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Hypervisor From Scratch – Part 7: Using EPT & Page-Level Monitoring Features
Hypervisor From Scratch (Part 7) is about using EPT (Page-Level Monitoring), VMCALL(s) and other improvements relating to synchronization and deadlocks.
c  linux  virtualization  virtualmachine  tutorial  hypervisor 
5 weeks ago by david.parrott
Hypervisor From Scratch – Part 3: Setting up Our First Virtual Machine - Sina & Shahriar's Blog
This part should teach you how to get started with creating your own VMM by initializing VMXON Regions and VMCS Regions and many more things about VMCS.
c  linux  virtualization  virtualmachine  tutorial  hypervisor 
5 weeks ago by david.parrott
Hypervisor From Scratch – Part 2: Entering VMX Operation - Sina & Shahriar's Blog
In this section, we will learn about Detect Hypervisor Support for our processor, then we simply config the basic stuff to Enable VMX and Loading our VMCS in the last of this, we look at Interacting with our VMM from User-Mode.
c  linux  virtualization  virtualmachine  tutorial  hypervisor 
5 weeks ago by david.parrott
Hypervisor From Scratch - Part 1: Basic Concepts & Configure Testing Environment - Sina & Shahriar's Blog
This is the first part of a series of tutorials, called "Hypervisor From Scratch".In this part you learn about basic concepts and how to create a lab
c  linux  virtualization  virtualmachine  tutorial  hypervisor 
5 weeks ago by david.parrott
Writing a Phase-locked Loop in Straight C -
liquid digital signal processing library for software-defined radios
algorithm  c  dsp  software  signalprocessing 
march 2017 by david.parrott
Handmade Hero
Handmade Hero is an ongoing project to create a complete, professional-quality game accompanied by videos that explain every single line of its source code.
c  c++  gamedev  programming  windows  development 
january 2015 by david.parrott
LLJS : Low-Level JavaScript
LLJS is a typed dialect of JavaScript that offers a C-like type system with manual memory management. It compiles to JavaScript and lets you write memory-efficient and GC pause-free code less painfully, in short, LLJS is the bastard child of JavaScript and C.
c  javascript  language  lljs  web  programming  development 
october 2012 by david.parrott
Compilers Reloaded - T3X.ORG
Study the heavily annotated source code of a full compiler for a subset of the C programming language generating code for the popular 386 processor.
c  compiler  book  programming  development 
march 2012 by david.parrott
mongoose - Mongoose - easy to use web server - Google Project Hosting
Mongoose is easy to use web server. It also can be used as embedded web server library to provide web interface to applications.
development  programming  software  web  c  opensource  library 
january 2012 by david.parrott
I just read the png spec, and came up with this as a minimal, zlib based png encoding of a truecolour image with 1-4 channels — Gist
I just read the png spec, and came up with this as a minimal, zlib based png encoding of a truecolour image with 1-4 channels
c++  c  image 
april 2011 by david.parrott
Crobots Main Site
CROBOTS consists of a C compiler, a virtual computer, and battlefield display. The CROBOTS compiler accecpts a limited subset of the ANSI C language. The C robot programs are aided by hardware functions to scan for opponents, start and stop drive mechanisms, fire cannons, etc...
programming  robot  game  c  development 
january 2011 by david.parrott - Very Sleepy
Sleepy is a C/C++ CPU profiler for Windows systems.
The original version is a bit lacking in many areas, so I’ve been doing some work on it.
My version (“Very Sleepy”) has a boatload of improvements in, such as call-graph profiling, an improved UI, and load-save.
c  c++  cpu  debugging  development  opensource  free  performance  profiling  programming  tools  windows  tool 
november 2010 by david.parrott
Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Hello, one and all! This is my little how-to guide on network programming using Internet sockets, or "sockets programming", for those of you who prefer it. The sockets API, though started by the Berkeley folk, has been ported to many many platforms, including Unix, Linux, and even Windows.
book  c  development  documentation  ebooks  howto  software  reference  programming  networking  tutorial 
august 2010 by david.parrott
PortAudio - an Open-Source Cross-Platform Audio API
PortAudio is a free, cross platform, open-source, audio I/O library. It lets you write simple audio programs in 'C' or C++ that will compile and run on many platforms including Windows, Macintosh OS X, Unix (OSS/ALSA), SGI, and BeOS. PortAudio is intended to promote the exchange of audio software between developers on different platforms.
audio  c  c++  development  library  opensource  music  programming  sdk  software  sound 
july 2010 by david.parrott
cc65 - a freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems
cc65 is a complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems, including a powerful macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and several other tools.
6502  c  compiler  opensource  development  homebrew  embedded  programming  software  tool  tools 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Hilo - Home
“Hilo” is a series of articles and sample applications that demonstrate how you can leverage the power of Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual C++ to build high performance, responsive rich client applications. Hilo provides both source code and guidance that will help you design and develop compelling, touch-enabled Windows applications of your own.
c  c++  directx  library  windows  programming  development  reference  tutorial 
june 2010 by david.parrott
inih - Project Hosting on Google Code
Simple .INI file parser in C, good for embedded systems
c  embedded  file  opensource  programming  tool  library  development 
may 2010 by david.parrott
Frotz is an interpreter for Infocom games and other Z-machine games. It complies with standard 1.0 of Graham Nelson's specification. It was written by Stefan Jokisch in 1995-1997.
c  engine  game  games  gaming  linux  programming  software  zmachine  development 
may 2010 by david.parrott
Introduction to Nintendo DS Programming | Patater
This is the modest and lowly Introduction to Nintendo DS manual, the supreme source for beginner knowledge on programming the Nintendo DS.
c  c++  development  ds  game  games  gaming  homebrew  tutorial  software  reference  programming  nintendo  nes  howto 
may 2010 by david.parrott
BazisLib Main Page
BazisLib is a library that simplifies development of drivers and applications for Windows x86/x64 and Windows Mobile. It consists of an object-oriented framework for creating Windows drivers (including a patched version of STLPort), a set of common interfaces for kernel- and user-mode services, and a set of classes for simplifying several user-mode Windows tasks, such as dealing with files or managing Windows Services.
c  programming  windows  driver  development 
may 2010 by david.parrott
Main Page - OSDev Wiki
This website provides information about the creation of
operating systems and serves as a community for those
people interested in OS creation.
assembly  c  c++  community  design  development  documentation  os  programming  reference  software  tutorial  computers 
april 2010 by david.parrott
Let's Build a Compiler
This fifteen-part series, written from 1988 to 1995, is a non-technical introduction to compiler construction.
book  c  compiler  design  development  free  howto  language  tutorial  software  reference  programming  ebooks  algorithm 
april 2010 by david.parrott
AMD Developer Central - AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer
AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer is a suite of powerful tools that analyze software performance on AMD microprocessors and help developers optimize application performance. It uses a profiling technique to identify performance areas and issues within the system. Using this suite of tools, developers can get visibility into overall system performance, and can navigate into different modules and functions to locate hotspots within the target application.
c  c#  c++  cpu  development  programming  tools  windows  dotnet 
march 2010 by david.parrott
MikeOS is an operating system for x86 PCs, written in assembly language. It is a learning tool to show how simple OSes work, with well-commented code and extensive documentation.
programming  development  software  free  tools  opensource  os  asm  c  assembly  education  computers  reference 
february 2010 by david.parrott
BareMetal is a 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers. The OS is written entirely in Assembly while applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++.
programming  software  opensource  assembly  c  asm  os  development 
february 2010 by david.parrott
smallpt: Global Illumination in 99 lines of C++
smallpt is a global illumination renderer. It is 99 lines of C++, is open source
programming  3d  c++  c  graphics  pathtracing  development 
january 2010 by david.parrott
Detours - Microsoft Research
Detours is a library for instrumenting arbitrary Win32 functions on x86, x64, and IA64 machines. Detours intercepts Win32 functions by re-writing the in-memory code for target functions. The Detours package also contains utilities to attach arbitrary DLLs and data segments (called payloads) to any Win32 binary.
programming  tools  windows  reference  c++  simulation  assembly  c  security  development 
december 2009 by david.parrott
ADOM Central - QHack (how to write a roguelike game)
QHack is the basic framework for a simple roguelike game. The sources are freely available and you are allowed to use them for your very own needs, as long as I receive the deserved credit for the part QHack has in that.
programming  game  gaming  howto  roguelike  c  development 
november 2009 by david.parrott
CMake - Cross Platform Make
Welcome to CMake, the cross-platform, open-source build system. CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.
programming  development  software  opensource  tools  c  compiler  linux  c++  reference  windows 
november 2009 by david.parrott
The Tao Framework
The Tao Framework for .NET is a collection of bindings to facilitate cross-platform media application development utilizing the .NET and Mono platforms. [Marked as WRONG LINK by]
programming  development  game  free  opensource  windows  c  dotnet 
november 2009 by david.parrott
PDCurses - Public Domain Curses
PDCurses is a public domain curses library for DOS, OS/2, Win32, X11 and SDL, implementing most of the functions available in X/Open and System V R4 curses. It supports many compilers for these platforms. The X11 port lets you recompile existing text-mode curses programs to produce native X11 applications.
programming  development  software  opensource  windows  c++  linux  console  dos  c 
november 2009 by david.parrott
ooc is a programming language with objects, first-class functions, and pink unicorns.
programming  compiler  c  language  ooc  development 
october 2009 by david.parrott
JamesM's kernel development tutorials
This set of tutorials aims to take you through programming a simple UNIX-clone operating system for the x86 architecture. The tutorial uses C as the language of choice, with liberally mixed in bits of assembler. The aim is to talk you through the design and implementation decisions in making an operating system. The OS we make is monolithic in design (drivers are loaded through kernel-mode modules as opposed to user-mode programs), as this is simpler.
programming  development  software  opensource  tutorial  c  education  assembly  linux  diy  reference  x86  os 
october 2009 by david.parrott
How Do I Write an Emulator?
"How Do I Write an Emulator?", Part 1, R1.00
by Daniel Boris (
October 17, 1999
programming  emulation  howto  reference  c  emulator  development 
september 2009 by david.parrott

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