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When pigs fly: optimising bytecode interpreters – badoo_tech
Everyone knows that pigs can’t fly — just like everyone thinks they know that bytecode interpreters, as a technology for executing high-level languages, can’t be sped up without resorting to…
architecture  programming  jit  virtualmachine 
5 weeks ago by david.parrott
Home-grown bytecode interpreters – badoo_tech
In recent decades the use of virtual programming language machines has become very widespread.
programming  virtualmachine 
5 weeks ago by david.parrott
IBNIZ is a virtual machine designed for extremely compact low-level audiovisual programs. The leading design goal is usefulness as a platform for demoscene productions, glitch art and similar projects.
demoscene  demo  opensource  programming  virtualmachine  development 
january 2012 by david.parrott
Simon P Stevens - One Instruction Set CPU VM
OSIC VM is a virtual machine simulation of a one instruction set CPU and related devices.
virtualmachine  emulator  oisc  opensource 
september 2011 by david.parrott

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