the private sector in evaluating how evidence flows from Evidence Receiving through the Forensic Biology and DNA units and on to the reporting stage. Staffers’ analysis relied on a process derived from the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which means “change for the better.” It uses specific methodologies to achieve efficiencies, savings, and customer satisfaction. The meetings were facilitated by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services’ Lean Ohio Program Office.
ohio  criminal  justice  kaizen  summit  codeforamerica 
5 days ago
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine - Laboratory Division
"Collectively processing more than 200,000 pieces of evidence a year, BCI’s Laboratory Division employs the highest standards of care and most advanced forensic testing technologies to provide Ohio law enforcement with accurate, timely analysis of evidence. The addition of robotics in the DNA and CODIS units has helped speed turnaround times, reducing from days to hours the time it takes to conduct certain tests."
ohio  laboratory  kaizen  robotics  testing 
5 days ago
The Red Strings Club (Deconstructeam) and Minigame Conversation | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
The Red Strings Club was recommended to me by a reader who explained that this was a game that used mixology as its conversation interface. If you want someone to talk to you, you make them a cocktail.
emilyshort  gamedesign  fiction  writing  theredstringsclub  deconstruction  cocktail  mixing  liquids  conversation  agency  choice  emotion 
6 days ago
Under the hood: Facebook Marketplace powered by artificial intelligence - Facebook Code
"To understand the relationship between buyer activity and product content, the system also incorporates a model for the buyer, created with embeddings using the demographic information from the person’s Facebook profile and keywords from searches within Marketplace." - you know what this means, and it should not come as a surprise
facebook  ai  machinelearning  deeplearning  cnn  via:gnat  deeptext  lumos  resnet  marketplace  entityextraction 
6 days ago
The Chairman of Nokia on Ensuring Every Employee Has a Basic Understanding of Machine Learning — Including Him
"I spent some time complaining. Then I realized that as a long-time CEO and Chairman, I had fallen into the trap of being defined by my role: I had grown accustomed to having things explained to me. Instead of trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of a seemingly complicated technology, I had gotten used to someone else doing the heavy lifting."
organization  business  strategy  changemanagement  leadership  via:gnat  ai  machinelearning 
6 days ago
THE ROAD AHEAD - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Strategic Plan 2016-2020
"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for reducing injuries and fatalities on the Nation’s roadways. This strategic plan, covering 2016 – 2020, renews our commitment to our safety mission, while outlining innovative strategies to move the Nation down the road toward eliminating roadway fatalities altogether. We are adopting five strategic goals that illustrate our commitment to improving roadway safety, and boldly pursue our vision of eliminating fatalities. These goals aresupported by measurable strategies to reach our
safety objectives."
nhtsa  safety  transport  cars  usa  strategy  plan 
6 days ago
U.S. to Allow Cars Without Steering Wheels - IEEE Spectrum
Cars without steering wheels will be allowed under certain conditions, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said today in an 80-page report.
nhtsa  cars  design  safety  steeringwheels 
6 days ago
IFTF: Social Services
This story is one chapter from An Aura of Familiarity: Visions from the Coming Age of Networked Matter, a collection of six original science fiction stories commissioned for our Technology Horizons Program research on the coming Age of Networked Matter (#networkedmatter).
madelineashby  fiction  shortstories  iftf  sciencefiction 
6 days ago
Apple Pays $600 Million for Dialog's PMIC Business | EE Times
The financial / supply chain models at Apple must be super interesting to understand when they make the decision to buy a supplier outright, compete with them, or other
apple  acquisition  supplychain  strategy  business  verticalintegration  power  ic  integratedcircuit  eetimes 
6 days ago
Parallel Supercomputing for Astronomy – Julia Computing
Written entirely in Julia, a new high-level programming language, and achieved a peak performance of 1.54 petaflops using 1.3 million threads on 9,300 Knights Landing (KNL) nodes of the Cori supercomputer at NERSC"
supercomputing  performance  knl  knightslanding  manycore  julia  astronomy  nersc 
6 days ago
Pristine Quantum Light Source Created at the Edge of Silicon Chip - IEEE Spectrum
"Single photons, which are an example of quantum light, are more than just really dim light"
ieeespectrum  optronics  quantumphysics  warm  fabrication  massproduction  silicon 
6 days ago
IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
"Global Warming of 1.5 °C an IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty"
ipcc  report  specialreport  globalwarming  climatechange 
6 days ago
Self-healing material can build itself from carbon in the air | MIT News
“The current version of the new material is a synthetic gel-like substance that performs a chemical process similar to the way plants incorporate carbon dioxide from the air into their growing tissues. The material might, for example, be made into panels of a lightweight matrix that could be shipped to a construction site, where they would harden and solidify just from exposure to air and sunlight, thereby saving on the energy and cost of transportation.”
6 days ago
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