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Coconut Dal - Home
Coconut Dal is a lightweight data access layer, for use in projects where Entity Framework cannot be used or Microsoft's Enterprise Library Data Block is unsuitable. Anyone who is handwriting ADO.NET should use a library instead and Coconut Dal might be the answer.
july 2013
Python Tools for Visual Studio - Home
PTVS is a free/OSS plugin that turns Visual Studio into a Python IDE.  PTVS supports CPython, IronPython, editing, browsing, Intellisense, mixed Python/C++ debugging, profiling, HPC clusters, multiple REPL’s, IPython, Django, and cloud computing with client libraries for Windows, Linux and MacOS.   This is an officially supported product from Microsoft's Developer Division. 
development  ide  python  visualstudio  windows 
july 2013
NuDoc by clariuslabs
A standalone API to read .NET XML documentation files and optionally augment it with reflection information.
june 2013
The official Z80-ASM homepage
This is the official homepage of Z80-ASM. Z80-ASM is a compiler/assembler and monitor (including disassembler) for the Z80 CPU. It runs under Linux (probably also under other UNIX-flavours) and DO$ (DJGPP version 2.03 checked). It's written in C and source-code availible!
assembler  development  retro  z80 
may 2013
Pocket Civ
A Solitaire Civization game that's compact enough to play on a plane. Hopefully. Well, maybe not, but it's it's most basic form.
boardgame  free  games 
may 2013
articles relating to the Acorn BBC Microcomputer and related computers
bbc  bbcmicro  retro 
may 2013
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