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Peity • progressive <canvas> pie charts
Peity (sounds like deity) is a simple jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a simple <canvas> mini pie line or bar chart and is compatible with any browser that supports <canvas>: Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Opera, Safari.
jquery  canvas  javascript 
june 2012 by david.parrott data:snake
javascript  game  programming  canvas  development 
december 2011 by david.parrott
Code inComplete - Javascript Boulderdash
Still on the subject of exploring HTML5 games, the next game I chose to implement was a version of the c64 classic Boulderdash.
javascript  programming  game  canvas  html5  development 
november 2011 by david.parrott
How to write a small game using HTML5 and JavaScript–BrikBrok - Eternal Coding - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
The goal of this tutorial is discovering graphics development using SVG and Canvas (which are two majors technologies of HTML5).
To do so, we will write together a brick breaker game (à la Arkanoïd or Blockout). It will be composed of an animated background (using Canvas) and will use SVG for bricks, pad and ball.
game  games  javascript  html5  canvas 
september 2011 by david.parrott
A* pathfinding algorithm in JavaScript
A JavaScript implementation of the A* algorithm for pathfinding and graph traversal. Designed for browser-based games using HTML5
pathfinding  a*  web  javascript  canvas  algorithm 
august 2011 by david.parrott
WebGL Path Tracing
Path tracing is a realistic lighting algorithm that simulates light bouncing around a scene.  This path tracer uses WebGL for realtime performance and supports diffuse, mirrored, and glossy surfaces.
3d  html5  canvas  opengl  webgl  pathtracing  rendering 
august 2011 by david.parrott
Game Development with JavaScript and the Canvas element – Matthew Casperson's Blog at the Hubfolio on Bright Hub
I have written a new series that shows you how to create a platformer game using JavaScript and the new Canvas element that is part of the HTML version 5 standard.
article  blog  canvas  design  code  development  engine  game  javascript  html5  html  graphics  gaming  games  howto  tutorial  software  programming 
november 2010 by david.parrott
Canvas Demos
Matthew Casperson has been incredibly busy writing this whole bunch of tutorials about developing a platformer using canvas. From keyboard input to parallax scrolling, from animations to resource loading – it’s all covered in his tutorials.
canvas  development  design  game  games  graphics  gaming  technology  programming  javascript  html5  html  web 
november 2010 by david.parrott
Smoothie Charts
Smoothie Charts is a really small charting library designed for live streaming data.
canvas  development  html5  javascript  library  opensource  web 
august 2010 by david.parrott
The HTML5 Experiments of Hakim El Hattab
This is the creative lab and interactive playground of Hakim El Hattab. Dedicated to the exploration of interaction, visual effects and technologies.
3d  canvas  css  design  development  games  html  html5  javascript  programming  web 
august 2010 by david.parrott
Pixastic: JavaScript Image Processing Library
Pixastic is an experimental library which allows you to perform a variety of operations on images using just a bit of JavaScript. The effects supported out of the box include desaturation/greyscale, invert, flipping, brightness/contrast adjustment, hue/saturation, emboss, blur, and many more.
canvas  development  editor  graphics  html5  image  javascript  programming  tools  web  library 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Fun With Canvas: Create a Bar Graphing Plugin, Part 1 | Nettuts+
In this two-part series, we’ll combine the versatile canvas element with the robust jQuery library to create a bar graphing plugin. In this first part, we are going to code the core logic of the plugin as a standalone version.
design  development  graphics  howto  html  html5  javascript  canvas  plugin  programming  resources  tutorial  web 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Javascript and HTML5/Canvas Game, No Flash
This game, written in JavaScript using the HTML5 Canvas and Audio objects, was developed as a proof of concept that a shooter-style game can be coded without the use of any Flash.
html5  javascript  canvas  audio  game  programming  development 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Guacamole is an HTML5 + JavaScript (AJAX) viewer for remote desktop protocols, currently supporting VNC. Guacamole makes use of a server-side proxy written in C and a tunnel written in Java, and is almost as responsive as a native viewer. It should work in any browser supporting the HTML5 canvas tag.
canvas  free  html  html5  java  javascript  linux  opensource  software  tool  tools  video  web 
july 2010 by david.parrott
These are some JavaScript applications I've made for competitions or out of general interest, they use the Canvas element from HTML5.
3d  canvas  development  graphics  html  html5  javascript  programming  web 
june 2010 by david.parrott
Tilt-Shift photo effect in Canvas
This effect is more a proof of concept than an attempt to match exactly the optical properties of a real tilt-shift effect. For instance it does not use a depth map and thus can not properly process images showing tall structures. However the results are quite convincing for such a simple piece of code.
canvas  html5  image  javascript 
may 2010 by david.parrott
A set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games in Javascript that runs in your browser without any Flash plugin, making use of a small small small subset of the HTML5 features, that are actually available on many modern browsers.
canvas  development  game  games  gaming  html  html5  javascript  programming  retro  web 
april 2010 by david.parrott
Raphaël—JavaScript Library
Raphaël is a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library.
canvas  svg  development  graphics  image  javascript  programming  tools  web  xml 
april 2010 by david.parrott
canvg - Javascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas
canvg is a SVG parser and renderer. It takes a URL to a SVG file or the text of an SVG file, parses it in JavaScript, and renders the result on a Canvas element. The rendering speed of the examples is about as fast as native SVG.
canvas  development  download  html5  javascript  opensource  programming  tools  svg 
april 2010 by david.parrott
JavaScript Commodore Emulator
jsc64 is a Commodore 64 emulator written in JavaScript by Tim de Koning. It's a port of the FC64, the Commodore 64 emulator written in Actionscript by Darron Schall and Claus Wahlers.
c64  canvas  emulation  games  html5  javascript  online  programming  retro  development 
april 2010 by david.parrott
Effect Games provides free, online tools for building, sharing and playing your own browser based games.
programming  development  game  tools  gaming  design  web  online  engine  javascript  games  canvas  html5 
december 2009 by david.parrott
Canvas Tutorial - Introduction
Welcome! In this tutorial, we're going to create a breakout clone that you can play in your browser, using javascript and the
programming  development  game  tutorial  web  javascript  html  canvas  html5  games  graphics  howto 
november 2009 by david.parrott
A Javascript NES emulator. By Ben Firshman @bfirsh
programming  development  blog  game  gaming  javascript  nintendo  online  web  emulation  canvas  nes  emulator  html5  games 
september 2009 by david.parrott

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