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Witty 'man' page entries - Shell Scripting Tips

The online manual pages (or 'man' pages for short) on Unix and Linux systems are a useful reference for checking the syntax of a given command. They sometimes also reflect the traditional humour associated with Unix systems administration.
unix  humor  funny  terminal 
14 hours ago
autoComplete.js - Vanilla Javascript library

autoComplete.js is a simple pure vanilla Javascript library that's progressively designed for speed,
high versatility and seamless integration with wide range of projects & systems.
javascript  development  webdev  html  library 
6 days ago

A zero-config, out-of-the-box, multi-purpose toolbox and development environment.
javascript  development  webdev  html  tools  programming  github 
6 days ago
Programming Fonts
Test drive over 50 free programming fonts!
programming  fonts  typography  development  coding 
6 days ago
Say NO to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINs
In recent times, there have been a couple of tremendously popular blog posts explaining JOINs using Venn Diagrams. After all, relational algebra and SQL are set oriented theories and languages, so it only makes sense to illustrate set operations like JOINs using Venn Diagrams. Right? Google seems to say so: Everyone uses Venn Diagrams to…
database  data  programming  reference  sql 
6 days ago
Command-line tool and terminal JSON viewer 🔥
github  terminal  tools  javascript  npm 
7 days ago
TypeScript Deep Dive · GitBook (Legacy)
typescript: The definitive guide to TypeScript. Dive into all the details that a JavaScript developer needs to know to be a great TypeScript developer
javascript  book  free 
8 days ago
How to use Mac OS X Keychain with SSH keys?
As of macOS Sierra, ssh-agent no longer auto-loads previously loaded ssh keys when you log in to your account. This is intentional on Apple part, they wanted to re-align with the mainstream OpenSSH implementation.
ssh  terminal  macos 
10 days ago
JSON to CSV Converter
A fast, private JSON-to-CSV converter. Your data is never shared with our servers.
data  converter  download  free 
11 days ago
61 years ago today, a very special patent was signed - and the LEGO brick was born. Oh, how time flies when you’re…
20 days ago
A real browser preview inside your editor that you can debug.
vscode  extension  development  chrome  github 
23 days ago
HTTP Toolkit | Intercept, debug & build with HTTP
Intercept, debug and build with HTTP. Beautiful, cross-platform & open-source HTTP(S) proxy, analyzer and client. Built-in support for Chrome, Android, Docker and more.
debugging  http  apps  macos  windows  linux  development 
23 days ago
Debug deeper with HTTP View

Intercept, debug and build with HTTP. Beautiful, cross-platform & open-source HTTP(S) proxy, analyzer and client. Built-in support for Chrome, Android, Docker and more.
Intercept HTTP(S) with one click, explore & examine traffic up close, and discover exactly what your code is sending.

HTTP View is the first release of HTTP Toolkit, a suite of beautiful & open-source tools for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S) on Windows, Linux & Mac.
debugging  development  http  apps  macos  windows  linux 
23 days ago
Una parola per descrivere questa magia di ? 👅

📅 24.01.2012 🆚 Roma
24 days ago
The Flexbox Holy Albatross Reincarnated
With Flexbox you can combine wrapping (flex-wrap: wrap) and growing (flex-grow: 1) to ensure all flex items fall into their rightful place across different viewport widths. Flexbox can create an effortlessly responsive layout with no collisions or unseemly gaps in sight.

The trouble is, sometimes you want your items to wrap in a very particular way. For instance, when you have three items, you’ll be happy with the three-abreast layout and accepting of the single-column configuration. But you might like to avoid the intermediary part where you get a pair of elements on one line followed by a longer element underneath.
css  flexbox  tips  article 
24 days ago
Automate the tedious tasks of software releases. Happily release and publish your Git repositories, npm packages, GitHub & GitLab releases, changelogs, and much more!
github  git  development  automation 
24 days ago
Releasing jinx - a magical wrapper around nginx
Find out about this new streamlined tool to help you get your nginx workflows done more quickly.
nginx  automation  tools  github  opensource 
24 days ago
One word to describe this beauty by ? 👅

📅 24.01.2012 🆚 Roma
24 days ago
The React Handbook
An ebook by Flavio Copes 🔥 🚀
reactjs  free  book  javascript 
25 days ago
Find the right git commands you need without digging through the web
git  tips  reference 
25 days ago
A command-line hex viewer
terminal  tools  unix  linux 
28 days ago
A curated list of awesome actions to use on GitHub
github  automation  awesome-lists 
28 days ago
A collection of full-stack resources for programmers.
programming  coding  full-stack  github  awesome-lists 
28 days ago
Bagel - a little native network debugging tool for iOS
Bagel is a little native iOS network debugger. It's not a proxy debugger so you don't have to mess around with certificates, proxy settings etc. As long as your iOS devices and your Mac are in the same network, you can view the network traffic of your apps seperated by the devices or simulators.
macos  ios  apps 
28 days ago
Comma Chameleon
A desktop CSV editor for data publishers
data  apps 
4 weeks ago
Open source PostgreSQL GUI client for macOS and Linux
postgresql  sql  data  apps 
4 weeks ago
Tad is a free (MIT Licensed) desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data.
Tad is a fast, free, cross-platform desktop application for viewing and analyzing CSV files.
data  apps 
4 weeks ago
How many likes for this guy?

Moise Kean 🕺
5 weeks ago
zadam/trilium: Build your personal knowledge base with Trilium Notes

Trilium Notes is a hierarchical note taking application with focus on building large personal knowledge bases
electron  javascript  apps  wiki  webapp 
5 weeks ago
Tagged Template Literals | Wes Bos

The way the tag template works is you simply make a function, and you take the name of the function that you want to run against the string, and you just put the name right in front of the template
javascript  webdev  development  html  tips  article 
5 weeks ago
New ES2018 Features Every JavaScript Developer Should Know | CSS-Tricks

We’ve taken a good look at several key features introduced in ES2018 including asynchronous iteration, rest/spread properties, Promise.prototype.finally(), and additions to the RegExp object. Although some of these features are not fully implemented by some browser vendors yet, they can still be used today thanks to JavaScript transpilers such as Babel.
javascript  regex  development  reference  article 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - linux-noah/noah: Bash on Ubuntu on macOS

Noah is a Darwin subsystem for Linux, or "Bash on Ubuntu on Mac OS X". Noah is implemented as a hypervisor that traps linux system calls and translates them into Darwin's system calls. Noah also has an interpreter of ELF files so that binary executables of Linux run directly and flawlessly without any modifications.

linux  macos  github 
5 weeks ago
Today(!) we’re thrilled to announce unlimited free private repos for all GitHub users, and a new simplified Enterpr…
5 weeks ago
Courier Prime - Designed for Screenplays
Since the beginning, screenplays have been written in Courier. Its uniformity allows filmmakers to make handy comparisons and estimates, such as 1 page = 1 minute of screen time.

But there’s no reason Courier has to look terrible. We set out to make the best damn Courier ever.

We call it Courier Prime.
free  fonts  download  typography 
6 weeks ago
Securing Your Site like It’s 1999 ◆ 24 ways

As the web evolved, so too did the knowledge of its inherent security vulnerabilities. Clever tricks that were played on one site could be copied on literally hundreds of other sites. It was a normal sight to log in to a website to find nothing working because someone had breached its defences and deleted its database. Lessons in web security in those days were hard-earned.

What follows are examples of critical mistakes that brought down several early websites, and how you can help protect yourself and your team from the same fate.
security  webdev  development  tips  article 
6 weeks ago
Propel, The Blazing Fast Open-Source PHP 5.5 ORM

A highly customizable and blazing fast ORM library for PHP 5.5+.
php  opensource  database  development 
6 weeks ago
Manual | Sequelize | The node.js ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MSSQL

Sequelize is a promise-based ORM for Node.js v4 and up. It supports the dialects PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MSSQL and features solid transaction support, relations, read replication and more.
opensource  development  nodejs  database  mysql  sql  sqlite  postgresql 
6 weeks ago
Ars Technica’s ultimate board game gift guide, 2018 edition | Ars Technica

Friends, you're in the right place. Whether you're a board game newbie or someone who's been in the hobby for years, we've got something for everyone below. For 2018, we've updated our massive 10,000-word guide by adding new entries, deleting others, and generally just bringing things up to date with our current recommendations. Entries are organized generally into categories, so you can jump around to the stuff that interests you most (some games could arguably be included in several categories, of course).
board-games  reference 
6 weeks ago
RT : I’m taking a quick break from filming to tell you the best way to watch Mission: Impossible Fallout (or any movie y…
6 weeks ago
Convert HTML assets to WordPress enqueues

If you create themes out of HTML templates often, you probably know how boring it is to convert assets like  <link href="css/some-style.css" rel="stylesheet"> or  <script src="js/script.js"></script> to proper WordPress enqueues. This simple generator allows you to batch convert such assets.
wordpress  development  tools  webdev 
6 weeks ago
Drop-Down Usability: When You Should (and Shouldn't) Use Them - Articles - Baymard Institute

Deciding when to use a drop-down — or when to use another interface type, such as a radio button interface or open text field — for a specific input can be tricky.

In e-commerce, most users will encounter drop-down menu inputs while navigating the checkout flow, for a wide variety of inputs.

However, our large-scale usability testing reveals that using drop-down menus for the “wrong” input types can lead to slower checkout completion times, field validation errors, and unnecessary user attention being devoted to optional fields, all of which increase the likelihood of checkout abandonments.
ui  ux  design  webdev  accessibility 
6 weeks ago
LukeW | Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort

All too often mobile forms make use of dropdown menus for input when simpler or more appropriate controls would work better. Here's several alternatives to dropdowns to consider in your designs and why.
ui  ux  design  webdev  webdesign 
6 weeks ago
Automatically re-open windows, apps, and documents on your Mac
Your Mac re-opens windows and tabs when you log in to your Mac or open an app, so you can quickly continue where you last left off.
To temporarily prevent an app from re-opening its documents and windows, hold the Shift key while you open the app.
howto  apps  macos 
7 weeks ago
‘Tis the season.
8 weeks ago
Prima squadra maschile: campioni d'inverno.
Prima squadra femminile: campionesse d'inverno.
Not bad... ⚫️⚪️…
8 weeks ago
2003: il nostro Vicepresidente Pavel vince il Pallone d'Oro!
8 weeks ago
These assholes told me it was a sweater party.
8 weeks ago
305 - 29:18

: ‘YouTube didn’t win by having high-quality content by famous people. YouTube won by having…
8 weeks ago
Tunnel Your Internet Traffic Through an OpenVPN Server
A common use case for a VPN tunnel is to access the internet from behind it to evade censorship or geolocation and protect your connection from untrusted internet service providers, WiFi hotspots, and sites and services you connect to.
vpn  howto  network 
9 weeks ago
A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.
github  learning  programming  book  video  to-watch 
9 weeks ago
FSL Understanding Email Headers
Understand the information provided in Email Headers
video  email  howto 
9 weeks ago
Email Headers
Email Headers are lines of metadata attached to each email that contain lots of useful information for a forensic investigator. However, email headers can be easily forged, so they should never be used as the only source of information.

Making Sense of Headers
There is no single way to make sense of email headers. Some examiners favor reading from the bottom up, some favor reading from the top down. Because information in the headers can be put there by the user's MUA, a server in transit, or the recipient's MUA, it can be difficult to determine when a line was added.
email  howto 
9 weeks ago
Understanding an email header
This guide is provided to learn how to read and understand an email header. To understand an email header, we need to analyze the life of the email. Most of the time, it appears that email is passed directly from the sender directly to the recipient. This isn't necessarily true: A typical email passes through at least four computers.
email  howto 
9 weeks ago
Reading full email headers
Email headers determine where a message is sent, and records the specific path the message follows as it passes through each mail server.

You can easily read message headers by using an online tool such as

Or, if you'd like to read a message header yourself, follow the path of a message chronologically by reading from the bottom of the header, and working your way up.
email  howto 
9 weeks ago
👟 Gol di tacco di
🔥 Fiammata di
🚀 Missile di Pavel
👐 Rigore parato da…
9 weeks ago
CSS Animation 101
Animation using CSS can be overwhelming to learn all at once.

This book gives you a solid introduction to the topic, combining theory with practical lessons. You’ll learn how, and why to use animation on your web pages and hopefully be inspired to try it on your own projects!
book  css  programming  webdesign  animation 
9 weeks ago
The All-In-One Almost-Alphabetical Guide to Detecting Everything - Dive Into HTML5
Confused? Read Detecting HTML5 Features for a conceptual introduction. Want an all-in-one library instead? Try Modernizr.
browser  development  webdev  reference  html  javascript 
9 weeks ago
Grande vittoria!💪🏽
10 weeks ago
Oggi è il compleanno di Marcelo Zalayeta! 🇺🇾

Tanti auguri, "Panterón"! 🎉

10 weeks ago
From BFS to ZFS: past, present, and future of file systems
From the mainframe to the Mac mini and from BFS to ZFS, Ars explores the past…
Briefly put, a file system is a clearly-defined method that the computer's operating system uses to store, catalog, and retrieve files. Files are central to everything we use a computer for: all applications, images, movies, and documents are files, and they all need to be stored somewhere. For most computers, this place is the hard disk drive, but files can exist on all sorts of media: flash drives, CD and DVD discs, or even tape backup systems.

File systems need to keep track of not only the bits that make up the file itself and where they are logically placed on the hard drive, but also store information about the file. The most important thing it has to store is the file's name. Without the name it will be nearly impossible for the humans to find the file again. Also, the file system has to know how to organize files in a hierarchy, again for the benefit of those pesky humans. This hierarchy is usually called a directory. The last thing the file system has to worry about is metadata.
history  windows  linux  macos  file-system 
10 weeks ago
Can Microsoft’s exFAT file system bridge the gap between OSes?
Hands-on with exFAT, which blows past the FAT32 4GB file size limit.
With Apple's licensing of Microsoft's exFAT file system, it seems like we finally have a good option for OS X and Windows disk swapping. Dave Girard spent some time investigating the appeal, the limitations, and the alternatives to exFAT.
unix  linux  windows  macos  performance  file-system 
10 weeks ago
From my vast experience in watching cartoons, that car is very tired.
11 weeks ago
NGiИX configuration generator
nginx  configuration  tools 
12 weeks ago
q - Run SQL directly on CSV or TSV files
q is a command line tool that allows direct execution of SQL-like queries on CSVs/TSVs (and any other tabular text files).

q treats ordinary files as database tables, and supports all SQL constructs, such as WHERE, GROUP BY, JOINs etc. It supports automatic column name and column type detection, and provides full support for multiple encodings.
data  database  sql  terminal 
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