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Markdown Tables generator -
Easily create tables in extended Markdown format supported by Markdown Here and GFM.
generator  markdown  tools  html  tool 
june 2017 by david.parrott
André Simon - Startseite
Highlight converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting.
html  programming  software  tool  development 
august 2015 by david.parrott
From zero to hero! Building a Windows Store game in HTML5 | Build 2012 | Channel 9
In this session you'll learn how to build Windows Store games with HTML and JavaScript, using the Windows Runtime and the hardware sensors on the newest devices. Expect to see a lot of code and learn best practices as we start from an empty project and build up to a full game!
html  javascript  game  video  programming  development 
november 2012 by david.parrott
Automatically generated documentation sites for your markdown files!
documentation  git  github  html  markdown 
april 2012 by david.parrott
Rainbow - Javascript Code Syntax Highlighting
Rainbow is a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript.
code  development  javascript  css  html  web 
april 2012 by david.parrott
MultiMarkdown, or MMD, is a tool to help turn minimally marked-up plain text into well formatted documents, including HTML, PDF (by way of LaTeX), OPML, or OpenDocument (specifically, Flat OpenDocument or ‘.fodt’, which can in turn be converted into RTF, Microsoft Word, or virtually any other word-processing format).

MMD is a superset of the Markdown syntax, originally created by John Gruber. It adds multiple syntax features (tables, footnotes, and citations, to name a few), in addition to the various output formats listed above (Markdown only creates HTML). Additionally, it builds in “smart” typography for various languages (proper left- and right-sided quotes, for example).
html  markdown 
february 2012 by david.parrott
How To Create Pretty Search Forms With CSS
In this tutorial we are going to style text boxes and buttons to create pretty search forms.
html  css  web  design 
february 2012 by david.parrott
Bear CSS - Helping you build a solid stylesheet foundation based on your markup
Bear CSS is a handy little tool for web designers. It generates a CSS template containing all the HTML elements, classes & IDs defined in your markup.
html  css  tools 
january 2012 by david.parrott
Bootstrap, from Twitter
Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites.
It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.
web  javascript  html5  html  css  design  framework 
january 2012 by david.parrott
MarkdownPad - The Markdown editor for Windows
MarkdownPad is a full-featured Markdown editor for Windows.
markdown  editor  windows  html  software 
january 2012 by david.parrott
The Kudoku Sudoku Solver
The Kudoku Sudoku solver is probably the fastest Javascript solver to date. Although faster algorithms exist, they have not been ported to Javascript so far as I know.
programming  html  javascript  sudoku  development 
july 2011 by david.parrott
holmes.css - CSS Markup Detective
Holmes is stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class.
development  tools  web  javascript  css  html  html5  tool 
may 2011 by david.parrott
ReMarkdown: HTML as Markdown text using CSS
ReMarkdown is a CSS experiment and reusable stylesheet for displaying simple HTML text as its Markdown equivalent.
html  css  web  typography 
january 2011 by david.parrott
GameBoy Online
This is a GameBoy Color emulator written in JavaScript, with small portions of code ported from MeBoy.
javascript  gameboy  emulation  emulator  html  nintendo 
january 2011 by david.parrott
MathJax | Beautiful math in all browsers
MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers.
math  web  html  javascript 
december 2010 by david.parrott
The 1140px CSS Grid System/Framework · Fluid down to mobile
A 1140px wide, 12 column grid. Fluid all the way down to a mobile version.
code  css  design  development  download  html  resources  tools  web  tool 
november 2010 by david.parrott
Game Development with JavaScript and the Canvas element – Matthew Casperson's Blog at the Hubfolio on Bright Hub
I have written a new series that shows you how to create a platformer game using JavaScript and the new Canvas element that is part of the HTML version 5 standard.
article  blog  canvas  design  code  development  engine  game  javascript  html5  html  graphics  gaming  games  howto  tutorial  software  programming 
november 2010 by david.parrott
Canvas Demos
Matthew Casperson has been incredibly busy writing this whole bunch of tutorials about developing a platformer using canvas. From keyboard input to parallax scrolling, from animations to resource loading – it’s all covered in his tutorials.
canvas  development  design  game  games  graphics  gaming  technology  programming  javascript  html5  html  web 
november 2010 by david.parrott
jPlayer : the CSS styleable jQuery audio player plugin
jPlayer is a jQuery plugin that allows you to:

play and control audio files in your webpage
create and style an audio player using just HTML and CSS
add sound effects to your jQuery projects
support more devices using HTML5
audio  css  development  html  flash  html5  javascript  library  plugin  music  programming  sound  tools  web 
august 2010 by david.parrott
The HTML5 Experiments of Hakim El Hattab
This is the creative lab and interactive playground of Hakim El Hattab. Dedicated to the exploration of interaction, visual effects and technologies.
3d  canvas  css  design  development  games  html  html5  javascript  programming  web 
august 2010 by david.parrott
CodeMirror: In-browser code editing
CodeMirror is a JavaScript library that can be used to create a relatively pleasant editor interface for code-like content ― computer programs, HTML markup, and similar.
editor  html  javascript  online  programming  tool  tools  web  development 
august 2010 by david.parrott
Mastering the 960 Grid System | Nettuts+
A 960 Grid System Master—that’s what you’ll be after you’ve gone through this article. And, although we’re going to use the 24-column variant of 960gs, you’ll completely understand how the two older types (i.e., 12- and 16-columns) work too, by applying the same principles you’ll learn here.
css  design  development  howto  html  resources  tips  tutorial  web  960 
august 2010 by david.parrott MVC HTML5 Helpers Toolkit
The MVC HTML5 Helpers Toolkit contains a rich set of controls that you can use to build websites using HTML5. Harness the power of HTML5 and start using it in your applications. It's lightweight and can be a great step in getting your website up to speed with HTML
html  html5  mvc  dotnet 
august 2010 by david.parrott
JavaScript Fluent Html Builder
JavaScript Fluent Html Builder is template engine for generate html using javascript html object model and fluent interface.
web  html  css  javascript  tools  tool 
august 2010 by david.parrott
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.
HTML5 Boilerplate is the professional badass's base HTML/CSS/JS template for a fast, robust and future-proof site.
css  design  development  html  html5  javascript  template 
august 2010 by david.parrott
WhitherApps is a bandwagon-busting experiment. I believe there are far too many native client apps which could have been far better written as mobile web apps. What we’re going to try and do is take a few examples, apply a little reverse-engineering, and rewrite them, warts and all, with web technologies.
bbc  blog  css  howto  html5  html  ipad  iphone  javascript  news  tutorial 
august 2010 by david.parrott
Fun With Canvas: Create a Bar Graphing Plugin, Part 1 | Nettuts+
In this two-part series, we’ll combine the versatile canvas element with the robust jQuery library to create a bar graphing plugin. In this first part, we are going to code the core logic of the plugin as a standalone version.
design  development  graphics  howto  html  html5  javascript  canvas  plugin  programming  resources  tutorial  web 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Microsoft WebMatrix
WebMatrix is a free Web development tool that installs in minutes and elegantly brings together a Web server, a database, and programming frameworks into a single, integrated experience. WebMatrix lets you code, test, and deploy both ASP.NET and PHP applications side by side.
design  development  editor  free  html  php  programming  software  sql  tool  tools  web  windows  dotnet 
july 2010 by david.parrott
SHJS - Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript
SHJS is a JavaScript program which highlights source code passages in HTML documents. Documents using SHJS are highlighted on the client side by the web browser.
javascript  library  opensource  programming  software  tool  tools  web  html  development 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Guacamole is an HTML5 + JavaScript (AJAX) viewer for remote desktop protocols, currently supporting VNC. Guacamole makes use of a server-side proxy written in C and a tunnel written in Java, and is almost as responsive as a native viewer. It should work in any browser supporting the HTML5 canvas tag.
canvas  free  html  html5  java  javascript  linux  opensource  software  tool  tools  video  web 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Starkers: The completely naked theme for WordPress
Starkers is a bare-bones WordPress theme created to act as a starting point for the theme designer.

Free of all style, presentational elements, and non-semantic markup, Starkers is the perfect ‘blank slate’ for your projects, as it’s a stripped-back version of the ‘Twenty Ten’ theme that ships with WordPress.

Best of all: it’s free and fully GPL-licensed, so you can use it for whatever you like  —  even your commercial projects.
css  design  development  howto  html  html5  tutorial  wordpress 
july 2010 by david.parrott
SproutCore - Home
SproutCore is an HTML5 application framework for building responsive, desktop-caliber apps in any modern web browser, without plugins.
css  design  development  html  html5  javascript  library  opensource  programming  web  software 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Syntax Highlighting - jQuery.Syntax - Orion Transfer Ltd
jQuery.Syntax is an extremely fast and lightweight syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It has dynamic loading of syntax source files and integrates cleanly using CSS or modelines.
css  development  html  javascript  library  plugin  tools  web 
june 2010 by david.parrott
Introducing Slippy - HTML Presentations -
Slippy is a HTML Presentation library written with jQuery, it takes a html file in and plays it in any browser.
development  html  html5  image  javascript  library  tool  tools 
june 2010 by david.parrott
HTML5 Video Player | Video JS
Video JS is a javascript-based video player that uses the HTML5 video functionality built into advanced browsers. In general, the benefit of using an HTML5 player is a consistent look between browsers.
css  development  html  html5  javascript  opensource  plugin  programming  tool  tools  video  web 
june 2010 by david.parrott
These are some JavaScript applications I've made for competitions or out of general interest, they use the Canvas element from HTML5.
3d  canvas  development  graphics  html  html5  javascript  programming  web 
june 2010 by david.parrott
The HTML5 test
development  html  html5  online  programming  reference  tool  tools  web 
june 2010 by david.parrott
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
TiddlyWiki is a single html file which has all the characteristics of a wiki - including all of the content, the functionality (including editing, saving, tagging and searching) and the style sheet. Because it's a single file, it's very portable - you can email it, put it on a web server or share it via a USB stick.
blog  css  html  free  javascript  opensource  programming  software  tool  tools  web  development 
june 2010 by david.parrott
A set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games in Javascript that runs in your browser without any Flash plugin, making use of a small small small subset of the HTML5 features, that are actually available on many modern browsers.
canvas  development  game  games  gaming  html  html5  javascript  programming  retro  web 
april 2010 by david.parrott
sNews - Lightweight Content Management System
sNews is a completely free, standards compliant, PHP and MySQL driven Content Management System. sNews is extremely lightweight, simple and customizable. It's easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface. sNews consists of only one core engine file, one independent template file and its accompanying CSS stylesheet file, plus an .htaccess file that makes all URLs search engine friendly.
blog  design  development  free  html  news  opensource  php  software  tools  web 
april 2010 by david.parrott
PHP Markdown
PHP Markdown is a port to PHP of the Markdown program written by John Gruber.

“Markdown” is two things: a plain text markup syntax, and a software tool that converts the plain text markup to HTML for publishing on the web.
blog  design  development  editor  html  opensource  php  programming  software  tools  web 
april 2010 by david.parrott
SyntaxHighlighter - Alex Gorbatchev
SyntaxHighlighter is a fully functional self-contained code syntax highlighter developed in JavaScript.
html  javascript  opensource  programming  tool  tools  web  css  design  development 
march 2010 by david.parrott
Minimalism in blog design, an experiment
development  software  blog  opensource  reference  design  web  html  wordpress  css 
january 2010 by david.parrott
Canvas Tutorial - Introduction
Welcome! In this tutorial, we're going to create a breakout clone that you can play in your browser, using javascript and the
programming  development  game  tutorial  web  javascript  html  canvas  html5  games  graphics  howto 
november 2009 by david.parrott

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