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C++ Fast Track for Games Programming Part 6: Floats | 3D Game Engine Programming
In this tutorial you will learn about using floats in C++ and using delta time to make your game run independent of the frame rate.
c++  3d  game  programming  tutorial 
october 2019 by david.parrott
C++ Fast Track for Games Programming Part 5: Conditions | 3D Game Engine Programming
In this tutorial you will learn about conditions in C++. Using conditions, you will make a ball bounce on the bottom of the screen.
c++  3d  game  programming  tutorial 
october 2019 by david.parrott
C++ Fast Track for Games Programming Part 4: Sprites and Loops | 3D Game Engine Programming
In this tutorial you will learn about drawing sprites. Using loops, you will be able to draw a lot of sprites on the screen at once.
c++  3d  game  programming  tutorial 
october 2019 by david.parrott
C++ Fast Track for Games Programming Part 2: The Template | 3D Game Engine Programming
In the 2nd tutorial in the C++ Fast Track series, you will use a template game project to create a window that can be used to render graphics onto.
c++  3d  game  programming  tutorial 
october 2019 by david.parrott
C++17 - Draw a Valentine's Day heart shape | Solarian Programmer
How to draw a Valentine heart parametric curve and save it as a SVG image embedded in a HTML5 file
graphics  programming  c++  maths 
february 2019 by david.parrott
C++ reading and writing BMP images | Solarian Programmer
How to implement a reader writer for BMP images from scratch with C++
programming  development  image  c++ 
november 2018 by david.parrott
Introduction - Vulkan Tutorial
A tutorial that teaches you everything it takes to render 3D graphics with the Vulkan API. It covers everything from Windows/Linux setup to rendering and debugging.
3d  graphics  programming  vulkan  tutorial  development  c++ 
august 2016 by david.parrott
Handmade Hero
Handmade Hero is an ongoing project to create a complete, professional-quality game accompanied by videos that explain every single line of its source code.
c  c++  gamedev  programming  windows  development 
january 2015 by david.parrott
4Klang - Alcatraz Software Synthesizer
4klang is a modular software synthesizer package intended to easily produce music for 4k intros. It consists of a VSTi plugin + example songs/instruments as well as an example C++ project showing how to include it in your code. Or if you dare to compile it yourself also the source code for the synth core and VSTi plugin. 4klang was developed by Dominik ´Gopher´ Ries and Paul ´pOWL´ Kraus of Alcatraz.
c++  code  demoscene  library  music 
november 2012 by david.parrott - Very Sleepy
Sleepy is a C/C++ CPU profiler for Windows systems.
c++  opensource  tools 
november 2012 by david.parrott
DirectX Graphics Development with Visual Studio 2012 | Build 2012 | Channel 9
Visual Studio 2012 brings the most significant set of improvements for developing graphics-intensive apps in over a decade. Whether you are just getting started with 2D/3D games or you’ve been slinging vectors and models for years, there's something for you in this talk. We will walkthrough a set of new tools integrated into Visual Studio 2012 that can help you visualize graphics assets, author shaders easily, diagnose through graphics issues, and more.
c++  directx  video  programming  development 
november 2012 by david.parrott
DirectXTex texture processing library
DirectXTex, a shared source library for reading and writing DDS files, and performing various texture content processing operations including resizing, format conversion, mip-map generation, block compression for Direct3D runtime texture resources, and height-map to normal-map conversion.
directx  c++  programming  library  development 
july 2012 by david.parrott
DirectX Tool Kit
DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing Direct3D 11 code for Metro style apps, Windows 8 Desktop, and Windows 7 'classic' applications in C++.
directx  c++  programming  library  development 
july 2012 by david.parrott
Stand-alone code for numerical computing
Sometimes you need a little code to do some scientific computing and you don't want to take on a dependence to a huge and possibly unfamiliar library. This page is an index to code snippets in multiple languages that solve that problem.
code  programming  python  c++  c#  dotnet  development  maths 
june 2012 by david.parrott
Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++ 2008/2010/11
Visual Leak Detector is a free, robust, open-source memory leak detection system for Visual C++.
c++  tool  library  debugging  memory 
june 2012 by david.parrott
JSBSim Open Source Flight Dynamics Model
JSBSim is an open source flight dynamics model (FDM) that compiles and runs under many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, IRIX, Cygwin (Unix on Windows), etc. The FDM is essentially the physics/math model that defines the movement of an aircraft, rocket, etc., under the forces and moments applied to it using the various control mechanisms and from the forces of nature.
c++  flight  flightsim  gamedev  opensource 
june 2012 by david.parrott
Proland is a C++/OpenGL library for the real-time rendering of multi-resolution terrains (up to whole planets), the real-time management and edition of vector data (representing for instance roads or rivers), the rendering of atmosphere and clouds, the rendering and animation of the oceans, and the rendering of forests.
3d  c++  programming  rendering  library  opensource  development 
may 2012 by david.parrott
SpriteBatch and BasicEffect for C++ Direct3D 11 - Shawn Hargreaves Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Over the Christmas break I spent some time porting the built-in XNA effects (BasicEffect, SkinnedEffect, etc.) to native C++ using Direct3D 11.  Finding that strangely enjoyable, I went on to make a C++ version of SpriteBatch, and also ported the XNA Primitives 3D sample, built-in state objects, and helper vertex types.  And my colleague Chuck Walbourn chimed in with some code for easily loading Direct3D 11 textures.
c++  xna  directx 
april 2012 by david.parrott
Terry Mahaffey | Euchre Monte Carlo Simulation in C++
I just pushed a side project I’ve been working on for a few days to GitHub. The basic idea is to automate playing Euchre, implement a few bots, run a few million simulations and try to find the best strategy. Along the way I can setup simulations (program bots to act in certain ways and see the effects) to answer some specific statistical questions I find interesting.
ai  c++  programming  development 
february 2012 by david.parrott
How to write an emulator
Emulating your favorite system to play games is easier than you think depending on the system you’re trying to emulate. This document is intended to give you the general idea of building an emulator. To help you understand the concepts more I will give specific examples to the NES emulator that I have been working on this semester at California State University of Long Beach.
nes  nintendo  emulation  emulator  development  programming  retro  c++  game  howto  tutorial  assembly  asm 
february 2012 by david.parrott
RasterTek - DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 Tutorials
The purpose of this website is to provide tutorials for graphics programming using DirectX 10 and DirectX 11.

The DirectX tutorials are written using C++ with HLSL and use shader version 4.0 and 5.0.
c++  graphics  directx  tutorial 
january 2012 by david.parrott
Developing Windows Applications in C++ (Articles Series) - Visual C++ Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
We got just published “Developing Windows Applications in C++”, an article series created by C++ Most Valuable Professional Kate Gregory. This material is aimed at C++ developers who want to learn how to write Windows applications. It won’t teach you C++, or how to use Windows as an end user. But if you know C++ and Windows already, and want to write applications, this is the right spot.
windows  programming  article  reference  c++  development 
july 2011 by david.parrott
jitasm - x86/x64 JIT Assembler Library - Google Project Hosting
jitasm is C++ library for runtime code generation of x86/x64. You can write the code like a inline assembler
opensource  c++  library  assembly  compiler 
june 2011 by david.parrott
NaClBox - Home Page
This website is currently used to host the port of DOSBox to Google's Native Client technology. The goal is to port as many projects as we can and host them here.
games  c++  os  dos  browser 
may 2011 by david.parrott
krryn - Simple 3D framework - Google Project Hosting
This is a very simple 3D framework developed mainly for doing homework assignments on IGAD and it will mainly be geared towards prototyping simple games as fast as possible while taking performance into account.
3d  engine  opensource  c++ 
april 2011 by david.parrott
I just read the png spec, and came up with this as a minimal, zlib based png encoding of a truecolour image with 1-4 channels — Gist
I just read the png spec, and came up with this as a minimal, zlib based png encoding of a truecolour image with 1-4 channels
c++  c  image 
april 2011 by david.parrott
jpeg-compressor - Public domain JPEG compressor in a single C++ source file. - Google Project Hosting
jpeg-compressor is a small (~994 lines), easy to use C++ class in a single source file jpge.cpp that writes baseline JPEG compressed images. It supports grayscale and H1V1/H2V1/H2V2 chroma subsampling factors, Libjpeg-compatible quality settings, and is reasonably fast with fairly low (typically less than 64KB) memory consumption. The core compression class consists of a single ~857 line C++ file with a small header, along with a couple optional higher-level helper/example functions.
programming  c++  opensource  library  graphics  development 
april 2011 by david.parrott
recastnavigation - Project Hosting on Google Code
Recast is state of the art navigation mesh construction toolset for games.
ai  library  programming  opensource  c++  development 
december 2010 by david.parrott - Very Sleepy
Sleepy is a C/C++ CPU profiler for Windows systems.
The original version is a bit lacking in many areas, so I’ve been doing some work on it.
My version (“Very Sleepy”) has a boatload of improvements in, such as call-graph profiling, an improved UI, and load-save.
c  c++  cpu  debugging  development  opensource  free  performance  profiling  programming  tools  windows  tool 
november 2010 by david.parrott
CrossNet is a cross platform .NET runtime.
It parses .NET assemblies and generates unmanaged C++ code that can be compiled on any standard C++ compiler.
c#  c++  compiler  development  opensource  software  dotnet 
october 2010 by david.parrott
smallpt: Global Illumination in 99 lines of C++
smallpt is a global illumination renderer. It is 99 lines of C++, is open source, and renders the above scene using unbiased Monte Carlo path tracing
3d  c++  demoscene  development  graphics  opensource  performance  programming  software 
august 2010 by david.parrott
TDM-GCC is a compiler suite for Windows.

It combines the most recent stable release of the GCC toolset with the free and open-source MinGW or MinGW-w64 runtime APIs to create a LIBRE alternative to Microsoft's compiler and platform SDK.
c++  compiler  development  opensource  programming  tools  windows 
august 2010 by david.parrott
[blog] Introduction to Dynamic Recompilation
This blog post is an introduction to dynamic recompilers (dynarecs), and hopes to provide some insight on how they work and why pcsx2 uses them to speed up emulation.
c++  emulation  development  programming 
august 2010 by david.parrott
PortAudio - an Open-Source Cross-Platform Audio API
PortAudio is a free, cross platform, open-source, audio I/O library. It lets you write simple audio programs in 'C' or C++ that will compile and run on many platforms including Windows, Macintosh OS X, Unix (OSS/ALSA), SGI, and BeOS. PortAudio is intended to promote the exchange of audio software between developers on different platforms.
audio  c  c++  development  library  opensource  music  programming  sdk  software  sound 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Making a game with Ogre 3D – Matthew Casperson's Blog at the Hubfolio on Bright Hub
This tutorial series steps you through the process of creating a 3D shoot'em'up game using the popular and powerful Ogre 3D engine. The tutorials compile on both Windows and Linux.
3d  c++  development  game  games  gaming  opengl  programming  tutorial  ogre3d 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Hilo - Home
“Hilo” is a series of articles and sample applications that demonstrate how you can leverage the power of Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual C++ to build high performance, responsive rich client applications. Hilo provides both source code and guidance that will help you design and develop compelling, touch-enabled Windows applications of your own.
c  c++  directx  library  windows  programming  development  reference  tutorial 
june 2010 by david.parrott
VMachine: x86 PC Emulator for Windows - Paul's Projects
VMachine is a PC emulator, a recreation of a PC in software.
c++  emulation  opensource 
june 2010 by david.parrott
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