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L'IBM Cloud Garage de Nice - Un creuset de compétences techniques au service de l'innovation client ! - IBM Provence Méditerranée Blog - IBM Provence Méditerranée
"The IBM Cloud Garage is a transformative consultancy Service within IBM that helps clients innovate, and disrupt.
It leverages the IBM Cloud Garage Methods and Cloud Platform to rapidly design, develop and deploy digital solutions for its clients, changing organisational culture and processes.image
The Nice Garage is located in the CEEI startup community in Cote D'Azur, and since its launch in 2016 has successfully delivered measurable business value to many clients, across multiple industries. This highly specialized multi-disciplinary team posses a depth and breadth of skills in technologies such as Watson, IoT, Blockchain and Machine Learning, and through co-location with clients in the Garage, leverage these technologies to develop new and innovative solutions."
Roger Williams - IBM Cloud Garage and Services Leader - EMEA
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may 2018
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