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.NET XML Comment Cheat Sheet
written style of MSDN documentation
c#  xml  dotnet 
july 2011 by david.parrott
AsmXml - A Fast XML Parser
AsmXml is a very fast XML parser and decoder for x86 platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X).
asm  assembly  library  performance  programming  x86  xml  development 
october 2010 by david.parrott
Live Documenter – The Box Software
The Live Documenter isn't just another XML Comment Documenter, it's different. It works by displaying the live information from your project. Rather than an old out of date static copy. Live Documenter lets you read your comments, like a book. Always straight from the press.
documentation  xml  c#  tools  dotnet 
july 2010 by david.parrott
Twilio Cloud Communications
Twilio provides a cloud API for voice and SMS communications that leverages existing web development skills, resources and infrastructure.
development  programming  tools  web  xml 
june 2010 by david.parrott
Ogmo Editor
Ogmo Editor is a general-purpose 2D visual level editor for independant game developers. It's an Adobe® AIR™ application and it is cross-platform, running on Windows, OS X and Linux.
development  editor  flash  free  game  games  gaming  xml  tools  tool  software  graphics 
april 2010 by david.parrott
Raphaël—JavaScript Library
Raphaël is a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library.
canvas  svg  development  graphics  image  javascript  programming  tools  web  xml 
april 2010 by david.parrott
Protocol Buffers - Google Code
Protocol buffers are Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data – think XML, but smaller, faster, and simpler. You define how you want your data to be structured once, then you can use special generated source code to easily write and read your structured data to and from a variety of data streams and using a variety of languages – Java, C++, or Python.
c++  development  java  networking  opensource  programming  python  reference  software  tools  xml 
april 2010 by david.parrott

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