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Arduino IRremote
Arduino IRremote : Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols
embedded  arduino  library  infrared 
december 2017 by david.parrott
raylib is a simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.
gamedev  programming  graphics  library  development 
november 2016 by david.parrott
FsCheck is a tool for testing .NET programs automatically using randomly generated test cases.
f#  dotnet  testing  unittesting  library  tool 
august 2016 by david.parrott
Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote | Coding4Fun Articles | Channel 9
In this article, Brian Peek demonstrates how to connect to and use the Nintendo Wiimote from C# and VB.NET. The final output is an easy-to-use managed API for the Wiimote that can be used in any
c#  development  download  games  gaming  nintendo  opensource  programming  software  wii  windows  library  dotnet 
june 2016 by david.parrott
FNA is a reimplementation of the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh libraries.
game  programming  xna  dotnet  library  development 
february 2015 by david.parrott
Math.NET Symbolics
Math.NET Symbolics is a basic open source computer algebra library for .Net and Mono written in F#.
math  dotnet  library  f# 
february 2015 by david.parrott
Approval Tests
Unit testing asserts can be difficult to use. Approval tests simplify this by taking a snapshot of the results, and confirming that they have not changed.
software  testing  library 
february 2015 by david.parrott
xxhash - Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm - Google Project Hosting
xxHash is an extremely fast non-cryptographic Hash algorithm, working at speeds close to RAM limits.
algorithm  library  hash 
january 2015 by david.parrott
CSCore - Audio Library - Home
CSCore is a free .NET audio library which is completely written in C#. Although it is still a rather young project, it offers tons of features like playing or capturing audio, en- or decoding many different codecs, effects and much more!
c#  audio  library  programming  dotnet  development 
december 2014 by david.parrott
Math Library for C# and .NET – ILNumerics – Scientific Computing
ILNumerics is a high performance math library for programmers and scientists. Extending the .NET framework with tools needed for scientific computing, it simplifies the implementation of all kinds of numerical algorithms in convenient, familiar C#-syntax – optimized to the speed of C and FORTRAN. 
c#  library  programming  math  dotnet  development 
october 2013 by david.parrott
A small framework that helps .Net developer turn their otherwise geeky strings, type names, enum fields, date fields into a human friendly format
dotnet  c#  programming  library  development 
august 2013 by david.parrott
4Klang - Alcatraz Software Synthesizer
4klang is a modular software synthesizer package intended to easily produce music for 4k intros. It consists of a VSTi plugin + example songs/instruments as well as an example C++ project showing how to include it in your code. Or if you dare to compile it yourself also the source code for the synth core and VSTi plugin. 4klang was developed by Dominik ´Gopher´ Ries and Paul ´pOWL´ Kraus of Alcatraz.
c++  code  demoscene  library  music 
november 2012 by david.parrott
Welcome to BLToolkit - Business Logic Toolkit for .NET
Business Logic Toolkit is a set of components to simplify .NET application development. BLToolkit is provided as source code that you can use "as is" or customize for your applications. It is written in C# and compatible with .NET Frameworks 3.5 and 4.0, Silverlight 4, and Mono.
development  c#  dotnet  library  opensource 
july 2012 by david.parrott
DirectXTex texture processing library
DirectXTex, a shared source library for reading and writing DDS files, and performing various texture content processing operations including resizing, format conversion, mip-map generation, block compression for Direct3D runtime texture resources, and height-map to normal-map conversion.
directx  c++  programming  library  development 
july 2012 by david.parrott
DirectX Tool Kit
DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing Direct3D 11 code for Metro style apps, Windows 8 Desktop, and Windows 7 'classic' applications in C++.
directx  c++  programming  library  development 
july 2012 by david.parrott
Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++ 2008/2010/11
Visual Leak Detector is a free, robust, open-source memory leak detection system for Visual C++.
c++  tool  library  debugging  memory 
june 2012 by david.parrott
SharpDX - Managed DirectX
SharpDX is an open-source project delivering the full DirectX API under the .Net platform, allowing the development of high performance game, 2D and 3D graphics rendering as well as realtime sound application.

SharpDX is built with a custom tool called SharpGen able to generate automatically a .NET API directly from the DirectX SDK headers, thus allowing a tight mapping with the native API while taking advantages of the great strength of the .Net ecosystem.

SharpDX is fully supporting al...
dotnet  directx  graphics  programming  library  development  c#  3d 
may 2012 by david.parrott
Proland is a C++/OpenGL library for the real-time rendering of multi-resolution terrains (up to whole planets), the real-time management and edition of vector data (representing for instance roads or rivers), the rendering of atmosphere and clouds, the rendering and animation of the oceans, and the rendering of forests.
3d  c++  programming  rendering  library  opensource  development 
may 2012 by david.parrott
Quartz.NET - Enterprise Job Scheduler for .NET Platform
Quartz.NET is a full-featured, open source job scheduling system that can be used from smallest apps to large scale enterprise systems.  opensource  c#  dotnet  library 
may 2012 by david.parrott
SilverSynth - Digital Audio Synthesis for Silverlight
Quite simply, SilverSynth is a Silverlight library used to create awesome sounds in a web browser. It can be used as a core library for developing music-based applications or for just generating noise that annoys your co-workers. It supports synthesis of sine, saw, square and triangle wave forms, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, panning, volume control, and dynamic envelopes.
audio  c#  dsp  programming  library  opensource  dotnet  signalprocessing  development 
march 2012 by david.parrott
SharpGL is a C# library that allows you to use OpenGL in your .NET Framework based application with ease!
c#  programming  library  development  graphics  opengl  dotnet 
february 2012 by david.parrott
Artemis - Entity System Framework
Artemis is a high performance Entity System framework for games, written in Java, and is a framework to manage entities in a game world.
gamedev  java  library 
february 2012 by david.parrott
Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN)
Fast Artificial Neural Network Library is a free open source neural network library, which implements multilayer artificial neural networks in C with support for both fully connected and sparsely connected networks. Cross-platform execution in both fixed and floating point are supported. It includes a framework for easy handling of training data sets. It is easy to use, versatile, well documented, and fast.
ai  library  programming  neuralnetwork  development  opensource 
february 2012 by david.parrott
Your Last About Dialog
"Your Last About Dialog" is a robust and generic, highly configurable implementation you can easily pull into your own app and set up for your needs.
dotnet  library  windowsphone7  development 
february 2012 by david.parrott
ADO.NET Entity Framework
The ADO.NET Entity Framework is Microsoft’s recommended data access technology for new applications
dotnet  database  library  microsoft 
february 2012 by david.parrott
Tinycon - Favicon Alerts
Tinycon allows the addition of alert bubbles and changing the favicon image. Tinycon gracefully falls back to a number in title approach for browers that don't support canvas or dynamic favicons.
javascript  library  programming  web  development 
february 2012 by david.parrott
elabs/serenade.js - GitHub
Serenade.js is yet another MVC client side JavaScript framework. Why do we indulge in recreating the wheel? We believe that Serenade.js more closely follows the ideas of classical MVC than competing frameworks and has a number of other advantages.
mvc  javascript  library  development  programming  web 
february 2012 by david.parrott
mongoose - Mongoose - easy to use web server - Google Project Hosting
Mongoose is easy to use web server. It also can be used as embedded web server library to provide web interface to applications.
development  programming  software  web  c  opensource  library 
january 2012 by david.parrott
SoundManager 2: JavaScript Sound For The Web
A JavaScript Sound API supporting MP3, MPEG4 and HTML5 Audio.
javascript  web  audio  library 
january 2012 by david.parrott
Math.NET Numerics - Math.NET Numerics
Math.NET Numerics is an opensource numerical library for .Net, Silverlight and Mono.
math  library  programming  dotnet  development 
january 2012 by david.parrott
Ruminate XNA 4.0 GUI
This project is a GUI library for version 4.0 of the XNA library.
xna  gui  programming  library  development 
november 2011 by david.parrott Home of pHash, the open source perceptual hash library
pHash is an open source software library released under the GPLv3 license that implements several perceptual hashing algorithms, and provides a C-like API to use those functions in your own programs. pHash itself is written in C++.
programming  library  opensource  algorithm  development 
october 2011 by david.parrott
ownCloud gives you freedom and control over your own data
ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or WebDAV. It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web.
programming  opensource  online  library  development 
september 2011 by david.parrott
Should Assertion Library
The Should Assertion Library provides a set of extension methods for test assertions for AAA and BDD style tests. It provides assertions only, and as a result it is Test runner agnostic.
programming  development  opensource  tools  testing  tdd  library  dotnet 
august 2011 by david.parrott
sgdk - Sega Megadrive / Genesis Development Kit - Google Project Hosting
SGDK : A small, open and free development kit for the Sega MegadriveIt contains GCC compiler tools (Windows OS only) and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to make software on Sega Megadrive / Genesis system.
programming  development  gaming  library  console  sega  megadrive  genesis 
august 2011 by david.parrott
StructureMap Home Page
StructureMap is a Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control tool for .Net that can be used to improve the architectural qualities of an object oriented system by reducing the mechanical costs of good design techniques.
programming  opensource  c#  design  library  dotnet  development 
august 2011 by david.parrott
Mini Drop-in Replacement for log4net - CodeProject
This is a simple 8KB drop in replacement for complex 198KB Log4net that’s a 96% size reduction. Strange that after looking on the web for a logging solution that fitted my requirements, I couldn't find one.
c#  library  logging  dotnet 
july 2011 by david.parrott
Javascript .NET - Home
Javascript .NET integrates Google's V8 Javascript engine and exposes it to the CLI environment. Javascript .NET compiles (at runtime) and executes scripts directly from .NET code. It allows CLI objects to be exposed and manipulated directly from the executed Javascript.
programming  c#  javascript  library  dotnet  development 
june 2011 by david.parrott
jitasm - x86/x64 JIT Assembler Library - Google Project Hosting
jitasm is C++ library for runtime code generation of x86/x64. You can write the code like a inline assembler
opensource  c++  library  assembly  compiler 
june 2011 by david.parrott
RPG JS: Your online RPG on your browser
Create your RPG 2D browser using the JS framework called RPG based on EaselJs.
programming  development  game  opensource  games  javascript  library 
may 2011 by david.parrott
CSV file parser and writer in C# (Part 2) - Random Stuff
This is the second part of an article series exploring reading and writing CSV files with C#/.NET.
programming  development  c#  library  dotnet 
may 2011 by david.parrott
sprache - Tiny C# Parser Framework - Google Project Hosting
Sprache is a simple, lightweight library for constructing parsers directly in C# code. It doesn't compete with "industrial strength" language workbenches - it fits somewhere in between regular expressions and a full-featured toolset like ANTLR.
programming  development  opensource  c#  parser  library  dotnet 
may 2011 by david.parrott
arduino-tvout - A composite video output library for AVR/Arduino - Google Project Hosting
The goal of this project is to create a simple interupt driven library for generating composite video on a single AVR chip. Currently the output is NTSC or PAL at a resolution of 128x96 by default. The library currently works on ATmega168,328,1280,2560,644p,1284p,AT90USB1286 and more can be added by editing one file.
hardware  graphics  electronics  video  library 
may 2011 by david.parrott
CuttingEdge.Conditions is a library that helps developers to write pre- and postcondition validations in their C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 code base. Writing these validations is easy and it improves the readability and maintainability of code.
programming  development  c#  library  dotnet 
april 2011 by david.parrott
ZipStorer - A Pure C# Class to Store Files in Zip
Small C# class to store and extract uncompressed and deflated files in new or existing Zip files, without any external library. Works with .net 2.0 and up, and Compact Framework.
c#  development  programming  opensource  library  dotnet 
april 2011 by david.parrott
Wintellect's Power Collections for .NET
Welcome to Power Collections, A Community Project to Develop the Best Public License type safe Collection Classes for .NET. Power Collections makes heavy use of .NET Generics. The goal of the project is to provide generic collection classes that are not available in the .NET framework. Some of the collections included are the Deque, MultiDictionary, Bag, OrderedBag, OrderedDictionary, Set, OrderedSet, and OrderedMultiDictionary.
c#  library  opensource  development  dotnet 
april 2011 by david.parrott
Audio Capture and Processing component library for .NET, C++ and Delphi
AudioLab is a set of components for fast audio processing. The library allows capture, playback, mixing, complex audio manipulations, analysis and visualization, with zero lines of program code.
audio  programming  library  dotnet  development 
april 2011 by david.parrott
jpeg-compressor - Public domain JPEG compressor in a single C++ source file. - Google Project Hosting
jpeg-compressor is a small (~994 lines), easy to use C++ class in a single source file jpge.cpp that writes baseline JPEG compressed images. It supports grayscale and H1V1/H2V1/H2V2 chroma subsampling factors, Libjpeg-compatible quality settings, and is reasonably fast with fairly low (typically less than 64KB) memory consumption. The core compression class consists of a single ~857 line C++ file with a small header, along with a couple optional higher-level helper/example functions.
programming  c++  opensource  library  graphics  development 
april 2011 by david.parrott
BEPU Entertainment - Blog
Welcome to the first post of the new BEPU website!  BEPUphysics has transmogrified into a free and open source physics library, hosted on Codeplex.
physics  xna  library  opensource  dotnet 
march 2011 by david.parrott
Demina is a simple keyframe based 2d skeletal animation system. It's developed in C# using XNA.
xna  c#  opensource  library  animation  dotnet 
january 2011 by david.parrott
XNA SfxrSynth
Using settings from as3sfxr, SfxrSynth generates audio in the form of XNA SoundEffects for using in Windows or Xbox 360 games.
xna  sound  library  opensource  c#  dotnet  audio 
january 2011 by david.parrott
"libcpu" is an open source library that emulates several CPU architectures, allowing itself to be used as the CPU core for different kinds of emulator projects. It uses its own frontends for the different CPU types, and uses LLVM for the backend. libcpu is supposed to be able to do user mode and system emulation, and dynamic as well as static recompilation.
programming  emulator  library  asm  virtualization  cpu  emulation  hardware  opensource  simulation  development 
january 2011 by david.parrott
Tales from the Ebony Fortress » Free Game Development Libraries
A selection of links to free libraries suitable for use in game development projects.
programming  development  library  free  game 
january 2011 by david.parrott
Jint - Javascript Interpreter for .NET
Jint is a script engine based on the Javascript language. Using Jint, developers can provide fully scriptable applications, execute .NET code without compiling, or create external configuration logic, using the most used script language.
javascript  c#  library  interpreter  dotnet 
january 2011 by david.parrott
recastnavigation - Project Hosting on Google Code
Recast is state of the art navigation mesh construction toolset for games.
ai  library  programming  opensource  c++  development 
december 2010 by david.parrott
.NET 4.0 (C++/CLI) based open source implementation of Microsoft Kinect. Currently supports CodeLaboratories NUI SDK, but will be brought to OpenKinect/libfreenect when a Windows version is stable.
c#  programming  development  hardware  kinect  library  dotnet 
december 2010 by david.parrott
sharpdx - Project Hosting on Google Code
SharpDX is intended to be used as an alternative managed DirectX framework. The API is generated automatically from DirectX SDK headers, with AnyCpu target, meaning that you can run your application on x86 and x64 platform, without recompiling your project.
3d  directx  library  programming  development  graphics  dotnet 
december 2010 by david.parrott
SharpSteer is a C# port of OpenSteer. Like OpenSteer, the aim of SharpSteer is to help construct steering behaviors for autonomous characters in games and animation, with a current implementation focus toward Microsoft's XNA.
library  xna 
november 2010 by david.parrott
XNA Procedural LTrees
Creates natural-looking tree models for XNA in real-time. LTrees makes it easier for XNA game developers to create beautiful nature scenes.
c#  graphics  library  xna  dotnet  proceduralcontentgeneration 
november 2010 by david.parrott
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